Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lost... and Gone Forever Yearly Census

(It's like I'm the king of Rome.)

Since I'm about to hit my 100,000th visitor (which boggles my mind more than the game Boggle), I thought now would be an appropriate time to find out who all you weirdos are who read my insane ramblings each week.

It's quite simple. Just post a comment letting me know where you are, and how you found this little corner of the Internet. During last year's census (which was taken via Email, back in the pre-Blog days), I think the most distant reader I had was in Kansas. Something tells me we're not in Kansas anymore. (That's not a terrible joke because it's an obscure reference to a bad joke in the movie "Swingers", thus making it funny - I think...)

Watch, I'll even go first!

Cincinnati, Ohio
Invented Lost and Gone Forever by stealing the title of a Guster CD.

Your turn!


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Anonymous said...

Portugal here... another lost addicted.

I don't know how i found this blog.


Honorest said...

East Texas
TheTailSection.com Moderator

j.goforth said...

Jonathan Goforth
Melbourne, Florida

I actually can't remember how I found the site. I think it was through searching for a capture of the Hatch map.

Anonymous said...

Toronto, Canada
Found it looking for LOST fan-sites near the beginning of Season 2.

Anonymous said...

Chris Bobb
Westerville, Ohio

First found your site from a link on Digg.com

cas said...

Denver, Colorado
I was searching the web for the blast door picture and stumbled across the site and spent several hours reading back entries.

Anonymous said...

Found your blog while searching for the blast door map on google. Best Lost site I've found.
BTW, the set on the North Shore of Oahu is very cool.

Jack E. said...

Jack E.
Sebring, Florida

I first found this site looking for blog sites using Yahoo about a quarter of the way through Season 2, and have been hooked ever since.

miranda said...

Miranda M.
Cincinnati on my way to London
Found your site through a friend of a friend and will be relying heavily on it when I'm in the UK for six months next year.

Rob said...

Yorkshire, UK

I think I found this site by following a link from the Lost thread on www.barbelith.com but it was a while ago, so I can't quite remember. Very glad I found it, though!

Clay said...

Clay from Portland, Or.

Here through google!

Anonymous said...

Michael from San Francisco. Someone told me about a really great email that got put out about the show last year? and I recently decided to search for info on some missed shows and got lucky on google! Nice work.

Jennifer said...

Anchorage, Alaska

A friend of mine who thinks like Brian does sent me the link to this site.

Anonymous said...

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Someone mentioned your site on the Lost Boards.

Anonymous said...

Hi there
I am in Vegas...my cousin had emailed me a link...I love your writing! I've been reading for about 3 months now.

Ben said...

Ben Wicks

I got to your site from lost-links.net or somewhere. I forget. I love the site, though!

Anonymous said...

Los Angeles

I think someone mentioned it on the Sledgeweb site. Love the way you write and think, especially the subtle 'Simpsons' references!

morgan said...

brisbane, australia
a wrestling forum

Frances said...

Frances Gill
Seattle, WA
I was clicking on the "See Next Blog" button after reading my friend's blog and it brought up yours. I feel pretty lucky, since there's a ton of blogs on this site and I happened to find a great one about Lost!

IAmUnimaginative said...

Northern Virginia, just outside of D.C.

I think I googled you around the time S.O.S. came out and bookmarked you, then started visiting pretty much daily after The Lost Experience took off.

MKinMotion said...

Dublin, California

Found you searching for the hatch door, haven't left yet.

Anonymous said...

Brussels, Belgium
I found the link on "Filmfodder: The Lost Blog".

melodrama said...


Dallas, TX

Found your blog a few months back while searching for LOST clues. Something I searched for brought your blog as the first google result. Told my friends and now they all read it too. :)

Anonymous said...

San Antonio
Found you looking for Blast Door pics

Anonymous said...

Gunnar from Germany!

Found your site while googling for the blast door map.

WDoG Winston P said...

Dallas, Texas

I've been addicted to lost ever since it started. Found your website through Google I think...

BTW This blog has been the best thing since the internet! After each episode I directly go to see if you have written anything. If not I check over and over.

tartan and lost said...

hey im in glasgow scotland, a tad obessed i guess with finding out what happens. i found u thru the ABC website a couple of months ago.

lost-again said...

lost and back again

Anonymous said...

From CHINA and youve been hired by lost producers for this blog...come on how did u know that walt and michale will have 3 minutes together ..give me a break if u were that smart u wouldn't be writting in this blog especially for free with your 100,000 visitors.

Anonymous said...

shouldn't be saying this but i agree with the previous poster this guy works for abc ..got a source that confirmed it .

Susa said...

Hi there from Kassel (birthtown of Bruce Willis´ mom, believe it or not!)in Germany,

found your blog by googeling for something else connected to LOST. I love your blog: great analysis and a great sense of humor. Looking forward to all your next posts!

Anonymous said...

Claire from Minnesota.

Found it on a bulletin board for homeschoolers, of all things.

Dt7 said...

Chris from England. Found this place via del.icio.us.

Ramon said...


A collegue mentioned your blog and I googled for it!
I am looking forward to every new posting!

Greg said...

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Found the site through a reference on lost-forum.com and have been hooked ever since. I no longer go to the lost-forums as I prefer your preview and reviews exclusively. I believe, and certainly hope, you are not an ABC plant!

msquared19 said...

Mike, Cincinnati. Found this blog from Brian's AIM profile. I've been friends with brian for about ten years, and can say with great certainty that he doesn't work for ABC in any capacity. Although it would be pretty sweet if he did.

Anonymous said...

Island in South Pacific

Found the site by accident using an old computer.

Anonymous said...

Canterbury, England.

A friend of mine gave me the link because of your write up on the Hanso Foundation stuff, now you are in my RSS Aggregator! Keep up the good work.

jenn said...

Cincinnati, OH
You have local fans, too! I think I got linked up through a friend of a friend of a friend who maybe knew you or something. Small town.

Anonymous said...

Philadelphia, PA area. Found a reference to you on a ABC LOST message board at the start of season 2. Keep up good work!!

Anonymous said...

Greece here, ggod work wit the blog, keep it up!

Jared said...

Washington DC Area
Found you through some blog or possibly del.icio.us link to your post with the spoiler pic of the smiley face balloon, you rascal.

and by the way, Guster rocks my socks.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Knoxville, TN

searching for Lost Web Sites

sara said...


Cincinnati, OH

My brother was on your original e-mail list and forwarded the messages to me every week.

Reading your blog is truly one of my favorite hobbies.

You're awesome, Brian!

Anonymous said...

Boston, MA
I was linked here from ABC boards a while back.

hayley said...

Hayley from Boca Raton Florida. found your site on abc and have forwarded to everyone. just love it and never went back to abc

Anonymous said...

Baltimore, MD

I found your blog through the ABC forums.

Rute said...

Rute D.

Lisbon, Portugal

Someone recommended your blog in the official lost abc forums and I gave it a shot, around the begginning of Season 2, although I'm more of a reader than a writer.

Since than, I have here a loyal reader. You actually make my lost experience more enjoyable. So, thank you for your work. :)

AnnMW said...

Loudonville, Ohio (Mohican Country)

Saw Guster at Polaris w/Sting back "in the day". . . great group!

Found the site through a post on the TailSection. Keep up the good work. Best blog ever! :-)

ontask said...

Mount Horeb, Wisconsin
I can't remember exactly how I found your blog. It may have been through a Technorati blog search for essays about LOST. Anyway. I found you and now I am one of your subscribers through Bloglines. I especially loved your "ALIAS... and why you should care" entry.

Ang said...

Long Island, New York
Found your blog through a friend at work's wife. And I love it, look forward to your predictions and recaps every week.

Justin said...

Orlando, FL
Found this on Google looking for a translation of the hyerogliphics, been hooked ever sense.

Kaitlin said...

I work with Brian and believe me, this ain't ABC.

Anonymous said...


got here from digg when you posted hgi balloon production shots, then just kept coming back...

Anonymous said...

Bloomington, IN
Heard about you from one of your coworkers :)

Ethan said...

Ethan J.
Dallas TX
Remember when you got Digg-bombed? I was part of that flood. (This was back when you posted the balloon "spoiler".) So for sure you got one regular reader out of that experience. Best unofficial Lost blog EVAR!

Liz said...

Orlando, Fl

I can't remember how unless it was through Google or Digg. But this is the only fan site I check regularly.

Jared said...

Cincinnati, Ohio

I found your site on my friend Jenn's blog a while back. Great job man...

Eric said...


I stumbled across it while looking for info on the Hanso Foundation web site I think.

Anonymous said...

Charlottesville, VA
Law student - came here after referrals from multiple friends.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Washington, DC
Found you through Google when searching for the meaning of the hieroglyphics on the clock - you rock!

Anonymous said...

Lawrence, Kansas

Found you through a link on a post on Television Without Pity, I believe.

Sarah said...

Chattanooga, TN
Found you through the Reign of Ellen

Steve Poke said...

Cincinnati, Ohio
I found this blog because I work with the hot girlfriend that Brian mentions. His descriptor, not mine!

Christopher said...

Christopher Plummer
Hoquiam, WA (though originally from Beaver Dam, KY)

Not sure what exactly I was looking for, but I know I found the site in a Google search back in February of this year. Now this site is one of the 8 I have to check out every day.

Leah said...

Leah from Boston. A friend sent this link about a month ago on an afternoon when I didn't feel like doing any work ... and I haven't done any since then ...

a dude said...

Provo, UT Syracuse, NY and Phoenix, AZ (I get around)
I think I was on a message board that linked to you.

Daemus said...

Helsinki, Finland
A friend of mine linked to this site when we were discussing the map on the hatch door.

Myriam said...

Puerto Rico, another lost Island

I love this Blog. Great job! I found this blog thanks to a member of the ABC Lost General Board.

Myriam :)

Anonymous said...


Hey Brian! Where are you from?? What kindda work do you do? U seem like an interesting guy. Love your blog! No recollection how we found your website.

DCrowley said...

Atlanta, GA

I first found this tracking down a picture of the blast door map.

Anonymous said...

Wilmington, DelaWHERE?

Brian Leonard said...

Brian L.

Springfield, VA (near DC)

Found the blog listed on the back of the Geronimo Jackson CD.

(OK, really a friend who sends out occasional Lost e-mails sent the link. Dunno how *he* found it.)

Anonymous said...

Grahame Stock


A friend told me about the site and i love it!

SinkingDeeper said...

Mark - Houston, TX

Found ya' WAY back with a general google search. Sadly, I am just about as obssessed with your "ramblings" as I am with the show! :) Great blog!

pdiddy said...

Pat Gaughan
Vegas Baby!
I knew about this site from the national pasttime of reading people's AIM away messages to kill time, and I always saw the updated link in your profile, but I never watched Lost so I never read it. But then I caught up season 1 and started season 2 so now I am hooked.

Anonymous said...

Santa Barbara, CA

Kevin said...

Eastern Washington state
Found the site via web search regarding LOST.

Anonymous said...

Madison WI

Friend from LA who got me hooked on lost also lead me here. Great site.

Ryan said...

Santa Barbara, CA
Actually Heather it is underwaterhatch.com

Anonymous said...

Someone from England turned me onto your blog two weeks ago. I live in DC.

Good job Blogger. I salivate for your updates each week.

Steven said...

Statesboro, Georgia

lost fan said...

San Francisco
Found your blog while googling for a picture of the blast door map

Bland said...

Brooklyn, NY

Found it while searching for info on LOST on the net.

Man, that Fa-Fa Song can get stuck in your head...

Kevin said...

Independence, KY
You work with my wife

Pete said...

South Texas
Random search on "Lost" on Google.


Anonymous said...


Richmond, VA

I was looking for the blast door map and came across this blog... the best I came across...

and the best Analysis anywhere.

Great work, and the best discussion as well.

Heather Arthur said...

Hawaii or LA (depending on work)
I work on the show and love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Heather and my 3 sons in Butte, MT. We are fanatics, read every week and then discuss for days! Thanks Brian!
I think I found you by visiting the threads on the show's message boards, but honestly couldn't say for sure! Who cares, we found you and we REFUSE to leave! HA HA!

Anonymous said...

San Diego, California

Anonymous said...


Karen said...

From Sunnyvale, CA (Silicon Valley)

My in-laws found your sight and told me about it. I've been reading your since about January 2006.

Anonymous said...

Since Anne (up above me here) is a dumb-ass and forgot to say where she found you...

Linked from the abc and film fodder boards.

I'm hopelessly addicted.

I also noticed quite a few other Bostonians on the list :)
Wonder what that means?

Anonymous said...

new jersey
i found this blog from the lost message boards on the ABC site. i check this blog religiously<3
keep up the great [and LONG!] work.

Anonymous said...

I found it on the Network web site. It was recomended by several people. Your comments are funny and interesting. Keep it up!
Vivian, Navarre Beach Florida

Anonymous said...

Philadelphia, PA
MySpace (Preston and Steve Fanclub Group)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am from Istanbul (Turkey). I just download each episode after it is viewed in the US, I watch the episode, and then I read your blog. What you write is really complimentary to the episode.

Atomic Eyes said...

Gin. Addicted -sigh-
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

My friend linked me.

Keep a bloggin'

Hobnail_Boot said...

Athens, Georgia

From a link on lost-forum.com (I believe it was one of your posts)

DrVoodoo said...


I live about a five minute drive from where the others camp was filmed

Like your post one of three I read!!!


Anonymous said...

Bloomington IL
Televisionwithoutpity I think

matt said...

hi im matt from wales i cant remember how i found this page i think someone linked it from the lost website this is quite awesome blog on the whole lost front lol

lynn said...

Lynn from Jonesboro, Arkansas!
Found your blog maybe6 months ago probably from the lost-links but I'm not sure. Great Blog, I check for new entries from you everytime I'm online!

Anonymous said...

Flo from France
Don't remember how I found this page. I think a friend linked it to me... maybe... not sure! :P

Douglas said...

Hey there.
Douglas from SLC Utah.

Can't remember how I stumbled in, but as long as you don't mind... think I'll stay awhile!

rob said...

Rob from Orlando...but visiting Cincy as I type!

I have no idea how I got here, but so glad I've found this blog.

devon said...

Visalia, CA
don't remember how I found you. Might want to think about setting up a frappr.com account, would be a better "visual" of where everyone is at.

starang said...

Steve Rathwell, Barrie, Ontario Canada. I don't remember how I found your site. It's great though!

Tam said...

Tom from Sydney, Australia.

Found your site when googling for a blast door pic.

Jules said...

I am from London, ON Canada!
Your blog is great Brian, keep up the good work!

I found it when my good friend told me about it, I was then instantly hooked.

Anonymous said...


Sudbury, Suffolk, England

not sure where i found the site from :)

andy said...


Brian? ABC? haha...thats just way to funny. I've known him for about 8 years now. A fellow member of UD-South and a companion on our yearly summer pilgrimage of DMB shows (heading to the dmb fan's version of Mecca this year!)

Obssessive? just a little....but I gotta give it you man....I'm impressed every week

beth said...

Tampa Bay, Florida

I think I was liked here from abc.com boards (which are stupid and entirely OT most of the time)

And I don't care if you work for ABC or not, you think about this show way way way more than I even have the ability to which saves me lots of brain cells.

Sk8toDie said...

Sydney, Australia

Just simply hooked and waiting to see all those 'predictions' (by fanatics) to be destroyed...Im talking the reaaaall complex scientology influenced endings :P

And i just googled Lost+Blog and yeah "Lost....and Gone Forever" sounded interesting.

Summer said...

Northern KY - God smiled upon me the day Brooke (from your work) emailed your blog web address. Unfortunately, I am not nearly observant as you and other bloggers, so some of it goes over my head. But i love the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James said...

Los Angeles (USC Student)
Found it from Google

Great1 said...

New York, New York

A friend found this at the beginning of season 2, and ive been hooked since. Checking this site for updates is part of my regular routine now. Great job man!

Joe said...

Washington, DC (NoVA)

From your AIM profile, of course.

Go Panthers! (and the new Panther Ct. - formerly known as Iliff)

wurm said...

Sebastian alias wurm,
from Germany
- got here by lost addiction which made me found your site via google or some link...

Anonymous said...

I download the episodes every week, because here in Brazil we're still in episode 6 or 7 of the second season.
I found you blog searching for lost theorys. I think your blog is the best I've found so far, please don't stop writing!

Anonymous said...

Cambridge, England! I download the episodes when they're shown in the US then read your blog (and lostipedia!). Found you via that universal fountain of knowledge, Google!

Keep up the great work, singhy.

Anonymous said...

My sister dates Trevor from UD and she told me about the website! We are addicted and want your autograph!

Independence, KY

WordsSayNothing said...

Ithaca, NY
I followed a link from Toby O'Brien's Inner Toob site.

Anonymous said...

Roland, Sweden

I got here through the blast door map post. Now I visit regularly!

izzle said...

izzy from istanbul turkey.
i am surprised to see that I am not the only one :).

numb said...

got the link from a friend


Anonymous said...

Jen from "The OC" in California

A friend emailed me this blog and I check it before and after every episode. thanks for doing all the thinking for me!

delpt said...

Bogota, Colombia (South America)
I think I saw the link on one of those ABC.com LOST boards, probably on the one of the PodCast.

Anyway, great fan of this blog. Always check it out before and after every show and even during the days in the middle..
The MI:3 thing was pretty cool. Thanks for telling.

Ali said...

St. Paul, Minnesota
soon to be Montréal
I stumbled across your blog while on a rabid Lost-info binge. I believe it was through a link on the ABC boards.

thomasman said...

Budapest - Hungary
Found yr blog when I googled lockdown facts and blastdoor map. Addicted ever since!
I believe in you, you're smarter than others! :)


Kami Nygren said...

Kami Nygren
Lynden, WA
My husband told me about this site and I can't help but read it weekly...or more often...

Rockwell said...

Midlands, UK

Friend recommended the site, VERY glad he did, best lost analysis i've seen so far.

Anonymous said...

Sandviken, Sweden

Got tipped by a co-worker.

Love your analysis and writing.
I would say it's on par entertainmentwise with the show itself.

Flo said...

Vienna, Austria

found the blog during the whole "balloon photo craze"
in my RSS reader ever since ;)

Cirrus said...

Akron, OH
Found the site by a random search, I think. I was probably looking for spoilers. =)

Anonymous said...

London, UK.

I think I followed a link from the abc lost board and it finally led me to something worth reading!


Anonymous said...

Dublin, Ireland
your site mentioned on Lost filmfodder site. They work well together. Namaste

LostAnotherOther said...

Lost fan in Cincinnati, Ohio. A friend told me about this blog a while ago and I've coming here faithfully ever since. Keep up the good work. I especially like when you show us images that go very quickly on TV, but you show the frozen frame and give possible reasons, etc. !!

Rachel said...

Kent (Cincinnati until 3 weeks ago), OH
I know Jenn, so I guess that makes me a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend who maybe knew you or something.
I've been reading since the beginning of season 2. Love your blog!

Ellen said...



I do a "Lost" Discussion Thursday on my blog every week. I think that Margalit, our reigning "Lost" guru, gave a link here during her weekly recap. I've been hooked ever since and click over every day (even though I know perfectly well that you don't update everyday. Come on, buddy. Get with the program. I needs me daily "Lost" fix.) I love hearing "Lost" theories but I hate going to those message boards because any good discussions get buried under all the "I'm a bigger 'Lost' addict than you, nyah nyah" posing. I like it here because you are concise, intelligent and obviously know your stuff. Your commenters are also fairly insightful. Keep up the good work, m'dear.

Anonymous said...

Found it on ABC board while looking for a thoughtful review of the show...found it here!

From PA.

Anonymous said...

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Came here from digg and vist a couple times a week.

Beatrice said...

Lund, Sweden

Found your sight through Google.

Nico said...


andi said...

It's andi. Hi. I came here from Digg, and I stuck around. I check it daily for new comments / blog entries.

London, England.

Anonymous said...

steve, Bournemouth, UK.
Found it through a link on ABC site.
Great blog, your analysis and theories are v. interesting. You shoud be paid for writing it.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...


Found your site on google looking for other LOST sites. I am addicted and check out your site before and after every episode. Thanks for posting everything!

JB said...

New England

Linked from mac's FilmFodder LOST blog when you described the 1-877-HANSORG details.

Now I have to read both blogs!

Anonymous said...

Santa Barbara, CA

There was a link to your blog from the TelevisionWithoutPity Lost forum when everyone was trying to figure out the blast door map. Now I visit every week. Keep up the good work Brian!

Julie said...

American Fork, Utah
My sister and I found your blog while doing our lost homework.

Anonymous said...

A.J, Costa Rica, ABC link somewhere before S.O.S aired.

Sven said...

Somewhere near Frankfurt, Germany

I don't know how i came to this site. But I read every blog. Thanks!!! Go on!

Taylor said...


Great site! I really look forward each week to reading your comments. Hey, by the way did you notice that they had a different website posted during the "?" episode? It was called www.sublymonal.com. Keep up the good work.


John said...

Durham, NC
Found this site from a link on digg.

i say a little prayer for you... said...

Yeah, finally someone is curious about me =p j/k.

Hiya Brian,

This is Onuralp, from Turkey. I am little freaky, and actually lost in Lost. Well, I thank you for this beautiful, illuminating blog. I love it!! And it became kinda habit for me to read your blog before Lost is aired and just after I get over the first shock of that week's episode =))

So, good-bye for now and say hello to those "hot girls" for me =))

See ya soon

don wales said...

Hampshire UK
Looking for info on the Roman font letters appearing on Peter Thompson's picture

Anonymous said...

St. Louis, Missouri
found you through abc message postings
representing and retelling your ideas to a lot of local presbyterian seminary students.

Stephen said...

Columbia, SC.

I don't know how I found this site. But I read it every day.

Anonymous said...

Istanbul, Turkey.
I've found this blog when reading comments and spoilers about Lost on eksisozluk, one of the Turkey's most popular websites.
This blog rules. Been following for over 2 months now and I still can not convince myself that you are not a part of ABC and Lost team. Great predictions. Keep up the good work.

Eagle's Nest said...

Cincinnati here, you can blame Sherryl from work.

Dave said...

edinburgh, uk

found you while i was searching for the blast door map. couldn't stop reading once i heard your theory on the darmites.

good work

seventoes said...

Southeast michigan
cant remember... but i visit your site every day now.

Anonymous said...

orange county, CA

google. haha. keep posting on it, you're great and really make the show interesting. maybe you could put more pictures on? it really makes it cool to see the still images. kthanks.

Anonymous said...

Atlanta Ga

Found the site through a google search - and I am so glad I did!!!

Tim said...

Raleigh, NC
Googled and found you

Ben said...

North Chicago
Linked from another wacky messageboard. I'm not usually a blog reader, but it's nice to have another opinion on the episodes I'm watching, especially when that opinion has a bunch of crazy theories, many of which I had in mind as well. Keep up the good work!

Inny said...

Crestview, Florida
Found site through a link on other Lost websites. AND I LOVE DMB TOO!!

sarah cool said...

Sarah Cool
Cincinnati OH
Can't remember!

Anonymous said...


San Diego, CA

Found your site while trying to find a picture of the blast door. Most comprehensive Lost site out there.

Keep up the great work Brian!

Trixie said...


Uhh.. one day I went to the bank drive through, and the vaccum tubey thingy delivered back my deposit receipt, and a black composition notebook with the link.. from that point, the angels sang... and in this Mary Kay, Avon ponzi scam, I've done my duty and have passed it on to several.. resistance is futile you know.

Anonymous said...

a 13-year-old helplessly addicted to all Lost-related stuff


I think I Googled Lost and this site popped up. It's my favorite I've come across so far.

Anonymous said...


Sandusky, OH

I was on the "official" abc website and someone posted this address and said you know your stuff. well, im glad i checked it out, because you do! I check everyweek, and have referred you to a couple of friends of mine also. keep up the good work!

Witty said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

HI Brian & HI people...

I am one of the few Australians and from Melbourne, the greatest city in the world, but wat do i know.. we isolated brother :P i didn't watch the first season, til i broke my leg, i DL it and now i have seen some episodes upto 12 times.. yeah WAT A FRIEIEIK. you write your blog i write my crappy little twisted blogite comments in these little boxes and what is that noise? im 24 yo builder/drafts person, music writer producer. i could go on for eva bla bla bla yadda yadda anybody know Evangeline or Maggie Grace theys hot, also hot FROM MY WONDERFUL CITY EMILIE DE RAVIN i gave her some emeralds and she put them in her eyes. oh the noise. . its coming from . . . my. . speakers . . uhuh its the website i opened before this own the new dharma one or hanso or some thi.n.g i think its also oN the main page but i have forgotten http://www.letyourcompassguideyou.com/ so all you cooky ppl SMOKSKDKKJKKJKKKKKJHKJHKEKKEEEAH

clue like you brian clue like you

bstevens said...

Bozeman, Montana
Googled ya!

laura said...

Laura Coffey

Found the link on your AIM profile... and have shared it with some coworkers at our good ole company. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Kevin H

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



Anonymous said...

Chicão, from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Found you in a Google search to find the drawings in the hatch door that Locke saw.

Old_River said...

Found your web page while looking up rumors on google about Lost Season 2.

From CA, USA

Anonymous said...

Richmond Virginia
I'm not positive, but I think it was a link on Jengajam.com.

Anonymous said...

Filiz from Turkey, found your blog on sourtimes.org , the turkish wikipedia.

This is a great blog, keep up the good work :)

Amanda said...

I look forward to your blog every week!!!
It's almost as addicting as the show itself!

Pittsburgh, PA

Brian said...

Whoa. My mind is blown.

I guess the whole "www" in the address really does mean WORLD wide web.

I have to imagine about 90% of my jokes aren't funny internationally, so I apologize for that.

Sadly, I don't work for ABC. But if anyone wants to get me a sweet job, I'd be more than happy to create some TV shows for you guys.

Jennifer said...

Nashville, Tennessee

There's a group of LOST fans over at theonering.net, and one of them linked to your blog. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Nikolai M.
Yorba Linda, California
Designer at Treyarch
Looking for deeper meaning via Google. =)

Anonymous said...

Got it off link on abc boards few months back and hooked ever since keep up the great work

Julie said...

Julie B.
Camarillo, CA

I think I did a google search for an image of the blacklight map after that episode and found you. Love the site!

Anonymous said...

My friend works with a friend of yours that passed along the website. Plus I know some UD people.

Union, KY

Kiera said...

Kiera in OKC- you were a result of clicking on a link from a search of "lost hatch photos" that took me to a flickr page...

Anonymous said...

Randy - Youth pastor - Franklin PA

Do not remember how I found the site but I love it!

Shout out to Chris Bobbs! I visited Westerville a few years ago. Got a tour of Radio U (radiou.com).

Anonymous said...


found the blog after some forum post linked here with the leaked set photo of the smiley face parachute.

Anonymous said...

Toronto Ont Canada
Found this blogg off DIGG after you posted the "balloon" picture

Ross said...

Found you on Digg a while back concerning the leaked balloon image. Since then I check on here the day after every episode up until you update it. This has been a great source of information and speculation, so nice work.

ktkat said...

Your long lost Kansas reader!

Found you whilst looking for a map of the blast door (seems to be a popular way to find you).

This blog ROCKS in many ways. I don't know HOW you have time to do this and have a life, but I'm glad you do so I don't have to (don't have to do EITHER actually... HA!).

Kristin said...

Santa Barbara, CA

My friend gave me the web address, I have been hooked ever since.

Sebastian said...

Montreal, Canada

found this blog through digg.com when u posted your famous pics of the balloon. been stopping by ever since =D.

keep on blogging hope to see u back soon.

robin said...

ft. lauderdale, fl
a friend in tallahassee sent me the link around the infamous balloon picture posting.

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