Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Par Avion" Instant Reactions!

Brian's One Word Review: Progress.

When you break it down, this was a really simple episode - we had the Claire / Charlie / Desmond storyline, and we had the Search Party get over the security perimeter to the barracks... yet it was a very entertaining episode because both storylines resulted in some progress. We weren't just spinning our wheels for an episode, waiting for next week's big reveals (as I had feared). Instead, we had our Search Party kill Patchy, get over the security perimeter, and Claire learn about Charlie's death warrant courtesy of Desmond. Nothing terribly earth shattering, but we definitely set the stage for next week very nicely.

What do we need to discuss?

  • Claire and Jack are brother and sister! But they'll never find out... unless the Others tell them in one of their "I know everything about you" reveals to the characters.
  • Claire is a murderer! She clearly was playing the "angst-ridden teen" card, telling her mom that she hated her and wished she was dead... but took it a step farther by crashing her car into an oncoming truck. So we can cross her off our list of "Survivors who haven't killed someone else", which explains why she wouldn't have made the Others' "list". Are any of the Survivors still "clean", or are they all murderers?
  • The Others are currently just as trapped as our Survivors. They've lost communications, and now that the homing beacon is out, they can't leave the Island on their submarine - or else they would never be able to get back to the Island... which is clearly something that they would never want.
  • The Others know all! Patchy knew full names, just like the other Others. If you assume that he truly was isolated from the other Others at the Flame Hatch, this would either mean that dossiers of each Survivor were distributed to each Other, or they have some mind-reading powers.
  • The Others are a freaky cult! They worship a "magnificent one" who isn't Ben - that's gotta be Jacob, right? They talk in terms of being "worthy" or "not worthy" to make "the list" - which is apparently your ticket to enlightenment and Otherville.
  • The Others ride bikes and play futbol americano! While they might not know about the Brady Bunch, the fact that they toss the pigskin would seem to indicate American ties. Who Dey!
  • Did Locke intentionally kill Patchy to conceal his past? Why did he steal the C-4? What did the preview episode for next week look like he was blowing up something else? It's almost as if he knows what's coming... kinda like the Others seem to know stuff. Is the Island giving him a cheat sheet in exchange for doing its bidding? Are we all overanalyzing this Locke stuff too much? Is he good? Is he evil?

Looks like we'll find out next week! The big reunion between Jack and Kate! Locke meets the Others! CFL meets Alex! Sayid meets Tom! (I don't know why that last one fits, but they seem to be the two remaining characters).

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn't give a shotout to the publication of Friend of the Blog (FOB) Scott "The Reverend" Demange on irreverent sports-website Deadspin this week with his NCAA Tourney write-ups on Wright State (Wrong School) and Xavier University (FU XU). Anyone who can work in a reference to Skyline chili on a sports website deserves a shout out. Good work, FOB Scott.


Stef said...

Good episode, great post! I'm looking forward to lots of discussion...

...and I'm just tired enough that with all this talk of a great one and people making it onto his list or not making it onto his list, I did have the crazy fleeting thought of "What if Jacob is Santa Claus?"

Yeah, this 10 pm time slot is still hard to get used to! :-)

Becca said...

Locke is acting really strange. In his defense, killing Patchy was for the best. That way they knew the fence worked, and was deadly. Plus, they couldn't have taken him over the fence anyway. He wouldn't have climbed the tree over, and they would have to untie his hands (dangerous!). That said, he is starting to act like a pseudo-Other! I think he just wants to kill Ben for deceiving him, just like everyone else has in Locke's life.

Overall, another solid, satisfying episode. Cheers to a good Lost!!

Anonymous said...

I must have missed this: did Claire actually intentionally try to kill her mother? I thought it actually was just a car accident.


annie said...

yikes! i mentioned this before, but i will again... i think patchy told locke some stuff in between the time he snuck up behind him and put the knife to his throat and when kate & sayid found patchy holding john in the yard!! what stuff!? hell, i don't know! but i bet it had something to do with what patchy was going to say about john before he got cut off by CFL & finding the c4 in john's bag! i don't know if john's malicious in his behavior, but methinks he's all about himself and his own agenda (duh)... and i concur that he wants revenge on ben for fooling him... john HATES to be fooled.

annie said...

oh, and another great post, brian!

rock on!

Chris B. said...

Ok, I'm going to come right out and say it. I have reasons to believe that the Others "magnificent leader" is non other than.....Vincent. Think about it.....think about it.

Ocho Cinco said...

OK two things:

1. In the very last flashback when Claire has her blonde hair and is walking into see her mom, The guy mopping the floor looks exactly like Jack.

2. Brian, no thoughts about Jack playing football with Big Tom? Last time we saw he was still kind of against them and now only a few days later (I think) him and Tom are doing their best Carson Palmer to Chad Johnson impersination.

Weston said...

So Locke has C4. So does that mean he blew up the Flame intentionally? If so...why!?!?! Why is he acting all funny and super defensive.

WTF is with Jack playing football with Tom like they are best friends? Don't think they could have brainwashed him like crazy Carl..

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Jack thing was odd twist. I'm going to like to see how that is explained. But the biggest reveal for me is that I think it's pretty clear Locke pushing 77 didn't blow up the Flame. It doesn't seem to be some sort of "the others waited until everyone left and then blew the hatch so no one was injured" type thing. I think it's pretty clear, since John had a removed C-4, that he blew the place up.

It seems like, in hindsight combined with next weeks preview, that John is out for revenge on our Others for some, as of yet, unknown reason. It would explain why he blew up the Flame, why he didn't think twice about killing Patchy and why he seems to hold a gun to Ben and blow something up next week.

I guess we'll know for sure next Wednesday.

Weston said...

Something else I forgot to mention. Wasn't it hinted at way back that Jack and Claire were brother and sister? I don't remember the episode much..just it was raining and Jack's dad was with Ana-Lucia..and some yelling.... :(

Patrick said...

I am pumped for next week. Loved this episode. Two things I loved. 1. Jack's douchebag shit eatin grin when he spiked the ball. That is someone having a good time. 2. In the previews, doesn't Locke look like a rapper striking a pose in front of the explosion? That was cool and/or comical.

Other said...

Just to clarify when CFL cut off Patchy, it was in the middle of the word "paralyzed" as in the John Locke I know is paralyzed. So Patchy almost let everyone know that Locke used to be in a wheelchair! Now would Patchy then explain why Locke is no longer in a wheelchair??? Yet another convenient Other-shutter-upper on the part of the Lost writers. Damn you Kim!

Also, did anyone notice that Patchy was breathing when Kate flipped him over? I assumed it was yet another of Losts's many horribly cheesy production mistakes, but I'm not sure if the A-Team was simply so dumb that they wouldn't even bother to check for the ABC's of first aid ...or even a carotid pulse!?! So which was it, Damon & Carlton, mistake or intentional clue? Damn crappy Lost mistakes...

Anonymous said...

to Other gotta be kiden us...! LOST production values, continuity, and so forth, is quite good given the complexity of the show and compared to general TV standards. R there mistakes? Sure. But overall, they do a terrific job and the mistakes do not get in the way of their storytelling except for folks that forget this is TV and r hung up on over analysis.

Anonymous said...

yeah mention of one of the more curious segments of the episode...JACK having fun with The Others! He clearly did not appear brainwashed, like Karl. He seemed to be truly happy and truly having fun. Maybe there is someting in the air in othersville that emits some utopian vibe? The show, overall, was terrific. One last thought....the Sayid that we've all grown to know and love, would have interogated Patchy, in the woods, to at least attempt to gain intelligence before their adventure to the camp site.

Ang said...

I want to know what is the underlaying connection between Christian Shepard/Sawyer/Ana LuLu/Claire and obviously Jack. He seems to be a thread of sorts. It's kinda weird that he has been involved in the lives of so many of the survivors. Makes me wonder if he is more than just Jack & Claire's father.

Brian said...

Guys - understand that I write up these "instant reactions" off the top of my head right before I go to bed after Lost airs... sometimes I forget to include things - like "Why is Jack happily playing football with Tom?"

I'll get into it in my "Full Analysis" (forthcoming), but there's really one of two options:

1. Jack has been brainwashed / drugged a la Crazy Carl or Claire.

2. Jack has accepted his place among the Others, and is making the best of what's around.

My vote? Drug school.

Anonymous said... hit the nail right on the head... I think this needs some big time investigation. There is something freaky with that guy. It is way to coincidental how he is connected to many of the characters.
Loved this episode, Can not wait until next week...
Ps the time changed worked in our favor finally. It was technically only 9 pm and I was able to stay up to watch it and not feel so tired.

UM said...

If Jack was brainwashed, that was done pretty fast, and I wouldnt think given his persona and character that he would sell out or give in so quickly....perhaps he is just making the most of things...

Anonymous said...

Unless cars in Australia are made with the stearing wheel on the right side versus the left as they are in the USA - Claire was not driving. The scene shows her sitting on the passenger side - climbing over to crawl out the broken windsheild on the drivers side in which her mother flew out. And, Claire's mother is not dead - therefore Clarie is not a murderer - her mother is still alive and hooked to machines. I predict there will be a scene between Claire and Jack in which he shows her a picture of his father versus the others spilling the beans. The Jack having fun with the others - his twin? Did you all read the book "Bad Twin"? It's based on Lost theories.

Anonymous said...

No way Jack was drugged or brainwashed. Once it's revealed, we'll learn that Jack was brought into the loop of the big picture purpose of The Others and bought into their agenda. This is particuarly fascinating given Jack's strong personality and conviction against them! The trailer shown on ABC's website shows Jack to be clear of mind, with a strong resolve to protect the Others. If this is correct, what IS the Others purpose? To save the world??? Was a brilliant episode IMO.

Mr Other said...

Thoughts and Questions:

- Were they imlying that Claire crashed on purpose?
- More and more I'm buying into the "Christian Shephard is Jacob" theory.
- I was really worried about Charlie since previous "Picnics" have always preceded someone dying.
- I don't understand why Desmond shot the gun. Charlie should of been fine if the bird was caught by the net.
- It seemed as if Locke killed Patchy because he didn't like whatever he was gonna say about his past.
- So how much did it cost to install this huge security perimiter fence that can be bypassed by a tree?
- Danielle asking Kate about how she would feel if Jack didn't remember her was some good foreshadowing.
- Has Jack been brainwashed or is just finally gettin' some?
- Did Locke blow up the Flame on purpose?
- Is Claire hotter as a brunette?

Craig said...

Is it possible Jack is playing a 'long con' on the Others? Surely he couldnt convince them he had 'turned' in such a short space of time, but how long have we been since he was taken to Othersville?
In any case they wouldnt fall for that given Ben's knowledge of Sawyer's antics would they?

Just putting it out there.

David said...

Up until this episode, I've believed in Locke as sometimes mislead, but ultimately good. After this, I think he's working for the others. It was obvious that Patchy wanted to die and Locke seemed overly anxious to assist him. Then, despite the logical arguments not to kill him, Locke throws him to his death. I almost think Locke knew what would happen. Patchy knows Locke somehow. Not just from a file. Locke acted like he knows Patchy too. How could their paths have crossed? One last thing. If there's a huge perimeter fence around the compound, wouldn't it be logical that it would act to keep people out and as an alarm. Since Patch tripped it, shouldn't the others know they are coming? Surely these clever people can't believe that no one would thing to climb over?

Anonymous said...

John is doing the Islands work.. If the others are the 'good guys' and 'somkey' is a bad guy, than Locke could very well be a bad guy... as much as I'd hate to suggest it.

He's being deceitful, he's obviously on a mission from the Island... He wants to blow something up, possibly what? The Submarine to keep the others from their transportation?

I'm worried about Sadid. He's my favorite character right now, the most consistant, the most observant, asks the best questions. I don't see much mentioned about him in the coming episodes. I hope he'll be OK. The good news is that since people usually die in a flashback episode, that's going in his favor, but the lack of mention of him... but the mention of several others in the coming epsisodes suggests that he might not be with us much longer... possibly, next week.

I'll go ahead an guess it.. Sayid dies next week, quite possibly at the hand of Locke, and Jack betrays Kate. These are NOT spoilers, they're guesses.

Anonymous said...

"(JACK)and Tom are doing their best Carson Palmer to Chad Johnson impersination. "

No.. Jack apparently catches touchdowns. Did you see that spike?

Anonymous said...

The field.. it appeared to me that Patchy just stood there for a second.. and said "thank you".

It looks as if you ran through it at high speed, you might survive.

I also wonder why you don't see dead animals all around there. Imagine the dead boars/polar bears that run through unsuspecting.

Anonymous said...

Two topics:

Why did Sayid not interogate Patchy? Answer? The CAT... the FLASHBACK!

Why is Jack happy? No, he's not brainwashed.. he just wants off the island and has accepted that role. He has a deal, and isn't going to mess it up. While he wanted Kate to escape, he's not going to go to bat for her next week because of the whole Sawyer deal.

Anonymous said...

"Unless cars in Australia are made with the stearing wheel on the right side ... Claire was not driving."

yes, Cars in Australia are like the UK. Steeing wheel on the right side, and they drive on the left.

Anonymous said...


Locke isn't working for the others, he's working for whomever the 'others' are fighting against.. and I wouldn't say working, I would say that he has 'faith' in the island . He's getting 'visions' from the island/smokey as to what to do. That's how he found the hatch, that's how he found Eko(bear den), it's how he found the plane, and it's how Eko found the 'Pearl'... and even more so.. the Island gave him the use of his legs. It could be looked at as selling your soul.

Matt said...

mr other:
in response to your last question: yes. way hotter.

Alec said...

Mr. Other: Good questions!

- Were they imlying that Claire crashed on purpose?

I didn't get that at all. I thought she was just screaming at her mom and not paying attention.

- I don't understand why Desmond shot the gun. Charlie should of been fine if the bird was caught by the net.

I had the same thought!

- So how much did it cost to install this huge security perimiter fence that can be bypassed by a tree?


- Is Claire hotter as a brunette?


Greg said...

About the question of how long Jack has been with the Others... I think we could say a week at most. When Locke, Sayid, CFL and Kate are about to reach the Flame, Sayid mentions that they have been hiking for "two full days". If we figure it also took Kate and Sawyer a couple days to get back to camp before she left on this hike, I would venture it has been at most a week since Kate and Saywer left Jack on the Island. That seems pretty quick to be assimilated. The twin theory is fun, but I like the "Jack playing them" better.

Brian said...

anonymous - Please be mindful to follow the rules of the Blog:

1. No Spoilers.
2. No Profanity-laced tirades.
3. No Bengals Bashing.

The appropriate comment you should have made is...

"No, Jack spiked the ball. Chad would have performed a hilariously entertaining dance."

andi said...

Since when is black hair considered a brunette?

But yes, way hotter. Brings out her eyes.

sodfather said...

All we saw at the end was Jack playing football with Tom. This is really important because Tom has always been the sort of custodian of the imprisoned survivors. However, as my wonderful girlfriend pointed out, Tom does seem kind of like the person who tries to be friendly whenever he has the chance, I mean wasn't his fake name Mr. Friendly? I think that Jack is still in custody of Tom, so to speak, but hey, they might have got to talking football and started to play around. Tom definately seems like the kind of guy who would kick back with a few Dharma beers watching a game, and Jack definately seems like the kind of guy who made all american four years in a row. Definately seems more like Jack is trying to make the best of his current situation. However, it is really unusual for a surgeon to do anything that could possibly harm his hands.

Jennifer said...

The book Sawyer was reading on the beach was "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand. I can't remember - has that book turned up in a prior episode? Not having read it myself, I found this phrase from a summary about the book:

"The book carried forth the author’s anti-communist ideals and conviction that individuals should not allow their lives to be dominated in any way by the beliefs of others."

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected, Chad's celebration would have been much more entertaining.

Question, who's has more arrests? The Cast from Lost, or the Cincinatti Bengals(sorry, couldn't resist... I like the Bengals... I really do...)

becky said...

My sister and I are LONG time readers of your blog Brian. We love it! Neither one of us has posted until now.

SO weird how there was a few seconds before the fence started to kill Patchy. Kinda does seem like someone could run through it really fast and be ok.

I agree, Patchy was obviously breathing, but I don't think that it is part of the story.

It was kinda weird how none of them checked his pulse. I would think that someone would have at LEAST checked...what if he was suffering. They could have put him out off his misery.

And THIS is why I decided to finally post. Nobody has mentioned this....

WHY didn't anyone look under Patchy's patch? I seriously thought Kate might, when she was just sitting next to his body and looking at him. I thought she was going to reach up and lift the patch! What if there was a pearl cluster installed there...One Eyed Willey style! Then they could search him for a map of buried treasure. What if the patch is concealing his ALL SEEING EYE and he wears the patch to prevent people from seeing him look right into their souls? That would a least explain how he new their names and other stuff. Maybe they would just see an empty socket...maybe that WAS his glass eye in the Arrow Hatch. None of them were the ones that got to see the Arrow Hatch, but that would put to rest any of OUR questions of there being another patchy patch wearing Patchy on the island.

Maybe it's just me and my sister and my husband, but if WE were stranded on a freaky island, tons of freaky stuff had happened, and we had been there for at least 80 freaky days, we would feel justified in doing something a little freaky like looking under a dead Patchy's patch. Honestly!

Anonymous said...

I hadn't thought to look under the patch, but I thought for sure Kate was going to search him.

I don't know how I feel about the Jack/Claire connection. I agree it's kind of soap oprish. I'm sure it will play into the story line... eventually, which would suggest that Claire will be around for a while.

thedon said...

tom throws like a girl jack runs like hurley

leonardo said...

help! my roomates are calling me an idiot because i thought that we already knew (or atleast we assumed) that jack and claire were related. is it true that there were indications prior to this episode?

Anonymous said...

There is a bigger perspective than the Jack/Claire matter....and that is the general direction set, presumably by JJ, as to the "six degree of seperation" concept as an underbelly of LOST. I would bet, in the end, all of the overlapping backstories for our lostees will never be explained and be rationalized as the general coincedence of people meeting people in the real world. To me, this writting element adds dimension to the show but will frustrate me a bit if in the end there is no tidy explanation for it other than the idea of "fate".

Anonymous said...

Leonardo - idiot? i don't think so....never was established that Jack and Claire are siblings.

MizuNoHane said...

Hmm, I don't necessarily know if I would have reacted to Par Avion as "progress". In fact, after the episode ended, I was unsure whether to freak out or continue sobbing, because I personally thought this last episode was the best of this gradually-improving season, and for Claire's character, it was definitely overdue.
I liked this episode most because of all the Season 3 episodes, this one felt like classic LOST, back when the whole story was really about people being reduced to their best and worst in order to find redemption on a [somewhat] deserted island--no hatch, no Others, just people trying to be people. The flashback was incredible and tied in perfectly with the current story, it packed an emotional punch, something missing from LOST since halfway through Season 2 (I blame that for the viewer loss: no engaging characters and backstory), and it had a freakout moment at the end.
To me, this episode was outstanding, a Season 1-caliber story. Change your instant reaction!! ;)

Anonymous said...

To the person who asked about Previous Clair/Jack connections. In the episode in season 2 where Ana Lucia died... Christian Sheppard traveled to Syndey... while drunk, in the rain, he went to the door of a house where he insisted on seeing his daughter. He fought with a lady for a while(Clairs Aunt, who we know HATES him), and eventually returns to the car. He dies the next day.

In the DVD of season 2.. there is a map of lost connections.. there is a fuzzy unidentified character connecting three lost characters. Jack, Jack's Dad, and Clair. I'm assuming that this person is either Jack's dad.. or possibly Clair's Mother. it's intended as an unknown, and shows us that they've had this connection setup for a while.

Eric said...

Why would you think Claire murdered her mother? Her evasiveness with the cop should be chalked up to her extreme guilt over what she said to her mom, not the fact that she was trying to hide something. In trying to redirect any responsibility for the crash away from herself, she was simply saying "I didn't mean it, I swear!". That's how I took it.

TMcNew said...

I am glad that Claire finally showed some backbone. She's always seemed whiney to me. Hey, isn't that the cheerleader's name on Heros?

Anyway, maybe Jack is relaxed because he isn't having to be everyone's savior 24/7, and perhaps he is awaiting a promise from Ben to get off the island - assuming he won't take that back because of the unfortunate "nicking the kidney incident".

RIP Posts said...


Danny Mac said...

I really see the plotline of Locke being 'behind it all' as too Scooby Doo-ish (if that can be used as an adjective). No way the writers meticulously made Locke appear to be a brave leader and then show the numerous times he was duped in flashbacks- only to be a Jacob-like figure to a group of hostiles on an island that he crashed on in the middle of NOWHERE. Oh, and PS- he was also paralized before. Honestly, re-read that. Is there ANY way Locke could be 'behind it all'? If that is the case- then the writers really hate their viewers. Anyway, as I could never believe this the true plot, the focus of Locke being shifty and making rash decisions is to lead us to start actually believing this insane theory so that they can show us the light down the road and make it more dramatic. They are pulling the old boxing trick 'Don't look at my hand...' and then drilling you with the other.

And if that Jack catch resembled the Bengals, Jack would have had to have caught the the ball with his hands cuffed behind his back... and somehow go 8-8 with the best offense in football.

I appologize in advance for that, Brian. Unwarrented cheap shot.

Anonymous said...

Locke is a Jehova's Witness, huh?

hobbes said...

Yep you are a freaky one Becky. But from one freak to another I thought Kate was going to check under the patch also ;)

I think Jack is still under the conditions of when we saw him last. His medical services, in exchange for a way home. Remember that which can be used to keep people out can be used to keep people in. So in the meantime he might as well let his guard down and give his legs a stretch.

As for breaching the security perimeter. Albeit a simplistic approach, it was still very ballzee. Considering they still wouldn't know the precise omni-directional radius the pylons project the sonic barrier.

As for being able to run through the barrier and keep on running... rrrriigghht? Are you going to be the one who tries that right after you watched someone get their head cooked? The effects seem rather instant allowing only for a brief moment to speak any dying words the ill-fated trespasser may have.

Good point about animals crossing it's path. But perhaps the pylons emit a frequency that natually wards animals away.

John's intentions are indeed questionable. Whether he is after the sub to get the survivors off or does he want it to blow it up (the need for a little C4). Although I'm willing to give the guy a little faith that his intentions are just. Granted I don't buy into his "will of the island" mantra, but I think he is a good guy.

Finally the Claire/Jack relation revealed. Maybe/maybe-not, a biggy but it is nice to have a little resolution.
Anon - what are you talking about "never established"? They have the same father; seems pretty established to me. Unless Jack is adopted in which case they would only be step-siblings.
Leonardo you are right. A few of us have been working under the same assumption. What I vaguely recall from Ana-Lucia's flashback with Christian Sheppard at the door in the rain, was that he was asking to see "Claire". I could be wrong but recall him saying he wanted to see Claire. Granted Claire is a common name and other than maybe looking at their noses there hasn't been any other clues to this. But it should be consider established that Christian, Jack, Claire and Aron are all related.

And let's give Claire a little credit. She has been pretty flaky and apparently she is one of those mothers who holds her child over her personal relationships. But she did come through with her Par Avion idea. Although did they at least attach the message in some form of water proof container? Or use some insoluble paper? Didn't quite get how the message was going to survive its journey. Regardles, kudos Claire, kudos.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hobbes, I thought the same thing about waterproofing the message for the bird.

Looking forward for your analysis, Brian, very good work as always.

Hobnail_Boot said...

1) Locke was absolutely hilarious with his outright defiance.

2) Agree w/ Hobbes about waterproofing the note.

3) Go Broncos ;)

4) Here's the list, off the top of my head:

Jack - killed people accidentally in surgery
Kate - killed her Mom's bf
Sayid - killed soldiers during Gulf War (assumption)
Desmond - killed soldiers during war (assumption)
Hurley - killed people on the deck
Sun - killed Colleen
Jin - killed Jae
Charlie - killed Ethan
Claire - killed her Mom
Eko - killed people in Africa
Ana Lucia - killed the guy who shot her
Michael - killed Ana Lucia/Libby
Sawyer - killed the shrimp guy in Australia/the U.S. Marshal Edward Mars

Rose - ??
Bernard - ??
Nikki - ??
Paulo - ??
Arzt - ??
Libby - ??
Boone - ??
Scott/Steve - ??
Shannon - ??
Locke - n/a
Walt - n/a

Hobnail_Boot said...

oh, and..

5) Brian - you made a BOWA reference w/o mentioning Dave! What gives? Also.. did you see his appearance on House? Pretty good.

joe d. said...

Jin did not kill Jae Lee. He beat the crap out of him and told him to leave the country. Remember? After Jin left the hotel, he got into his car. All of a sudden Jae Lee comes crashing down from above onto his car....apparently committing suicide.

zyptron said...

I didn't think CFL went across the security perimeter.

RIP Posts said...

I am looking forward to the day when we see more of Rose and find out if her cancer is still in remission. Maybe the magnetic problem they had has changed the healing properties of the island. Anyway, was just thinking of this. xoxo RIP

Eric 2 said...

I'm not convinced that Locke is an Other or working on some nefarious plan or some other such thing. My prediction is that he has some kind of a probably flawed plan to save everyone and be the hero and make up for all the times in the past he has been duped. This is why he isn't talking about what he's doing: he wants the credit for being the savior.

Anyway, that's my current guess ...

Heather's Brain said...

Here we go again, had an idea of what I wanted to teh positive I can not remember what i wanted to say! UGH!

I did want to to add this about Locke though...I thought in last week's episode that he was being very weird about his obsessiveness with the game. Out of everything in that place, he hooks onto a chess game and then "finds" the code entering commands. My thoughts are this...he get mr candle telling him to push this or that code. He does the enter 77 thing and a message comes up that says in one way or another, the hatch has been lined with C4 in the basement, you are to set off the charge and run. In doing so he decides, "Hey! I may be able to use this later!" Then yells at Sayid that if he had warned Locke about the C4 BLAH BLAH BLAH to cover up his "I have some C4 if you think we can blow up everything on this island" mind.

I believe this will all be answered (well sorta) next week when we see WHY THE WHEEL CHAIR, WHAT HIS ANGER IS REALLY FROM, and I also want to agree with someone here that said Jack has seen the bigger picture from the others. I don't think he is a full fledged member of TJC (The Jacob Cult) but I do believe he has an understanding we don't...there is something good going on, even if in our VIEW it seems it isn't good. We have seen MOST everything on this island from that of survivors, not of the people living their lives and then...view.

One last thing I did think about which got me going big a circle...ok, you supposedly have this group of people who lived here BEFORE the DHARMA showed up. They can come and go as they please, recruit new people and so on...DHARMA shows up and these people come in and kill or whatever (maybe they are brainwashed and are new members of TJC) the DHARMA people. Then they come in and TAKE OVER the DHARMA places? I find it odd that no one who was involved with this off island would not be concerned or the wiser. I mean, are they continuing the jobs of the DHARMA people? Was there and "incident" that off island they just said...let's forget about that place then and move on? NO ONE KNOWS? and if the knowledge that comes to these people is provided by DHARMA, what the heck is DHARMA ran by? I am ranting...I am just so confused on this part of this that i could just scream!

By the way, never had the thought that Claire TRIED to kill her mom. I am confused where you got that. I WANT QUOTES, not theory on this one!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's just killing someone... it's bagage, or unresolved problems or checkered pasts. Sayid tortured people.. oh, and Kate killed her Father... the recruiter was NOT her read dad. Desmond has a drinking problem.... and has been in prison(for what?... he wasn't in for long, so I doubt it was killing.. probably framed), and I think Michaels past had more to do with his parenting/child issues.

David said...

One more thought. Maybe brian will mention this in his analysis, but Sayid and crew are on a rescue attempt, right? Great. In the process of getting to Jack, they create a makeshift bridge to get over the "fence". Great. They've already shown that they are aware the compound is surrounded by this "fence". Did no one give any thought to how do we get out? There weren't any trees to chop down on the inside of the fence (at least not that we could see). And they had a considerable fall from the tree once over the fence, so they can't use it to climb out? Wouldn't they have atleast thought about this?

joe d. said...

I think it is obvious by now that John Locke does NOT want to leave the island......ever. Why is he destroying things? I'm not completely sure, but I am starting to think that he wants to snub out the possibility of ever being rescued. I think he wants the island to himself....Not that he wants to get rid of everyone, but more that he wants to know everything about the island. I think he wants to be "The Man". He's obsessed with the island. I think his plan to take commandeer control of the island from Ben. I know that sounds loony...I can't really put into words yet exactly what I mean....but it's something like that.

Anonymous said...

No one said Locke was working with anyone. He's under the 'influence' of the island.

If you do something stupid while drunk, it's from the influence of the alchohol, you didn't plan this thing out with the alchohol.

Locke has said, and proven many times, that his faith is with the island. He lost it late last season with the button, but he has regained it this year. He has shown this season in his communincation with the island to find Eko. His interests are in following his 'faith' in the island, but that's his influence, not a plan. He has probably seen a vision of destroying something that the others feel is important.. such as their Sub, or their boats. By destroying the Flame, he's already destroyed their potential main communication, and whatever possibility there was to get the beacon to work again.

The problem with this theory is that pushing the button actually helped the others.. or rather, the imposion made things worse on the 'others'.

joe d. said...

this article is entitled Why Lost has lost it.

This guys sucks.

Anonymous said...

How could Locke take control of the Others? He's an outsider.

Anonymous said...

It's suggested that Clair may have intentionally rammed the car into the the Truck. The police officer writing the report indicated that the driver of the truck said that she.. well.. I don't remember the exact works, buy apparently, for little reason, just rammed the car into the Truck. She insisted it wasn't her fault, that it was the Truck that came out of nowhere. The officer saw the scene and seemed to ask as though he knew that her story didn't make sense. Then at the end, didn't she apologize to her mother for the things she said in the car that day? and for running into the truck? I think.. in anger. she swung her car into the Truck on purpose... Not a plan.. but a spontanious action.

Anonymous said...

My theory to the one writer is that Sun followed Jin when he went after Jae Lee and she pushed him from the balcony - I don't think he committed suicide. Also, I don't believe that the others came before Dharma - the video instructions are older than some of the others. I think Dharma created the others and put them into this circle of a world to experiment on them - sort of like rats. Lastly, Claire did not mean to kill her mother - if she did she would have pulled the plug. And, her dad never called for her in the rain - he said "my daughter".

Anonymous said...

Yeah Joe D. - this guy misses the whole thing. everyone is entitled to an opinion, no doubt, but if one ONLY watches LOST for the reveals and pure advancement of the storytelling, than may become disapointed. To me, the magic of the show is in the characters, mythology of the island and general and total arc of the story.

Anonymous said...

"My theory to the one writer is that Sun followed Jin when he went after Jae Lee and she pushed him from the balcony - I don't think he committed suicide."

Yeah, I thought that too.. but Cuse debunked this when asked in a podcast. He pretty much laughed at the idea and said that he's never considered it.. and the thought of it, he said, didn't make sense. Well, I thought it did, but I think think Cuse knows more than me on the subject.

Anonymous said...

I believe Cuse and/or Lindeloff already stated that it was suicide - not murder - in one of the podcasts.

gg said...

Might the "magnificent one" be the person who recruited Juilet (the man who was with Ethan, and the one Juilet suggest to that her X get hit with a bus)?

joe d. said...

"Yeah Joe D. - this guy misses the whole thing. everyone is entitled to an opinion, no doubt, but if one ONLY watches LOST for the reveals and pure advancement of the storytelling, than may become disapointed. To me, the magic of the show is in the characters, mythology of the island and general and total arc of the story."

Anon- Yeah, the author really does miss "it". Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. The Lost bigwigs Carlton CUse and Damon Lindelof have compared Lost to a novel. A novel doesn't show its hand halfway through the book. You can't tell whodunit on page 233 when there are 400 pages in the book. I think that Lost does a great job of revealing and posing new questions. Some of the largest mysteries of the show simply cannot be answered until the end.

DCrowley said...

Is anyone else getting the impression that Claire is bad for Charlie's health?

Chase through the jungle after a kidnapped Claire, get hung by the neck. Hang out at Claire's shelter during a rainstorm, nearly get struck by lightning. Dive into the water to save a drowning Claire, drown. And newly this week, climb on rocks looking for a gull to help Claire with her plan, fall in and get beaten against big rocks.

Good times.

Anonymous said...

g.g -- i really doubt the recruiter Ethan was with, in Miami, was the magnificient one. i can't wait until they reveal who this person is one day.

Brian said...

Guys - I swear I'm like 90% done with the episode analysis, but haven't gotten a chance to wrap it up due to spending the past two days watching the NCAA Tournament and drinking beer for 12 hours each day. Today's not looking much better, being St. Patty's Day and all - but tomorrow looks promising. I haven't forgotten about you!

Renee said...

Come on now, who's more important?

Anonymous said...

can we talk about the fact that the note Claire left in the bird's leg is a piece of paper and will dissolve as soon as the bird lands on a wet rock?

joe d. said...'re talking about the man that recruited Juliet? His name is Richard Alpert....And you know what? He is on the guest star list for this week's episode!!! I have no idea whether he will be in flashbacks or on the island.....or maybe both?

SmokeMonster said...


Locke is really f@#king sh!t up!

He killed Patchy because if Patchy were to share Lockes secrets it would blow his cover and slow the progress of the work he is doing for the island, it was a sacrifice the island demanded!

It appears he's on a destroy dharma mission.. perhaps to protect the island from the intrusion of "foreign" technology. Perhaps its not dharma he's bringing down, maybe it is the others and what they are doing to the island or on the island.

We're definately missing some crucial information, but we are getting closer to the answers. Its kinda scarey.

He's destroying all the communication to the outside world FOR EVERYBODY and next..
He's going to toast that sub!!

A.J said...

I just gotta ask: If jack was in Alcatraz when Kate and Sawyer ran away from it, how the heck does Kate knows Jack is with the others in the MAIN island??

singhy said...

Does anyone else think its significant that the birds/geese are only seen now? They are tagged so have obviously flown directly to/from countries in the outside world, but are are they only now seen on the island because the sky turned purple?

Maybe the island really is now reachable directly from the outside world, even if the island's communications are down.

singhy said...

Re: Anonymous at 7:52 AM, in Australia, as per here in England, they drive on the left, so Claire was definitely driving the car!

joe d. said...

LET'S GO XAVIER!!!!!! 43.3 seconds to go. Xavier by 3. BEAT THOSE BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!!!

joe d. said...

Did anyone see that? Oden is a poor sport!! He just threw that dude out of bounds. GO XAVIER!! na na na na na na, hey, hey, hey.....GOODBYE, ODEN!!

joe d. said...

gotta admit....nice shot. let's go to overtime. Ok...I'm done talking about the tourney on a Lost blog.

So, how bout that John Locke?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, I was for Xavior too...
But oh well, shows that Ohio State can be beaten in Columbus.

As far as Kate knowing Jack is at the others camp, I think the original plan was to find the island and get Jack back... but then they found the 'Flame' and the map that showed the Barracks.
I don't think the plan of going too the barracks are well thought out, they're pretty much winging it with no real plan, or how they'll get out. But hey, it's fun.. I think Jack was a surprise.

joe d. said...

Also.....I think Kate figured that Jack would be taken back to where the Others live. Remember Kate's conversation with crazy Karl? He told her that Alcatraz was where they worked and that they lived on the main island. Well, Kate probably figured that they were taken to the smaller island for Ben's surgery. Now that the surgery is over, I think Kate assumed Jack would be taken to the mainland.

senor feesh said...

"Does anyone else think its significant that the birds/geese are only seen now? They are tagged so have obviously flown directly to/from countries in the outside world, but are are they only now seen on the island because the sky turned purple?"

Actually no... they're migratory, they're just passing through - hence Claire saying "they'll only be here today". We don't know that they've never been to the island before, they probably have - but they only use it as a rest stop 2 days a year when they're migrating for summer/winter.

joe d. said...


Who u think's gonna take the NCAA tourney?

joe d. said...

Pop, lock, and drop it
Pop, lock, and drop it

john said...

Why is everyone assuming that the sonic fence was meant to keep people OUT? Admittedly, that's the most likely explaination, but one has to keep an open mind, especially if you're going to suggest that there was a group of people experimented on/altered.