Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Worst Blogger Ever

I apologize. It's been nearly two weeks without a post on the Blog. Don't blame me, blame yourselves. If you all would pay me for reading this site, I could write about Lost, Alias, 24, and anything else you wanted to hear all day, every day. But since the Blog doesn't pay the bills, I am forced to keep a pesky job which sometimes forces me away from my computer for extended periods of time, resulting in no Blog updates.

For now, here is a lame last-minute post about tonight's episodes of Alias and Lost.

8:00 - Alias

Episode Title: "There's Only One Sydney Bristow"

TV Guide Description: Sydney cuts her maternity leave short to rescue Will, who has been abducted by archnemesis Anna Espinosa. Meanwhile, Sloane gets one step closer to obtaining a cure for Nadia.

To refresh our memories...


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Anna Espinosa:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Should You Watch? ABSOLUTELY. This should be the resolution to the Will / Francie / Evil Francie / Anna Espinosa storyline that occupied much of Seasons 1 and 2!

9:00 - Lost

Episode Title: "Reckoning"

TV Guide Description: The survivors of Oceanic flight 815 have been locked in a test of faith ever since they crashed on the island. Discover how this faith has been tested for both the fuselage survivors and tailies.

Are you a person of faith or science? This is the dilemma that plagues the island survivors and also defines their character. Discover how faith in the hatch led Locke on a mission to find a way inside, and how his discovery of Desmond led to his belief that punching in the numbers every 108 minutes would ensure everyone's survival. In addition, Michael's dogged mission in finding Walt, the tailies fight for survival during their first 48 days through their collision with the fuselage survivors, the uncertainty of prisoner Henry Gale's allegiances, and tensions between the survivors and "The Others" have left everyone questioning what they believe in. Additionally, the healing powers of love are explored through a timid Hurley's struggle with asking Libby out on a date, through the strong bond between Sun and Jin, and through Jack and Sawyer's mutual - yet unrequited - attractions to Kate.

Should You Watch? Sure. I don't think there's anything else worthwhile on at 9:00. But this is a full-fledged recap episode. There won't be anything new here, just some storylines stressed that might hint at what is upcoming on Lost. These serve to aid the average viewer (with a forgetful memory) of what happened on the show since last September. But Blog readers like yourself probably don't need any sort of refresher.

Sorry for the lame post. I promise we'll be back to normal in time for new Lost next week.

Express your anger in the Comments section!


Ellen said...

grumble grumble grumble

Brett said...

ARRRRRR!!!! I hate recap episodes! Bloddy hell. I want meat and po-ta-toes!

I think I'm going to start watching Alias soon.. I have the first 3 seasons on DVD. Personally I love to watch a new series one episode after another on DVD, it's so addicting :) I did this with the first two seasons of 24 after I started watching towards the end of season 3. I always tell people that 24 is like "visual crack". This season started out a little predictable, but it's starting to shape up rather nicely now.

Keep up the great blog Brian!

Anonymous said...

Hello TV Connoisseurs,
Since there's little to talk about tonight, I have a little question: who watches SCRUBS on nbc??? I think this is the best comedy out there besides Desparate Housewives. Anyone with me on this?

Justin said...

Re: Annon, yeah I watch Scrubs, last night was sad.

Brian, question. These recap episodes, are they done by the Lost team or by ABC?

Brian said...

I also always referred to 24 as "more addictive than crack." In fact, I've yet to find someone who could start watching Season 1 on DVD and not finish it within two days. Their lives come to a complete stop in order to witness the unmatched kickassness of Jack Bauer.

Scrubs is the funniest show on TV. Period. If you have never watched, go buy the first two seasons on DVD. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll learn lessons.

Honorest said...

lol. i just love your witty humor which ALMOST makes me want to pay you :) I have kept up with this blog since the controversial picture you premiered with the balloon which turns out really wasn't a spoiler at all! Since then i've kept up with your theories and possibiliies of each episode, and when your suggestions turn out to be semi true it just keeps bringing me back for more. You can also google ad which i'll click on to gather a little sort of pocket change at any rate keep up the great work, we all need some time off.

alice said...

how many reader's do you get? i remember you mentioned one time you got like a zillion readers. maybe you could get someone to pay to put a banner ad on there.

Kevin said...

I agree. You should definetly put google ads on the page. With this trafic, you might be able to make a decent amount of 'blog money'. Keep up the great work.

As for recap episodes... WTF_I_HATE_ABC?!



Brianfan06 said...

Brian, where do I send the check, I think your blog is awesome! Someone on the abc site linked a site to you(around Febuary) and I have been a fan ever since. I saw the ads for Alias and wanted to watch it, but somehow didn't get around to it. I read your blog and now I'm thinking I really want to get in on it. My only worry is I'm gonna go to Blockbuster and now it will be gone because of you and your great blog!

Eric said...

i gotta say, it was great to see Will hold his own in a fight with someone other than a tiny asian man.

andi said...

Add a paypal donation button. I'd happily drop you a few cents at the very least.

bengalsfan said...

Rex, you are an ass clown. You better pick it up. Tuesday was the saddest scrubs to date. Speaking of 24, were you a little surprised that Jack Bauer could hide himself with two suitcases and jump on a plane. The end of the season looks to keep getting better.

Brannigans Law said...

I'm not sure if this has been discussed much, but I was watching the stupid Lost recap episode last night (because I'm Lost-starved) and the whole episode (video clips and narration) made it look like Kate is an Other. I know it's not new, but what's the deal? Just a smokescreen?

Brian said...

Many answers...

Episodes like this week's Scrubs just go to show how great of a show it is. This season has been one of Scrubs best. It truly is one of the flat out best shows on TV, drama or comedy.

24 again shocked me. Who kills Heller in the first ten minutes of an episode (or is he not dead?). I agree - Jack sneaking onto an airplane by putting up the hood on his sweatshirt and grabbing two bags was pretty lame - but since Jack Bauer could open mail and still look cool doing it, I'll let it slide. I have no idea where they're going with this airplane storyline, but I'm intrigued.

Alias was great last night... other than the part where Sydney and Jack nonchalantly mention Vaughn being alive. Excuse me? Where did that come from!? In a way, Alias was never the same once Will left the show, since he represented part of her "normal life". It was good to see him back.

I'll be honest - I didn't even watch the Lost recap episode last night, but there's no way Kate is an Other based on her flashbacks.

Greg said...

Brian, thanks for a great blog. I too like Lost and Alias. I agree with you about the nonchalant mention of Vaughn being alive; I thought for sure I must have missed something as that was a total surprise.

Laura said...

Anger at you, Brian!?! NEVER! You're like my Lost-hero ;o). Hopefully I won't be banished from the site for admitting I've never watched Alais or 24. I do however watch Scrubs and I love it. Even though there have been some lame episodes, I also love The Office.

I did watch the Lost re-cap. It was okay, but nothing great. It was interesting to see what the producers thought was important enough to repeat and what they left out.

Cooper said...

recap are bummers, but next week sayid will reign vengeance.

rooster said...

I just found this Blog, actually I have just found blogging all together. Ever since way back to last night I have enjoyed reading what everybody else thinks is happening with LOST.

First off, I promise I’ll never post this much again. If I am repeating stuff, I am sorry, but ultimately I hope this will spark some imaginations since there is no real LOST entertainment this week.

HGI’s real name is Kalvin. He knew that the blast doors would drop soon (because he is from there), so he infiltrated the bunker. I don't think he even went into the computer room in "Lockdown", (if you count it out there is no way he had time). He stayed in the room with Lock becasue he needed to see the map. This is why he was so concerned about how long he was knocked out for after trying to climb into the vent. He thought he may have missed it. Why is the map hidden. I agree that HIG could be a rougue Other, and has kept the notes secret from "Him".

Additionally, Kalvin’s (HGI) original bunker mate (and possible twin) could be Claire's boyfriend and baby's daddy, Thomas. The mural on the wall in bunker are similar to Thomas’s paintings in OZ and he has similar features to HGI, (different accent but it has been a couple years)(cheers to lostpedia for this insight). Did Thomas leave the island on Desmond’s boat (after Kalvin led Desmond into the hatch) in order to procreate, only to manipulate the life of Clair back to the island. Is Thomas and Kalvin’s (HGI) dad Alvar Hanso? This would make Clair’s baby a direct descendent. Has someone taken over Darhma after the possible passing of Avlar (as indicated with "resting place of Mangus Hanso" on blast door map). Has this person taken the original ethos of dahrma down a dark path. This would put Kelvin (HGI) and Thomas in a place to overthrow dahrma and restablish their fathers vision (continuation of Rogue Other theory)

More stuff from old episodes

The marine that Sayid is translating for while the US forces interrigate his superior in iraq is Kates Dad (not biological dad but the one she grew up thinking was her dad, the recruiter from "What Kate did"). At the end of the episode, when they are dropping Sayid off, he looks at a picture of a child, who is of course Kate.

What does this all mean?

Most of the characters have a powerful/influential entity close to them. Could these people be tied to Dahrma?

Jack - his dad
Kate and Sayid - her pseudo dad
Locke and Sawyer - Anthony Cooper (infamous DB Cooper, thanks again lostpedia)
Jin and Sun - Sun's dad
Hurly and Libby - Mental Institution
Micheal – Walt (there is a brain buster, did the others know he was powerful before they took him or found out afterwards?)
Claire - Aaron, father Tom and Uncle HGI (possible relation to Avlar Hanso???)
Charlie - ?
Ecko - ?
Rose - ?
Bernard - Possible "brother" to real henry gail, Powerful Business man(Under the speculation that Bernard is the man who rants in the journal on offical website. If he heard the name henry gail and is related to one [ie family, fraternity etc] he would be curious).

All in all my gut feeling is that Darhma came to the island to experiment, there was a discovery of power, everybody wanted it (a “hidden tresure”) and no body can find it. Corruption has followed and Anthony Cooper is deeply involved.

Please shoot holes all over this thing, I just reread it and I hate most of it… I WANT ANSWERS!!!!!


Matt G. said...

Wow, you must be a charter member of the Alias Optimism Club if you liked this week's episode. I can't believe they're going down this past. Ummm, what's with all the lame science (tranferring isotopes???). Did the current crop of writers miss the Ethan Hawke episodes?

When JJ or whoever came up with page 47, I really, truely hope that they did not imagine concluding the whole Rimbaldi storyline with some kinda of clone/doppleganger switcharoo. How very, very lame.

pdiddy said...

Relief. yesterday this site was blocked by my firewall at work. It is back up today. Hoo-ray. I didn't watch either. Now that softball is done I can watch 24 again. But I almost want to just wait for the dvd and watch them all.

Steven Hollifield said...

Yea Coop. I'm ready to see Sayid in action already.

Honorest said...

Hey Brian, something to pass the time since Alias isn't on or LOST. YOu could research this:

Sociometerologial Solutions for Biomagnetic Climates. I've googled and googled and came up with nothing, my main focus was on Biomagnetic Climates, which seems to be a new therapy for the 21st century. Anyways I've noticed as well as everyone else the Widmore logos on LOST, something to look into incase your bored. I would def set up a Donations button, your theories could pay off ;)

Summer said...

Brian, my brother mentioned to me the other day that one of the LOST episodes (where some of the characters are in the water) showed a shark with a DHARMA logo on it. Is this old news? I totally missed it. You really have to watch these episodes over and over to get this!

Brian said...

Yep! You can probably find it on the Blog back when we talked about Season 2, Episode 2 - "Adrift".

It was a shark with the Arrow Hatch logo on its tail, swimming in the water while Sawyer / Michael were bickering over the raft.

Jules said...

Ok Brian.. this is going WAY back. I mean back to the first ever episode way back. I was watching it for the 700th time today (I have the DVDs) with my mom and brother and my brother pointed out and asked the question, "Have you ever noticed that Jack wakes up in the forest and not on the beach like everyone else?"
And that totally did get me wondering. Could that be something more? Or did Jack just get thrown from the plane?
What are your thoughts on this?? Have you ever thought that could mean anything?? mmm..

I apologize now if you discussed this when you first started blogging.

Brian said...

jules - it is very intriguing. You'll also note that both Season 1 and Season 2 started with a close-up on an eye opening (Jack, Desmond).

Theories on Jack in the Jungle range from "He was thrown from the plane" to "He was abducted by the Others initially and left there", but I think the first is the most likely.

I assume that the gash in his side (that Kate helped him sew up) came from the fall through the trees. You'll remember Kate also seeming appeared from the Jungle, and wasn't on the Beach with the rest of them.

Great1 said...

Just something i want to add, since this is going off on other shows: Does anyone here watch Prison Break? its on right before 24. It is a gret show, and they are now getting to the good part.

pdiddy said...

rabble rabble rabble, where's my preview?

Anonymous said...

recap episodes r really stupid

Anonymous said...


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