Friday, April 14, 2006

"S.O.S." Analysis

Brian’s Official Review: Decent setup episode. Probably the only Rose-Bernard flashback we’ll see, since they pretty much told their story from start to finish, and we know why their motives are going to be “stay on the Island” from now on. The reappearance of Michael felt a bit too similar to Claire’s reappearance, but should finally kick the show into gear. Someone mentioned that the last few episodes of this season are more “action-oriented” than any we’ve seen so far. If that’s the case, this should be the last “slow” episode of the year.

But as always on Lost, regardless of how little actually happened, there was still plenty to discuss…


Check out the picture. There are lots of them!

Image hosting by Photobucket

No, not “Others” in the traditional sense of “non-Survivors of Flight 815”, but in terms of “the other 20ish Survivors of Flight 815 who we NEVER SEE OR HEAR FROM”. Last season, I mentioned how I thought it would be cool to see some of these people come to the foreground this year, (theoretically providing new flashbacks, new interactions, and replacing “Front Line” Survivors who I assumed would be dying).

But that hasn’t been the case. Instead we got the Tailers to provide fresh faces and stories to the existing cast. While I was happy to see at least some reference to them being on the Island this week, I’ve come to accept that they’re just going to be bodies for the remainder of the show’s life. Actually, if this “war” with the Others ever happens, who wants to bet that these guys are going to be the first to die, while our Front Line Survivors somehow all survive?

(It’s just like when Jack Bauer goes on a mission with two random CTU agents… we all know only Jack is coming out alive.)


One of the episode’s strongest themes was that of “Fools and Fool’s Errands.” Rose referred to Bernard as being a fool, and his mission to get her cured was a fool’s errand (meaning a fruitless or pointless mission). You could easily apply this theme to a few other activities happening on the Island, namely Locke entering the Numbers in the Hatch.

After his talk with Rose, Locke seems to come the decision that he needs to stop entering the Numbers, another “fool’s errand”. It’s interesting that after Jack, Michael, and most of the other Survivors tried to convince him not to enter them – and even after HGI told him they do nothing, he still wasn’t convinced. But when Rose talks to him, he changes his ways. Why?


Locke has finally found someone else on the Island who shares his “love” for it, who thinks it’s a beautiful place, because Rose has also been “healed by it”. Sharing this common bond, Locke seems to have found some sort of peace with himself, knowing that he doesn’t need to enter the Numbers to have a “purpose” on the Island. Instead, just being there and getting a new chance for life seem to be enough. Good enough for Rose, good enough for Locke.

So what’s the key to the magic healing power of the Island? Do the Others have magic powers? Not likely. More and more, it’s looking like it’s simply “fun with magnets.”

Image hosting by Photobucket

Bernard was trying to heal Rose by taking her to Uluru – the healing, spiritual place of the Aboriginal people of Australia. It’s a sacred place for them religiously. Scientifically, this place has unique magnetic properties due to the enormous raised piece of earth (that actually is a huge long rock that descends deep into the Earth – which I guess gives you weird magnetic properties?).

It’s interesting that Issac (the healer) said that he couldn’t help her. More specifically, he said that “this place” couldn’t help her, as if she could still be cured by magnetic powers… but not this one.

We’ve already seen that there is some sort of powerful magnet inside the Swan Hatch that is sealed off, yet still strong enough to attract a key hanging from Jack’s neck.

As Rachel brought up in the Comments section, there seems to be some limitation to the power of the magnet. It gave Locke his ability to walk, it cured Rose’s cancer, it made Jin fertile (maybe – still not sold on this one) – but it didn’t cure Boone when he fell in Eko’s plane, Shannon when she was shot, or the Warden’s injuries.

I guess it makes sense. I’m no doctor (or am I, beth?!) but you could imagine that the radiation / magnetism of the Island could break up Rose’s cancerous cells, wake up Jin’s swimmers, and jostle Locke’s spinal electrons back into place – but it couldn’t heal a hole in Shannon or broken leg on Boone.

One thing that doesn’t make sense is Locke’s apparent healing ability. Remember last year when a piece of shrapnel shot into his leg, and he didn’t feel it? Later in the episode, he touched the fire with his leg to a similar non-result. But when the Blast Doors fell on him, he clearly felt the pain. What’s the difference between the two? Were his leg nerves damaged in his accident, causing him to feel no pain at first – but now are healing so he can feel again? Or is it just sloppy writing?


If we weren’t sure before, we really should be now. HGI is pure, unadulterated EVIL. I mean, look at this picture!

Image hosting by Photobucket

But again, here’s the big question:

What’s his goal?

If his goal is to keep the Survivors entering the Numbers and continuing the experiment, why convince the biggest Numbers believer that entering them does nothing? Nope.

If his goal is to stop the Survivors from entering the Numbers, he certainly helped his cause, and we should believe him when he says he actually didn’t enter the Numbers when Locke when stuck under the Blast Doors. But then why the evil smile? Why make the comments about “if I were an Other, I would give Ana-Lucia a fake map and lead her into a trap.” Maybe.

If his goal is to create havoc, he’s certainly doing it. Bingo. Here’s my newest take:

As I’ve said before, the Others are outnumbered. The Others are a bit afraid of our Survivors. The only advantage they hold over the Survivors is knowledge of the Island, the experiments, and what’s going on. Knowledge is power. HGI was sent to cause some havoc, create some rifts among our Survivors, and do a little “divide and conquer”… and he’s doing just that. He intentionally let himself get caught in CFL’s net, has already created tension between Jack and Locke, and now is twisting the knife a bit more with the Numbers.

This face is the face of evil happiness, knowing that your plan has succeeded.

So now what? Does he stick around to cause more ruckus, or plan his escape?


Speaking of CFL, how creepy was her trap that Jack and Kate got caught in?

Image hosting by Photobucket

Seemingly, this is a trap that was set long ago, using a baby doll as bait to try and “catch” Alex and get her back once she was stolen by the Others. But this brings up the question of - Why wouldn’t Alex come voluntarily back?

If we are to assume she was somehow drugged / brainwashed (a la Claire… and Michael – but more on that later), it would make sense.

But the girl we saw help free Claire from the Medical Hatch was clearly working against the Dharmites. Does that mean they were no longer brainwashing / drugging her? Or did she become wise to their methods and somehow outsmart them to gain her mental freedom again?
Perhaps this is the distinction between the By the Book Dharmites and the Rebel Dharmites – the Rebel Dharmites have had their eyes opened by ceasing to take the 4815162342 medicine (that we saw with Desmond and again in the Medical Hatch). This furthers the argument that the Rebel Dharmites are the ones who made the Blast Door drawing, which states “The disease worsens with the treatment. The remedy is worse than the disease.”

It’s all coming together.

Kiss the Girl.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Seriously, that was hot. It’s curious that the writers are teasing Kate and Jack as a couple again. But what are their chances of lasting? Let’s compare some other TV couples that seemed destined to be:

  • Dawson and Joey: didn’t end up together
  • Corey and Topanga: ended up together
  • Kevin and Winnie: didn’t end up together
  • Ross and Rachel: ended up together
  • Buffy and Angel: didn’t end up together
  • Sydney and Vaughn: to be determined

So the track record is spotty at best. It’s a common TV writer trick to constantly break up and make up your most popular couples because it makes for good TV. So are jerk TV writers just jerking us around? Actually in this case, it makes sense from a storytelling point of view. Let’s psycho-analyze how the Jack/Kate romance is coming up again:

During “What Kate Did”, Kate symbolically chose Sawyer, giving in to her “dark side”. Things seemed pretty clear cut. We would have Kate/Sawyer and Ana-Lucia/Jack. But then things changed. As a response to Kate being all girly with him (cutting his hair, making him miss football games, etc.), Sawyer got tough (conning everyone out of the guns). Then Jack started standing up to people (Locke, Sawyer), and then symbolically beat Sawyer in a game of Poker (a man’s game). Kate, as an observer to all these events, suddenly sees Jack as the up-and-comer tough guy among the Survivors, and Sawyer as being a loner and jerk.

Therefore, she’s suddenly thinking Jack might be the horse to bet on. He’s got the dreamy leadership quality, a touch of “tough guy”, standing up to other people, and he probably is a more stable person to attach yourself to when on a crazy deserted Island.

(There are also those pesky rumors about Michelle Rodriguez being booted off the show she’s apparently quite the trouble maker in Hawaii. We can’t leave our dramatic lead without some sort of love interest!)


Did the Isaac of Uluru scene strike anyone else as a bit odd?

To me, this isn’t the face of “I can’t help you, sorry”, but “I can see what’s going to happen to you and it freaks the hell out of me.”

Image hosting by Photobucket

It just really reminded me of Claire’s visit to the psychic where he was like “You must raise the child” and then put her on the doomed Flight 815.

So either psychics in Australia are for real, and can see the future (but then why wouldn’t he warn Rose about 815 going down?), or there’s something innately bad / scary / different about the overall aura of both Claire and Rose (and possibly all of our Survivors) that made the psychics freak out.

Since the show began, I’ve had the feeling that everyone on the Island was somehow “hand picked” to be there – but what? Are they “chosen ones” that were meant to end up on that Island? It’s an intriguing thought, one I’ve had since the show began. I still have nothing even close to semi-scientific means (as everything on the show will allegedly be explained by) of putting a logical theory together, but this is another small action that just strengthens my feeling that there is something that identified our Survivors out of everyone else in the world, something that put them on that plane and brought them to the Island – on purpose.

Rolla on the River.

If you’re anything like me, as soon as you saw jotting down his recollection of the Blast Door image, the first thing you thought was “What was he writing on?! It must be a clue!”

Image hosting by Photobucket

Well, he was writing on a page of the 1833 poem “Rolla”, by French poet Alfred de Musset. Needless to say, it’s a pretty heavy read. But readers in France, Quebec, or Djibouti, have a read!

Ambitious but non French-speaking readers can peruse the text in English here:,%2Benfants%2522%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D

Lazy Americans who don’t appreciate poetry, here’s a one sentence summary:

Rolla is one of the strongest and most depressing of Alfred de Musset’s works; the skeptic regrets the faith he has lost the power to regain, and realizes in lurid flashes the desolate emptiness of his own heart.

Whoa. Massive symbolism there! Locke is now no longer a “Man of Faith”, but a skeptic! He said himself, “I’m done with entering the Numbers”. But this makes it sound like Locke is sad about this new development, when in the episode he seemed happy, upbeat, and in a way freed from the Numbers due to his skepticism. But as I’ve mentioned before, this was his purpose on the Island, and without it, he would feel a certain “emptiness in his own heart”. Locke is going to have to find some other “goal” to pass his time on the Island, unless he’s content following Rose’s path of “just being happy to be there, healthy again.”

(For those of you keeping track at home, because of Lost I’ve now learned about French poets, Latin, Hieroglyphics, Greek mythology, the Aboriginal people of Australia, and the history of the phrase “S.O.S.” over the past month. Who says that watching TV rots your brain?)


Lastly we come to our boy Mikey. Time for a little reader participation…

Image hosting by Photobucket

So did the Others agree to Jack’s proposed trade? Giving them Michael and hoping they’ll get HGI in exchange? Not bloody likely.

Assuming he’s a Rebel Dharmite, HGI holds no major importance to the rest of the Others. You also get the impression that HGI could bust out of there at any moment either by overpowering or outsmarting our Survivors.

So where did Michael come from? Another product of Alex freeing a prisoner? I mean, he showed up just like Claire did. But I’m guessing that the writers won’t rehash that storyline.

Did he break out himself? I don’t think so. At least not if he’s the Michael that we know and love. There is no way he would have left without Walt. Remember the blind irrational passion in his eyes when he swiped a gun and left the Hatch to find Walt? (Whatever happened to that gun anyways?) He would have sooner died than leave Walt behind. Also – if it’s that easy to break away from them, wouldn’t Walt have done so a long time ago?

So although he comes back and confirms one of my longest running theories this season: “There aren’t that many of them, and they’re not armed – we can take them!”, I don’t think he can be trusted.

That’s right, I smell a trap.

It’s a little too neat and clean that he comes back and stirs up everyone to go march in the Jungle and attempt to overtake the Others by sheer force. The Others are too crafty, and probably realize that Michael (who obviously isn’t “good”, or he would have been taken long ago) has no value to them other than being someone who can bait everyone else into walking into a trap.

So we have two options here:

  1. Michael is drugged / hypnotized / whatever the Others do to you, and isn’t intentionally leading them into a trap.
  2. Michael went into the Jungle, got slapped around a bit by the Others, tortured, and told “You won’t get Walt back unless you bring everyone else to us.”

There’s probably an option 3 I don’t want to get into involving this not being the real Michael, similar to how Locke changed when he first met the Monster in Season 1, but I think one of the other two are far more likely. Either way, it serves as an impetus to FINALLY get the confrontation between the Others and our Survivors started – making me extremely excited for the rest of the season.

What do we think?

(PS - Happy Easter, everyone)


davis said...

Nice post - just wanted to comment on one thing you said:

"One thing that doesn’t make sense is Locke’s apparent healing ability. Remember last year when a piece of shrapnel shot into his leg, and he didn’t feel it? Later in the episode, he touched the fire with his leg to a similar non-result. But when the Blast Doors fell on him, he clearly felt the pain. What’s the difference between the two? Were his leg nerves damaged in his accident, causing him to feel no pain at first – but now are healing so he can feel again? Or is it just sloppy writing?"

Remember that was the episode that Locke's paralysis was kicking back in preventing him from walking up to the plane and helping Boone. While we still dont know why at that time he lost his ability to walk again (I think you have speculated before that the 'island' wanted to protect him), I think the piece of metal and the fire were just illustrating that he had temporarily relapsed and lost his feeling in his legs. Then, once he was out of harms way/back to fulfilling his 'purpose' the island returned his legs to full strength, which explains why he could feel it in the Lockdown episode.

Becca said...

I agree with Davis. I interpreted Locke's temporary loss of feeling in his legs as the Island's way of saying it needed something to be done/found and reminding him that what it gave, it could take away. Whatever the reason, I think the point was that it was jut temporary.

Justin said...

Well if the healing is caused by the magnet in the Swan hatch, could traveling a great distance away from the Swan cause the healing to be reversed?

As for Michael, I think your first option is the most likely one. Why else would he, like you said, leave without Walt (unless Walt is dead)?

What you didn't address though is the black/white deal. That was something that Locke talked about before and seems to be common amongst the surviors. Black/white as in sciecne/faith.

But yeah, great points as always and enjoy Easter and your week off (though Alias is always worth analyzing -- did you notice a few weeks back when the timer paused before the lockdown it paused on 47 miutes. Perhaps Rombaldi is at the center of the island).

MKinMotion said...

Both Locke and Rose were "damaged" before getting on the plane. Others that you mentioned were hurt in the crash or the events of the series. Makes me wonder about Jack's dad...ok, not really.

Great1 said...

About Michael, i think there is another option. He saw some Others, but not many, but he couldn't find Walt. Hes convinced that there are not many of them, and if all the surviors went after the Others, they could overpower them and get Walt back. Besides, how long does the drugging/hypnotizing/whatever last? If option 1 is right, then Michael would be under the effects of the drug or whatever for a good amount of time, since it will take a lot of debate and prepartion for the surviors to do something.
Lastly, Bernard is the only one thinking straight. I understand that some of the people, mostly our "frontline" surviors, have pasts that they want to get away from, but come on, everyone is loving it on the island? All of the other surviors love the island too?
Anyway, good work Brian, as always.

Julie B said...

OK, so you'll yell at me for this post because it's not "Lost-centric" but I disagree with the Dawson/Joey relationship in your analogy. Joey should have been with Pacey from the get-go and that's that (I know I have many disagreers but just my 2 cents). Also pdiddy, I now realize who you are and I think that you may have made that nickname for me somewhere during senior year.

Lost-wise, I think that Michael's appearance has something to do with HGI and getting him back. Myabe they made a deal with Michael that if he brought back HGI, he could take Walt back home. His saying that they can be overtaken could be his ploy to get everyone together to start something up. Just a thought...

wurm said...

hey there. happy easter.
like your analysis and theories as always - didn't think of the michael being blackmailed possibility ... i think you are missing an eventual option, though (the one i though of instantly):
what if michael was never captured by the Others? zeke said he wouldn't be able to find them anyway... - i guess there's a flaw then with him knowing some stuff about them.-- or he really did found 'em, just watching to prepare his REAL plan to save walt.
i'm so frigging excited about the last episodes, can't wait...well, cya. wurm.

Dave said...

What I think? Well, you figured it all out man. Great job! Greets from Germany


Locke has decided to stop with the entering of the numbers.
As walt(backwards talking walt "PRESS the button, NO buttons bad")seemed to have knowledge of the numbers and pressing the button, then perhaps Michael too will be informed as to its purpose. Michael is on his way back with kate and jack, knowing the importance of the button and something bad will happen if the numbers are not entered. i'm guessing that will be the great climax of the next episode. Most people seem to believe that nothing will happen but the fact is the button does hold significance or walt would not have freakishly projected himself to shannon telling her about it. Could it have something to do with the wispers, havent heard from them in a while.. any thoughts??

Rich said...

I would also like to comment...

"So either psychics in Australia are for real, and can see the future (but then why wouldn’t he warn Rose about 815 going down?)"

Not if the psychic wanted Claire to be stuck on an island where she would be unable to get rid of her baby, forced to raise it by herself like the psychic kept insisting on.

Rich said...

Oh i'm sorry, i misread that.

I thought it said "but then why wouldn’t he warn CLAIRE about 815 going down"

Disregaurd my statement! I wish there was an edit comment feature on here.

Brett said...

@smoke monster, ya know.. the thing with the backwards speaking Walt is a bit of a twisted one. To give any real meaning to what the decyphered message is saying is sort of complicated. Shannon would never figure out what Walt said, so therefor it's only there to give the viewers something to "analyse".

Now take what Walt said, "press the button, no button's bad" (the majority hears this anyway - I even contributed to the re-reversed/enhanced recordings), if you think about it.. it really doesn't make any sense. Press a button, any button.. just do it, it can't hurt you. Maybe it does make sense.. maybe the meaning is further buried. No button is bad, therefor no particular code matters. Press em if you want to, but nothing bad is going to happen if you don't.

All that aside, I think it's funny how they always refer to the action of entering a code as pressing "the button". A bit weird. Did they get that terminology from Desmond?

Anonymous said...

Interesting link between the cars used in this episode and another previous episode. We see that both Bernard's and Sayiids car/trucks licence plate is the same.

Anonymous said...

Above post:

Brett said...

Interesting plate numbers.. the plate itself looks to be the same one (with the addition of a fake dash on the Sayid shot). But why go through the trouble of using the same plate twice? Could be a mistake, but then again.. it's all in the details isn't it? I can't think of anything right now that it could stand for.. it's 5:30am and I still haven't slept.

Great Blog Brian! Just started reading recently and I'm very impressed at the detail to which your posts delve into.

Brian said...

justin - rest assured I have a massive Alias post coming in time for next week.

julie b - you're crazy. Do you not remember the first few seasons of Dawsons Creek? Pacey wanted nothing to do with Joey and vice versa. Only later in the show did they start pitching that relationship. Joey wanted Dawson, Pacey wanted Tamara. End of argument.

Regarding the license plate numbers, that is curious. Especially since it has no reference to our Numbers or anything on it. My bet? Somebody on the set isn't very creative and is just using the same license plate number over again.

Filiz said...

Nice synopsis! Just one point I beg to differ: I don't think Locke lost his faith on the island. He sure did for a while when HGI told him about the numbers and how pushing it was useless. That's why he couldn't draw the map in the first place. Then he talked to Rose and realized he wasn't the only believer therefore there must be something to it, his faith was restored. I think we'll see more of Locke as it starts to add up to something: He found the hatch in the late first season, maybe now he finds out what the "?" stands for on the blast door map?

Why wouldn't anybody help Bernard? It doesn't make much sense: He was right about the necessity of a sign, in case a plane goes by. So why wouldn't anyone help him, what else they've got to do? How hard could it be to carry around some rocks? This got me thinking: Why isn't Jack trying to get off the island, I mean of all people? Because he gets to be the big guy he couldn't be back home, where he failed his father and his wife?

I think this episode was important because Jack came back, Jack as we knew him before. He's been a total jacka$$ this season, but he seems to finally come to his senses. The episode started with him and Ana Lucia, and showed us how she was his ally, how she was on his side: She kept an eye on Locke for him. Then He took Sawyer down with "Does it matter?" (I LOVED it), outbested Kate at shooting (where did he learn how to shoot?) literally roared at the others (I actually found it a little funny) and finally confessed to a (not very) secret attraction ("I'm not?" I would expect him to be more insecure, It's not like him to admit it easily)

Finally I agree: Something's up with Michael. And what are the odds of him running into Kate and Jack? (I don't know about you huys, but he made me think of the bee in "Fight the future", the X-Files movie, great timing-wise)

According to the spoilers, we are heading to a violent and chaotic season finale... I can see how it goes, but you never know with Lost, so... Nevertheless, I'm very excited about the last episodes!

Greeting from Turkey

Beth said...

I entirely agree that Michael's reappearance has to be a trap of some type. The previews lead you to believe Michael was just wandering around spying on them and never actually had direct contact with them. (by the way he referred to seeing them and there not being that many of them.) I doubt one just beat him up and then sent him off running.

If that's the case than why did Zeke/Mr. Friendly say not to worry about Michael and he wouldn't be a problem anymore. Remember when he said that back when the losties had a manhunt for him? It sounds like the others are breaking down the losties emotionally (via HGI) and now potentially physically (via Michael's return and encouragement to group together and head out in the jungle)

HGI also hinted to the trap thing already. He said he was joking and it was a stupid thing to say, yep, STUPID, stupid slip up for him to give away a potential plan.

I still think you're right, that they're are not that many others, but they're definitely up the something with Michael.

pdiddy said...

I don't know what is up with Michael. I don't think he was watching them at all. Either he 1. got trapped and they released him somehow, or B. he never found them. Think about it, maybe he is just saying this to get a larger search party. Remeber, we have heard from Zeke and the Tailers that if they don't want to be found they won't be found. Or, maybe he did find something. Maybe Walt was talking to him and actually led him somewhere. This would be where it would be very nice if they ACTUALLY SHARED EXPERIENCES. Michael could tell this to Locke, and Locke could go mapquest on him telling him what it was. Just a thought.

Now, I have never watched Alias. (Just like 24, I don't watch much network tv, but now I do since I don't have cable.) Can I watch this last season? Or will I be totally "lost"? 24 wasn't bad to jump into, it is a pretty simple show to follow. Just wondering.

Julie, I didn't make up that infamous nickname, it was Joe Henke. So how's life? You doing the whole accounting thing? said...

Can't wait to see if any of your predictions come to fruition. The whole Michael thing is suspicious to me. I can't wait to see what kind of cliffhanger they leave us with at the end of this season!

Hobnail_Boot said...

Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski.

..that is all.

Brian said...

Wow - how did I miss that one? It should have been at the top of my list!

Good call, hobnail_boot!

mike....... said...

hey just wanted to remind forgot to mention that Kate told Jack about the other my opinion that is pretty important....If Jack tells Locke then he'll get obsesed with finding out about it and maybe finally tell someone about that drawing on the wall......Which brings up yet another point......maybe Lockes "goal" is to put an end to Dharma.... or he'll think so after he hears of the other hatch.....

By the way I liked how you answered peoples questions last week.... please try to fit mine in somewhere

Hobbes said...

Does anyone know (or remember if was even brought up) when CFL captured HGI in her trap, why she turned him over to the survivors in the first place? I kinda always assumed that for the last 15 years that anytime she captures an other in her traps and that if the trap doesn't kill them (ie, some of her more explosive traps) that she terminates them; not turn them over to someone else. And I'm still not conviced of the whole rebel Dharmite plot line. HGI's manipulation tactics really seem to be focused on Locke rather then the rest of the crew. He distracts everyone as a whole but uses scaple like precision when it comes to Locke.

I like toying with possiblity that Michael might now be an "Other". A theme that I have gotton from the show is that everyone seems to be resolving their past or resolving what pains them (cancer, bad relationship with father(s), etc etc...) How will Michael resolve his past pain of not being able to be there for Walt? By doing anything, ANYTHING to get walt back. That kind of conviction could lead a person down many a dark path. Also HGI said you have no idea what he will do (or something like that), perhaps this "He" tortures the hell out of you (ie, Shannon's vision of Walt standing in the freezing waterfall).

Also I am not entirely conviced Locke has lost his faith in entering the numbers. What I got from him after his talk with Rose was in fact a renewed sense in his belief in the island. He seemed to be more relaxed and happy, thus being able to recall the image from the blast door. So I think he will continue to restart the countdown. I think this also ties in a bit with what Walt was saying about the button. Perhaps it offers a form of protection from "Him". Or at the very least the numbers need to be entered.
I could be going off on a tangent here but perhaps there is also another set of numbers being used on the island.
If 4+8+15+16+23+42=108, and we have seen the numbers used in the flashbacks (Lockes saftey deposit box, the Iraq video footage, etc) perhaps from the numbers we have seen there is another combination that will add up to 108. Maybe explaining the license plate thingy (cause at this level of entertainment I can't imagine the prop guy took a day off).

Also hobnail_boot (or anyone)can you expalin the reference "Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski". I know I know it's probably a lame question but I had to ask.

delpt said...

Hey man,

Just wanted to say I love the blog. You got some interesting theories and great analysis.

I wont be posting any additions or anything to your ideas cause, well, i got no time right now. BUT, I will continue to read and eventually add on some crazy thoughts or what not.

Anyway, great posts.
Thank you for giving me more stuff to think about. lol.


Josh said...

I'm just commenting to second what hobbes, said. I took a totally different view of the Locke/Rose interaction - I thought it restored his faith in the numbers (he was upset and 'done with the hatch' when he sat down, but happy when he left) The writers made a point of having Ana Lucia tell Locke that she entered the numbers while he was gone, and the way he sat down at the computer and took up trying to re-draw the map with renewed enthusiasm just made me all the more convinced that he was going to continue on. What made you think that he was going to stop?

pdiddy said...

What hobbes? You don't get the Zach and Kelly reference? Please tell me you are one of the international readers of this blog, or no older than 12. Saved By The Bell, man.

izzle said...

maybe i am streching this too far but here is an idea. Claire was kidnapped when she was pregnant. So, assuming somehow michael is going to help the others what if he kidnaps Sun or Aaron to trade for Walt?

I really don't understand what Locke is doing. If I were him I would do anything and everything I could to bring that blast door down again: get help from Sayid, short circuit it, blow it up, try to get the countdown to happen again... How is it gonna help him to redraw something that he saw for what, 20 seconds? was he able to read all that stuff? I doubt it.

Jackson said...

Put me in the "Michael struck a deal," camp. Though I doubt the Dharmites will hold up their end of any bargain involving Walt. Regardless if Michael was captured or not, Zeke's comments make me believe that he saw what they wanted him to see.

It'll be interesting to find out what happens when the button isn't pushed, since that's obviously where we're headed. And if I were Locke, the first thing I would do once Michael gets back is figure out how to drop the blast doors again (Michael having pointed them out in the first place and also having spent the most time checking out the hardware in the computer room). Between Michael and Sayid, they must be able to figure it out.

Personally, I'm waiting for Desmond to reappear. Have been all season. Though I'm in the camp that believes he's been off with the Dharmites the whole time (there was a picture of the ring of torch-holders during the summit bet the Others and the Lostaways where it looked like Desmond and Walt where both there).

david said...

Obviously it will refer too the ? that was in the middle of the map Locke saw. But its not a question mark as we know it, because the person who draw the map knew damn well what was there. Just see how much information he draw about the island including all the phrases and positions of stuff. The ? in the middle litterly stands for Dharma. In East Asia, the character for Dharma is ?, pronounced fÇŽ in Mandarin and hō in Japanese. Dharma means Natural Law or Reality. 108 is the natural number. Remember the mural painting in the hatch with 108 inside the sun ? The sun’s diameter approximately equals 108 times the earth’s diameter. The EYE of god = 108 and so not even god will SEE the island.

Anyways ... Dharma = a way of life. It defies dogma and thus seeks to instead align the human body, mind, and soul in harmony with nature.

We are bound by the laws of time, space and causation according to finite reality. Dharma is the foundation of this causal existence, the one step below the infinite. Dharma is the projection of divine order.

Dharma has imbibed the highest principles of Truth. Dharma is not just law, or harmony, it is pure Reality.

In the dharmic religions (Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism), the wheel of life or dharmachakra is symbolic representation of samsara, the continuous cycle of birth, life, death. Flower of life (look into the EYE of the island = 23) by drawing the hexagram 23 (I-ching) u will get the flower ... THE ULTIMATE SECRET of life will be found on the island.

Ang said...

I agree with what izzle said..Locke should be looking for those black lights and finding a way to bring down the doors again. Also why doesn't he tell some one about what he saw? I would of told everyone immediately.

robin said...

If Locke keeps the map knowledge to himself then he has sort of an advantage over the other losties. He can ponder over it and figure it out and then tell who he wants when he wants to, but by then he's already in a leadership position just from knowing something that everyone else doesn't...

SinkingDeeper... said...

I find it strange that one of the first warnings that CFL gave the losties was to (paraphrasing) "watch everyone closely for any changes in how they act."

I don't have a great memory, but has this been brought up since? Have the losties been missing out on some really big clues from their peers? Is Michael going to be the first to exhibit such a change? Or, am I just obsessing on the ramblings of a Crazy French Lady?

RutkowskiLives said...

Two things.

1. I have a hunch that the Losties won't go for Michael's idea, at all. Why? Because they're going to start talking to each other, and once they put together everything that they know, they're going to realize that there are a few other things that they can do besides head off into the jungle for the Others - like find the ?. The only military leader that they have is Sayid - and I think that Sayid is smart enough to realize that our Losties don't have a chance, because they have no advantage. They don't know the battle ground, and despite what Michael says, they don't know the enemy. Are there tons of Others? No. But each time an Other has been discovered, he's been killed, and that hasn't exactly discouraged the Others from taking their shots. I have a feeling that a rift is going to occur between Michael and the rest of the team, and I predict that Michael's new ally is going to be CFL, because they're looking for the same thing, and I still hold to my belief that CFL and Faux-Henry had an info-about-Alex-for-turn-me-over-to-the-Losties deal.

2. I don't think that the Others get into costume just to meet with the Losties. There's another reason behind it, but I'm not sure what it is. They clean up just fine (Martell from the Replacements with Ana-Lulu, and Ethan with the Losties), yet walk through the jungle muddy in front of a hidden Eko and Jin? There's something else going on there.

There are a few other mysteries I'd like to have solved. What happened to the flight attendant, because her disappearance was really weird. Who had the glass eye? What's the story behind the Black Rock ship? And what's up with Libby? Biggest of all, exactly what happens between Faux-Henry and Ana-Lulu that makes her put a gun to him?

I love this show.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Something is bothering me about Michael. Why would the Others just let him go? I'm not buying it. They've shown the ability to capture and retain someone for years (CFL's daughter) and it's apparant that everything they do on the island is for a very distinct purpose.

Either Michael escaped (highly unlikely) or they let him go. If they did let him go, I can only see 2 reasons why. 1) They have no more use for him, or 2) He is now one of them.

Hobbes, if you aren't familiar with the up-and-down epic romance that captivated a nation for the better part of 15(!) years, may I direct you to follow this url:

stinkowoman said...

I think the others have tantalized Michael into thinking he can get to Walt, and unwittingly he leads the group out to a trap.

There is still part of me that wonders if Michael wasn't a victim of "the sickness." He looks completely NUTS when he stormed off into the jungle.

hobbes said...

David, thanks for the great input on 108 and Dharma. That info was awesome. Should also tie in with HGI's "God can't see us".

OkOkok -- Saved by the Bell -- I get it. LAME! But I get it. Sorry got little too focused on LOST.

Anyone remember Rose's reference (from Season1) to the the Black Rock? Could come up again with Hanso's final resting place.

Keep entering the numbers, yes or no? I say yes.

Oh well Wednesday is almost upon us.

Anonymous said...

Locke's purpose

Not sure if this has been mentioned yet as I am new to this….I think Locke has a new purpose whether he knows it or not. He has copied what he can remember of that map of the different zones or hatches of the island. And just like he was the one to become obsessed or pursue this magnetic hatch while digging and then blowing it up with Boone, he will be the one to lead the other 815 passengers to the other hatches according to this new map. And with the help of his trusted friend, Claire, who knows where one tentacle of this octopus is located, he may soon realize all of these tangled tentacles lead to the central brain of the island or the "?" that we may find out soon. All roads lead to Rome comes to mind….

Liz said...

1 - The suggestion that Desmond might be an Other made me think about when Locke (and then Jack) first entered the hatch. Desmond's immediate question was something like "are you him?" Was he referring to THE "him" or "he" that HGI talks about? And if so, was he holding the gun until he knew it was "him" and could relax, or was he defending himself against "him?"

2 - In a place where some people are finding medical miracles, others are supposedly becoming "sick." If CFL wasn't so ... CFL, it would be nice if she'd describe to the Lostaways the changes she saw in her crew before she killed them.

3 - I think you know the answer to at least one of your own questions: Locke listens to Rose because they speak the same language - of faith. Whether or not he will continue with the button, he gets defensive when speaking to Jack because Jack has trouble accepting the inexplicable, even though it seems like a miracle that his own (ex-)wife was healed. Jack thinks the truth is something he should be able to run through his own fingers, but Locke feels that living like that narrows the scope of reality because you're categorically denying anything you can't prove. Personally, with all the nonsense going on - from the polar bear to the Others themselves - I tend to side with Locke in not sloughing off the potential significance of anything. If Jack is so scientific, it seems out of character for him to offhandedly decide the numbers don't matter when there's the possibility that the countdown could trigger an "incident." Doesn't he seem like the kind of person who'd rather play it safe and cover all his bases? (Especially since there's already so much he can't explain?) Maybe it's just me.

If I repeated anyone's theories, sorry, I'm new to the blog.

RLK said...

I too am a fairly new reader of your blog Brian. I say, "Well done!" It's interesting reading and helps draw me deeper into the show.

I also noticed the others (not THE OTHERS, but the "extras") in this episode and it made me wonder if they are going to be playing a part very soon. The theory that they will be killed off in the impending war seems likely to me as well.

Anyway... thanks for the entertainment.

Great1 said...

David, great peice of info. i want to add that dharma in those religions mean a sense of duty, a duty to do sumthing. This could tie in with all of the dharmites blindly doing what they should.
Liz, the him Desmond was refering to i think was Desmond's replacement. Im pretty sure he mentioned something about someone coming to replace him in the hatch. I would appreciate if someone could clarify on that.

Brian said...

Wow. Why don't all of you guys have your own Blogs? Great stuff here!

Don't worry, I'm not ignoring your comments. Working on an Alias post for this evening, then we'll try and get another "Reader Mailbag" up to address some of the points here.

lakeisha said...

when you said that locke's purpose was to enter the numbers, i disagree. his entire story has not yet been revealed. we dont know how he was paralyzed and why he knows a lot about surviving the outdoors. so his purpose cant just be entering the stupid numbers. i think his purpose is much bigger, he is an integral character of the show with much knowledge and responsibility.

also i noticed that the 'others' only kidnapped walt and tried to kidnap clair'es baby but no on else from the group (front of the plane). this makes me believe all of them have a bad past (including jin's wife-that baby aint his).

Anonymous said...

I *heart* this blog. It's the best out there. Plus, it has the best reader comments vs. the other sites out there where people say "Kate is so hot" a thousand times.

Gakhandal said...

I loved this SOS Analysis of yours, just one comments/theory. Micheal could said those things out of him wanting to get Walt at any costs. He could of been lying since he knows the survivors have butt load of artillery, so what I'm saying is he could be just saying the things he said to get Jack to agree on making this crusade of his just to get Walt Back At any cost?

TONY said...


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Anonymous said...

just wanted to comment on your reference to Musset's Rolla:

This poem actually contains a very famous verse which sums up what the idea of "decadence" is:
Je suis venu trop tard dans un monde trop vieux ("I came too late in a too old world")
Interestingly enough, the whole concept of decadence is about being disillusioned with the idea of progress and about feeling you are living in a deleterious world - an obvious reference to use on Lost.

(you can read more on decadence here:)

As much as I'd love Locke writing on the French decadentism manifesto against progress, I am sorry to report he's actually sketching the map on another poem - still by Musset - called Sur les débuts de mesdemoiselles Rachel et Pauline Garcia.
I found that out while following the first link you indicated, and I'm not sure as to what connection it has with the plot... Unlike Rolla, this poem is actually very short, and even though it also starts with a decadent theme (vanity of progress, civilisation and treasured knowledge of mankind), it turns out to be a poem celebrating and welcoming two new born twin baby girls - hence quite the opposite of Rolla.

Well, now, what's your guess, Brian? How does it make sense to you?

Anonymous said...

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