Friday, April 07, 2006

"Dave" Analysis

Official “Dave” Review: My mind was blown… for a few minutes.

It’s like the writers decided to entice the average, non-Blog reading viewer with theories of Purgatory and “It’s All a Dream” by temporarily playing both of them up as true. But after some quick and easy analysis, both are easily dismissed, leaving the episode a bit hollow. Most had surmised that Dave was all in Hurley’s head way ahead of the episode’s reveal (since everyone has seen “The Sixth Sense”), and I partially ruined the big Libby ending twist (that’s my bad – and I’ve adopted a new policy to ensure it never happens again).

But it was a good episode. It exceeded expectations. There was a lot of intriguing things that happened. We’ll get to those. But first…

As much as I love Lost, there are a couple things about the show that really, really bother me. This episode started out with one of the main ones:

Image hosting by Photobucket

What the hell was that? Yes, I understand the symbolism of Hurley “kicking” his food addiction habit, but guess what? YOU ARE LIVING ON AN ISLAND WITHOUT A STEADY SOURCE OF FOOD. How about you think about a little thing called “survival” first, before worrying about how you have an overeating problem? I guarantee there are a bunch of people on the beach who would happily have eaten that food (and even instantly forgiven you for not telling them you had it all along).

Granted, we did have the magical Food Drop from the sky, but at this point in the episode, Hurley had no idea about it.

It’s just a small part of a much greater point I want to emphasize: The Survivors are far too content on the Island.

When’s the last time someone talked about getting off the Island? They all seem happy enough playing cards, hanging out, and building shelters. Gone are any of the fundamental “survival” issues, or any sense of urgency in wanting to get off the Island.


Because they found a Hatch? No, only a few seem to have ever set foot inside.

Because they think there are Other people on the Island? No, because these people seem pure evil and have killed fellow Survivors, which should make you want to get off the Island ever more!

Because their lives were all miserable prior to the Island? Possibly. This is actually the one answer that would give a lot of explanation to what we’ve seen thus far - they’re actually quite happy living on the Island with a fresh start, away from the troubles in their lives. Maybe they all just want to stay there, start over – start fresh – and build a better life.

For more on this theory, listen to the Guster song “Keep It Together” (which could basically be an outline for the entire series of Lost, in reality). At this point, it would be a plausible explanation for the lack of drive to get off the Island…

Sayid is awesome. He has single handedly proven HGI to be an Other at this point. No one else would have dug up the grave. No one else would have searched the body and found a $20 bill with writing in the wallet. Without Sayid, “Henry Gale” would have been exonerated of the “Other” claim and probably would be wrecking havoc on our Survivors… or escaping into the Jungle without helping answer any of the Lost mysteries!

I hope this point isn’t lost (no pun intended for once) on the rest of the Survivors, as I think this thrusts Sayid into a leader position in the group. His high level of cynicism and failure to blindly believe what he encounters is a welcome change from the desire to believe of John Locke and the slow-paced “don’t make waves” leading style of Jack. If I was Joe Schmoe Survivor, I’d be wanting Sayid making some more decisions… especially given his military training background.

(PS - I know this point isn’t lost (again, no pun intended – twice? I’m Johnny Serious tonight!) on HGI, who is probably sitting in his cell cursing Sayid. “I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those pesky kids… and that Iraqi!” Who wants to bet Sayid becomes Target #1 if target Sayid first if HGI ever escapes?)

Which brings us to HGI’s comment that I found very intriguing:

“God doesn't know....God doesn't know how long we've been here John....God can't see this island anymore than the rest of the world can..."

Image hosting by Photobucket

I know my first reaction to this was “Oh, they’re playing up the ‘Purgatory’ storyline again”, only to realize – of course God can see Purgatory, can’t he?

My second reaction was “Maybe there is some sort of magical cloaking device around the Island that makes it invisible to everyone?” But one would think God could see right through that anyways.

So what did HGI mean?

The quote isn’t meant to be taken literally. HGI feels abandoned – not just by his fellow man, but also by his God.

This manner of thinking ties in nicely to the quotes written on the Blast Door:

“It’s a bad plan that cannot be changed”
“I think therefore I am depressed”
“The wrath of the gods is great, but it certainly is slow”
“Save yourself from hell”

Here’s my newest theory on HGI – he’s not just an Other, he’s a desperate Rebel Dharmite. HGI has clearly had some interaction with whoever the “He” who is the boss of the Others, and knows him enough to fear him. But his quote about God not seeing the Island clearly means something going on the Island is at odds with his morals, as in “If God could see this place, he wouldn’t allow it to happen.”

(PS – doesn’t this remind everyone of Season 1 of Alias when they referred to “The Man” the whole season, only to find out it’s Sydney’s mom all along? If the “He” who is the leader of the Others turns out to be Jack’s Dad, I’m calling JJ Abrams out for copyright infringement of himself).

However he was originally ended up on the Island, whatever he used to believe in – he’s disenfranchised by it. He wants to get off the Island. He wants to end the experiments going on there. He wants to bring Dharma down. This desperation is a strong candidate for the explanation of why he got caught in the first place - HGI wanted to get caught. He was a prisoner to the Dharma life, and wanted to get out of it, no matter what it took.

But there’s still the other part of his statement, and I took this part to be quite literal – the rest of the world can’t see the Island. This could easily be explained by some sort of stealth technology / cloaking magical mumbo-jumbo I suppose, or they could fall back on the “Bermuda Triangle” theories that I was a pretty strong believer of last season – which help explain how different things from all over the world ended up there. Long time readers, remember this?

Image hosting by Photobucket

(Basically it’s the Super Mario Bros “Warp Zone” theory that there are 10 areas around the world where unexplained phenomenon occur due to some complicated scientific region. Could easily explain how the Nigerian plane, polar bear, etc. ended up there – and why no one can find it.)

So is the Island all in Hurley’s head? No. Although Dave’s explanation does neatly tie up the “Numbers” and strange activities (plus there was a picture of an Island in the mental institution!)

Image hosting by Photobucket

We’ve seen multiple instances of Hurley “learning things” on the Island that he should have already known if it was all in his head. Also, it would be the biggest cop-out of a storyline ever. Not something you reveal mid-season of Season 2. (Want to see a better example of how to play out the “Is this all in someone’s head” mind-bending storyline? Check out the Buffy Season Six episode “Normal Again”. Once again I’m reminded of the greatness of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.)

So why did Dave say that? Besides providing the writers a chance to throw out a popular Internet theory and discredit it? Hard to say. In the end, he was just trying to get Hurley to kill himself. So here’s a thought:

If you believe that the Dharmites have the technology evidenced in the Smoke Monster to “scan” someone’s brain and pick up on their memories, it’s possible to think that they can somehow pick out fears or weaknesses through such a scan. They could then use this knowledge to exploit / trap / kill the Survivors. If you think the Others are outnumbered by our Survivors (like I do), this is a safe and easy way to pick them off one by one without risking another Other getting killed (Ethan) or captured (HGI).

I mean, think about what we’ve “seen” so far on the Island:

Jack – dead father
Kate – black horse
Eko – dead brother’s plane
Shannon – Ghost Walt
Boone – dead Shannon
Sawyer – person he killed in the form of a boar
Hurley - Dave

Each could easily be seen as a “worst fear” or “bad memory” of the character. Hmmm… I like this theory more and more…

So was Dave real? No. At this point, everyone knows everyone in our group of Survivors – especially with all the dangers of Others on the Island, any new person who suddenly shows up would have been noticed and immediately captured / interrogated. When Dave first shows up, it’s around the Supply Drop with a lot of other Survivors. Someone else would have seen him.

The tricky thing is that some of these visions have turned out to be “true” in the past. Sawyer saw Kate’s horse. Sayid saw Shannon’s Ghost Walt. Boone / Locke / Charlie saw Eko’s plane. Are these visions somehow becoming reality on the Island? I say “becoming” because they all seem to start out as something that only one person can see, but eventually end up being seen by someone else.

Only Kate saw the horse at first. Only Shannon saw Ghost Walt in the beginning. Locke originally saw Eko’s plane in a vision before actually finding it. It brings up some interesting possibilities about needing to have someone else believe you to make it real, or the things you believe you see eventually becoming real on this Island (somehow related to the “Mind’s Eye” ability that Walt had?)

So Dave could eventually become real? I guess... except he seemed to killed himself at the end by jumping off the cliff. I’m not sure how that would work with the “rules” of the visions.

So what was the point of Dave? In the end, the point of Dave is the point of the episode. We learned that Hurley indeed was in a mental institution, we learned he indirectly killed two people, (giving him something in common with most of our other Survivors), and it shows that Hurley is still kinda crazy.

He’s always been a “normal” one on the Island who provided comic relief and seemed above the drama that everyone else has had… but not anymore. As time goes on and we learn more about the Survivors’ pasts, they just keep having more in common.

Comment away! Please make up some sort of name instead of being “Anonymous”, if you don’t mind!


tsw said...

What about Libby?

Anonymous said...

Amen on the food wasting comment. I also noticed Sawyer threw out a perfectly good Oreo cookie because he broke it a little.

Honorest said...

What I love about these past episodes is the fact, that its just starting. Lindelof stated in a recent interview that these episodes from 15-19 are just baby steps to whats coming for the Season Finale Month. I can't wait to see what they surprise us with next. My guess? we will visit the Flame. HGI will escape in exchange for Jack and Kate. The Whispers will become more clear, and the Survivors finally visit the hatch, not just the Leaders. At any rate I can't wait to read your observations. There so theoretical, I love it.

Justin said...

All great points but wait a minute... you left out the clif hanger with Libby. So she's crazy too and what kind of coincidence is it that her and Hurley were on the same plane? And why is she playing dumb and saying she doesn't know him? Da!

The "God can't see this place" and your analysis on the whole "this place is shameful and if God could see it he wouldn't let it happen bit" reminds me of some of the religious thinkers of the late 1700's that I read in college. Interesting angle.

5980141 said...

this one [theory] is quite enough to explain "what's going on" on dave episode. but:

i was thinking of possibility of libby's relation with the dharma initiative - "has she been following hurley?" thing.

in long term, we'll be able to answer this one of course but i needed to ask, anyway.

non-anonymous said...

Just a quick suggestion you forgot to talk about how no one saw a plane when the food "drop off" happened.

Jackson said...

I like the reading of !Henry's comments about God. I think the science / faith duality is played out in the Dharmites versus Subjects even more starkly than among the Lostaways. And that this will manifest subconsciously among the survivors as the split between staying and leaving. Or something.

Anonymous said...

Great job and love your blog....but what about:
1. Libby? Many possibilities exist for her 'back-story'. What do incidents from past episodes tell us about her (namely, she saying Hurley stepped on her foot while boarding plan and he apparently didn't, etc)?
2. What is Eko building? Why is it a secret? Do we think it is a church?
3. What about HGI comment to Locke about NOT having inputted any #'s into the computer? Do we believe him? How might this play out (trailer looks interesting in how Locke is trying to understand 'black light' chart)
4. Many other flaws in show including how they continue to NOT talk amongst themselves about critical observations and/or experiences (most recently Locke seeing the 'black-light' chart on the ceiling).

Brian said...

I guess I didn't post about Libby because I already threw out my theories on her in my "Dave" preview.

I stand by my earlier statements. She could be anything from "Crazy person who just lied about being a clinical psychologist" all the way up to "Dharma Employee tracking Hurley, crashing planes in order to prevent the Numbers from escaping to the outside world."

I've heard the Libby flashback for this season got nixed, so it looks like it will be a while before we get any answers.

Lostologyst said...

First: Awesome blog! I read it frequently. Keep it up.

About the show:
1- Two more reasons Dave is imaginary:
A- During the show he never initiated any action without Hurley helping (i.e. opening a door, picking up an object, etc.)
B- He talks exactly like Hurley DUUDE!

2- I say HGI is NOT an Other or in other words he is NOT a "bad other" because: As you said before ABC tends to mislead or misinform in a lotta cases. Here we are facing a prisoner who is being shown to us as a very negative character. This by itself proves that in a near future we'll have a good surprise and we'll all go : Awwe, poor HGI so that was why he did this! and no he is NOT lying about the count down and not typing anything on computer and the fact that it restarted without interference. Locke experienced the same thing few episodes back but we all thought he actually pushed "execute" at the final moment, but he didn't and that was why all the hieroglyphic alphabets showed. same happened to poor Henry!, or HGI. I'm with him man, he is innnocent!!

3- How long ago was that Kate and french woman and the Australian chick stepped into that abandoned hatch and discovered shit-load of stuff? Like two days ago? And still they have not talked about it to anybody? That totally sounds odd. That seems to take priority especialy when hey find those fake beards and clothes and stuff in a new hatch! and all three of them are quite about it!

Deuce Gort said...

I totally agree! I get so sick of crazy sh$# happening and then see those people keep it to themselves!

Brian said...

Welcome to "What Frustrates Me Most About Lost".

I wrote about this a few weeks back (can't even remember where at this point), but it's my #1 pet peeve. None of the characters talk to each other about the weird stuff they've seen.

If they would all work together and compare experiences, they probably would be well on their way to figuring everything out at this point.

Instead, we're still far from figuring it out. It's absurd.

sonic death monkey said...

Great stuff as always! I try to wrap my brian around this stuff, and I want it to be as brilliant as I think it is, then I realize that TV series are never as good as we hope they will be or we give them credit for. Something along the lines of this episode will likely end up being the finale. There are so many Qs in this series that it's difficult to imagine them being wrapped up brilliantly. They could have ended the series with this episode by showing Hurley jump and "wake up" somewhere else.

Since it's not ending anytime soon, I was thinking that the only way to really blow my mind would be to reveal to us that someone we have always viewed as one of the Losties has always been an other. While these little character explorations shape how we think about the Losties a little bit, and the events on the island shape how we think about the whole storyline, a reveal like this would combine the two beautifully.

Locke said...

as dave jumps he says "see you in another life" the same thing desmond said to jack before they were on the island.

Justin said...

Hey, good point. And didn't Desmond say that to Jack when they were running the stadium in the flashback?

Julie B said...

So I still can't really get over the fact that this food mysteriously dropped from the sky and no one seemed to care. I think it goes along with your theory that they're content on the island and are maybe trying to escape something from their past/start a new life. If I knew that this food dropped from the sky, I'd probably grab some then run to the beach in hopes that another plane would fly by soon. Obviously, someone knows that there are people on the island...why not try to grab attention by going towards the shore?

Also, on the flipside, how do they know that this food isn't sent from the Others? If they are so frightened by the Others, who have killed/kidnapped/threatened quite a few of the survivors, wouldn't they be a little skeptical of food that arrived with Dharma logos on it? It could be poisoned, it could leave bizarre psychological effects on them. But instead they just take it. I know that this goes against the whole "survival" issue, as it's food and is needed to survive but I'd still be a little skeptical about its source.

Rachel said...

I wanted to point out that HGI said something about the guy with the beard (Zeke) being nothing, or no one, or something like that. So that supports your theory of two groups of others, a fight between that guy and the head guy, etc.

Locke_d said...

People have mentioned that the numbers have popped up in flashbacks, at least in part. We know Hurley's story...someone mentioned Jack tripping on stair # 23, etc. Does anyone know all the number sequences in the flashbacks? I'm very interested. Thanks.

class_clavier said...

i dont know if anybody's brought this up, but the "ghost walt" that you mentioned actually isn't really a ghost. in southern lore (i think) there's something called a fetch, in which a very strong spirit can sort of throw itself to appear to somebody else, or to a different location. fetches always appear with dripping water, too. i just thought that was interesting

Mike said...

Yeah I mentioned the numbers showing up in weird places in flashbacks. Just in the season premier, as mentioned, Jack trips on stair #22, and on top of that, Shannon's dad dies at 8:15 AM.

What makes this somewhat confusing to me is that if the flashbacks are memories, how are people remembering things they were not aware of to begin with? Jack never saw the stair he tripped on, Locke had his back turned to the oceanic logo on the plane flying above the motel, etc.

Either we're getting the island's "reading" of a person's past with the numbers getting picked up, or it's just a regular "omniscient" (that's a word right?) viewpoint of what has happened for the audience, without a direct correlation to what a character is thinking about at the moment.

I was thinking about watching a lot of the episodes again to see where the numbers pop up in strange places (the video tape sayid is shown by the CIA officer is another example) but that would take forever.

I liked how this episode completely dismissed the "it's all in your head" or "it is purgatory" speculation, but at the same time I think Leonard should have played a larger role in the flashbacks. Hurley is the only survivor who was entirely aware of the numbers popping up in his life before getting on the island, and the strange luck (good and bad) that he had.

I think we can at least say 23 is one of the cursed numbers. Every time it is brought up seems to be negative.

henryford said...

By the way, wasn't it an illogical argument that Libby made while convincing Hugo at the end? - the man with broken leg

RutkowskiLives said...

(This will be long, but hopefully worthwhile) I'm a huge fan of this blog. The info and ideas are always great, and it's remained tolerant to different ideas and speculation, opposed to some message boards I've seen. I have one comment that I think is a detail that has been overlooked.

So there we find Sayid, Ana-Lulu and HGI, with Sayid going Matlock on HGI, and HGI mentions a "he" or a "him" or something like that. And Ana-Lulu says something to the effect of "The guy with the beard?" and HGI says "He's nothing!"


... (thinking)


Waitaminute! What the heck is HGI talking about? We suspect due to Kate's finding that Mr. Friendly/Zeke wears a beard as a disguise (has Ana-Lulu ever met him? Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so. Did Sawyer mention him?). His comment tells me several things - first, he doesn't know that our Losties know about Zeke's game, and he is fine letting them believe the disguise (more on this later). Second, HGI knows all about the interactions between the Losties and the Others. Third, HGI has an understanding of the hierarchy within the Others. Fourth, the Losties knowing that Zeke isn't a hot shot is really not informational beneficial to them in anyway. Add this all up, and what does it mean?

My guess is that HGI is in cahoots with Danielle. Pardon the scattered logic, but here goes... So CFL has never really seen the Others, yet has intricate traps set up around the island just in case one comes by? I guess that's reasonable since, you know, she was alone and had to do something for 16 years, and she did manage to catch Sayid this way not too long ago. Oddly enough, shortly after trapping Sayid, she gets HGI, because HGI let himself get trapped. Why? Becuase HGI is a dealer and is all for exchanging to fulfill needs. He understands that CFL's need is to see/know about her daughter. He needs to be delivered to the Losties because DHARMA isn't nearly as strong as they are leading our Losties to believe, and they need to know how big a threat they are facing because their smoke and mirrors bearded Others act can only last so long. Plus, the Losties have only run into the grunt Others and they seem pretty freaked out by them as it is, and it would be good for the Others to know exactly how well the Losties understand them. CFL, considering the implications of this find, and the fact that she really has no loyalties to the Losties and probably figures that infected Aaron will kill them anyway, sacrifices her desire to take revenge on an Other in favor of the possibility of seeing her daughter. HGI of course gets what he wants under a very well planned disguise (he's trapped and has what he believes to be a solid fake ID). CFL doesn't want anything to happen to the Losties though, and despite a rocky relationship, does trust Sayid to handle HGI. CFL knows for sure that HGI is an Other, and thus explains to Sayid that she does indeed know him to be an Other, and that as such, he will lie. And lie some more. And so Sayid needs to be careful, and it seems like that is exactly how he is going about things. Because let's face it - Locke was the man in season 1, in season 2, it's all Sayid.

One other thing about Libby - I've been intrigued by her character since the beginning, and have been rooting for her ever since her conversation with Sawyer when he wasn't looking too good. She is a person that understands psychology, be it from study or because she herself is mental, I don't know. She also seems to possess a survival instinct beneficial to both herself (knowing when to stick with and then bail on Ana-Lulu), and to others, evidenced by keeping Hurley, Sawyer, Ana-Lulu (in the beginning) and to an extent Claire going. I will go on record as saying that I believe she has nothing to do with the Others. In fact, I think Libby is slowly emerging as an emotional leader of the Losties, and an extremely important one, because HGI has never had a chance to learn about her, and the Other that did, Goodwin, is dead.

Oh, and one more thing - even though they may be comfortable on the island, I like that Eko has taken on a construction project, whatever it ends up being. Building permanent structures is a great way to stick it to the Others.

Anyway, I'm sure my thinking has all kinds of holes in it, but I'd love to hear some response to my ideas.

e Other said...

Anyone thinks that this is going to be a recurring/cycle thingy?

The cave that the losties 1st chance upon, there were people (or evidence of people) before them. They found the corpse, right?

Like the losties entering and taking over the hatch and Desmond leaves. Before Desmond was there, there was another guy who died.

So every group thinks of the other as the OTHERS? There was a movie based on a similar theory...think it was called 'the others', if i'm not mistaken. The movie was about a mom and her kids living in a 'haunted mansion' where in fact they were the ghost.

Mike said...

Three things:

01. I don't think HGI would take an arrow to the shoulder just to be in "cahoots" with Danielle. It's possible he's not affiliated with Dharma in the same way Ethan, Goodwin, and Mr. Friendly are, but he's been lying and is trying to keep something hidden. "He'll kill me." I hope we know who "he" is before the end of next season.

02. ABC has really been using the "next week" promos to make episodes look more dramatic than they are (well besides Lockdown, which really was big in terms of info). I think the net Jack and Kate get stuck in belongs to Danielle. She'll probably come by and scold them for not killing HGI yet.

03. It's funny that the main entry mentions people being content about staying on the island. Next week's episode is called "S.O.S."

Maybe somebody who isn't busy trying to figure out the mysteries of the island actually remembers that the main point is to get the hell out of there?

I think starting next week I'll continue to watch for easter eggs, but stop attempting to attribute any greater meaning to them. Maybe there is no great meaning.

Chill Bill said...

Just to discredit any idea that Hurley didn't really win the lottery and it was all in his head, we did see in other people's flashbacks Hurley on the news and on TV.

I don't know how the odds compare about winning the jackpot with numbers from a crazy guy and having 48 people with implanted memories...

Julia said...

I was on IMDB two weeks ago. It says that Ian Sommerhalder is going to be back somehow on this episode.

mm.... I wonder what sort of flashbacks we're going to have this week?! They never really let it be known in the previews.

locke_d said...

I've been reading the opinions after the airing of "Dave", and keep thinking more outside the box the more I read them. What if CFL is an Other...I wouldn't put it past the writers to come up with that sometime. Also "Chill Bill said...
Just to discredit any idea that Hurley didn't really win the lottery and it was all in his head". I'm thinking that if when he got out of the looney-bin, he "won the lottery"...know what I mean? Input?

is that so wrong? said...

As for Libby: I agree with the commenter above that she has exhibited her knowledge of clinical psychology a few times, so I don't think she's lying about that. That's what makes the reveal about her in the looney bin with Hurley nice and layered, whether she cracked before or after her stint in med school. I'm also inclined to believe that she isn't an Other....

I think the smartest part of the reveal of Libby and Hurley's shared past is that the viewer's knowledge of it is all from Hurley's point of view. We haven't heard Libby say that she finds Hurley familiar any time.... So, she's either hiding her knowledge of him, or she really was way out of it (as she certainly looked) while in the looney bin. Because the viewer has been withheld her point of view (both in the present frame of action on the island and in flashback form), this reveal has an extra level of tension and potentially sinister surprise that is missing from a lot of the other character connections we see.

Justin said...

I highly doubt that CFL is an Other... now. It is entirally possible that she was part of an early Darhma team years ago (she was part of some sort of science vessel) but I doubt she had anything to do with any of the experiments on the island.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Brian, I have a question for you. I found some info on about the remaining episode titles and the centricness of each one...with the exception of the finale. I was wondering if you could confirm:

219- S.O.S. Rose/Bernard....duh

220- Two for the Road Ana Lucia

221- ? Mr. Eko

222- Three Minutes Michael

Joe said...

In response to class_clavier's comment about Walt, I did a little research.

cas said...

What if the DHARMA Initiative people belive they are above God? Or what if they believe that all they have created and studied has proven that God does not, in fact, exist at all? I'm wondering if God can't see the island because He doesn't exist to HGI.

Also, I watched the DHARMA training video on youtube over and over and everytime they show Hanso it's a very Godlike/HIM moment. I really think Him is just Hanso.

Does anyone know what DHARMA stands for yet? Guesses?
Degroot Honso A- Research M- Association? Who knows, hopefully we'll find out some day.


Steve Poke said...

I'm sure you all have thought of this, and probably dismissed it, but what if HGI was a Keiser Sose-type figure? Any time he refers to "he", he's actually talking about himself...He was captured intentionally, to find out for himself who the Losties are and what they're doing in the hatch. Thoughts?

Ang said...

Once again great writing.

You know what I've been waiting for since last season, a background on Rose and Bernard. They are the only before the crash couple who were seperated and found each other. A mixed race couple. Come on they should have a whole episode about Rose and Bernard.


SinkingDeeper... said...

not sure why, but for some reason when HGI emphatically stated that he wasn't a "bad person" when Sayid when was about to shoot resonated with me as to being very important.

andi said...

CFL said that he would lie for a very long time and only then would he tell the truth

Can we surmise that he told the truth regarding the numbers? Or is he still in the lying phase?

Or was CFL lying in the first place?

bcollins said...

ok, someone i work with keeps saying that there is a wizard of oz parallel- because of the hot air balloon. he thinks that henry gale (hgi) is the "wizard of oz"- what do you think about that?

Stupid Toad said...

This is not original to me, but I think it is likely true that there are 3 groups of people who were on the island prior to the Oceanic flight crash:

1) Survivors of the Black Rock
2) Widmore Labs Employees (Construction and Resupply contractors)
3) DHARMA employees.

Any takers?

Anonymous said...

is the coming episode (4/12) to be a repeat?

RutkowskiLives said...

According to, the episode on April 12th is new, and on the site there's a description of the episode.

Brian said...

New episode this week - full episode preview and predictions are coming in the next day or so.

I'll also try and answer all the various questions that have popped up in the Comments from Dave, so stay tuned!

Michelle said...

So when does Sydney come to rescure all of the survivors and give the dharmites a serious beat-down? I know it would never happen, but it sure would be fun. Maybe Sloan is the man that HGI is afraid of?

Love you blog, have been telling all my fellow lost lovers about it. It is nice to read comments that are well thought out and not just someone ranting and raving!

Becca Stevens said...


I love your blog. I am way into your theories... Thank you for taking the time to disect each episode. I would much rather come to you for info, rather than look anywhere else on-line. I guess you could say, you are my LOST hero!

I want your take on Libby as well...

becca said...

Okay, I'm a freak. I posted before I read all the comments. I got your take on Libby.

Now, I am not a theorist by any means, but I'm throwing it out there for you all to see...

What if all the survivors are in the mental home, which is how they know each other. But, all of them are drug induced by Dharma, who wants to control thier brains because the survivors are part of a mysterious new drug test... Way out there?

Go easy on me...

Mike said...

The constant references to "good person" and "bad person" ARE important, so I'm glad somebody else noticed it. They're probably more important than the numbers (didn't the producers say they're never going to be fully explained?).

Just recap:

Charlie: "I was a good person."
Sayid: "I was a good man."
Sawyer: "What kind of person do you think I am?"
Goodwin: "Nathan wasn't a good person. That's why he wasn't on the list."
HGI: "You can't do this. I am not a bad person."

Tying in directly with this is whoever "him" / "he" is.

Mr. Friendly: "You were supposed to make a list. What I am supposed to tell HIM?"

Alex: "shhh. HE'LL hear you."

HGI: "You have no idea what he'll do. If I say anything, he'll kill me."

I believe the producers when they say the island is not purgatory, so this isn't people convincing themselves they deserve a good afterlife (and can you really die in Purgatory anyway?).

I really DO NOT want to believe EW's theory about Aaron (Claire's baby) being a psychic reincarnate of somebody that suffered a horrible event on the island (which in turn the others have to atone for), but there are some weird things pointing in that direction.

01. Ethan can't explain how all the baby stuff was in that room without overwhelming her.

02. Who else was going to hear Alex and Claire in the room? The Dharma people were prepping a room down the hall and did not notice them leaving.

03. Who else could have killed HGI in his current predictament besides Sayid?

I really hope this turns out to be about "utopian social engineering instead" and collecting "good people" to raise Aaron around was the goal. But that would mean somebody else is watching or hearing what is going on, and will do harsh things to people who are not "good."

This might be the most interesting part of the show so far.

Stephen said...

Great analysis. I don't want to be mean, but I think you forgot Libby.

jenn said...

I like the ideas about the DHARMA people thinking they are above God or that God doesn't exist. It seems to be well set up by all the faith discussion and imagry (e.g. Charlie and his past, Eko, Claire baptizing Aaron). All these "experiments" by Dharma may be significant in this capacity...I can't remember them all right now, I'm sure someone out there does...

pdiddy said...

I'm craving an update to be unproductive at work for 15 minutes. I'm on west coast time, so you still have an hour and a half to distract me today Mr Brian.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Sayid almost shooting HGI was just an interrogation technique, since AL is a cop(good cop-bad cop). Otherwise I don't think Sayid is thinking rationally enough to be a proper leader.

Brian said...


Hope I got it up in time...

PS - who are you? You clearly know the same UD people as I do...

Mike said...

Transcription and translation of french book Locke was drawing the map on:


Thus therefore, although one says, she does not dry up, The immortal source and fertilizes That the divine messenger fit to gush under its steps; She always exists, this sap of the world, She flows, and the gods are again here low!

To what serve us therefore frivolous so many fights, so many efforts always vain and always reemerging? A chaos if pompeux of useless words, And so powerless hammers Striking the former idols?

Discourse on the arts, do the connoisseurs; We will have beautiful to change errors As a libertine of mistress, The lilas in the spring will always be in flowers, And the immortal arts will rejuvenate

Discuss our breadth, our dreams and our tastes, Compare to leisure the modern one and the antique one, And clank under these jealous flags! When we will be at the end of our rhetoric, Two born children of yesterday some will know more than we.

O young hearts fill with antique poetry, the welcomes, children cherished gods have You the same age and it same genius. The soft clarity is blessed That you bring back in our eyes!

Go! that the happiness follows you! This is not chance an inconstant whim That you fit to be born to the same instant. Your here low mother, this is the Wanders around attentive That on the sacred fire watches eternally.

Obey without fear to the god that inspires you. Are unaware of, if it can itself, that we talk about you. These complaints, these agreements, these pleurs, this soft one to smile, All your treasures, give them-we Sing children, do we leave to say.

Madeline said...

i was thinking that if the smoke or whatetver can read people's minds and make their fears come true, isn't that a little like the movie "sphere?" maybe, the island is like the sphere and . . . um ... that's as far as i got.

Anonymous said...

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