Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"Three Minutes" In Brief

Bad news first: I'm actually going to be gone for the next four days molding the youth of America in my self-image (read: nerd Bloggers who obsess about TV shows, but have hot girlfriends) - so there won't be a gigantic breakdown of "Three Minutes" this week.

Now the good news: there really isn't that much to breakdown.

This somewhat served as a "setup" episode, and I was somewhat letdown by it - mostly because our predictions came true. Here are some discussion points for you guys while I'm gone:

  1. Charlie has taken the 4-8-15-16-23-42 Medicine. What will be the reprecussions of this?
  2. He mentioned it says to take the Medicine "every 9 days". Quick math. 9 x 24 = 216 (or, double 108!)
  3. Did the Others send the boat to Michael, as he requested? Or will we find Desmond on the boat as I predicted this week?
  4. When "Ms. Clue" (PS - are you kidding me? Who came up with that name?) said "Have you ever seen Walt somewhere where he wasn't supposed to be?", was she referring to the Ghost Walt apparations we saw earlier this season (shout out to Currin on deducting this).
  5. When Walt said "they're not what they seem!", it seemed to lend credence to the "only one set of Others, they just act like they're derelict" theory. But I still don't buy it.
  6. Michael didn't have to kill Ana-Lucia or Libby. That sucks (for him, and Ana-Lucia and Libby).
  7. So, should we assume the whole reason Flight 815 crashed is somehow tied to Hurley, Sawyer, Kate, and Jack? What makes them so important? (Besides the fact that they're probably the most popular characters on the show, of course).
  8. The previews for next week? Holy finale of Grey's Anatomy proportions! Did you see the Dharma Key, the explosions (in the Swan Hatch?), Locke taking an axe to the 108 Numbers computer, the pile of cannisters from the Pearl Hatch, and Desmond running through the woods? We watched it about four times on slow-mo. Good, good times (DMB style).
  9. Why didn't Eko tell Jack about the Pearl Hatch? What is the matter with these people?! Where did Locke sneak off to at episode end?
  10. New Hanso Website: (this time sponsored by Jeep).

Full Season Finale preview coming early next week!


Honorest said...

Wow you update faster then i can Comment! Some reason I like Ms. Clue... something tells me she is like Alex, a Rebel Dharmite who has gotten into deep. We even saw Alex still play the Dharma role by hitting Mikey with the Gun. Did you see the Clones of Ethan,Thomas and Desmond? If you didn't rewind and look at the others, the camera focuses and then blurs out. Ethan Thomas and Desmond... its a bit creepy.

For some reason I still don't think these people are from Dharma... I still think these are Crash #1 survivors, who have been there so long they adapted to there environment, much like these Survivors are begining to do.(Creating a Church)

I think our magnetic theories are correct with the Hatch as it decreases in time towards zero (Eko's Necklace)

All in All, great episode. I'm glad this was the first of 2 flashbacks for the Island!

Andrew said...

A minor point, but closed captioning says "Mrs. Klugh." But who knows if that is right?

melodrama said...

Hey Andrew, you're right about Ms. Klugh... I noticed that too. I couldn't find anything about that name on google that meant anything, so I think it's actually supposed to make us think of the word "clue," maybe because she is giving us clues about Walt.

Speaking of Walt, I don't think that when she asked if he had been "somewhere he wasn't supposed to be" that it was on the Island... I think it was when he was a child, possibly before he gained all his "powers." Michael wasn't with him then, so maybe we'll get a Walt flashback next season (wouldn't that be funny)? Or maybe he'll end up in someone else's flashback. In any case, it doesn't seem like the Others knew he was special before they got him.

By the way, it seemed like Walt was lying. He seemed pretty unhappy at first, but quiet, and he didn't start talking much until Ms. Klugh looked at him and he looked back. It seems like he was told to say these things, maybe to get his dad to do what they want?

melodrama said...

I did think it was strange that the Others want those four specific people (Hugo, Jack, Sawyer, and Kate)? At first I thought it might be to get rid of them because they are the "leaders," or because they are the most dangerous for them, or that they might be able to help them battle the other Dharmites (non-rebels). The only thing is that Hugo doesn't fit any of those descriptions, and others like Jin and Sayeed do but weren't chosen. So what do these four have in common? (FYI: when I was watching the Lindelof interview in Disc 7 of the Season 1 DVDs, he mentioned that they had those 4 characters in the story first and then they added the other characters later -- so you may be right Brian that the plane crashed because of them).

Also, how do they know everyone's full name, including Sawyer's? It's not like Walt knows all of their names, or that Henry found out. This gets me to my next point...

What if it's that diary-author "Other" that's supposedly among the Survivors giving them info? I just checked back and the newest entry is talking about Steve, who I guess is supposed to be HGI. Is this the person leaking the info? And how come we're not looking more into this? I don't know if this entry was released before or after Libby died, but if it was after she died then the Other may be still with the group...

Ok my last comment... :-D

I just loved Eko's story about the little boy and the dog!! Eko said that the boy feared that the dog he killed would be waiting for him in hell... does this mean that somehow (maybe through visions?) Ana-Lucia and/or Libby will lead Michael to his death?

Sue said...

Really? Because Mrs. Klugh kind of seems like the devil to me right now. What with the, "do you want to go back in the room?"

I guess I was half expecting her to be all, "CALL ME NOW FOR YOUR FREE READIN'!" though, so I suppose the apparently highly unpleasant testing of unwilling, helpless children is a step up from that.

Anonymous said...

Melodrama: I think that when Walt glanced at Mrs. Klugh, he was trying to decide if he would have time/opportunity/not be punished for telling Micheal that they "are pretending." I don't think he was lying, I think he was just taking a risk in telling the truth to his dad.

So then what does that mean, they're pretending? Is it too far fetched to think that maybe they set up that tents and huts camp, when really they have houses or at least hatches?

Anonymous said...

I actually think they put Walt up to saying that they are pretending. Perhaps to make them look more powerful than they really are. Maybe not. If he was telling his father something he wasn't supposed to, don't you think he'd have been bashed in the head with the butt end of a gun like everyone else that these 'others' have come across?

Also, it goes to question that if these 'others' have a boat, why wouldn't they get off of the island. Right?

Sue said...

I just realized that everyone on that list went to the Black Rock with Rousseau in Exodus Part I. The only ones that went and aren't on the list are:
* Rousseau - who the Others seemingly don't care about and haven't for 17 years
* Arzt - who is dead
* Locke - who is supposedly "one of the good ones", possibly excluding him from any potential badness that should ensue from said list

Could be absolutely meaningless but I thought I'd put it out there.

Sue said...

In response to adam:

"don't you think he'd have been bashed in the head with the butt end of a gun"

Good point but Walt is 'special' and I get the impression they're testing him mentally as well as physically. They probably don't want to go beating him after going to so much trouble to get him.

"if these 'others' have a boat, why wouldn't they get off of the island"

They've been pretty posessive of the island (i.e. Zeke's "This is our island" speech) in the past, it looks like they aren't intent on leaving it ever.

melodrama said...

To iamunimaginative: Sawyer was not part of the group that went to the Black Rock during that episode. See .

Also I forgot to post the link to the diary... for those of you who don't know, here it is:

Sue said...

Ah, you're right, thanks. Sorry, there were Sawyer flashbacks in that episode and in my mind it seemed like he went. Damn, that would've been interesting. :(

Anonymous said...

didnt HGI mention that he came to take LOCKE?
why wasn't he included on the list?

Anonymous said...

Melodrama: Go to the diary link again:

and keep clicking on the right arrow. "Steve" is the name of the current diary author's brother, not an other. The diary seems to be concluded, as the mystery of who the diarist is talking about is exposed. Won't spoil it here.

It appears the diary is like the Lost novels: Side stories about background characters that don't have any bearing on the main story.

Anonymous said...

The line Mrs. Clue/Klugh says to Michael about wanting his son back is an exact copy of the line said to him by the attorney in the custody battle for Walt with his mother.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice how dubbed in Walt's voice was? I felt it was an OK episode. And why doesn't anyone tell the people about the hatches, maps etc. they find? Claire and Kate, Eko and Locke and what about Michael just telling the gang the truth???? Way too many secrets are being kept. I would be blabbing to everyone what I found, especially the map on the hatch door.

Anonymous said...

Oh and one other thing..did anyone figure out the pass word yet to get int Mcintyre's bio clue?

On the compass website it looks like DI9FFTR751, tried it and didn't work. Any suggestions??

Jared said...

the one thing that is getting more and more annoying about the show, as others have commented, is the fact that no one communicates. why would eko not say anything about the hatch. it's so junior high...

Anonymous said...

ang: It took some work, and searching, but I believe the password is "The Mouth Piece"

Anonymous said...

Desmond in the Preview looks to have a rifle.

I doubt the boat was sent by the others, based on Jin and Sayid being on the boat in the preview. I think Michael was asking of "the" boat they used that night when they took Walt. Still, I'm not sold that it's Desmond on the boat.. maybe someone "lost" at sea that will be detailed next season.

As for the most popular,favorite characters being Jack, Hurley, Kate and Sawyer. Actually, I don't care much for jack or Sawyer. That is not he case with me. For me It's Sayid, Eko and Locke.. thoug Locke has been lame since lockdown... and may drop if he smashes the computer.

Anonymous said...

Does this look like Desmond to anyone else:

If that's him than I think "faked" joining the others after he left the swan hatch. He goes into the "others" hatch with the canister logo, sees the sheet of paper locke sent up revealing that the map has been seen, decides to come back to this old stomping grounds...

Anonymous said...

Ok, about the new compass site: I haven't figured out the new login password yet or finished looking around, but has anyone else noticed that

1. Jacob Vanderfield is the only person on the Hanso site that doesn't also have a username on the new compass site listing?


2. Peter Thompson's signature is totally different from the one we saw on that, what was it, the CDC letter? There's a new sig on fleetcontract2 in his mail folder. Twins? A "bad twin"?


Anonymous said...

No, that does not look like Desmond.

Anonymous said...

When Michael was asked if he has ever seen Walt some other place - she could have been referring to the milk carton - he was missing and on the milk carton that Hurley was drinking from during one of his flashbacks.

Anonymous said...

Just thought of: if there are two groups of others, and one of them is clones/test subjects or something and if henry gale belongs to them, then why did he tell Ana Lucia "We're scientists.?" Maybe the scientist told the clones they were special and then they found out they were just test subjects and they left? Or maybe the khaki dharmaites are the clones and the huts and tents dharmites are the real scientists?

Anonymous said...

Another discussion point... they took BLOOD from Michael. What do you think this was for?

I was a little surprised that it was an simple as wanting his son back. Murder is pretty extreme, I had suspected some sort of drugging/brainwashing.

Anonymous said...

This clone theory is getting out of hand. I've seen nothing to support this.

Kevin said...

I don't really agree with the "clone" theory. With Alex asking about Claire and the baby, that ended any thoughts of "cloning" for me. I believe that Desmond left the hatch, got a boat (not sure how he did this since I thought his was "destroyed"), tried to leave and somehow circled back to the island unknowingly...(maybe there is also a boat magnet on the island :>)

melodrama said...

Hey Locke's Good Leg... those pages in the diary are brand new! They weren't there last night.

By the way, if you keep clicking the arrow to the left on each page, eventually it won't get past this page:

When this diary first started, the person writing in the diary was talking about how he/she couldn't believe how these people were living like this, that it's not their island, and other things that sounded like an other. Then it came to these parts we can read about the brother, which made it look like HGI until yesterday's entry revealed it wasn't him. Not sure why they won't let us go back and read the beginning now.

Anonymous said...

the passward IS "the mouth piece".

go into the pthompso dir.then into the mail on inbox.

copy the numbers in the x-tamp line.

go to the website written there:

paste the numbers in the Binary box and click decode and there you have it!!

if the guys from abc keep it up like this,it's going to be a very interesting summer.

Anonymous said...

where did you find the usernames on the compass site listing?
do they unlock anything on the hanso site?

Anonymous said...

What a terribly tragic episode! Between completely breaking down out of pity for poor Michael I was very pleased to recieve more insight on The Others and on Alex in particular.

My question to you is whether you think Alex knows that she is Danielle's daughter or whether she believes she was born as an Other?

RFTR said...

I think it's all in Walt's head. Like in a coma or something.

Someone mentioned that Ms. Klugh said much the same thing as the custody lawyer did to Michael. A kid who's lost his mother and has a father who barely knows him is definitely likely to imagine a dream where some group of people really wants him, and causes his father to start doing anything he can to save him.

And it makes more sense than the whole Hurley thing--yeah, Hurley could keep seeing the numbers everywhere because it's all in his head, but Hurley could also keep seeing the numbers everywhere because it's all in Walt's head.

He saw Hurley reading the polar bear comic book on the plane, and wanted to read it--that led to his coma imagination putting a polar bear on the island, and to him reading the comic book on the island.

I don't know, I feel like there's more to justify this theory that just isn't coming to mind right now.

But has anyone tried to expand or debunk this idea?

RFTR said...

By the way, if the theory I posited in the previous comment turns out to be true, I'm going to be really ticked off.

Too much like the whole "who shot JR?" mystery.

Anonymous said...

Sayid continues to be an excellent character. His special intuitive ability has served everyone well with HGI and now Michael. Michael is ruthless...with no character whatsoever. He not only kills in cold blood two defenseless women but now plans to lead his four friends into harms way. Can't wait for next week!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's all in Walt's head. The producers have debunked the "dream" theory, and also purgatory. They said that everyone is ALIVE with blood pumping through their veins, when someone dies, they die. They have also said specifically that this is not "in someones head" for pretty much the same reason.

Anonymous said...

Quick thought on the list Michael was asked to bring...

Hurley had Dave.

Sawyer had his boar.

Kate had her horse.

Someone remind me if Jack has seen anything/one peculiar on the island yet?

I realise Dave isn't the same as the 'reincarnations' of Sawyer's and Kate's victims, (especially as other people saw them) but it's the only thing I can think of specifically to do with those three.

Hang on... Kate saw Sawyer's boar... did anyone but Kate/Sawyer/Jack/Hurley see the horse?

Answers please!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
When Michael was asked if he has ever seen Walt some other place - she could have been referring to the milk carton - he was missing and on the milk carton that Hurley was drinking from during one of his flashbacks."

Not a flashback, a dream.

Unless this is something I missed of course.

Greg said...

senor feesh - jack saw his dad. He followed him and was led to his empty casket (as well as the caves & running water).

Anonymous said... in the world did you figure that out! Great job and thank you.


Anonymous said...

If I may add just a bit. My son and I spend hours on Thursdays going over Brian's post and the clues sent forth. We litterally discuss EVERY the way he is gonna be 14 next month so it is a slow but FUN process...
anyway, he was looking at the map on the blast door that Brian put on weeks ago. He says to me, "Mom? Where is your WORLD RELIGIONS book?" I got it for him and he looks up Dharma wheel of law. Did you know it is an EIGHT SPOKED WHEEL? Look at the map you see a hatch scribbled out? that would be 7 hatches and if you look closer at the area around the swan, you have CV1 and CV2...the way the octagon is drawn on the door...hmmmmm, I was intrigued so I looked further into the book.
There is a section on Buddhism that continues with CELESTIAL BEINGS...There is a picture of the ELEVEN HEADED CELESTIAL BEING named Avalokiteshvara. The picture is a temple hanging used in visualization. In his right hand he holds an EIGHT-SPOKED WHEEL. I will type EXACTLY what it reads, please do not sue me for plagerism!

"EIGHT-SPOKED WHEEL Avalokiteshvara is said to have 108 forms. Here he is depicted with a thousand arms, and in a right hand he holds the eight-spoked wheel symbolic of Buddah's teaching"

I am not an expert on Buddhism, but have read a lot the last two days on the subject. The wheel is representative of the teachings known as the FOUR NOBEL TRUTHS. The FOUR NOBEL TRUTHS are this:
FIRST, all existance is unsatisfactory and filled with suffering
SECOND, this arises from a craving or clinging....a constant effort to find something permanent and stable in a transient world
THIRD, this (the above state) can cease totally and that is NIRVANA!
FOURTH, you reach it by following the EIGHTFOLD PATH.
sounds like our crash victims and a thought towards the experiment issues. Maybe the "foundation" would like to see these steps carried out naturally, see them come to pass as it were. A testing of faith in their own minds? Did you notice the 108 mentioned? hmmmm....sounds creepy? What if the island is the EIGHTFOLD PATH? What if they FOLLOW it, they find Nirvana?
(i will continue)
These EIGHT STEPS do not have to be followed in order. Each is described as "right"
1. Right Understanding
2. Right Directed Thought
3. Right Speech
4. Right Action
5. Right Livlihood
6. Right Effort
7. Right Mindfulness
8. Right Concentration

There is so much more, but I think I am done for now....maybe I will start a blog of my own and post pics and so on. Who knows!
Please let me know what you think of all this.
Heather and son Mitchell

Anonymous said...

I say it's likely that the finale ends with Michael, Walt and Desmond on that Sailboat... I can't see how they will let michael stay around after becoming a murderer and Walt is getting old quickly (in real life).

Unknown said...

OKAY! I did it...I started a blog of my own! I will be posting pictures of the Dharma Wheel theory in the next few days. Check often.

Hey Brian, can I add you to my blogger list? I would love to direct them to your is THE most informational thing out there!

Anonymous said...

yeah....I can imagine them writting a season finale with Walt, Michael (and maybe Desmond) sailing off the island. After all, how else, aside from Michael getting killed, would he and the survivors exist together after what Michael did? And also, good point that Walt is aging beyond the chronology of the show which would be stretch for them to try to explain if he remained as part of the cast. The Lostees will remain on the Island, tormented, by what Michael did to them as well as to Anna and Libby! WHAT A COOL SHOW THIS IS, HUH?

Anonymous said...

Interesting point about Dharma and Bhudism.. check out some of these links:

feng_shui Ba-Gua(ver close to Dharma Logo):

The symbals around the edge come from I CHING:


Anonymous said...

Wikipedia says her name is spelled "Klugh"... but come on.

Anonymous said...

RFTR - You have a great point about trying to debunk a lot of what is going on. Heck even my theories are way out there. And if I understand you, it's important to rationalize more of what's going on, a little more simply. We simply know that there is a mega-corporation doing ethically questionable secret experiments. But that's not to say it's not all equally compelling. And that the show really seems to be about observation.

Who watches the Watchmen?

BTW - If you get the chance, check out the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know!?" I think a lot of Lost fans will be, at the very least intrigued by it.

Anonymous said...

The Pearl orientation video said that the subjects believe that what they are doing is of the utmost importantance.

He is talking about The Others.

Anonymous said...

At the site, ptompso is also able to be clicked on. I found that on a memo of hugh mcIntyre, "don't beleve Bad Twin", if you colpy it and reverse the image, there are hidden messages, "If you are one, know one" and "Happy Mother's Day". Also a Jeep ad had "The Mouth Piece" in tiny letters. But there are seemingly a quadrillion things to click on. It's going to be a busy summer for LOST fans!

Anonymous said...

You know, that's an interesting point... it's the OTHERS who were being watched, but after the "incident" Dharma lost control of the subjests, they still watch them, they THINK they know what's going on, but they themselves are being watched.

No.. actually, I don't buy it.. but it would be a good twist to the us or them comment in the preview.

Anonymous said...

check out this link - got it from clicking around

Anonymous said...

So meanwhile on the Hanso foundation website:
I have gone to the Electromagnetic Research Initiative page. On the picture of the Northern lights there is a set of (X,Y) coordinates that as you move your mouse the coordinates change. Also below the picture of the Northern Lights it says Early morning hours of October 62, 9291. Clue's to what I wonder.

Also does anyone know the password for the Hugh Mcintyr's bio?

Anonymous said...

That YOUTUBE video is a hoax..

Looks like it was (poorly)made with Windows Movie maker, and with info pre-blast door(no Flame, Pearl or Staff?). These fake stations have been floating around for a while, someone just compiled it to a video.

Also, the lines in the DHARMA logo are all wrong, the short and long lines mean something. The ones in these logos are either all long or all short. This shows the creater did not realize the significance of the lines in relation to the octagon.

m said...

Does everyone know about where to enter "the mouth piece" and I'm just behind the times? lol.

Go to click on Hugh McIntyre's Bio missing picture,
enter the password in "press release" box, then follow the clues for more information from Persephone!

m said...

Then click on Peter Thompsons Bio.

And from this site you can get another code. Any idea where to use it?

melodrama said...

For everyone who is trying to get into the LOST websites (,,, etc):

Instructions are at:


That site has all the newest info on LOST websites, commercials, phone lines, etc. They have this info updated and pictures posted before the ads even come out (who knows how?!).

Anonymous said...

"The Lostees will remain on the Island, tormented, by what Michael did to them as well as to Anna and Libby!"

Only for about 30 minutes before they forget...

Brian, could you set up a seperate blog or seperate section for people to discuss the ARG stuff - that would be neat as people into it can talk about it all they want, and people not (like me) don't have to read it and not understand / mix it up with tv show.

Brian said...

andi - Here's what I'm thinking:

Once the Season Finale is over (this week), there really won't be any new Lost stuff to discuss for three months or so (besides my enormous season recap, of course) - at that time, if The Lost Experience people want to go crazy, more power to them.

Personally, being so busy (and away) this week, I'm behind on the game and need to catch up after the Season Finale, so I can't really address any of the questions at this point.

I'm thinking the game ends this summer, right in time for the Season Premiere (so the ARG talk wouldn't dominate the comments anymore).

Sound good?

Anonymous said...

hey what about ms clue's statement being suuper close to what the lawyer told michael during the courtcase over walt?

"for someone who wants to retain paternalship/save walt so bad, you dont know much about him"

is that significant that the words were very similiar, perhaps ms clue knew about it and might be using it to get to him deeper? she has a very spooky unsettling aura


Anonymous said...

Has anybody seen the site? The guy running it uses some needlessly retarded grammar as a joke in every entry but some of the stuff on there is interesting. I hope that "Magnetic Resonance Imagining" thing was a production design screw up.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Klugh

NOT Clue

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I met Michael Emerson, AKA Henry (Fake Henry, Fenry) in a store in St. Augustine, Florida. He was gracious and nice and friendly to the blubbering crazed fan that I morphed into upon meeting him.
I thought you would like to know that he told me "there's a great site about Lost that check out, "lost and gone forever". (not his exact words, but close). It is indeed a great blog.
I thought it was funny that he told me "don't forget to watch this Wednesday night". Just as if I could possibly miss it!
I was on cloud nine the rest of the day after meeting him, it was so cool to meet an actor from my favorite show.

Brian said...

laura - you're kidding, right? Famous people don't read the Internet, they hire people to read it to them!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully someone already answered your question. I haven't checked this blog in about a week, so I didn't see your comment til now.

Have you been on the compass site? I figured you had since told ang the password. It's just a listing of user names from ahanso and so on. Only a few names work: ahanso (links to hanso site), pthompson (or whatever the abbreviation is) and hmcintyr. Click on those names and then just look around. I assume everyone on the list is employed by hanso or a larger/connected organization.

The only thing you open up on the hanso site is the thing you get with "the mouth piece" password. Anyway, hope you either see this or have figured it out.

Anonymous said...

and senor feesh,

Sawyer saw Kate's horse.

I'm not sure if I think these things have anything to do with Michael's list, but there you go.

Unknown said...


Hey guys...I was just watching the trailer for tomorrow's episode ( I CAN'T WAIT!) and I did in slow motion...there is a shot of Jack with Michael and Kate in the backround standing near a pile of....are you ready for this....those vacuum canister thingys that should be filled with notes from the observation hatch! WOO HOO!
I will keep on looking to see what else I see! Also, I am pretty sure that Eko stops Locke from axe-ing the computer! His arm comes into view at the last second!

Desmond losses it in the Hatch!

Jack busts into the living quarters on the sail boat. Just a second before that though they show Syaid and Sawyer pointing guns down there...then the FOOT busts through! Later they show a part with Sayid and Jin on the sailboat.

Don't think I am too crazy but I think I saw our FAKE Mr. Henry Gail on the plane when it is crashing!!!

I hope that excites you all you needed it!

Unknown said...

I am looking for help with this thing. FIRST...I went to the site and found the 108 numbers at the compass. Then when it asked if I was one of the good ones I typed N. It took me straight to the Hanso Foundation website. Not to the list of profiles. Anyway I was curious about the ACTIVE PROJECTS and was looking under the Electromagnetic Research Initiative (sounds very DHARMA to me!) and all of a sudden there was a weird noise then I looked at the clock up in the left corner and it says OB:EY and is flashing! So I clicked on it! It took me to
Well this was weird! Check it out! I figured out what to do though...move the mouse over each screen until you see a hand to click. Click there until the screen turns green. Do this for each screen in that same spot! After they all turn green you get the music sounds from LOST and then a screen with the words CODE: then flashes to HEIR APPARENT


Please help me! I need to know what the heck to do next. By the way...where do you use the passwords you all talk of. It isn't working for me!

By the way on my blog you will see the pictures and ads found in this mind trap of a web site!

Anonymous said...

I think that Lock is going back the the ? hatch to watch the videos to see what really happened with Michael and HGI situation. They he is going to have to save Jack, Hurley, Kate and Sawyer.

Anonymous said...

I think the connection between Kate, Jack, Hurley and Sawyer, is that they all know Sawyer's real name. Locke also knows Sawyer's real name, but he is in a different category all together, plus they tried to kidnap him to. Michael knows Sawyer's real name, but only because Mrs. Klugh told him what it was. Why else would they write the list with Sawyer's real name, James Ford? It has to be important for some reason. Maybe for the same reason that there seams to be a connection between Sawyer and Locke through Locke's father (a.k.a. the man who conned Jame's mom as a kid).

Anonymous said...

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