Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Secrets of TheHansoFoundation.Org... so far

Did you catch the Hanso commercial during this week's episode of Lost? What was that all about?

Well... apparently ABC isn't that smart and setup a phone number that had exactly three free lines available. With all of American calling, it's been busy most of the night. I have yet to get through.

But... assuming the phone number 1-877-HANSORG gives the same message as the UK phone number that was given out earlier, here's what you're missing:

After a general message, you are offered five options:

  1. General
  2. Alvar Hanso
  3. Dr. Thomas Mittelwerk
  4. Hugh McIntyre
  5. Peter Thompson

Option 1 – General Audio:

MALE VOICE SPEAKING IN DANISH: Det er alt fra mig fra i aften. Og bliv her for om lidt for du nyheder efterfulgt af Klassiker Rock fra 60'erne och 70'erne inklusive en exklusiv afspilning af Geronimo Jackson første komplette album Magna Carta. Lige efter et par ord fra vores sponsor.

Translation: That's all for me tonight. And stay tuned for some news followed by Classic rock from the 60s and 70s including an exclusive recordning by Geronimo Jackson's first complete album Magna Carta. Right after some words from our sponsor.

PHONE RINGING - WOMAN’S VOICE: Welcome to Verizon’s voice messaging service.

WOMAN’S VOICE: The Hanso foundation is located at 544 Persand Klingbai DK 1604 Copen…

STATIC WOMAN’S VOICE: If you can hear me don’t listen to their lies. This is Persephone. I haven’t got much time, none us do. If you want to know the truth about the Hanso foundation, the real story is in the number. A lie...(?) always snaps under the breaking strain. Use this password on their site… BREAKING STRAIN! They’re coming!

Option 2 – Alvar Hanso Audio:

MALE VOICE SPEAKING IN DANISH: Hvis du bliver hængende lidt endnu kommer vi straks tilbage med side A fra Jeronimo Jackson's Magna Carta lige efter disse ord fra vores sponsor.

Translation: If you stay for a little while longer we'll be right back with side A from Jeronimo Jackson's Magna Carta right after these words from our sponsor.


PHONE RINGING - WOMAN’S VOICE: Welcome to Verison’s voice messaging service.

WOMAN’S VOICE: You’ve reached the Offices of Alvar Hanso President and CEO of Hanso Foundantion

STATCIC WOMAN’S VOICE (ECHOING): Where is Alvar Hanso? What have they done with him? Who is in charge here…


Option 3 – Dr. Thomas Mittelwerk Audio:

MALE VOICE SPEAKING IN DANISH: Du lyttede til side A af Jeronimo Jackson's klassiske album Magna Carta. Vi kommer straks tilbage med side B efter disse meddelelser.

Translation: You just heard side A of Jeronimo Jackson's classical album Magna Carta. We will be right back with side B after these messages.

PHONE RINGING WOMANS VOICE: Welcome to Verizon’s voice messaging service.

MALE VOICE: You’ve reached the office of Dr. Thomas Vernon Mittelwerk, Sr. VP, COO, and Chief Technologist of the Hanso Foundation. I will be unreachable for the next three weeks. However, for those employees of Paik-Heavey Industries (Paik, as in Sun's family?!), and Widmore Corp. (featured in the background of one of Charlie's flashbacks and on the pregnancy test Sawyer found on the Island) engaged in active projects, I will be continuously updating the confidential information line. Please refer to your project manual for hotline access instructions. Thank You and Namaste.


Option 4 – Hugh McIntyre Audio:

MALE VOICE SPEAKING IN DANISH: Hvis de bliver hængende lidt endnu får du mere uforstyrret musik efter desse ord fra vores sponsor.

Translation: If you stay a little while longer you'll get some more uninterrupted music after these words from our sponsor.

PHONE RINGING - WOMANS VOICE: Welcome to Verizon’s voice messaging service

MAN’S VOICE: Hi this is Hugh Macintyre, VP of Communication and director of the Hanso Foundation, I will return to the office in two weeks. If you are calling about the inquiry into our Korean offshore project please hang up and contact our legal department. To hear more info about Joop, the world’s oldest orangutan, please refer to our web site at . Thank you and Namaste.

STATIC MESSAGE 1: MALE VOICE NORTHERN EUROPEAN ACCENT: Hugh. Thomas. Just got the changes. Good work… we should go ahead and rename the Accelerated Remote Viewing Training Facilities as well. We should try to put a public face on all this. Call me.

MESSAGE 2: WOMAN’S VOICE, ENGLISH ACCENT: Hugh its Darla. I need to talk to you about Sri Lanka. This just isn’t right.

WOMAN'S VOICE: End of messages. Goodbye

Option 5 – Peter Thompson Audio:

MALE VOICE SPEAKING IN DANISH: ... nyheder og vejret efter desse meddelelser. Translation: ... news and the weather forecast after these messages.


WOMANS VOICE: Welcome to Verison’s voice messaging service

WOMANS VOICE, US ACCENT: "Hello. You have reached the office of Peter Thompson, VP General Council and Secretary of the Hanso foundation. Mr. Thompson is not available to take your calls. If this is regarding the inquiry into Korean offshore project we must regretfully decline to comment....."

THE PHONE IS SNATCHED AWAY ANGRY MAN, US ACCENT: "Give me the phone Ireen. Give me it. This is Peter Thompson. As chief legal officer, I would like to remind you that to make threats against me and my colleagues, or any representative of the Widmore Corp. or Paik-Heavy Industries then these acts are criminal. Make no mistake - we will locate and prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law! That’s a promise. Namaste!"

Now What?

  1. Go to
  2. Go to the "Newsletter (Sign Up)" page
  3. Pick a User Name - whatever you want - and click "Next"
  4. It will say "Hello (User Name) can you see this? in crazy text
  5. Type: "Yes" and press Enter (you can't click "Next", which is scribbled out)
  6. It will say "Okay, it's me Persephone. What's the password?"
  7. Type: "Breaking Strain" and you'll see this:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Once you see this, you're "logged in" and can now get farther through other sections of the site... like Joop's Corner!

  1. Go to the "Joop" page
  2. Click on "Send Joop a Message"
  3. Type in "Hello Joop"
  4. Joop will go crazy and show you an underwater image
  5. Keep clicking on the circles where your mouse turns to a pointer (as if it's a hyperlink)
  6. Eventually, you'll see this:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

After scrolling around for a while, you can click on the name at the bottom... which gives you this:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Again, after scrolling around and reading it you can click on the circled name at the bottom, resulting in:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Once you return to the main page, if you click on "Newsletter (Sign Up)" again, you'll see the following:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Also - do you see how the website is keeping track of the date and time? Me thinks there will be more "time released" clues as the summer approaches... Clever Lost marketing people! Now I'll be thinking of Lost all summer!

What does it all mean? I'll get to that later. For now, get exploring!


Rachel said...

I guess we know why there won't be a Libby flashback this season!

Anonymous said...

Lost has officially jumped the shark with tonight's episode.

Anonymous said...

lol rachel.

Honorest said...

Hey Brian, this might be a few things you might want to add.

Also look at each section of the Active Projects there doing, in one of them Mathematical Forecastin, there are some countries and cities that have been whited out, we figured out that the first one is Zambia, however we are unsure of the other 2.

Also something that probably means nothing but on the Mission Statement, look at the image, doesn't it remind you of Fire + Water, with Claire and the White Dove :)

Ok next, under Active Projects click the World Wide wellness project. Then click World Map in the right up hand corner. Click close to florida, there is a hidden button. Next move your mouse below the grey box that appears, obvious gibberish, i have yet to crack, maybe you guys can take a look:)


Also look at the picture from when you

Anonymous said...

the saying jump the shark has jumped the shark

Anonymous said...

thats what honorest was talking about, zoomed in and invertedly colored to look at it better

Anonymous said...

I'll bet that Libby is not dead. She went inside the hatch to retrieve blankets....Michael shot her apparently thru the blankets which may have sparred her life. Plus, Hurley doesn't look that upset in trailer for next week.

Jared said...

as soon as michael came outta them there woods without the rifle he had taken with him, i knew this was gonna end badly. he was obviously captured, hence he's sans rifle, and told to start busting caps into/bring our main characters to the others.

did he kill henry? it didn't look like it to me., but he'd need to so henry couldn't tell what had happened unless henry knew michael would be coming.

could that have been jack's ex wife that his dad went to see? perhaps he wanted to see his grand daughter/jack's daughter. it looked like her a little bit and i couldn't tell if he was saying that he wanted to see his daughter or grand daughter.

good times....

Anonymous said...

OMG Brian, are you a detective/writer in life?

There is just so much information pertaining to a TV show. Are we insane? I can't wait to go explore the Hanso Foundation website. Thank you for all your tireless efforts to give us the steps.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to save my comments on the episode till the wrap up is written, but with the release of this Hanso Foundation site I think the idea of the Rebel Darhmaites is for real. It would make sense, them using the name of a Greek Goddess as thier "spokesperson" to people who "log in" to the site. It would fall in line with some of the other "higher lit" expressions that they have used in the past, and on the blast door map. Should be interesting to see what this site reveals leading up to the start of season 3.

Anonymous said...

My bet is that someone (and Other, someone with Dharma) made a deal with Michael: kill Ana Lucia and you'll get your son back.

Since the rumor is that Walt will be back by the end of this season, that seems like a likely scenario.

Michael saw his chance once Ana Lucia told him they had an Other being held in the hatch. He knew he could make it look like this prisoner did it so he could escape blame/banishment/etc. How else could he have gotten away with it and gotten his son back? Shooting Libby was clearly just a mistake.

Possible reason for wanting Ana Lucia dead? She's a threat, could train an army, has already killed some of the others. (And she had to be off of the show anyway, according to the producers.)

Anonymous said...

"My bet is that someone (and Other, someone with Dharma) made a deal with Michael: kill Ana Lucia and you'll get your son back."

I think the shooting of A-L was incidental. His mission was to free HGI and make it look like HGI escaped on his own. He clearly didn't want to shoot Libby but again, it wasd incidental. Can't wait for the flashback ep in 2 weeks!

Anonymous said...

dude you are my hero!!! you just saved me like 3 hours of website diggin'... sanx!!!

Anonymous said...

ohmigod. that was such a good episode. brian, you're so good at predicting stuff, that a lot of times i'm not surprised anymore. i've made a resolution not to read any more spoilers because of that. but anyway, i was actually surprised when henry gale said what hesaid about locke. *squeal!*

Brian said...

Emma - just to clarify, I never give out spoilers, just my guesses as to what's going to happen. Since they're technically just my guesses, sometimes they come true and sometimes they don't. I just got lucky this week!

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen last night's episode yet but have been going through the Hanso web site and found a few interesting things..

The site is copyrighted 2006 but the newest data on it is Joop's birthday on Sept. 21, 2005. This would imply that someone is maintaining the website.

I also looked at the RSS feed and it has a notice of the site being relaunched with a new look.

As someone mentioned the inquiry into mental health thing and the Joop cam are both not totally funtional indicating that there may have been some sort of system meltdown recently.

Why is the site still being maintained if things aren't working?

I'm also guessing that Hugo may have been a subject of a Hanso experiment during his stay at the mental hospital.

So much information!

Anonymous said...

I just called and I did the first selection after the second and they let me hear the whole address... no one interrupted... try it... stuff to add... it was quick but it did say Copenhagen V... and she kept on going... no interruptions

Brian said...

Sorry guys - is a fake site (fan created) - thus the connections between Rambaldi from Alias and Lost.

Take anything you find there with a grain of salt.

Rachel said...

Yeah I thought the thing about Claire being Jack's half-sister too, but who knows. Also, if you get shot multiple times in the abdomen on an island with extremely limited medical supplies, I don't think that having a couple blankets in front of you is going to help too much. I think that unless they come up with something really creative, having Libby survive would be pretty unrealistic (but of course I'm fine with psychics, polar bears, smoke monsters...).

Kevin said...

Not sure if anyone has seen this yet, but if you go to and mouse over the press release on the right hand side, you will notice that something else will appear on the screen:
"I survived a horrific plane crash and am stranded on an island somewhere Northeast of Australia and Southwest of Hawaii. In the event that I am never found, please forward word of my fate to my parents."
I guess this kind of let's us know where they are???

Anonymous said...

on the oceanic website click on islander insider for a triva question and to sign up for an abc mailing list

Anonymous said...

I think that Michael tried to make it look like HGI grabbed the gun, shot and killed libby and ana lucia and shot michael in the arm. He did this to make everyone want to go to the Others armed and vengence in mind and get Walt back in the process

Anonymous said...

HY guys .
Bryan noted that there might be some time realease egges on the site.
well it seems that you can change the clock time by changing your own computer time.
In flash having the animation display your time rather then the server time is a shortcut

now supposing the site animation is final product (probably not) you could unlock some egges by manipulating your time and messing with the site.

Im going to be testing othere things but tell me how your time manipulations go.

Anonymous said...

With the release of Bad Twin I wonder if Michael is a twin of the REAL Michael. What would make someone shoot themselves with out a word? Unless nothing needed to be said because he knew exactly who (not Henry Gale) he was. Just a crack pot theory.


Anonymous said...

did you notice in the executive bios-board of directors:there's a picture missing for a person called Liddy wales.change the d's into b's and there you have it-Libby!!!! active projects/mental health apparel you can type in a message.of course you need the RIHGT one otherwise you get a "sorry conecction timed out" notice.

Anonymous said...

hey kevin i found something real interesting at the website. i noticed the message on the site but i couldn't read it clearly so i chose on my firefox browser to use no style sheet and viola and huge image on the bottom of the page appeared. Its a flight ticket with the name Claire Littleton.

here is another link to the image if your not sure how to remove the css style sheet >>


Anonymous said...

Found something else on the Oceanic Site. If you type the From city as THE and the to as will get a little picture on the right that you can drag out. Its this that michael drew for will also be claires ticket like mettioned above.

Anonymous said...

Oh...heres another

Anonymous said...

One last little one...sorry if other have posted this.

Flight 572 in track flights


Anonymous said...

Just to clarify: I know you never give out spoilers, i meant spoilers in general. and that your'e really good at predicting stuff, so a lot of times i'm not super surprised.

Brian said...

Update: Finally got through to the US phone number today (5/5) and the first option has changed.

The Persephone break-in (where you get the "breaking strain" password) is gone, and instead they give you the full address of the Hanso Foundation in Copenhagen.

Everything else remains the same, near as I can tell.

Anonymous said...


I have called this number several times and It is hit or miss if you hear the breaking message


Anonymous said...
if you click on pre-board check-in, the name ethan rom comes up.

does this have anything to do with the actual Ethan on the show?

Brian said...

It's great to see so many people showing interest in the Oceanic-Air website from last year (almost a "mini ARG", looking back). I went into some detail about it last year, which you can read here:

(it's way at the bottom)

Anonymous said...

once again-went to the oceanic web site.tried to get rid of the quick search and important announcement section to see what's hiding under it.
besides the message that was already uploaded here i also found this:
get word I'm alive and stranded on an island somewhere in the South Pacific. Please send help soon. Things are bad. And they're getting worse...

who's sally? any-1 has an idea

Anonymous said...

full message was:

If anyone should find this message, please get word I'm alive and stranded on an island somewhere in the South Pacific. Please send help soon. Things are bad. And they're getting worse...

Brian said...

Sally is one of many "random" characters that Lost websites have introduced, but we have never seen on the show.

Those "S.O.S. Letters" have been out there for over a year, and the theory originally was that they were part of the bottle of letters Sawyer took on the raft with him...

Anonymous said...

after u get out of the hanso foundation site, how the hell do u get rid of that music!!

Brian said...

You have to close all Internet Explorer (or Firefox, or whatever) windows to make the music stop.

Mega-annoying, and somewhat creepy. I'm not sure if it's an intentional thing or a product of poor programming.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with the music ON/OFF option at the top of the page next to the date?

Anonymous said...

Just got an update from the Hanso Foundation RSS feed... It says "It has come to our attention that our site is experiencing some sort of disruption. Our sincere apologies - please read the full press release on our homepage."

The press release is here:

It's dated 5/6/06 and it basically says that the site was hacked by an intruder but no data was compromised and the intruder only breached the first level of security.

Anonymous said...

If anyone should find this message, please give word I'm alive and stranded on an island somewhere In the south pacific. please help soon. Things are bad. And they are getting worse...

If you view the HTML source code of the page, you will see this message and the fact that it was signed by someone named "Sally."

Sean said...

I hope I'm not repeating, but if you go to oceanic, click on flight tracker, depart from THE and arrive in BOY, you'll see Ana Lucia's seat position, for what that's worth. Then click on preboard check-in and you'll get ETHAN ROM, rearrange to OTHER MAN and you'll get a scare.

Anonymous said...

On, go click on the underlined date (October 28, 2003) under Alvar Hanso's picture in his executive bio. (If you haven't done so already...)

Anonymous said...

Noticed that if you wait on the hanso foundation website for 30-40 minutes the timer changes and says OBEY and creates a link to the subLYMONal page that was referenced during the last episode time solt.

Anonymous said...

The "OBEY" web link only appears on the 15th minute of each hour in place of the clock. The page like stated before takes you to the subLYMONal webpage. This site if you click through the flashing TVs will show you a code of "heir apparent" Anyone know what this code is for?

Anonymous said...

Go to Amazon and search for "Bad Twin" the book. The book is for sale on the site and Amazon has a short clip with the Author (Gary Troup) before his flight on Oceanic Flight 815 crashes.

Anonymous said...

"The "OBEY" web link only appears on the 15th minute of each hour in place of the clock. The page like stated before takes you to the subLYMONal webpage. This site if you click through the flashing TVs will show you a code of "heir apparent" Anyone know what this code is for?"

The word OB:EY only appears when the minutes on the clock are: 4 8 15 16 23 42. Just to clear that up. And type in Heir Apparent on Dr Thomas Werener Mittlewerk's page in that little text box. Then press tab and enter. Then look very carefully on the page that opens ;)

Anonymous said...

there is alot more content on the hanso site than i see written here..ill post it later..just want to check you havent got it written elsewhere first