Friday, May 05, 2006

Mission: Impossible III

So I just got back from Mission: Impossible III and had to share a few quick thoughts:

Official Review: Great summer action movie with plenty of excitement. I liked it a lot. Mainly because it felt like a supercharged episode of Alias. You could definitely tell that JJ Abrams made this movie. Maybe I was looking for similarities to Alias / Lost more closely than the average viewer, but I noted a TON. The plot itself felt like a combination of parts of Alias Season 1 and 5. There were obvious similarities between characters in MI3 and characters on Alias (Marshall, Sloane), and a few scenes were shot nearly frame for frame with scenes from Lost and Alias.

But that's not a bad thing, since I love both Lost and Alias. Two last things I'd like to point out:

  1. Greg Grunberg was in it (briefly) - continuing his streak of being in every project JJ Abrams has ever had.
  2. The last credit of the movie, I kid you not, is a thank you to THE HANSO FOUNDATION.

Although you'll likely feel dirty giving your money to that whacked-out Scientologist Tom Cruise (rightfully so), I have to give this movie a glowing recommendation - especially for anyone who is a fan of Alias.


Anonymous said...


EH, man, i dunno. I expected to be wowed by it, and i wasnt. I wasnt looking for lost or alias pickups, but thas kinda cool that you did. The part that pissed me off the most was when they build up the "rabbit's foot" but he kinda walks into the building and then just jumps out a window. After all that, you cant give me a great action scene of him getting the "rabbits foot"? It was a good movie, but not as great as i expected.

Rachel said...

Awesome, I thought I was the only one who watches all the credits after a movie ends.

Brian said...

great1 - Yeah, I'll give you that. I kinda liked how the "rabbit's foot" wasn't the main point of the movie - unlike most action movies, it wasn't about "saving the world", but "saving the girl".

Not showing him obtain the rabbit's foot built some suspense since we didn't know what was going on as the clock ticked down, but I agree - that seemed a little odd...

Anonymous said...

i went in not expecting much cause i'm not the biggest fan of the franchise, but i was absolutely blown away. best action movie i've seen in a long long time. i wish i could have stayed to see that last credit, but i was going to go insane if i had to listen to one more second of kanye west's god-awful mission impossible remix

Anonymous said...

After all that, you cant give me a great action scene of him getting the "rabbits foot"?

I thought that especially was a nice touch. It broke the cliché of always having to show what's happening in the center of attention, and made his exit from the window that more surprising.

The Lost music was prevalent in this one. The violins were straight out of a Lost episode.

Also, it might be just me, or the projector at my theater, or something... but I SWEAR I saw some weird dots flash by (subliminally-like) in the scene on the bridge. I remember them being red and being in the shape of a (horizontally) reversed 7. But that's just me... heh.

Anonymous said...

Those dots are in most movies now. They track which actual copy of the film was taken and spread around on the net.

Basically, they either put a different pattern on each reel, or the same one at a different time.

So yeah, you saw them. :)

Anonymous said...

I liked it -- the Lost/Alias hints were nice, and I laughed when the first or second line of the film was "I placed a bomb in your head, sound familiar." Hopefully this will bring JJ more work on the big screen.

Greg said...

I'm a big JJ fan - Alias and of course Lost. I am not a big Tom Cruise fan, although I did see both of the first two M.I. movies. This one blew them all away -- it did indeed feel like an extended, big-screen version of Alias. Great action scenes, but also a good story that focused on human characters.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Good point, making the plot revolve around siving the girl instead of saving the world. I didnt think of it like that. I wouldve liked him pulling sum crazy shit off to get the "rabbit's foot", but u mkae a valid point.

Anonymous said...

Hello my feathered friends!
I am still a little freaked out by the last episode WoW!.. Michael's an asshole, for now anyway, in the upcoming michael-centric I'm sure our perception of him will change. Ecco falling off a cliff.. I dont believe he will die I think he will have some miraculous recovery. They have kept his charactor consistantly in the background leaving us wanting more of him, they are holding back something special about Ecco. Strange how his drug filled plane ended up on the island, he was meant to be on that plane. He was destined to be on the island.


I am yet to see any posts about the book so let me kick it off.

I wont give away too much information about the book, unless u want me to?? I only just hit chapter 11, the tip of the ice burg. The book contains alot of information about HANSO, WIDMORE.. and even PALIK(Sun's Family).. so far we have discovered little info about them however, the direction of the book seems to be moving towards a very insightful investigation... There's is going to be alot discussion about this book. over the next few days i will try and finish it.

Good on ya Brian... now get back to work!

Brian said...

I plan on reading Bad Twin (probably this summer, pool-side), so if you guys can refrain from talking about it on here for a while, I'd appreciate it.