Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lost - "Three Minutes"

Episode Title: "Three Minutes"

Brian's Deeper Meaning Guess: I've run the gamut on this one. There are a number of situations I've run through my mind where I could see the "three minute" timeframe coming into play…

  1. The length time that HGI left Locke when he was under the Blast Doors. That seemed about how long HGI was gone, didn't it? Now that Eko and Locke have discovered the Pearl Hatch, it's possible HGI's actions can be determined by looking through the logs that Eko collected (I am of the opinion that they can't just "rewind" the video that was showing of the Swan Hatch since recording nonstop for the assumed multiple camera angles would require an ABSURD amount of tapes / data storage - probably not readily available back in 1980). However, since this would "prove" if pushing the button did anything or not, it seems unlikely. It will be much more fun to learn what happens when the button isn't pressed live, after an Eko / Locke struggle, don't you think?
  2. The amount of time you have after the 108 Timer runs out before the serious bad news starts (electro-magnetic pulses shooting into the sky knocking out planes!). I mean, we've seen it get as far as flipping to the hieroglyphics (about 20 seconds), but what happens if you wait longer? It doesn’t look like we're going to get resolution on the Numbers before the Season Finale next week (boo), so this probably isn't the case either.
  3. The amount of time the Others gave Michael to decide if he would help them out or not. This is a Michael flashback, from the period he ran off into the jungle with a shotgun to find Walt until the time he stumbled out of the jungle half-dead a few weeks back. During that time, I can picture a scene with the Others marching in with Walt at gunpoint saying "You have three minutes to decide if you want to help us or not" and flipping over a giant hourglass. Michael must make the incredibly difficult decision of saving his son or his fellow Survivors. Heavy.
  4. The amount of time the Others gave Michael with Walt, when attempting to convince him to help them / join them in their plan against the Survivors. This is the most popular theory on the Internet, and I don’t know whether people have read spoilers and are now "guessing" this is going to happen, or if really is just the most obvious answer. If it is true, it opens the door for a big-time emotional scene between father and son, weighing the morality of potentially killing a large group of people just to save a single life (Walt). Perhaps it's not quite that drastic, and is more of a "Lead everyone else into the trap and we'll give you your son back.", but even still - it's quite a pickle. WWJBD? Kill Walt, eliminate the variable, and then systematically take out the Others and free himself. But I think Michael is no Jack Bauer.

As I've said before, I think the important thing here is that the deal between Michael and the Others has to include some sort of "out" for him. They're not just going to give him Walt, as he's too important to them. Michael can't just return to the Survivors, since he's murdered two of them and betrayed them all. So there are two options:

  • Michael becomes an Other.
  • Michael is killed.

By "becomes an Other", I mean he is assimilated into their society, allowed to live among them (with Walt). This would make Michael happy (gets to be with Walt). This would make the Others happy (get to keep Walt).

By "is killed", I mean he is killed. It's pretty straightforward. The Others use him to lure our Survivors into a trap, he thinks they're going to give him Walt back - but instead they give him a knife / bullet in the back.

There is one other possibility, but requires a few assumptions. That possibility is that the Others have used Walt for whatever they needed him for, and will ship both Michael and Walt off the Island. If you assume that the Dharmites are in some control of everything on the Island and are voluntarily there (with some means of getting off the Island), it would make sense that the easiest way to deal with Michael and Walt, and keep the "experiments" going on is to remove them.

There gets to be a point when they know "too much" and become a variable that would ruin the experiment. This is what I term the "happy ending" to the Michael / Walt situation because it's the only way to keep Michael from becoming a "bad guy" by joining the Others (although, since he's killed two people, maybe that ship has already sailed - and yes, I meant to use the term "ship has sailed" on purpose) or from getting killed.

Lastly, as always, I throw the episode title in Google and see what obscure movie / book references come back - usually it's pretty interesting. This week is no exception. The first two search results?

The First Three Minutes: A Modern View of the Origin of the Universe

The Last Three Minutes: Conjectures About the Ultimate Fate of the Universe

Whoa. Talk about both ends of the spectrum! We've seen there are Dharma experiments working towards creating a "master race", but how about creation of a "master universe"? (Not Masters of the Universe - but that would be awesome too. By the power of Grey Skull...) On the other hand, could the Swan Hatch actually be preventing an "incident" that would bring about the end of the world, like Desmond believed?

Probably not - but it's fun to think about.

TV.com Description: A determined Michael convinces Jack and several castaways to help him rescue Walt from "The Others." With Jack away, Locke is left in charge of the hatch and must decide if he should believe Henry and not push the button, risking everyone's safety. Meanwhile, the events that happened to Michael after he left are finally revealed. Meanwhile, Charlie struggles with Eko's decision to discontinue building the church.

TV.com Breakdown: Last sentence first. As predicted last week, Eko no longer feels the need to build the church. Why? It was something he was doing to have purpose on the Island and to give thanks and praise to God for giving him Yemi back. But now he now has button-pressing, which comes with its own pros (out of the hot sun!) and cons (carpel tunnel syndrome!). This leaves Charlie on the outs. We’ve seen Charlie’s flashbacks – he’s a generally religious fellow – and probably thought that building the church was a good deed he could help perform on the Island. It’ll be interesting to see if he blindly follows Eko in his new 108 Number ambition, or if this disruption finally forces him to patch things up with Claire and the other Survivors.

Back to the beginning. I doubt Michael had to do much convincing to go after the Others after everything that happened in the Hatch. The interesting thing will be how forceful he is in how the rescue should go down (i.e. – leading them into a trap). From the looks of the commercial, Sayid sees right through his scheme, while everyone else is blindly following. So this is why we’re having such problems in Iraq – they’re clearly much smarter than us!

With Jack away, Locke is finally in charge of the Hatch and decisions inside (after a precarious “partnership” between he and Jack that often seemed to have Jack making all the decisions). Of course his first decision is going to be to not press the button. The way the preview words it, it truly sounds like not pressing the button would cause some sort of danger – although reason (and analysis of past episodes) tells us this is not the case. Lucky for the Survivors Eko is now on button duty, and could easily overpower Locke and press the button, despite the best of Locke’s protests.

Lastly, in what might be the most anticipated flashback this year, we find out what exactly happened to Michael when he was gone. By the looks of it, he made a lot of new friends…

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Others. It seems with each passing week, my interpretation of the Others and the power struggle between the Dharmites and Rebel Dharmites changes slightly. Last week was no exception. It all started when I saw this picture in the preview for this week:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

There's our buddy Zeke, sporting the fake full-on beard which Kate found in the Staff Hatch. But that beard looks pretty darn good, doesn't it? Especially in this "action shot?" Which got me thinking - what if that's a real beard?

But wait! We saw him beardless in the Staff only a few weeks ago! Or did we?

Let's recap. So far, we've had mystery twins on Zeke's ship in the Season One Finale and mystery doctors who look awfully similar in the Orientation videos.

What if Zeke is also a twin / clone?

Think about it.

I’ve struggled with an explanation about the fake beard from the beginning. The best I could ever come up with is “tricking the Survivors into thinking they are weak / disorganized / powerless instead of letting them know they’re running the show.” But I was never fully happy with that.

How about this. There are two Zekes on the Island. There’s the clean cut Khaki Zeke we saw in the Staff Hatch with Ethan. Then there’s the rustic Derelict Zeke we saw on the Boat kidnapping Walt / in the Jungle confronting Sawyer / Jack / Locke.

What about the fake beard? It would allow Khaki Zeke to infiltrate the Derelict Others’ camp and possibly trick them into actions that benefit the Dharma experiments.

It’s just a thought – but this would go a long way in explaining the “Rebel Dharmite” vs. “By The Book Dharmite” division I’ve long suspected. It’s a bit Gattaca, but it would be an interesting development. The “clones” or “genetically engineered Dharmites” are outcasts / rebels, whereas the original Dharmites are the scientists running the show (Fancy Pants Dharmites).

Think about what we saw in the Staff Hatch – clean cut Dharmites in nice clothes, carrying out scientific experiments, seemingly in charge of the show. Compare that to the scenes we see from this week’s previews.

There’s clearly a class difference going on here. Okay, so I gave you my latest theory (Gattaca Cloning), here’s a recap of the other potential breakdown between the groups we’ve discussed previously:

  • Experiment Test Subjects vs. Scientists.
  • Rebel Dharmites Who Have Lost the Faith vs. True Dharma Believers
  • Survivors of Other Crashes vs. Dharma

Lastly, there is always the possibility that my original lame theory of “tricking them into thinking they’re weak” is true – but not even close to as much fun as any of the theories above.

This week should serve to gives us some clues to the nature of this particular group of Others, as we look to get a glimpse of their camp, how they live, and how they act. Speaking of their camp, what’s that I see on the door?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

That’s right – it’s a Dharma Logo with a canister in the middle – just like the canister that Locke put into the bank-drive-through-lane-air-powered-shooting-thingy (scientific name) last episode! Who wants to bet this is where those canisters all ended up? Who wants to bet that no one has ever read a thing that was sent?

Could this be the “C3” from the Blast Door Map, the last of the Six Circular Hatches? (Arrow, Staff, Flame, Swan, Pearl, Bank-Drive-Through-Lane-Air-Powered-Shooting-Thingy). Or is this not a full-fledged “Hatch”, but just a storage shed for the Pearl Hatch?

Walt. Remember how I said there is no way we would see Walt again, due to his rapid-aging (as seen on My Name is Earl)? Well, after seeing this week’s commercial, I’d like to change my opinion:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

But clearly he looks older – no one grows up that fast in 40 days, even a teenager. Here’s a photo from the last time we saw him on the Raft, for reference:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

So here’s my question – are they going to slide Walt in and hope we don’t notice how much older he looks? Or are they going to introduce some sort of “rapid aging Dharma experiment” or perhaps hint at the strange time effects we’ve seen on the Island already?

My gut tells me this is indeed a “one-time only” appearance – a quick visit before he (and Michael?) are gone forever, and they’ll try to gloss over the change in his appearance using dark lighting and far camera shots.

I guess looking at it from a story-telling point of view, you really have to have some closure to the Walt story – and I don’t know how you could do it and leave the viewer satisfied without having the big Michael – Walt reunion.

I’ll allow it.

Surprise. Finally, in what looks to be the last scene of the episode, we have this shot of the preview:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

A few things jump out at me. First, they appear to be looking out to the water (since the Jungle is behind them). Second, they all have an expression of shock and awe (but not fear) on their faces. Third, they seem to be facing something that is bright – or they’re looking directly into the sun. The lighting is just weird.

So what’s going on?

Sea Monster? No, no fear in their eyes.
Second Plane Crash? No, I’m saving that for the Season Finale when they stop pushing the button…
A Boat? Bingo. Not just any boat. But a ferry, as referenced in the Pearl video. But after all these months of secrecy, why would the Others come out and show themselves in broad daylight to the Survivors? I’m thinking that the Others aren’t driving the boat, but rather an old friend, who coincidentally is due up for flashbacks in the Season Finale next week…

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

“Hello Brother.”

Fade to black.


(How? I don’t know – Desmond beat up some Others and stole the boat, maybe. Or, maybe his boat wasn’t truly destroyed in the crash on the Island, and he’s been off this whole time repairing it - I don’t really care how, but it would just be the coolest thing ever to see Desmond rolling up at episode end, full of information, a plan, or needing our Survivors’ help.)

Happy Viewing.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brian do you think that there is any sense thinking that Claire and Charlie have partially "made up" by the fact they're stading beside eachother in the bright light photo? Or am I just getting my hopes up??

Matt said...

Good stuff, Brian. I'm with you on the categories of people. I was almost convinced today as I rewatched "?" that "The Others" could be another Dharma "experiment" until I reminded myself of Claire's flashback. I'm intrigued by the numbers not matching "the numbers." If someone is receiving the canisters, I'm pretty sure Locke's scribble map sends an interesting message. Did I miss something to not know why the medical/staff hatch was abandoned between when Claire was there and when Kate found the beard? Sometime around when Desmond ran away from the hatch, or when Walt was taken, or just when Claire got away?

Brian said...

jules - Let me put it this way. There are currently ZERO storylines for Claire and Charlie - seems like getting them back together is the only logical thing to do with them... or kill them off.

I kid! I kid because I care :)

Brian said...

mkinmotion - Nope, chalk it up to the same mystery of why the Pearl Hatch was mysteriously abandoned right when Locke and Eko got there.

It hints at some sort of time warp stuff going on, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the Official lost podcast from ABC which is kinda lame just because the two produces are to syndical towards the whole thing. But one of them said that the cigarette butt was smoking does anyone believe this to be true?

Anonymous said...

The light on the faces of the cast in the shot where they are all looking at something suggests that there is something very bright, perhaps an explosion. I wonder if not pushing the button causes something to explode in the ocean.

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

Is that Alex in the picture with Michael? We've seen her with the clean-cut others as well as with the scruffy others, if I'm not mistaken. What do you think that means? Another clone?

Anonymous said...

The bank-lane-air-whatever-thingy is called a pneumatic tube. Thanks for a fun read!

Anonymous said...

great work again! I can't wait to watch.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment about the cannister hatch. other people have said that the picture on the dharma symbol is a door, making it a door hatch. but assuming what you said is true and it is where the cannisters end up and nobody has read them, I would be willing to bet that we could watch their orientation video that tells them about how notebooks will arrive periodically and ________(insert your favorite direction of what they are supposed to do with the notebooks.)

And mkinmotion, they could still be an experiment insofar as what Brian was saying about cloning is true. Maybe the dirty/rugged others are unaware of the experiments.

Anonymous said...

I was talking to my brother about "The Hunting Party" Episode. He said he was talking to a guy that thinks that when Sawyer tried to shoot Zeke that it was not an other shooting back at him really quickly, but the bullet hitting an opposite magnetic field (the "line"..being where the two magnetic fields meet) that allowed to bullet to ricochet back towards Sawyer grazing his ear. Because if you watch it again, and my bro and I did.. there's a wierd noise. And also you'd have to have crazy quick reflexes to shoot back that fast, as well as the angle that the bullet came in from the guy would have had to have been right infront of Sawyer and if I am not mistaken, Zeke was right infront of Sawyer.

It's just a theory.. and I hope that I explained that ok.

melodrama said...

Great post brian. I was just thinking, what if we combined your clone theory with the Rebel Dharmite vs. Dharmite theory?

I'm not sure if that's what you were trying to convey in the post, or if you were thinking of them as totally separate... but what if the Dharmites got cloned, and the clones rebelled and became the Rebel Dharmites?

Rute said...

Hi, Brian! Love reading your theories.

Well, do you think it's possible that, if the clone idea is right, the dharmites are planning on give a cloned Walt to Michael and not the original one? Just an idea (probably stupid!) :)

I also think the surprised expression at the end of the show will have something to do with Desmond. Not to sure about the ferry, though, but will see what happens tonight!

Thanks for your work!

melodrama said...

I agree with rute's idea that the surprise will have to do with desmond... probably he's going to be on the ferry. :D

Anonymous said...

HEY I THINK I SAW SOMETHING NOONE ELSE SAW APPARENTLY..if you look at the pic of upper view of the zone u can see that it's not really a FULL CIRCLE...and tilting ur head to the right u could see that the plane forms a 4!
nice work man i think ur right about it being C4 and not the "?"

Anonymous said...

Um, stop looking for things where there aren't. The plane forming a 4 is just coincidence. I don't go to London and look for the word London on the ground.

Also, does anyone know a good prison break site?

Anonymous said...

I think the two Zeeke's idea is good but I'm conflicted. When HGI was ranting to Jack about "the beadered leader" he had that whole "he's nobody" deal. That would all make sense if HGI was a true darhma guy following the experiments of the clean-cut version of Zeeke. But, because of how HGI was dressed, and the fact that he actually interacted with the survivors, that would make him an outcast follower of the beadered one. If that's the case, why the rant about the beadered one? Could the Darhma guys have spies in the outcasts just like the outcasts had spies in the survivors? That's my only conclusion. HGI was a Sydney Bristow style double-agent that was sent on a mission by the outcast rebels and it all backfired on him.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, these ideas are all getting a little out there. It doesn't hurt to guess, but clones? I just don't know about that. I'm still leaning towards using the kids for psychic/remote viewing training. According to the producers, Walts growth will be explained last season. That doesn't mean that he won't be GONE from the regular cast.

The canister door is an original idea, but I don't think so. I think it's the door door. Maybe it's a door "off" this island or out of this world... might suggest a dark city type theme.

As for the LIGHT at the end, I'm keen to think that it's a result of not pushing the button. Which MAY cause another crash.. that may bring more people to the island.

I think that before the season is over, we won't know who's who... in other words, I think we'll go back to thinking that maybe the "others" aren't "bad". My reasoning? I think they've been trying to set us up for a big cliff hanger/plot twist, and I think it's going to be a BIGGIE!

Anonymous said...

Is the black woman with Mike the same woman with the headress in Ecko's life...

Anonymous said...

I feel that Sayeed is the most level headed/logical/realist of the group. He's the skeptic, and sees through everything.

Jack can be just mean at times. Examples? His burning the last pages of Bad Twin, and in hurtful comments to Kate when she thanked him for choosing her over Sawyer... those are words he may thing, but you don't say it.

Locke is too focused on finding himself a purpose, and had gone from one extreme to the other and back.

Eko? Well, I don't know what to think about him.

I also don't know why no one has tried to figure out what the computers do in the Swan hatch. There is a lot of equipment in there, but no one asks questions! Like Fake Henry said... they don't ask many questions, if it were HIM he's be curious about a lot of stuff.

They also lack communication... I would think that in their situation that they would be more unified for a common cause, but they're not. If I had found the STAFF and the Fake beard, i would have come back immediately and tell. I can't believe that neither Claire or Kate mentioned the hatch. If I were Jack or Locke, I would want to check it out... immediately. But apparently Kate waited several days then said in an "oh by the way" manner.. oh yeah. we found makeup, costumes and a fake beard... like Mr Friendly.

One more think.. the guards on the preview at the hatch in the preview. Those clothes look like something from the Sid and Marty Kroft costume collection. They look cheesey.

Anonymous said...

Lets get back to the simple theory.

They're trying to set the survivors up, and leading them into a trap, but not to kill them, probably for some other purpose.
I think we're going to be taken by surprise by a huge TWIST in our perception of the island, the others, and the 815 survivors.

Michael is simply trying to get walt back.

Not that it won't be interesting.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 'anonymous' below in that the writting is flawed by a lack of desperation and fear from the survivors that would manifest as sharing and exploring any and every shred of information to give them insight into what in the world is going on the island. Why is Locke so tight and not-forthcoming? Why has Kate concealed until now the discovery of the other hatch? Why aren't they scouring every nook and craney to find out new info? I LOVE THIS SHOW but the writting, in this respect, seems a bit flawed!

Anonymous said...

I agree that the cloning stuff might be a little bit too far out there, even though it sounds like a neat idea. Here's my take on what I feel is happening, which is incomplete at best. The underlying assumption that everybody has no chance of getting off of the island, unless another incident occurs.

Pressing the button is extremely important and does have a consequence. In the Pearl Orientation video, Dr. Candle/Waxman notes to the observers that the reason for pushing the button is not explained because it is an irrelevant detail. I feel it is also because at the time DHARMA was doing a double-blind procedure - they knew that they were carrying out psychological experiments, but were left in the dark about the details in order to not compromise the data. The incident was indeed real and occured because of a breakdown in the button pushing, which surprised the DHARMA initiative and created a divide into two philosophical camps - the hardened scientists, and the disillusioned. The philisophical divison divided them then into literal camps - the lower class others live so because they want no part of the DHARMA benefit. The scientist others have fallen into disarray with the defections, which have obviously compromised their efforts. The greater purpose behind scientist Dharma needs to remain a secret, explaining why some of the Others masquerade as jungle people - the Losties are not intended to know how complex Dharma really is. I think when Faux Henry says "He's nothing!" about the man in the beard, he may be assuming that the Losties have encountered the bearded man seen in Michael's preview, and not Mr. Friendly. I believe that Henry is there to put an incident into motion. Whether he entered the numbers or not, there was a reason why he wanted to be there, and he has most likely accomplished it. I also still believe that he had an agreement with CFL, because she knew her daughter may be alive, believing him to be an Other would suspect Faux Henry to be connected to her, and wouldn't simply turn a connection like that over to Sayid without getting something out of it. I also do not believe that an agreement Michael might have with the Others would involve killing Ana Lucia, because I just don't see her being important to them despite Goodwin's death. Also, they've proven they can kill when they want - would they really need to send Michael?

To make it even more random, I'll throw a few ideas out there - does anyone else think that Desmond went to the Pearl to see if the Losties figured out how things work? Is anyone else questioning why there would be armed guards at that door? Who are they armed against exactly? My random guess about what the Losties see on the Beach - a cruise ship.

I'm losing it.

Anonymous said...

rutkowskilives... good idea about the pearl and Desmond, but he seemed in a total panic when he left. He also didn't enter the way Locke and Eko did. That was hadn't been used in a while. That doesn't mean that there isn't another interest.

Also, why IS the hatch guarded.. that doesn't make much sense. I also like the idea of the Scientists and the Disallusioned.

Interesting theories, we're all guessing here, I'm sure there is some intentional misleading going on by the writers to increase the impact of the 'suprise'.

I guess we'll know tonight...
Oh, and beware the Canadians.. apparently, they see the show before we do in the states.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian,

Any chance the losties may be watching themselves on the plane, crashing or coming down from the sky somehow? Maybe because of the weird time warp theory that may sound somewhat crazy but not entirely impossible? Just a thought.

Anyway, great post. Cant wait for Three Minutes

Anonymous said...

haven't gotten to read this whole entry yet but I was rewatching the season premiere for about the 20th time last night and I thought I had seen all the easter eggs after noticing jack trip on the stair to row #23 a while back - but then I saw something else, and maybe it has been explained:

What the hell is with the upside down pentagon drawn in pen around the embroided logo on Desmond's shirt? It looks like just like the pentagonal layout on the blast door map. It's freaky how many time you can watch certain episodes of this show and continue to notice new stuff.

Anonymous said...

My bad - the bearded guy in the preview is indeed Mr. Friendly. I don't remember his bear being that white though.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember the movie The Truman Show? This show just makes me think everything is fake/mechanically run and they're inside some huge dome. I know that doesn't explain the "experiments" and such, but doesn't it seem like everything is being watched?

Anonymous said...

The more I think about the cloning thing, the more sense it makes. Let's apply it to other stuff we know about the others/dharma:

-the purpose of the hanso foundation is to fund experiments that deal with improving human life, so I think that rather than just being straight up cloning it is improving the DNA. This would explain why the others are so smart and such good fighters (Remember how good ethan was in season one?).

This would also explain why they wanted the "good ones" and those with special abilities -- they want only to reproduce people who have led good lives or have special abilities (hence, Walt).

This explains why Jack's Dad's body was missing - the others took him to clone/bring back to life.

Finally and most obviously it explains the Candle/Wickman thing and the fact that there were twins on the boat.

This is a lot of stuff flying through my head at once, so some of that may not make sense. I will re-read it later when I get my thoughts together and see what links I need to establish better.

Anonymous said...

A few things:
If the thing they see is jus Desmond on a boat, where is the light coming form? The preview showed the light getting brighter.

Cloning? That might be pushing it. Rapid aging i can see, but cloning seems a bit too far-fetched.

People keep mentioning that the Dharma people are on the island. Couldn't the Dharma people be the Others? Couldn't the entire Others thing, with them stealing the "good" people just be another experiment?

Where the hell is smokey??

And lastly, Sayid is the SHIT!! Anytime the writers need something a bit abstract to be done, the job goes to Sayid. ANytime they need someone to quesiton, it goes to Sayid. Seriously, anytime the writers need someone to think logically, it goes to Sayid.

Anyway, long post, but great job Brian!

Honorest said...

Hey Brian, I might be going out on a limb here, but I really think this episode will be about Mike and Walt, if so could the Three Minutes mean the time they have together? Like maybe thats the deal, Kill them and you get 3 minutes with your son. I'm probably way off, oh well.

Anonymous said...


You are giving Michael too much credit. He doesn't weigh moral issues, or take into account anything any rational person ever would when making decisions.

This is why his character is predictable, boring, and extremely frustrating. Ready for the character arc? Here goes: deadbeat dad -> reunited w/ son -> lost son again -> anything to get back son.

I hope they get rid of Michael during the season finale so the rest of the stories can move forward instead of being hijacked by this one.

Anonymous said...

I give, you win Brian. you were right yet again. You are getting way too good at this. If ur not working for LOST, u sure they're not stealing ur ideas??

Anyways, great episode. Sayid saves the day yet again, or is going to. And how come Jack still questions him?? Sayid has been their savior!! Without sayid, they would not have survived this long. on the subject, i want to nominate this line for line of the season:
"I figure if we're going to war we should take the one guy who has actually been in a war." -- Sawyer

I cant wait to read ur analysison this!

Anonymous said...

OK.. good work Brian...
You were right about Desmond at the end.. we KNOW that Desmond is on that boat.

Now for the previews, which we KNOW can be misleading..

The preview for next week shows a BIG pile of canisters/notebooks. So you may be right about the Canister as well... maybe not the hatch.. but... we do find the canisters.

I think Jack may believe Sayid... which is good. Apparently, he and Jin.. and maybe someone else??? pursue off shore in the boat... which is apparently what the preview says they see offshore.
The others would NOT expect support by sea.

It also looks as Locke will smash the comptuer, and something bad DOES happen, or is that preview of Charlie from the plane?

Regardless, I think the button DOES do something, and we saw Eko's cross being pulled toward the magnet.

I'm willing to throw the clone theory and the two "others" factions out the window.

Walt seems to be telling the truth in that they are NOT what they seem(going back to the room?). He's not happy there. This along with the fake beard indicates that they may BE associated with Dharma. I'm starting to believe that they AER what's left of the Scientists after the incident. But WHY the disguise???? Part of the psych side of the experiment?

Oh.. and Michael has lost his mind.

I see a huge cliffhanger with lots of lives in the balance. Eko, Charlie and Locke in the hatch with the button NOT being pressed, and the others.. at LEAST Jack, Kate, Hugo, Sawyer.. and maybe even Jin and Sayid involved... though the later may be the cavalry.

Anyway.. those are my initial takes... I'll see what I think in the morning.

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten... has Jack forgotten the insane antics of Michael assulted Locke and locked both of them up?

He IS sick.. he's willing to do ANYTHING. And as the others lady said.. "for someone who wants their son back so badly, you sure don't know much about him".

But this brings up a point.. she asked him if he ever "appeared" anywhere he wasn't supposed to... such as being half way around the world and still appearing to Michael. This would suggest that this WAS Walt in the tent.. and was not a vision.

Was it just me, or were the others and crash survivors about even in the woods the night they were searching for michael. They may have had the advantage in guns, however, the others had a hostage.

Anonymous said...

Did I see Desmond at the end of the preview with a rifle? Running?

Was that a Swan key being turned?

Honorest said...

What a great episode however alot of screen caps I hope to catch from these, did you notice a Similiar Ethan Rom, a Thomas and a Desmond... seems like there cloning skills are weakening.

Anyways I was right on the Three Minutes deal, i figured it must be close to the relationship with Mike and Walt, therefore 3 minutes was the alloted time, go me.

Great great guess with the Boat, and I think your right its the return of Desmond, keep up the great work, i have no idea what your going to do over the summer, hehe start your own ARG. :)

Anonymous said...

What about Claire/the baby and the injector/medication?
I wonder if the dosage will affect Charlie? has it already?

Anonymous said...

Alright, lets do a mini thread-derailing pole about how desmond returns.

A. on that boat?
B. comes out the jungle holding Locke's diagram?
C. goes into the hatch for a threeway royal rumble between him, eko, and Locke?

I'm gonna go with B... you know that damn canister went somewhere, and now there's a hatch with a canister logo... and one of those people on the beach looked like Desmond with his hair pulled back (like when he was jogging at the stadium). Michael never saw desmond. Could go pretty bonkers with a theory here but I've got an exam at 9AM tommorow.

Nice and slowly as the ambien kicks in.

01. Desmond was at the others camp when they dragged michael in.

02. desmond was in the pearl when michael went ballastic

03. desmond is in the hatch where the canisters get sent up to. He sees mayhem in the place he called home for three years. He gets a note showing somebody else working on his map. He tells them how to agree to Michael's demands, but stil strike a blow at the others.

time for sleep

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Others can go to the side of the island where the survivors are because of the smoke monster. Otherwise they would have just swarmed in and taken what they want, as with the tailies.

It may be that Henry was taking a risk or drew the short straw. However, I think the Others WANT them to stop pressing the button because pressing it does actually keep something from happening, or it keeps something active that they want to de-activate.

Walt's comments about 'they aren't what they seem, they are pretending' are enough to convince me that the Others are a unified group.


JM in Nashvile

melodrama said...

Ok I know that this is kinda early since tonight's episode hasn't been posted yet, but I wanted to get it off my chest:

Why do you think the Others want those four specific people (Hugo, Jack, Sawyer, and Kate)? At first I thought it might be to get rid of them because they are the "leaders," or because they are the most dangerous for them, or that they might be able to help them battle the other Dharmites (non-rebels). The only thing is that Hugo doesn't fit that description, and others like Jin and Sayeed do. So what do these four have in common?

And how do they know everyone's full name, including Sawyer's? It's not like Walt knows all of their names, or that Henry found out. This gets me to my next point...

What if it's that diary-author "Other" that's supposedly among the Survivors giving them info? I just checked back and the newest entry is talking about Steve, who I guess is supposed to be HGI. Is this the person leaking the info? And how come we're not looking more into this? I don't know if this entry was released before or after Libby died, but if it was after she died then the Other may be still with the group. I can't pinpoint for sure the gender (although it seems like it's a girl based on the language)...

Anonymous said...


1. yeah, why has Jack and Locke forgotten about Michael hitting lock on the head to find Walt in previous episode?

2. has Eko and Locke shared with Jack and the gang their experience in "?" hatch? no evidence to suggest they did...unless I missed something.

3. Walt clearly appeared older....right? Would be good to offer some explanation.

Great episode...can't wait for next week.

Anonymous said...

The producers have said that they will explain Walts growth next season. Experiments?

Anonymous said...

The answer:

The Others can't come to that side of the Island: Ethan and Fake Henry.

How do the Others know the names? Well, It could be Ethan, but I don't think so, they obviosly have the flight manifest. The clue? Called Sawyer by his given name. Walt didn't even know who it was. I think they ARE Dharmites and that THEY caused the plane to go down. They knew who was on the plane before it went down. Remember, they had a list of the tailies compiles very quickly. This is why "things are not as they seem".

Rebel Dharmites: Just a theory. I haven't seen anything to confirm. If there are rebels, it's Alex..

Speaking of Alex, she knew nothing about what happened Clair and the Baby, so much for remote viewing, and for the Children/youger crowd being trained as psychics.

Desmond: Was on a boat.. it makes sense, but this COULD be another character for next season. I think it's Desmond though... but if so, why is the boat in such good shape? What has it been all this time?

And what ABOUT fake Henry, will he return to camp to face "him", maybe he will have to venture out on his own. Regardless, I think he'll have a role in season 3.

Anonymous said...

Quick note on Alex:

She was seen in the Orthodox Dharma camp (In the Staff Hatch with Claire).

She was seen in the Rebel Dharma camp (capturing Kate/Michael).

Things between the two camps can't be that hostile if she can move between them at will. Perhaps there is some kind of symbiotic relationship between the two groups?


Anonymous said...

i read a spoiler that said an overhead shot at the end of the finale showed 5 open graves. two had bodies presumably ana-lucia and libby. i went back spoilerfix to print it out for others and it isn't there! did anyone else see this?

Rebecca said...

Eko tells Locke that they need to save the printouts from the printer in the hatch they discovered.... who is going to read them? Will they see what Michael typed in thinking he was communicating with Walt? What do you think will come of this? It has been on my mind. Thanks xoxo