Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Scrubs Musical Aftermath

I'm not really sure how this snuck up on me, but the long-awaited Scrubs Musical is tonight!

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With Arrested Development now gone, and The Office getting better and better ratings (did you know it's the most watched show by people aged 18-49 who make more than $100,000? Watch The Office and you'll get rich!), Scrubs officially claims the title as "The Funniest Show on TV That No One Appreciates".

While it does my heart good to see how many new fans the show is gaining due to its reruns on Comedy Central (which are pretty much mandatory viewing every night from 7:00 - 8:00), and its ratings have been on the rise since it moved to Thursday nights at 9:00, Scrubs still seems to flirt with cancellation each season due to ratings.

Tonight is your chance to give Scrubs the love it deserves. Sure, Grey's Anatomy is on - but we all know that the action will go down in the second half hour, after Scrubs is over. Also, will the doctors be singing and dancing during Grey's? I think not. Advantage: Scrubs.

While I'm sure there are doubters out there, anyone who has seen the Buffy Musical can attest that when a great TV show does a musical right, it's pretty much the best thing ever... and judging by the reviews I read in this morning's New York Times and New York Daily News, this is going to be the balls.

9:00 pm. NBC.


BONUS! The "music video" version of "Guy Love". It's even funnier than the original!


Anonymous said...

I fell in love with Scrubs during th efirst season when they based an entire episode around the song "A Little Respect" by Erasure. I can't wait for tonight's episode.

Anonymous said...

I've only watched 'Guy Love' and 'Everything Comes Down to Poo' about fifteen times each. Love your blog- always check to see the Lost moments.

Brian said...

I would also highly, HIGHLY recommend the Scrubs Soundtrack Volumes I and II. They totally capture the mood of the show and are full of great songs by artists you've probably never heard of.

If you have loose morals, both are available for download through my AIM Get File.

Brian said...

Okay - so I have no idea why the Blog disappered for the past 24 hours, but I'm glad it's back!

How fantastic was that episode? Also, how fantastic are these quotes from series creator Bill Lawrence?

"The tough part for us is always trying to make it organic to the show," says Lawrence. "We wouldn't have done [a musical], except that our medical advisor on the show stumbled onto this case where somebody had an aneurysm and was hearing everything in music. Obviously, they weren't hearing an entire Broadway musical with singing and dancing, but for us in the world of Scrubs, that works."

"We've got to come up with something big next year, like a live episode or something funky like that. I haven't figured it out yet. We aren't doing anything that new. Buffy did the musical, and I thought they did it really well. We always use them as a benchmark, because they always seemed to do a cool freaky episode once in a while."

Once again proving, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the benchmark that all TV shows strive to match.

Anonymous said...

where is tonight's lost moment??? I thought for sure you would have that up and commenting away!

all I can say is....I CAN NOT WAIT ANYMORE!!!! I NEED LOST...time to rewatch some DVDs!

Anonymous said...

I guess JJ did not watch the DVD extras regarding Vincent...OR....Michael and Walt are back.

Yuck, an arm????

Anonymous said...

AND! A rabbit's foot with a KEY??? Was there an episode featuring a Rabbit's Foot????

A Random Hoosier said...

Love the blog. I started reading when you posted pics of the hot air balloon. Anyway I believe I fall into the loose morals category, so I would love to listen to Scrubs Soundtracks by way of your AIM Get File. Unfortunately I don't know your AIM id and your blogger profile will not load for me. Any help is greatly appreciated. By the way up here in Fort Wayne, thanks to Comedy Central and a local station we get 3 hours of Scrubs daily.

Brian said...

A Random Hoosier - you can hit me up on IM at DMBETERNAL. I've now got Scrubs Soundtrack Volumes 1 and 2 as well as the Scrubs Musical Soundtrack. Hooray for the Internet!

Anonymous said...

Scrubs is awesome, fell in love with the show after seeing 5 mins of episode 1 of season 1 on Sky back when it first got here. Thursday nights quickly became Scrubs night. Although some of my mates fell out of love with the show, I couldn't do that. One of my fave shows of all time, that musical episode was awesome.

Now whats that key all about?

Anonymous said...

I love Scrubs, it's my very favourite TV series.