Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lost - Moment 8


  • Jack flashback! This looks to be our long-promised Jack flashback to Thailand, where we learn more about his (Matthew Fox's real life) tattoo on his arm with the funky 5.
  • Unlike most of the other Lost Moments, which seem to be from the first episode back, this one is clearly from the third episode back, Episode 9 - which is scheduled to be Jack-centric. (In case you were curious, Episode 7 is supposed to be Juliet-centric, Episode 8 is supposed to Desmond-centric. It's pretty easy to figure out which Lost Moments are from which episode based on that, isn't it?)
  • Our first glimpse of Bai Ling, scheduled to guest star on Lost for three episodes this spring. Here's what she said about her stint in a recent interview with Kristin from E... (warning! this is slightly spoilerific - silly guest stars, when will they learn to keep their mouths shut?)

We've got to talk about all things Lost! Work was a joy. Everyone in the production was so generous, humble and kind. I felt like I was very welcomed by them! Mostly, I worked with Matthew Fox. The three episodes I have, it's very deep. My character says, "I can see who people are."

What can you tell us about your relationship with Jack? What exactly are you going to be doing? You never know, I might come back. They say on the show they bring people back even when they're dead. I am a very important character in his life; like, his tattoos have something to do with me.

I know you said he was a great kisser. It was funny, when we were shooting the scene, we didn't know each other. He is very handsome and very kind—very much a gentleman. It's kind of nervous doing those love scenes, but it was really fun, [even though] I was kind of embarrassed. We both had a mutual understanding to just go for it. Sometimes I'm on top of him, sometimes he's on top of me. I asked him, "Can I do what I want?" and he said, "Sure, you can do whatever you want." I didn't want to offend him, but after he said that I went with what I felt.

Can you give us a character name? Achara, a-c-h—I don't know how to spell it. It's a name I had never heard; it was hard for me to pronounce. But, you know, what is funny about my part...she seduces him, and she's really forward, and she behaves the way she wants, which is really beautiful. It's very healthy and honest and very powerful, in a way.

So, what's the backstory? We're lovers, but I am kind of a mystery to him. He doesn't really know me. I don't allow him to visit me, I don't allow him to know what I really do—we're together, we sleep together, we hang out together, we're lovers. And there is a mystery, he never knows what I do. There is also a psychological twist and betrayal.

Are you contracted to do any episodes outside of the three? No, they haven't now, but they are going to see. Hopefully, I come back. I want to, because Lost is a really fun project. I think it is a lot better than the movies I have done. The writing is beautiful, and you really get to know the characters, and not just on the surface, which I really appreciate.

Sounds pretty good to me!


Anonymous said...

As long as she doesn't SING, it looks pretty good to me!

Anonymous said...

what was spoilerific about that??? I am so jacked (ha ha) for this new mini season. I can not wait for the 7th!!!!!

Brian said...

heather's brain - well, there is talk about the backstory and how she relates to Jack, as well as basically promising a psychological twist.

Here's the most interesting part to me. We're assuming she just appears in Jack's flashback, right? Then why is she in THREE episodes instead of one? Do I smell a Dharma spy that is going to show up on the Island? Intrigue!

Anonymous said...

The entire dimension of the show that has characters story threads intertwining is interesting no doubt. We have good reason to believe the plane crash itself was not somehow planned. What does that tell us of the ongoing theme of other backstory character overlaps? On Brian's point, if the chick in Jack's flashback is a 'present day' spy, that would mean there was an overall, planned purpose to these particular people being on the Island. Intrigue....indeed.

Anonymous said...

Lost Moment Nine:

Kind of a strange one.

Anonymous said...

I am very confused about this new character's involvement. I am assuming that she is on the island since she is in 3 episodes. Ok, Jack met her in Thailand and had a sexual relationship with her. Now she's on the island, but that cannot mean that Jack was being spied upon and brought to the island. Ben and the others from the island had no idea who was on that plane as it went flaming by to crash land on the island. It was a complete accident.....or rather Desmond's fault. Remember, Ben said, "Three days after I find out I have a tumor, a spinal surgeon falls out of the sky."....or something like that. We are not even for sure that she is dharma are we? Maybe she crash landed onthe island, also, and the others took her captive. If she is a part of their group, and if she was in their employ when she first met Jack, I don't think that she was spying on Jack. I predict that she will be surprised when she finds out that Jack is one of their prisoners. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

why would we assume she is on the island? Just because she appears in multiple episodes, doesn't mean she is really on the island. Could be some sort of "vision" Jack gets while on the island.

Anonymous said...

the others seem to know a lot about jack's past - seeing as the tattoo is supposed to have some importance, and seems related with this woman, maybe the others have tracked her down and brought her to the island as a means to manipulate jack in some way.