Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lost - Moment 11

Although we've already sorta discussed this in the Comments from another post, for the sake of continuity, here is Lost Moment 11 from last week...

It's a nice, cutesy Lost Moment, but there are two important takeaways:

  1. Sawyer clearly makes it back to the Main Island without incident if he's able to sit and womanize with Jin. Kinda takes away some of the suspense from he and Kate's big escape.
  2. The decaying arm and keychain that Vincent found from Lost Moment 10? Odds are that it came from this van. While it's still plenty strange that there's a Mystery Machine on the Island, some of the intrigue of that arm and especially that key seem to be lost.

I'm not sure if there's going to be one final Lost moment this week or not - but if not, my next post will be the full preview of "Not In Portland". 16 straight weeks of Lost are staring us in the face! Excitement!


Anonymous said...

Sounds awsome Brain.
Here in NZ we havn't even gotten the first 6 episodes.
So I acn't wait.

Anonymous said...

It seems that Sawyer and Jin are on the main island -- along with the source of the decaying arm (the decaying body next to Sawyer) and the source of the key (the van), which both showed up on the main island -- chased by Hurley in Lost Moment 10.

Anonymous said...

I think that it was a big mistake to air this particular Lost moment. I agree with you, Brian. It takes away from the suspense of Kate and Sawyer's escape. I mean, I figured it was a certainty that Sawyer and Kate would make it back safely, but now it's a definite....No drama in their big break out.

On a side note....I just purchased season 2 of The Office. I didn't really get into The Office until the last few episodes of season 2...thanks to you, Brian. I'm off this week on vacation. I bought it last night and am watching it right now. I'm currently watching the episode "Halloween". Funny, funny show. I think The Office is far and away the funniest show on network television. NBC actually has the top 4 comedies on all of television at the moment. The Office, My Name is Earl, Scrubs, and 30 Rock are awesome shows. I owe it to you, Brian, that I started watching them...with the exception of Earl. I just happened to flip the tube on Earl during the pilot episode. I'm a big fan of Jason Lee. I never gave Scrubs a chance until reading your blog about Scrubs being great.

Anonymous said...

so... excited... i... could... pee!!! sorry... it's just been too long without a new episode!

Anonymous said...

Well we do see Sawyer sitting beside a decayed body, and we also see Vincent with a decayed arm. But are they connected? Perhaps, perhaps not. But what I think is really important is the key with the rabbit's foot. I couldn't really tell but the key doesn't look like a vehicle key. It will be interesting to see what it opens. A door? A chest?

I like the Mystery Van reference.
Hugo = Shaggy,
Vincent = Scooby,
Paulo = Freddie
Nikki = Velma
Kate = Daphne
Smokey = Bad guy in cheesy costume.

Anonymous said...

Crazy, but I'm more excited about Lost than the Superbowl.

Never would have thought about caring for a show that much.

Anonymous said...

LoL...I am also more excited about the return of Lost than the super bowl. I have read from a couple of media types who have already seen "Not in Portland" that it is by far the best episode of the season thus far. They all really rave about it.


Anonymous said...

You're right in a way that it eliminates the suspense of Kate and Sawyer escaping, although I'm pretty sure the real suspense they're trying to set up is the tension of those returning without Jack. That's sort of the reason that Nikki and Paulo are on the show (some type of beach rebellion if I remember correctly), although they've sort of botched the delivery on this one because

A. the introductory of Nikki/Paulo was... abrupt
B. There's only been six episodes in the past 8 months... I don't think anyone besides the hardcore fans can really follow the large number of characters at this point.

Did you ever think when Desmond turned the key last May you'd have to wait 8 MONTHS to find out what the hell happened? Yikes. Hurry up, Feb. 7th.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't ruin anything.

We don't know what episode this is.

Who really thinks Kate & Sawyer wern't gonna make it back to the island for the whole season.

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention the Dharma beer...

Anonymous said...

my thoughts are really cheesy...
could it be a "ded head" van following the band Geronimo? How it got on an island baffles me, but with DHARMA beer insode my guess is Alvar all the way :)

I am grasping at straws just to be entertained for 3 more days!

This is by far the most anticipated show I have ever watched and this episode evn more than Oct 4th! THAT IS WHAT I LOVE ABOUT IT! Even with all the complaints, here I am...wanting more!

I think the lost moments are to tortue in thinking you KNOW something when in reality you now nothing factual.

Case in point...my thoughts on WHO Desmond is speaking to when he says No matter what i do, you're gonna die...not Charlie at all. I think it is Claire! The lightning, the water...he is telling her his best efforts can not save her from her fate...just like the fake psychic.

Like I said, just my opinion, nothing of value.