Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Lost - "The Cost of Living"

(Whoa. I leave for four days and the Blog goes to hell. My Google Ads get disabled (it turns out you aren't allowed to ask people to click your ads - what is this, Communist Russia?) costing me $130, people start posting Spoilers in the comments section (remember, we voted to ban this action last season?), our pets heads are falling off... It's getting crazy. But now I'm back and intend to right this ship. No longer blinded by the prospect of becoming rich off the Blog, I'm back to my roots, doing it for the right reasons - to help keep my co-workers and friends from doing actual work at their jobs.)

Episode Title: "The Cost of Living"

Brian's Deeper Meaning Guess: Finally! After spending two and a half seasons dealing with the mysteries of the Island, it looks like Lost is finally getting around to something far more interesting - economics! As the episode title hints, this episode seems to be dealing with the economic principle of the cost of living. A Cost of Living Index measures differences in the price of goods and services over time. Price indexes, such as the U.S. Consumer Price Index, are examples of these indexes. Price indexes measure the cost of purchasing a bundle of goods and services. In a nutshell, it tells you how expensive it is to buy basic necessities in a given area.

So what does this have to do with Lost? Absolutely nothing - I'm just doing my public service to make the world a smarter place. You'll thank me when you're on Jeopardy someday. But on to the deeper meaning...

What is the cost of living? What do we pay each day in order to remain living, breathing, and alive? You could argue that the cost of living is putting up with the pain and suffering that inevitably comes from time to time in life. From a religious perspective, one could argue that the cost of living is the risk that comes each day that you will commit some action to damn your soul. You could even argue that the cost of living is death. Whether we like it or not, everyone dies. The cost of living is that some day you're going to die. As Dave Matthews puts it, "Another year older - another year closer to being dead"). Wow! Most morbid paragraph on the Blog ever! How Halloween appropriate!

Which brings us to Eko.

The Cost of Living is an Eko-centric episode. Who has had a higher cost of living than Eko? Even Locke's "horrible past" pales in comparison. Think back. Eko was forced to murder a complete stranger to save his brother from the same act, he turns into a feared drug lord, and is eventually responsible for his brother's death. He's killed a lot of people, including those closest to him. That's a lot of baggage for someone to shoulder, even if they are built like a hoss. The cost living for Eko is this burden of his past - and it looks like he's coming to grips with it this week.

But he's not the only one. In a nutshell, Lost has always been about people with tortured pasts for one reason or another, and coming to grips with these burdens. Even now, we've got Jack wrestling with the decision of helping the Others in order to get off the Island (the cost of living - off the Island!) and the Others seemingly having an internal struggle (the cost of living on the island is a lack of free will?), without even re-hashing all that we've learned about Sun, Locke, and Sawyer this season. Everyone has plenty of issues, no question there. What worries me is that in the past, when you overcome your demons and find peace on Lost, you usually die (see: Boone, Ana-Lucia, Shannon).

The cost of living can be steep. But to take it to the extreme, the highest cost of living is one person sacrficing themself so that another can live. That puts the value of one life over the value of another. The cost of one person living can sometimes be the death of another (see: Bruce Willis at the end of Armageddon).


TV.com Description: A delirious Eko wrestles with past demons; some of the castaways go to the Pearl station to find a computer they can use to locate Jack, Kate and Sawyer; Jack does not know who to trust when two of the Others are at odds with each other.

TV.com Breakdown: When we last left Eko, he was seemingly still unconscious from his Polar Bear attack (I think we can safely chalk up his "talking" to Locke as a hallucination on Locke's part). The way the description is worded, his "wrestling with past demons" could happen regardless of if he wakes up or still unconscious. I'm curious to see if this struggle is going to be another trippy scene that's all inside Eko's head while he's still unconscious and dreaming, or if it's a product of him waking up and being "changed" by the Hatch implosion, a la Desmond. Only instead of seeing the future, Eko's seeing his demons from his past. Either way, I'm expecting a heavy dose of Yemi guilting Eko about his past.

Meanwhile, it looks like Locke decides a return trip to the Pearl Station is in order to help facilitate his journey for Jack, Kate and Sawyer. It’s about time that one of the Survivors started thinking logically, using the resources from a Hatch to their advantage! It’s still bothered me that there have been no repeat visits to the Staff, the Pearl, etc. other than the initial visits there. If it was me, and I was stranded on a mysterious Island with no idea what was going on all around me, you better believe I’d be tearing each Hatch apart, trying to find some clues.

Inside the Pearl, I’m assuming Locke encounters this freaky image:

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Who is this guy? Well, given that he has an eye patch, smart money is on the fact that he’s the same person who lost his glass eye inside the Arrow Hatch. It’s also likely that he was the one who was sitting at the desk inside the Pearl, burning cigarettes (whose butts were found by Locke and Eko last season).

Rather than being our first “Reject”, I’m more expecting him to become a “wild card” on the Island – the equivalent of someone like CFL, who doesn’t seem to have any true allegiances, but seems to have a fair deal of knowledge about the Island. Although mega-freaky, he doesn’t quite have the “savage look” that I would expect from the Rejects, and also seems to be all alone, which somewhat rules him out for being an Other. Look for him to provide the clues necessary to lead Locke to Jack, Kate, and Sawyer – and also be plenty freaky.

Lastly, it seems that we’re getting our first taste of some dissension among the Others, and Jack is right in the middle. Although it might be something as simple as Pickett and Ben arguing (over if Pickett can kill Sawyer or not), it would make more sense to have this be a fight between Juliet and Ben – over the tumor that Jack pointed out last episode. Juliet seemed a bit taken aback by Jack’s comment about the X-Rays showing a tumor, and the previews seem to indicate that the endangered spine was none other than Ben’s.

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Suddenly, the reasoning behind the kidnapping of Jack becomes quite clear. Ben needs spinal surgery. Jack is a spinal surgeon. It’s pretty simple really. Kate and Sawyer are brought along for the ride to help “coerce” Jack if needed.

So why the argument? I’m guessing that none of the other Others were aware of Ben’s tumor or the need for Jack. Something tells me that they were under the impression that Jack, Kate, and Sawyer were kidnapped for some higher purpose than just helping Ben survive. Suddenly, it seems that Ben is out for his own well being more so than that of the group. At least that’s my hope, in my dream world of Others and Rebel Dharmites.

Previously on Lost...

Brian's One Word Review of "Every Man for Himself": Intense.

I was really surprised to see how many people were not huge fans of last episode. Granted, I didn’t believe the “exploding heart” bit for a second, but it was still the most action packed episode of Lost so far this season. Between Sawyer getting his ass kicked by Ben (reminiscent of Ethan’s domination of Jack in Season One, anyone? Maybe these Others do have some sort of super strength after all…), getting stabbed in the heart (which to me was a pretty clear reference to the movie “The Rock”, not “Pulp Fiction”), Colleen dying, and the bunny seemingly being shaken to death, there were enough “edge of your seat” moments this episode to more than make up for the weak flashback and “exploding heart” storylines.

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Again, it wasn’t a five star episode, but I enjoyed it as much as any episode so far this season. So what happened?

Desmond. As predicted, he’s using his newfound clairvoyance to help protect his fellow Survivors from danger – in this case, saving Claire, Charlie, and Aaron from a lightning strike that could have seriously injured them – or at least ruined their shelter. So what’s the deal here?

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We didn’t really get any further information about how or why Desmond suddenly has this power, but it’s clear that it’s not strictly some sort of “mind meld” with Locke and Eko, but rather straightforward seeing into the future. Knowing exactly when and where the lightning bolt would strike was in no way tied to any knowledge that any of the Survivors would have. Needless to say, if Desmond somehow has control over this power, it would prove indispensable in any sort of “fight” against the Others, as well as predicting what is going to happen on upcoming episodes of Lost! Here’s hoping we continue to learn more about one of the most intriguing developments on Lost we’ve ever seen.

Purple Haze. As some commenters have astutely noted, one of the big lines of the episode was something of a throwaway line between Tom and Ben when Sawyer was waking up on the operating table, where Tom mentions somewhat frantically that “the sky went purple, we’ve lost communications, and Colleen is dying…”

Why is this so important? For one, it demonstrates that the Others have no idea what happened when Desmond blew up the Hatch any more than our Survivors do. The curious thing is that Ben’s capture and toying with Locke seemed to be for the purpose of getting them to stop pushing the button – why would he have done so if they were unaware of the consequences of such action? This also leads me to the question – if the Others don’t know what happened when the sky went purple, who will? Are we ever going to get a firm answer of the repercussions of this action, or are we going to have to piece it together as we go along, chalking up new occurrences on the Island as resulting from the Hatch implosion?

Also huge in this conversation is that the Others have lost their communication with the outside world. When the magnetic force “released”, it clearly knocked out whatever sort of communication equipment they were using – leaving them as stranded on the Island as the Survivors are. Will this possibly lead to the two sides working together? Not likely – the Others seem quite content to stay on the Island, which is the exact opposite of how our Survivors feel. What this might do, though, is give our Survivors a bit of an upper hand in some sort of “battle” between the two groups. With their communications down, maybe their ability to remotely monitor the Island is lessened as well.

Crappy Equipment. I also found it curious that the Others lacked functioning medical equipment. If they had Defibrillator Paddles, Colleen might have been able to be saved – but Juliet quietly admitted that they did not. These Others are definitely not as advanced as we initially gave them credit for – they might somehow be able to get ten copies of the same book for Book Club, but they can’t request updated, functioning medical equipment? Something seems a little off here – as if they don’t have as constant communication lines with the outside world as they would have us to believe. It’s almost as if they’re holding on to their life on the Island even after their supporters on the outside world have forgotten about them. Very intriguing.

Lame. Much less intriguing was the flashback this past episode, showing us that Sawyer was able to con people for some good. I suppose the flashback gave us a more well-rounded image of Sawyer as a person, but it really didn’t do much for me. Yes, it was nice to see Cassidy back, showing some continuity between Sawyer flashbacks. Yes, it was nice to know that Sawyer has a kid out there (allegedly), and has the heart to support this kid in his own way. But my main problem with the flashback, and something that seems to be happening more and more, is that the flashbacks seem to have little to no connection to what’s going on the Island at the time.

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I remember back to Season One, when a character on the Island would say or do something that would “launch” a flashback, where we would see something saying or doing something similar. That makes sense. The actions on the Island are “triggering” the character to have that flashback. Anymore, it seems very disconnected, as we have Sawyer in a cage, plotting his escape – then flashing back to him in a boxing ring – huh? It just doesn’t make much sense.

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One of my fears for a while has been that the flashbacks among our core group of characters would become stale with time. It’s slowly happening, but it’s not because the things happening in the flashbacks are uninteresting or lack a huge “twist”, a la Locke being in a wheelchair – but rather they are just starting to feel extraneous to the storyline on the Island. More than anything, this seems to be a product of lazy writing. Disappointing.

Paulo. Speaking of disappointment, I again have to mention what an absolutely horrible job the writers are doing introducing Paulo and Nikki – another episode with a throwaway scene featuring Paulo where we don’t learn his name or anything about him, but instead see a forced scene with an existing character, acting like they’ve known each other all along. This is getting to the point of awkwardness. You know how when you meet someone new, if you forget their name, you only have so much time to ask them what it is again before it becomes too awkward to do so since you’ve already been hanging out with them so much? I think we’re officially there with Paulo. Nikki, you’re not far behind.

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Alcatraz. Finally, the big shock at the end of the episode is that there’s more than one Island on Lost. If we’re to believe Ben, the Island that they’re currently on is used as a “prison” of sorts (thus the “Alcatraz” reference). After seeing this, some immediate questions come to mind:

  1. How have the Survivors, the Tailers, CFL, etc. NOT seen this until now? Is there some sort of “magic invisibility shield” around it? Did the Hatch exploding somehow make it visible, where it was cloaked in the past? Or are we to believe that no one has ever made it to the side of the main Island that it lies across from?
  2. Here’s a big question – was it even real? It’s almost a little too convenient, given that we saw the Others’ “main civilization” is on the main Island, and could be nothing more than some optical illusion designed to keep Sawyer from any escape plans. How? No idea – but something to keep in the back of your mind…
  3. Assuming that the Island is real, was the wire that Sayid found along the beach somehow running communications / power from the main Island out to Alcatraz? If so, wouldn’t he have seen Alcatraz out in the ocean when he was looking at where the wire was going? Or is this where the “cloaking” comes into play?
  4. Again assuming Alcatraz is legit, how do the Others get to and from the main Island? There was some mention of “the sub returning”, so it sounds as though they do have some means of sea transportation – but we’ve yet to see any proof of this.
  5. What is the purpose of this second Island? It isn’t mentioned at all in the “Numbers” Orientation video, but may have been referenced in the Pearl Orientation video, where they talk about performing your experiments and then returning to the ferry to take you back to the barracks. Is Alcatraz the true “living quarters” for the scientists, to protect them from the wacky experiments going on the main Island? If so, what are we to make of the fact that the Others were seemingly living on the main Island during the first scene of Season Three? Is that their “summer home”?

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Spoilers. Last but not least. Someone forgot the golden rule of “Lost and Gone Forever” – that is, we don’t post spoilers in the Comments Section, since they are the equivalent of fast-forwarding to the end of a movie before watching the middle, or searching for your Christmas presents around the house the week before Christmas – it just ruins the fun for everyone.

Because of this, and for the sake of all those who don’t actually read the Comments (which I hope is most people!), I’m going to refrain from commenting on the post in question (but have already kinda hinted at my thoughts already) – but will say this – I have a very hard time believing it to be true. From a storytelling perspective, it doesn’t make any sense to me, and I will be shocked to see it come to fruition.

Maybe I’ve already said too much.

So with that, I’m done for this week. I’ve got to say, I’m going into this week with little to no expectations about the quality of the episode, which should hopefully leave me pleasantly surprised. But honestly, we’ve only got two weeks of Lost left before the winter break, and it has definitely under-performed up until this point. It’s going to take a strong finish for Lost to build some momentum to carry us through the cold winter months – but here’s hoping.

PS – God bless those male Lost producers. Another week, another scene of hot Kate action!

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Anonymous said...

I feel a need to defend Every Man for Himself. I thought that episode was amazing! Intense is right...not only in action but in that it brought back an emotional ferocity that hasn't been present since Season 1. The link to the flashback was weak but not as absurd as other links have been.

Anonymous said...

"Our pets heads are falling off" kills me Brian! I get you dude.

Funny, very funny.

Anonymous said...

i hate paulo and nikki

Anonymous said...

I loved "Every Man For himself" and I admit that I fell for the pacemaker stuff. I was more than glad to see that it was a con, and may I say, what a con! ("The only thing we put in you was doubt" great line!)

I think there was a connection between Sawyer's flashback and what was going on on the island: Sawyer told Cassidy he had no daughter, made it seem as if he didn't care, but in the end we saw him helping her (the bank account) his own way, meaning he did care. That's exactly what happened (Sawyer lying to Kate only for her own sake) and what Ben said at the end about his feelings for Kate: "You work so hard to make her think you don't care -- that you don't need her, but... (Of Mice and Men quote)" So I think there's a connection, but it was weak because time had lapsed between the scene where he asked for the bank account for Clementine and the last scene where Ben said those things, the connection was not immediate.

I agree with your thoughts on the second island, I think it was clocked until the implosion of the hatch, now it's no longer invisible, and that's why Ben needed that sailboat so bad (the island being visible, the survivors might have found them)

I'm worried about Desmond's storyline, it's so easy to mess up, and the producers haven't been themselves lately...

Great to have you back :)

Anonymous said...

I think this was probably the best episode of the season because it had intriguing content like the good old lost(like season 1 and 2). I keep thinking about the last scene over and over but I still can not believe there is more than one island given all the stuff upto now. first we know the others live or at least lived upto some point on the same island the losties crashed. also when they captured claire why would they keep her on the main island and let her getaway. you might think its because of the hatch they used but they could easily evacuate that one so its not really that valuable. one final thing, when ben says "... con a conman...etc" what if he's actually referring to the second island, as in "we are making you think you are on another island". note that he also said we are a lot better than you at con-ing people.

Anonymous said...

About the second island... no one we know has ever actually fully and completely explored to island. As Sayid said in the first season, we're not even sure if it is an island. And when he went exploring he only got so far around (I believe about half). It's entirely possible he simply didn't go to that side of the island. Furthermore, there are thousands of South Pacific islands; it isn't that big of a stretch to say two are close together.

As to how they get to and from the main island, who says they go by boat? What if the underwater prison is part of a tunnel between the two islands? And there is no reason to presume that the cable goes to the second island. Even if it does, it may curve around due to some underwater topography.

Of course, I'm still operating under the hope that everything will fit into one unified picture eventually.

And as for Ben, I think you're close, if not right on. It's obvious he knows more than he's letting on to the other Others. You yourself said he seemed annoyed and not perplexed by the purple sky. What if he went to the Survivor's camp on purpose to see if Jack is the kid of man he can manipulate into fixing him? And figuring out what and who he'll need to coerce Jack.

In other news, a little over a week to Captain Tightpants!

Anonymous said...

Question....why again would Ben say he wants to earn Sawyers' respect? Why would he care or need to earn Sawyers respect?

Anonymous said...

I think the flashback tied exactly into the main story line. Sawyer was locked up in prison, but we watched him "plot his escape" by learning that to go along, you have to get along. He worked with the warden (the authority figure he seemed to hate) to con poor Munson out of his money, and "earned" his escape. Now, Sawyer's back in a "prison" of sorts and is slowly learning that he'll be better off if he goes along with Ben and the others rather than trying to outsmart them with an escape plan.

And my thought on Alcatraz is that it is a separate island. It makes sense that if they were using the Hydra station for animal experiments - polar bears, sharks, dolphins - they may want to do that in a place separate from their own village. I'm not sure how the bears then made it over to the main island... but I'm standing by the idea that there are indeed 2 islands.

Anonymous said...

Hello? Is everyone forgetting the line from the preview here? "The only reason you're still alive is because they need you."

THEY NEED SAWYER. Why? Damned if I know right now, and it could be as simple as a bargaining chip, but that seems a little hollow to me...

Loving the 'con a con man' there is only one island bit... but then why the sub? Surely we aren't meant to assume the mention of the sub was for the Sawyer's benefit, so they must be away from the main island... hm. Intruging indeed.

Looks like it's picking back up again now anyway... these last 2 episodes should be cool... kinda figures that they keep the big cliffhanger for episode 6, they'll probably drop some huge new mystery on us while simultaneously answering or at least hinting at another plot we've just about forgotten about :P

Anonymous said...

"I'm not sure how the bears then made it over to the main island..."

You know how far polar bears can swim, right?

Anonymous said...

Great great blog man, as usual. Sorry about the goggle ads, can you get them back??

I honestly have no expectations for tonights episode. It could be bad, it could be mindblowing. Heres hoping we do get the mini season arc we were promised to enjoy so much ;)

Anonymous said...

Two thoughts:

1) What if Sawyer's flashback was telling us something relative to the island. What if, as Ben was conning Sawyer, he was wondering if his "child" was really a con as well? That was my take on the use of the flashback.

2) As for the second island, I've thought this was the case since we met the others on the dock at the end of the last season. Which brings me to this. Ben gave Michael the coordinates to "leave the island." What if that was simply the way to find the other island. Sure, it would require the cloaking idea to be true, but I really think Michael and Walt will be back and this would be an explanation of that.

Again, my two cents. Keep up the great job -- and thanks for your spoiler warning, I'll refrain from reading comments other than your own until the heat dies down.

Anonymous said...

very nice, m8.

first of all i think i got an answer for some question u were asking yourself:
"The curious thing is that Ben’s capture and toying with Locke seemed to be for the purpose of getting them to stop pushing the button – why would he have done so if they were unaware of the consequences of such action?"

-- maybe Ben just didn't know about the Fail Safe/Discharge Possibility.
Let's not forget it was Desmond turning the Key and not the Hatch Magnet creating the purple sky (vibrating occuring triggered just by the System Failure as we learn from 3x01)... Well, yeah.

As posted by two former Commenters, the Flashbacks getting "triggered" this last episode really made sense; at least for me.

The second island is real, no doubt. Ben ain't lying, he already conned the hell out of our Con Man.

Paulo and Nikki's "introducing" really sucks - only thing about Lost i dislike atm. ;/

Spoilers are the nastiest thing. Hate 'em guts.
Tbh, i even dislike watching the Trailers and thus reading that part of your Blog because i hate it, when i'm watching a brand new episode and then see something i already now! (ain't that conflicting?!)
Hell, you all love suprises, don't you? ;D - greetings

SinkingDeeper said...

Damn the all-seeing eye of Google! :)

Great Post Brian!

Anonymous said...

I think the island is there, it also gives the answer to why they wanted the boat so badly

Anonymous said...

The other island is clearly there...no way the writters would resort to a sci-fi explanation for this and no way this is another conn. Also, hard to imagine the alkatraz island was "cloaked" for same reason. I think the answer, when it is revealed, will be rooted in some explainable and plausable science. Getting back to conns, I still think the heart conn was great even though many of us can see it coming.

spflw said...

I liked the Of Mice and Men reference. And the time between the first reference and Ben's reference made it that much sweeter.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Ben lied about the island. Maybe they ARE on the main island, and what he shows him is yet another island.

An island of 40 acres is small, it wouldn't take much time or distance before they figured it out.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the character development of Ben. The guys is an intellect...his quoting of Steinbeck as well his displayed disdain for commercialized works such as Carrie.

Anonymous said...

ONE QUESTION...How is it that posting your own thoughts and theories is considered SPOILERish? Isn't this what you do with your deeper meaning guess? Most all the comments I read here are either theories, thoughts or clips viewable online by EVERYONE else here!

I guess the spoiler thing was over MY head. Nothing new!

Brian said...

Theories and predictions are one thing - heck, I'm usually wrong more than I'm right - but in the Comments section last week, people were posting and discussing something posted from someone from TV Guide, who warned readers that it was a Spoiler - meaning it is coming from some sort of inside source, and can be trusted as being the truth (unless of course it's a red herring released by the show's creators - always an option).

At this point, it's not a theory or thought, it's someone taking all the guessing and fun out of it.

Does that make sense?

Anonymous said...

That picture of the guy with the eye patch looks like a pirate to me...perhaps from the Black Rock, somehow?!? I don't know anything about a guy who lost an eye in the arrow hatch. Can anyone refresh my memory?

Anonymous said...

Yes brian, it makes sense what you are saying. I just wish what spoiler exactly are you talking about!!!! :P

PHG said...

I'm off topic here, but wanted to ask....

What's your take on the new shows this season?

I am definately going to give Daybreak a try, looks interesting.

I really like Heroes. Very entertaining.

I just watched the first two episodes of Jericho last night, and I am really excited for that. I think I'll watch another two tonight and clear some room on the DVR.

I was going to watch Kidnapped and had them on the DVR, but I erased them when NBC said they were ending it after 12 shows or so.

I still have The Nine backlogged on the DVR. Anybody watch this? To be honest, I just don't feel like watching it after Lost.

6 Degrees, not bad. But what happens when everyone realizes they are connected? I think they need to keep them in dark. It would kind of ruin it if they all knew they were connected and then had one big party.

Standoff. I like this show. It's not ground-breaking tv, but just a good show to watch. I think over the last few years tv has gotten too good for its own good. Now everything has to be Uber Different like Lost. Nothing wrong with a normal solid show.

Justice. I watched one episode and it seems cool. But I just have too many shows to watch now, so I don't alwats watch it.

Rambing done. Lunch break over.

Anonymous said...

What I don't get isn't that they can't see the Island. OK, I don't get that either - but what I really don't get is how non-chalant Juliet was about the sailboat.

She said "let them sail around in circles". How could she be so sure they wouldn't sail into Hydra Station Bay or where-ever they park their sub?

Anonymous said...

One thing for tonights episode: I really hope Eko doesnt die. Brian, uve been right about the person's tory being complete, and them dying...maybe that will be a common theme, and that is why there is unanswered questions about the core losties? Also, from the other episode, somebody sent me this map of the island.... icluding a possible location of Alcatraz. looking at this map, i can see wy no one found the second island...


if the hyperlink doesnt come up, try copyin and pasting....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sorry for the triple posting, but the link above sohuld work. copy the first part and paste and then copy the second part...

Anonymous said...

My bad, my bad, my bad.... In my love of all things Lostie... I spoiled. As Trixie's Mom used to say "Trixie, perhaps you should just sit quietly and listen... and when you learn not to be so bossy, you can go play again.."

Anyway... my sincere apologies... And for my punishment, I just realised I screwed up my DVR and missed the first 20 min of tonight's episode.

WDoG Winston P said...

I liked this episode!


-It's AWESOME to see smokey again!!!

-What the hell with the Nikki in the pearl. "Why don't you guys try to patch into one of the other feeds?"
Locke and Sayid are "O wow, Why didn't I think of that?"
This to me was completely lame. They STILL haven't introduced these characters. The "lets tag along" thing was dumb. The fact that electronics guru Sayid, and the all around bad ass Locke didn't figure out was bad.

-Bye bye Ecko.

-What ecko said was insane.

-I'm still a little sketchy on the whole juliet thing. I can see this as another ploy to get Jack on thier side. Anyone else kind of see that?

Can't wait for what you say about it Brian.

BTW: Sucks about the google ads.

Anonymous said...

Action? I like "Action" as long as it pertains to the plot of a good story. It has to be done well.

That's probably why i didn't get the Reference to The Rock, though that movie was better than Armageddon(same director, go figure). I've seent hem, but I'll leave me my opinion at that, but it does help to explain why "Every Man For Themselves" was not my favorite.

I loved this episode, however I still don't care much for Paulo, or whatever his name is. I hope the smoke monster gets him next.

I want to point out the music played at the funeral of Coleen. What an odd selection, it may lean us toward the live extension theory rather than the excellerated growth.

So many things to talk about...

Anonymous said...

oops, typo... accellerated growth.
Don't want to look too stupod!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian,
Great Posts...i noticed you said that you cant believe they dont have defibrillator paddles on the island. Well its actually crappy writing because she was in asystole and even if they had paddles, you dont shock that rhythm according to advanced cardiac life support algorithm!

melodrama said...

I found a really hilarious episode of next week's episode, "I Do":


Brian, you may appreciate the scenes with Kate!

melodrama said...


MBBG said...

melodrama - thanks!
- Web Buffy