Thursday, October 19, 2006

"Further Instructions" Chatter

Brian's One Word Review: Disappointed.

Maybe I was setting myself up for it by setting my expectations too high, but this episode disappointed me for two major reasons:

  1. A Polar Bear? Really?! All the crazy stuff on the Island that could put someone in danger (Smokey, Others, CFL, Rejects) and you bring in a polar bear that we haven't seen or thought of since Season 1, Episode 1? That's terrible writing in my opinion - it felt out of place, had crappy CGI, and served no real purpose.
  2. The Flashback. What was the point? Once again, we learned that Locke had a crappy life before the Island, and got taken advantage of left and right. All he ever wanted was a family, and he didn't get it from his real family, his foster family, or his crazy cult family. How about telling us how he got in the wheelchair? Or maybe a flashback to time on the Island, like when he encountered the Smoke Monster the first time in Season One? All would be awesome. I suppose you could argue that it developed the reason why Locke was a "hunter" (and not a "farmer"), but that's about it.

On the other hand, there was plenty to like about the episode.

  1. The drug-dream sequence was fantastic, giving us hints about the current state and fate of all the characters ("They'll be alright... for now", "You can't help them...yet", "I think Sayid has that under control"), and it's good to see that Locke is coming back as a badass rather than lame Locke from last season.
  2. Desmond. I'm not sure if he can see the future, or if he's somehow mentally linked with Locke and Eko after the hatch implosion, but the whole "time warp" theories about the Island are getting more and more evidence in their favor.

What happened to the steamy Survivor sex we were promised? Must have been cut (and I can't say I'm upset about it - watching the episode, I kept thinking "how are they going to have that scene in the midst of all these other ones? It will feel terribly out of place."), along with that sweet line from the preview of Locke picking up his hunting knife and saying "I've missed this." Apparently they're filming a lot more than they're using these days - because this makes two of the three episodes where major elements were filmed and never shown... unless they're coming up down the road?

Sorry for letting everyone down with this episode by hyping it up so much, but I have to admit - if I was writing the show, it would be far more interesting. We're three episodes into the season (halfway through the alleged "mini-storyline" that runs through the fall break) and I don't feel like anything has happened. I don't know much more about the Others, I don't know why they wanted Jack, Kate, and Sawyer, I don't know what the reprecussions of the Hatch Implosion are, etc. I know it's Lost, and answers are always slow coming - but I was expecting more out of the gate.

Anywho, feel free to comment away - full analysis coming next week!

(PS - I finally hit $100 in Google Ads - which means I get a paycheck - good work everyone! I'm not rich yet... but I'm on my way!)


Anonymous said...

I bet they are filming more footage then they are using as it will help to better sell the "Extended Edition" season 3 DVD later on.

This week was a bit slower then I had hoped for, but the dream sequence was really good. That looks to be the "We're going to need to watch that again" moment so far this season.

If next week's episode holds up to the preview, it looks to be intense.

Anonymous said...

WTH happened last night?? A polar bear? No action at Jacks Tend? No knife fixation with Locke? Where did all previews go? Are they telling us to not expect anything at all this season? And damn, this is the 3rd episode and I feel we are going around in circles but not going really going anywhere? I expected so much to see the new cast but it was sure a let something Lost crew, but we cant continue this way...darn... Im pretty mad right now!

Myriam said...

I'm a huge Lost fan from day 1 but last night's episode was pretty boring. I totally agree with your comments. I love Locke but I don't want to see anymore flashbacks unless its regarding his paralysis.

San Lorenzo, PR

erichapman said...

you've completely ignored the one part i was hoping for more information on...

that freakin' wolf head as locke jumped out of the sweat lodge!

and the fact that locke and charlie were being chased but a polar bear, but it turned out to be hurley. (and all this after we find out that comic that walt liked so much from season one was hurley's. ...the one with the polar in it!)

and then there's saywer and kate locked up in some sort of cages like monkeys (and we know "it only took the bears a couple hours" in those cages).

plus jack is down there underwater in the dolphin aquarium... or maybe it was a shark cage like the shark from the season 2 opener with the dharma logo near the tail.

newest crackpot lost theory from me: they're somehow turned into a warewolf type being where they can transform into different animals.

lock is a wolf
hurley is a polar bear
jack is either a dolphin or a shark
sawyer has GOT to be a monkey

i don't know what everyone else would be, but maybe it's how they all survived a plane crash... part of them died but an animal spirit took over the part of them that died and keeps them alive...

i don't know. that's pretty out there. it's probably too sci-fi/fantasy for ABC...

Anonymous said...

Have to disagree. I thought that the episode was really interesting, and awesome visually. Give it some time - at the end of Season II they left us with three different groups in three different places (Kate, Jack, Sawyer w/ others, Sayid, Jin, Sun on boat, and Desmond, Locke, Eko ?) and they have now brought us into the immediate present of where they all are. No disrespect, but the show would not be more interesting if you wrote it Brian, because I think all of us fans would be too shortsighted (we'd answer things in a closed ended way that kills plot development) to advance things towards a satisfying conclusion. Have faith.

And there were two huge developments not mentioned yet - though we saw the return of Locke the Hunter, we also saw the return of Locke the leader. Notice how once Locke brings Eko back and Hurley breaks the news about the Others taking Jack, Kate and Hurley, there is a temporary freakout, then Locke siezes control, directs the Losties in the task at hand (help Eko) and assures everyone that they will have a plan in place to rescue Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. The other big development was the return of The Island as a character - as Brian mentioned, it tipped us off as to what was going on with some of the Losties, and if we assume that Boone was speaking for the island also suggested that the Island is at odds with Benjamin Linus and his crew and whatever it is they do, and is not going to hesitate to place the Island faithful (Locke and Eko) in action when needed.

Seriously, very cool episode. Tamper expectations, be patient, and focus on the story that is/may be developing instead of the hoped for story that is the most instantly gratifying, but shallow in the long term.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think it's possible that the Desmond we saw this episode isn't real? I pretty sure Hurley's the only one who saw him. Is it possible that he imagined him?

Anonymous said...

i like both the island as a character and desmond not real suggestion... i think the possibility that hurley is imagining desmond is potentially right on!

i thought the episode was slow and i did not like the locke flashbacks either... too many loose ends... what was with the fresh kill scene? the polar bear sucked... i would have been more interested in the black smoke monster as the villain too.

Anonymous said...

Locke saw Desmond running naked in the grass when he woke up at the beginning of the episode, so not just Hurley can see him!

Anonymous said...

I agree with rutkow -- I thought it was an excellent episode. I know we all want to know what happened to make Locke paraplegic, but, face it, as soon as we learn that, we're probably done with Locke flashbacks, or at least with the most interesting ones. I doubt the writers are too hell-bent on drying out that reservoir. Admittedly, the whole polar bear thing was a little stupid, but the show still managed to make me uptight that the bear was gonna kill someone, so the suspense thing was working for me, at least.

Anonymous said...

I agree with rutkow -- I thought it was an excellent episode. I know we all want to know what happened to make Locke paraplegic, but, face it, as soon as we learn that, we're probably done with Locke flashbacks, or at least with the most interesting ones. I doubt the writers are too hell-bent on drying out that reservoir. Admittedly, the whole polar bear thing was a little stupid, but the show still managed to make me uptight that the bear was gonna kill someone, so the suspense thing was working for me, at least.

Anonymous said...

One other thought - has Locke also been an outlaw? I'm assuming there was some consequence to him belonging to that community that was probably busted. Was he ever imprisoned?

Obviously everyone would like to know what's up with Locke and the wheelchair, but there are other mysteries that have been forgotten that may still be resolved: what happened to Cindy, what's the deal with CFL, who were Adam and Eve, what's the story behind the real Henry Gale, what about the Black Rock, etc. etc. etc.

Lots of material that I am looking forward to!

Anonymous said...

enjoy what is; not what should/could be IMO. this past episode was enjoyable and the season and show overall is simply awesome.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that one of the people in Locke's camp happened to be one of the others?

Anonymous said...

I thought it was great, and I'm cool with the pacing. This show is like watching a magician who will eventually reveal The Secret; you want to know, but not too soon. Its the waiting and the tension that are so delicious.

IMHO the most important part of the show was the final closing moment when Hurley said he had deja vu with Desmond throwing rocks. I think that thats really really important.

Oh, and I've decided to call it: Penny Widmore is coming, and she's bringing Hell with her :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous (11:48)-

I did not notice an Other at Locke's camp ... can you give more details? That would (obviously) be pretty important!

4th Street Poker Tour said...

Just suspend your own beliefs and watch the show for what it is and not what it should be. You'll enjoy it much more and we'll enjoy reading your site again.

Anonymous said...

This was my favorite episode this season.. Brian, you do have some good points about the episode.. yes, I was hoping for the monster... but I'm sure there is a reason..
thinking of which, the white fur on the branches looked like cotton, and why would the bear drag a living creature back to it's lair. It doesn't really make sense. Note the toys and bones in the cave... this MAY come into play later.

One thing, I do think the background story had something.. it showed that locke makes bad decisions that affect those around him. And brings up the argument with the hunter vs farmer personality the he's been trying to fight. It also raised the personality type to be 'coorsed'.

I think what I liked was the fall back to the wierd images/dreams.

I don't remember locke hitting charlie when he was really off of heroine...
Or charlie despising locke.. and if he did, why go along with him?

I hope the Ekko flashback isn't one where he's battling for his life AND the demons of his past. I just have this feeling that when he comes to terms with this.. he'll either die, or wake up.

Anonymous said...

I think the deja vu wasn't Desmond throwing rocks. It was that Desmond told him about the speech BEFORE it was given... that's the deja vu...

Anonymous said...

Polar bear? Really?

What happened to Locke after Eddie the cop left? Did he get busted? Is that why he was leaving Australia? Maybe he was being chased, he wouldn't stop, so Eddie shot him in the back, paralyzing him.

I hope Desmond is neither a ghost nor a visionary. It would suck both ways.

Did Eko indeed spoke to John? It seemed as if he didn't. What if they were somehow connected mentally, Locke Desmond and Eko? I think I could live with that.

Not the greatest way to introduce new characters.

I just can't stand Claire. She's too much.

Each one of the previous episodes ended with me saying: "OH COME ON!" Come on you producers, you can do better than THAT. You once did it very well...

Anonymous said...

"Is that why he was leaving Australia?"

Uh no, if you watch the 3rd episode of season 1 (I can't believe I'm typing this) you'll find out why Locke was in AUS (and why he was leaving).

Brian, I think you a) are/were puffing this ep up way too much, and b) (for everyone), lots of "foilers" were leaked by the producers to keep people guessing, hence no sex scene. Check out if you want to see the raft of spoilers/foilers. Don't worry, they're very good about not ruining the whole show. But it helped set my expectations that the whole storyline wouldn't be blown wide open by the last minute.

RE: Previews, they ran at this end. Maybe your ABC affiliate jumped the gun? Next week looks really intense.

RE: Pacing, think of this like your Google ads. Frustrating when you're down in the $3 dumps, but eventually it pays off. I think they're bending over backwards to make "deposits" over the first 6 eps that will pay off by the S3 finale. The producers are hinting that we should know more about the others/island by episode 6. If that helps.

Anonymous said...

this is Heather'sBrain...can not log in for some reason...

I am shocked by your immediate comments, Brian. I know it was in some ways a disappointment, all the more reason not to read TV Guide when looking for info...but this episode brought it back to the first season. Remember what it was that hooked us to this show. Obviously different things fro everyone but in the beginning it was fear, terror and sheer WHAT THE HECK? moments that made us tune in next week!

As for the Locke flashbacks, I felt so many paralells I was stunned not to read ONE of them here. He needed to CLEAN UP HIS MESS, in the past he couldn't do what needed to be done, on the island he sis. It was NEEDED for the sake of the HOME life he now has (survivors). When he was faced witht he FBI (was it FBI?) agent, the agent sounded JUST like that badassblonde on the boat..."We know you won't kill anyone..." Jeronimo Jackson shirt, REALLY? Does anyone else think that Mike looked a lot like Tom? Probably not but it was all I could think all night!

Anyway, what about the Polar Bear being the smoke or vise versa? I am thinking this, he goes in to the steamhut, has a little MIND ALTERING goo and his mind sends him visions. Now, I know it is supposed to be from the island, but in all dreams it is your subconcious working out problems in a way your concious can handle. IE, smokey is the island to Locke. The ISLAND has taken Mr. Eko and Locke has to get him back. If it were black smoke how do you defend yourself? How do you fight it? At the end of the hut session he sees the bear, it jumps at him and THROWS him out of the hut (so to speak) pushing him on his way. If it were black smoke telling him what is happening and who to help and dragging his friend off, would his concious mind be able to do it? It would most likely focus on the smoke.

Okay, so he goes to the cave and sees bad graphics, I agree there but it is a weekly show not a big budget film so lay off a bit there. Also, it seems to me he is still on the mind altering goo because Eko has a convo with him while unconcious! Too cool. Think about, Charlie was gone for the UNBELIEVABLE parts of the story. The imagined or visionary if you will. So was it all that bad, really?

I really felt we learned A LOT about who is in trouble and who isn't. Brought all characters forward, as someone else has said very pointedly. We found out that Locke is our new group leader and introduced (very oddly I thought) two new characters. We are in GO mode now. All episodes now go forward. We are caught up in three episodes with three groups...this is the most complex TV ever and you are whining about a wheelchair?

I agree we need to just sit back and let eachone be what it is. Analize each move if you want but remember, the guys and gals in charge have a plan, and thank God they are writing because it is a great story each week.

Anonymous said...

Heather'sBrain again,
I forgot one point I was hoping for confirmation on.

Int he cave he sees a DHARMA logo jumpsuit? Could this be Kelvin's body? If it is, this answered my agonizing question of HOW DID NO ONE FIND HIS BODY????

I love how they answer all of MY questions...just kidding!

Rebecca said...

What about Desmond?? Did the hatch affect him in a way that now he can predict the future? I'm not even sure he knows he can. Interesting twist on things. I'm so glad to know that Kate, Jack and Sawyer are okay... THANKS a lot Boone. That was a great part, being pushed through the airport. I really liked this episode. I think we came out with a better sense of Locke and what he is all about.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY! Logged in and wanted to say, next week should reveal more about Desmond's "gift"

I think this was an awesome week for Lost, like the first few weeks of school... all the boring, getting to know you - rules - here are your books and how to use them - whatever, is over...time for the show to proceed.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the creature is an actual Polar Bear - it looked distorted. I think they began experimenting on animals (hence the cages) and it went wrong (hence the darma shirt and toy in the cage). Now they are going to experiment on people (Kate and Sawyer). I also think Desmond was an experiment gone wrong - he's been caught naked twice (1st season and last night).

Also, we can only expect these six "mini series" to be bland in anticipation for the up-coming shows after the first of the year. They seem to be "fillers" to tide us over.

Interesting too - how Ben (aka Henry) was in Locke's airport blurb checking in Kate and Sawyers belongings. Seems they were all paired up just the way the Others planned.

PHG said...

A few random points....

I think everyone is being too harsh on the show. Like I said earlier, sit back and enjoy.

Locke's freaky trip was awesome. I am now kicking myself for erasing the DVR, I want to watch that scene again.

There were a decent amount of skulls down in the bear's pen. Where did all of these dead people come from?

I thought that the cult leader looked like that Other, but I wasn't sure. A screen shot from anyone?

Desmond isn't going to be a "true member" of the camp. From the acid trip it looks like Desmond "is taking care of himself." Can someone run a summary of that flashback? I think it is very important on who was what. I remember Desmond and Benry as captains. That has to mean something.

What the hell. The hatch implodes, and no one wonders how Eko, Locke, and Desmond weren't killed? I am thinking that if you are in an enclosed spacce, and said enclosed space closes around you and shrinks, you'd be smushed in there.

Locke, Eko, and Desmond are DEFINATELY linked somehow. Either telepathically, ESPN, whatever. Here is the kicker though. Hurley has already been shown this. BUT, he will do nothing about it. He is going to think he is crazy again.

I don't remember, but did Sawyer steal something from Jack in the airport scene? But I do think that it tells us Sawyer and Kate end up together. Why are the Others ( or "Others") trying to hook up Sawyer and Kate? Maybe the breading thing is a good guess. Maybe they gave up on Claire's baby.

I think it is too early to start classifying groups as others, good guys, bad guys, etc. Remember, the Tailies thought the survivors were Others, and vice versa. I think right know we have:
Benryites (we are not sure if they are good or evil yet, or they are Dharma or not).
Kidnapped Tailies. These people are either A. with the Benryites, B. Off on there own group, C. Dead.
Remember, the only person we know for sure that was Dharma is Kelvin. The ONLY one, so far at least. And we know the survivors are the survivors. So the Benryites are either A. Dharma, B. Ex-Dharma, C. Dharma-related (experiment rejects, experiment successes, etc.), or D. they are some whacked out group that wants to live in the middle of nowhere. BUT, if this is true, then why do they have contact with the outside world? I am going out on a limb and eliminating B and D. If they have contact with the outside world, that means someone in the "real world" knows what is going on. And it can't be good. Seriously, I am sure this plane crash generated a lot of press. If they found the plane and know the survivors, and still won't do anything about it there are two options: 1.Something seriously shady and/or important is going on, so big they have to ignore the plane crash, or B. they are just pure evil and want to use them for tests and sex and whatnot.

That's it, my rambling is done. Off to lunch.

Anonymous said...

Of potentially little consequence to the island plot, but I think we are all jumping the gun to assume that Locke was paralyzed. Notice how he clutches his ankles. In season 1 after the crash, he looks at his ankles. I would think that, if paralyzed and i found I could walk, I might be quicker to grab my thighs (or calves if it was below the knee). I am starting to think someone pulled a "Misery" on him... possibly the bad gentleman whom his father ripped off. Weakened ankles, no more walking, wheelchair time. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Cult person was one of the others as well, but after putting them side by side, I'm not sure. They look similar, but not like the same person to me. But at that moment in the show, I looked over at my father and he said that's an other.

I put it on photobucket it you want to see it:

Sorry for the low quality I use a cheap caputre card on my pc to record the episodes. It's not HD.

Still love the blog Brian.


Anonymous said...

I agree, this episode was bit of a letdown...i liked everything, espicially the sweat lodge scene, except for a freakin polar bear and a lame flashback...Anyways, do u thik eko might be killed off? i really hope, hes the only muscle the survivor camp has left. I think he may play an important role real soon, otherwise they couldve killed him off with the bear...

About the slow season so far, i think the producers are gonna string us along till the finale of the mini season, the 6th episode, and then just hit us with a ton of stuff to carry for the next strecth of episodes.... i expect more of the same for the next two episodes and then something huge for the 6th episode...

as always, great posting brian...

Anonymous said...

actually thought this episode was action-packed and went by really, really fast. And now with these 3 episodes, they've updated us on all of the "Meanwhile, on the other side of the island..." info on what the split-up castaways are doing. So I'm guessing there will be more interweaving of storylines for the next 3 eps of this mini-season. I agree with Rutkowski, let's have faith (such a huge part of LOST anyway) and see what kind of adventures the writers take us on. And I also agree with Heather - last night, I felt like "this is the show I fell in love with back in 1st season!" Tons of action, suspense, and "what the hell?" moments. I loved it!

Anonymous said...

i tried reading through everyone's comments, but i don't know if i read anyone's answer to the supposed 'other' in locke's commune camp... on another site i saw side by side pics of the mike from the pot tent & zeke... they look similar with different hair & all... but they may not be the same. but if they are not the same then methinks that mike dude will return to the show as an other... maybe?

Anonymous said...

I put tom in the picture.

Each one looks to be a different man.

This episode was good, but not as good as ones past. Felt to be mostly filler to make a season longer, while only slightly enhancing the plot.


Anonymous said...

FYI - I'm pretty sure it's against the Terms and Conditions of google ads to incite people to click on them. I know other bloggers had their checks refused, etc. Google it - it's a big story across tha interweb.

Anonymous said...

sorry to double up, but I left out part of the link.

I need to preview before I do this.


Anonymous said...

they may be different actors, but that doesn't mean that it is not supposed to be a younger "Tom".

Anonymous said...

Why did everyone assume Ecko was captured by the smoke monster? I thought it would have been very strange to assume that the smoke has a lair and would even hold a victim in it to wait for feeding.

It makes a hundred percent more sense that the polar bear captured Ecko and it reveals that they are dealing with more than one bear not this manifestation of Walt's after reading a comic book.

Anonymous said...

Inspired by Brian, here's a couple of unconnected points:

I loved this episode, because it was much faster than the first two this season, but then again I don't live in the US, so I didn't see the previews.

Locke had already found his faith and was not angry anymore in his flashbacks?

The polar bear thing isn't that far out. We saw it in "Special" too, when Michael and Locke saved Walt from it.

Am I the only one thinking that the Locke vision was a reflection of the hole island? Charlie and Claire watching the baby together. Sun and Jin fighting and Sayid taking their attention by pointing at something. Desmond "helping himself": seemed like he had his own stuff to think about this episode. Jack, Kate and Sawyer being in a place "out of reach" to all of the other survivers, but Kate and Saywer being together (did I see flirting?) while Jack is being "tested" by Ben/former Henry. The only thing I didn't get was Hurley saying next, being a part of the personel and entering the numbers. A hint that he have become one of the others after doing what they wanted maybe?

I think this episode too confirms that Locke has some secret knowledge about the island. Either that, or he's crazy, no middle ground anymore.

What's with the "come up here"-part in almost all of the visions?

John growing drugs, but stopping Charlies addition? Is he feeling guilty?

Personaly I think that Locke, Eko and Desmond somehow have gotten psychic abilities, which explain both why Eko knew about the Hunter/Farmer thing and why Desmond is suddenly a precog.

When we were wondering wheter Locke would kill the cop, I also thought that maybe everyone on the plane had killed someone directly or semi-directly in their previous life. A bit far out maybe.

Final statement:
Brian, I LOVE your crazy rambling, keep up the good work! First week I really disagree with you.

Anonymous said...

Re: Eko, I took his final utterance to mean that Locke was having residual after-effects from his sweat lodge goop.

Re: Dharma t-shirt, note that "the Pearl" was the center logo. If anything, the dead person could have been one of the final test subjects from back when.

Re: Bear(s), notice that the Benry others don't seem too concerned about their whereabouts. They had them, now they don't. I get the impression that they're not as "Dharma" as we might think.

Anonymous said...

The hunter/farmer concept...
I agree that John is more of the hunter than farmer, but it is interesting that in his flashback, he was in a commune that farmed pot. And even though he told the cop he was a hunter, he couldn't shoot him (maybe, we still don't know how that scene actually ended). However, on the island, he is more of the hunter. On top of that, on another discussion, someone thought Jack was neither a hunter or a farmer, but a shaman. Interesting thought.

I have no idea about Tom/Zeke and the Cult person, but when I first saw the Cult person, I thought maybe they were the same person. It's similar to the last episode of Season II where some thought the man somewhere in a frozen tundra-type place calling Desmond's girlfriend (because they registered the electro-magnetic occurence) looked like Jack. Weird.

In the Cave:
Another poster said something about seeing a dharma jumpsuit in the polar bear's cave, thinking it could be the remains of Kelvin. I've heard no one mention the yellow toy dump truck. I hope none of the children became some polar bear's dinner!

Brian said...

Wow. Wasn't expecting to see so many people so passionate in the Comments section today. I like it! A few comments:

1. I wasn't disappointed in the episode because what I wanted to happen didn't happen. On the contrary, I love Lost the most when what I predict / hope to happen doesn't happen . I love it when Lost totally takes me by surprise... but in a good way.

I would have been more than happy to see something other than Smokey this week - but the Polar Bear was lame. Come on, you have to admit it was a pretty forced plot element to get Locke to "save Eko" and atone for his mistakes.

2. Lost is still a great, great show. These first three episodes have been good, but haven't hit "great" status for me. It's very easy to get caught up in our love for the show and lose perspective. It's okay to be critical of something you like . That doesn't mean you're wrong.

Go back and watch the first three episodes of Season One and Season Two. If you were ranking them compared to Season Three, I bet you would put Season Three at the bottom of the list.

The season so far just hasn't really taken off yet. I'll call it the "Buffy Syndrome". Every year, Buffy the Vampire Slayer would have a season finale so powerful, so earth-changing, that it took the show and its characters to a point where you couldn't imagine how the show could continue.

Yet every new season it would get back to square one and feel like the same old show. The thing is, it would require a few "rebuilding" episodes in the beginning of the season to get to the point where a new story could logically start.

Same deal for Lost this season. The finale (literally) blew the show as we knew it apart, scattering the cast and putting them in situations far from the norm. It's understandable that it's going to take a few episodes to give those storylines the proper resolution they deserve - but that doesn't mean they will create "great episodes". It's okay.

3. This season still shows huge promise. Next week looks 24-esque intense, and we're just three episodes away from a promised huge cliffhanger that will change the show as we know it. Sounds good to me.

4. I have absurdly high standards and expectations. (You should see me at a DMB show!) When things I love don't meet them, that doesn't mean I didn't like them, or will quit watching / attending / eating them, it just leaves room for improvement, and keeps you coming back for more, hoping for that perhaps unattainable "perfection" that is in your mind.

The End.

4th Street Poker Tour said...

you've restored my faith.

Victor Agreda, Jr. said...

I think the whole point of the flashback was to point to where Locke can make the decision (and should, and maybe has, but we'll see)-- is he a HUNTER or a FARMER?

Man of action, man of peace. He wants to be a hunter, but like the cop said, he's really a farmer.

The creators have spoken of Lost's themes, and an overriding one is "what it means to live a life." It probes something in all of us, where we want to be better than we are.

Or maybe it's all about a psychic banana.

Anonymous said...

Someone else brought it up - but remember WHY Locke was in Australia. He WANTS to be the hunter so badly, but life has always dragged him down. Remember how excited he was in the 1st season to finally live out his dream of being the mighty tracker, the man of action? I think ultimately he's going to fail because he's just not meant for that kind of greatness. But it's going to be heartbreaking for us to watch.

Anonymous said...

noone has mentioned the Other's leader being in the airport dressed as a captain...

Anonymous said...

Yep I too was way off regarding smokey but still at the end of it I was stunned and wow'ed. Can't wait for Brian's in-depth read.
Especially regarding the airport sequence; really I thought this episode had a lot to say metaphorically for the state of the survivors. Jack,Kate,Sawyer (JKS) going thorugh "security checks" by Ben, Sayid pointing the way, etc etc... I haven't watched it again yet but I will. It's going to take a while before all the pieces are, or can be connected.

Wow no more Swan hatch, will they still get food drops? Just loved the shot of the hatch implosion!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so the flashback wasn't really amazing, but not only did it bring up the hunter thing, it is so far unresolved as far as the situation that is created (which could involve Locke's paralysis). I liked this episode a lot. Nothing really new was revealed, but there was some sweet visuals (dream thingy) as well as the crazy Desmond thing. It was well paced and while the polar bear thing wasn't extremely intense, I don't think it was the point of the episode at all. Oh well, I love this show and while I don't see that it could possibly happen, I hope like nothin' else they don't F it up.

Anonymous said...

As for the airport thing, i found this theory on another thread and it is very interesting: "x03 at airport - How about this: my theory of why Locke saw Ben the Other, in his dreamstate with Boone at the airport, with all Losties is this: BEN was the security guard with the wand at the security checkpoint and by virtue of that job has the CONTROL of who gets to get on the plane, he decides who gets to GO - and Jack was next.

Also, of course you noticed that Locke saw all of them in the little groups they are currently in. Kate & Sawyer close to Jack (but unaware of him, tho not of each other); Sayid with Sun & Jin, who were arguing and Sayid seemed annoyed, bothered, indifferent?; Charlie, Claire and Turniphead being all cutesy like a family. Hurley working the counter because that is a job that has to do with everyone at an airport that pretty much has to do with everyone. Like Hurley is in pieces of all storylines, delivering his one-line charms, "Dude".

The airport was the island symbolically; and Boone was hurt/bloody and Mr. Eko was the one not there."

Anonymous said...

to clarify for people-

Desmond: dressed as a captain

Ben: dressed as airline security

Anonymous said...

I put the photos of Zeke/Tom and Mike in my blog. similar...scary!

Airport scene break down...Claire, baby, and Charlie...all okay
Sun and Jin arguing, Sayid points and distracts...
Desmond, "helping himself" as a Captain with three other flight attendants.
Hurley the one at the counter pushing buttons and saying next.
Kate and Sawyer in line together to go through security near Jack but unaware he is there.
Jack being wanded by none other than Benry as a security guard.

I did like what you said earlier Anonymous 11:49 from another source. Seems plausable.

All great discussions...I LOVE THIS!

Anonymous said...

oh and my bad, Eddy was not FBI he was Sheriff

Anonymous said...

You gotta watch this!

Nightline Online: Secrets of 'Lost'
What is behind the mythology of the ABC hit drama "Lost?"

Anonymous said...

So what did happen then when the hatch imploded?

Did it somehow warp space and time? Desmond seemed to be coming from the future, having already heard Locke's speech and indeed, him losing all his clothes to the hatch implosion sounds impropable to me. He was also not nearly as disoriented as Charlie was. He seemed as if he wanted to hide something (besides his private parts) and not too talk too long to Hurley about what happened.

Anonymous said...

Hi folks!

I won't try and cover everything. Just some random points from me...

Desmond in the vision sequence;

My theory is that he's captain because he was basically 'in the drivers seat' when the plane crash - i.e. he caused the crash..

My 'don't laugh' theory;

I wonder [and this may seem a little zany] but there were 3[?] women with him [in the vision]? Now I'm not up to scratch on my Shakespeare, but at the beginning of Macbeth (I think) there are 3 witches who predict the future?

I just wonder if this is a hint at things to come...

I'm not implying that 3 witches are telling Desmond the future; more like 3 woman are in control of his 'power'...? =/

ANOTHER theory, is possibly - he heard the whispers or, of course a 'Locke like' vision...

I'm not buying it

There are a lot of accidents on the island [especially those of the life threatening type] the hatch is the most recent example - the plane crash was the first...

How are they surviving these things with very little or no injuries? Locke was fine [though mute] Desmond seemed without a scratch but lost all his clothes? Eko - we could presume that he was fine until the 'polar bear' got a hold of him...

I'm not sure if it's 'convenient' writing or there's something behind it...?

Next week

I think we're due a Desmond flashback next week - which should be interesting...

Good post as always Brian; though I do think you/I/we were dissapointed in the episode because we/you/I hyped it up. Though I think they could have easily left us asking 'who nabbed Eko?' and just let Locke find him in a cave; possibly see something 'smokey like' and then have the cave 'cave in' so we're left asking, "ohhh what was that"...

I really don't know why they used the polar bear, it did seem forced. I did like the episode - though that's probably due to the awesome vision sequence!

PS - does anyone know where I can view the preview for next week, I missed it this week!


Anonymous said...

Great Blog, excellent comments.

Did anyone else thing Locke's awakening sequence echoed Jacks waking sequence in series one? Surely that's significant?

I was thinking Desmond (and Locke and Jack) might be capable of some sort of astral projection. Maybe that's why they escaped the implosion. Maybe Desmond's is more powerful, hence reoccurent loss of his clothes.


Anonymous said...

Random Points (in no particular order of chronology or importance): excuse me for repeating some that may have already been made -

1. Locke Backstory: Now that Locke confronted the young cop, and apparnetly lets him go, it would seem obvious that the cop calls in for a raid and probably breaks up the group before they can disban and run. Plus, the two leaders appear to hesitate in their packing when Locke volunteers to "make things right". What does this mean? Where will this lead Locke's backstory now?

2. Why is Desmond on the beach apparnetly disconnected from the group when Locke gives his "speech"? As Locke's vision suggested, Desmond is out for himself basically.

3. The executive producers of Lost admit equating LOST with post 9/11 world. They talk about in ABC interview NOT assuming the Others are without cause.

Anonymous said...

The whole polar bear thing was my main intrest in this ep.

We saw fromt he boar they found it kills it prey then comes and gets it later, it doesnt 'capture' it and take it to its cave alive. So why did the polar bear not kill eko? what did he want with eko?

Theres more to these polar bears than meet the eye, sure they are ment to be smart but not to the point they take prisoners.

My guess is there was an experiment that either gave them human intelligence OR they are actually people who have been some how put into the bears body, mayeb its ekos brothers sprit in there :D

So now we have 3 groups. the others, the rejects & the polar humanbears!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the Farmer personality type the patient one.. the one who 'plants and tends their crops'. They're the planners... where the Hunters are more agressive towards what they need to do than patient? I could have this all wrong, but I thought that I would mention it.

Anonymous said...

I quite enjoyed last night episode... i suppose i read the hype an was excited, then read the dismay and so wasnt expecting much. But what we got i really enjoyed. and we got some big bits of the puzzle... ok we dont know how the hell they fit it, but ffs Desmond new the future! :D and this is after he's found naked!! that seems big and important to me!

Jus remeber the writers have 7 series planned for this where not even halfway there yet, things will get more confussing before they become clear.

Lockes back storey didnt answer are important questions about him, but it wasnt a finished storey, god know what will happen back at the camp when the police show... maybe this will lead onto his loss of legs?

Hated the way the 2 new charcters where introduced though :(

Anonymous said...

Here is the Canadian promo for next week...MUCH MORE THAN USA VERSION!!!!

here is USA/ABC version

Anonymous said...

thanks for the canadian promo. Pretty sweet. Also, I don't know if this was previously mentioned, but it looks as if the next three flashbacks (for the next three eps) will be Sawyer, Eko, Kate respectively. Dang it, I love lost.
P.S. As for the extra footage that they have been cutting out, I saw something that said that ABC is planning on rerunning season 3 in order ( i guess during the summer) but the episodes will be extended versions!

Anonymous said...

good one dokbeast...
here is an article on just that...

Anonymous said...

I know it's already been stated by others...but I too feel that was just...bad how they introduced the two new characters. If I hadn't read on here about them coming on the show I would have said the same thing my mom said when she saw it.."Who are those people??" Between that and the polar bear, a lot of it just seemed forced.

Anonymous said...

People, it wasn't just one Other at the table at Locke's camp, it was several... What does this mean. Wasn't the main hash makin' dude one of the major Others?!

Anonymous said...

2 different actors; so I doubt it. If my experience of LOST has told me anything, it's that the writers like to throw 'coincidences' into the show. And with the revelation of 'the numbers' [see Lost Experience - changing them will, in essence, change destiny (the exact date the world will end)' - this, for me, explains all of the coincidences..

With this in mind, I think that the losties WILL finally leave the island, but in doing so will cause 'world termination'....

Thus 'Everything happens for a reason' - perhaps this is why they aren't being allowed to leave the island...yet

And I'm still not convinced Walt and Mike will be 'saved' - esspecailly with the revelation that by Damon Lindelof [or maybe Carlton Cuse] that "We'll be returning to their story; not for a while, but later on in the season" - in not so many words..

Which says to me, not all is what it seems...

FYI I think that the next episode could be the best of the season thus far, from the trailers I've seen - it looks awesome :)

heliopath said...
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heliopath said...

what about the idea that locke went out to "find what he is looking for" (like jack did with his dad in season 1) before he was ready to lead. as locke said "a leader must know where he is going before he can lead others"?

and as jack, after his breakdown, found the cave that could be lived in, he went back with a mission to move there for protection.

and locke, after his halucination and his flashback, found out that he is a hunter and now will go and hunt for jack/kate/sawyer

i always like to think that the flashbacks are the internal struggles/thoughts of the character during the episode.

I mean we have seen that sometimes they are quick thoughts when staring at the sea, sometimes dreams,(or with kate in the what kate did/kissing jack epsisode) thoughts that come out in a split moment of going crazy.

does the island make people have these moments? Seconds of temporarily going crazy, coming to terms with their past moments.

ok sorry for the wacked out ideas. im just thinking out there along with the rest of this Lost massive community ;)

ps. Becides, eventhough they cut out locke with his knife from the preview, its pretty damn obvious his badass-ness comes out when weilding a knife rather than pushing buttons on a computer.

Mitch Dunn said...

The pace at which they're rolling out this season is an utter joke. After being so excited for an action packed six episode season within a season, I am completely disappointed. A whole lot would have to happen in the next three episodes to redeem the first half. Come on guys, this is lame.

Anonymous said...

a joke? hard to imagine how anyone is not enjoying this season.

Anonymous said...

After this last episode, I'm convinced that the Island is alive... in so much that it has intelligence and is aware.
Also, the Island conciousness MAY be the bad guy.

Ben/Henry was trying to persuade them NOT to hit the button... perhaps he wanted the hatch to be destroyed.

Perhaps the "incident" was the Island gaining conciousness... Perahps this destroyed the experiements... setting polar bears out.. perhaps this explains the whispers as well.

Perhaps the "others" are what's left of those trying to regain control of the island.

And what about the Smoke Monster... could it be the islands conciousness? It's eyes, ears and hands? Perhaps the images it projects are there to lead people to produce an ends to a means.

Concerning Locke and Eko, who have been influenced by the island in dreams.... could actually BE the bad guys by virtue of their alliance with the island?

Something to think about.. it just hit me when Locke wanted to "talk" to the island.. and the island "talked" back in a vision.

Anonymous said...

The producers have said that the ending will be happy, but tragic.. perhaps the defeat of the island has the side effect of putting Locke back in the wheelchair and for Rose to have her cancer return?

heliopath said...

i love this passionate split of opinion.
i hope the writers are reading this and are prepared to defend their case.

im not sure though guys, lost aint no 24. its not supposed to always be action packed, its about slow and complex development, like unpeeling a delicate flower. Season one was slow, artistic and mesmerizing. It took like 8 or 9 episodes to find the hatch and the whole rest of the season to open it. I think season 2 got a bit too fast paced and too much going on. perhaps they consciously decided to bring it back a bit to season 1 standard of brilliance. Back to what was so original and great about it. That is, that its so well done and complex. Last thing that we want is for the writers/producers/directors to throw details to the wind and start showing a lot of action. That’s not what lost is about. In my opinion anyway. Everyone has their own take.

heliopath said...

i also think lost should be dvd only released and save us the bullshit

but i guess thats not wat abc is all about

Anonymous said...

For some reason, and maybe this has been covered, but I thought "Mark Wickman" mentioned in the pearl orientation video that after the three week service period, subjects would go to the Pala Ferry (where Jack & co. got the bags thrown over their heads) for "Further Instructions."

Ofcourse I rewatched that scene from the "?" episode and that is never actually said in the video. So I don't know how or why I'm remembering something that wasn't said, and I still don't know what the hell that title would have to do with the episode we watched (which I also found dissapointing).

And how did Lock/Ecko/Desmond end up in three different places if the hatch IMPLODED?

Anonymous said...

One other thing that I don't believe has been explored on this board is the creepy static noise heard on the intercom where Jack is being held. Why is he able to hear Sawyer screaming thru it? Is this a mind game of sorts? More strange is Jack hearing his fathers' voice in past episode. What are the Others trying to accomplish here?

On another note, we all know that the crash of 815 was an accident and not pre-meditated by DHARMA. It would clearly seem that this means the inter-relationships and crossing threads between all of these characters before the crash was meerly a coincedence. If proven to be so, I think the writting, in this respect only, will be viewed as indulgent and without purpose to the overall plot at least by hardcore Lostee fans.

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