Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lost - "A Tale of Two Cities"

Finally! It’s been a grueling 133 days between the Lost Season Two Finale and the upcoming Lost Season Three Premiere, but we somehow made it. Welcome to the first official Lost Blog of Season Three!

Episode Title: “A Tale of Two Cities”

Brian's Deeper Meaning Guess: Great. Once again Lost is forcing me to learn about a literary work that I had thus far successfully avoided in my life. It would be nice if they started referencing novels that I actually read in high school to save me some time. But I digress – sometimes blogging requires you to buckle down and give yourself a crash course in Charles Dickens’ most famous work over the course of a Saturday morning (it’s not all fame, fortune, and gorgeous women like you might think!).

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

Okay – if you’re anything like me, you know the first line of this novel and nothing else. So before we get too crazy (read: deep), here’s your crash course in the storyline of the novel:

The two cities in question are London and Paris. The plot centers on the years leading up to the French Revolution, telling the story of two men – Charles Darnay and Sydney Carton. Darnay is a romantic aristocrat (read: fancy pants), Carton is a cynical English barrister (read: lawyer), but both are in love with the same girl, Lucie Manette (read: hussie!). I’ll save the extraneous plot elements, twists, and turns and give you the ending – Carton ends up sacrificing himself for Lucie, and Darnay ends up marrying her.

One of the big themes of the novel is comparing and contrasting people, places, and events. The other big ones involve fate, imprisonment, and oppression. Sound a little bit like a certain television show we know and love? Let’s get deep…

From a purely literal perspective, “A Tale of Two Cities” could simply refer to the two “cities” on the Island – the Others’ Camp, and the Survivors’ Camp. Although we have yet to see the camp of the Others (more on this later) it stands to reason that there will be some stark differences between the two.

Put as simply as possible, the Others have knowledge, resources, and collared shirts.

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Our Survivors, while doing quite well for themselves living off of the luggage of the dead and random Dharma food drops, definitely are in the dark about what is going on and have been wearing the same ragged clothes since the crash. Furthermore, expect a sharp contrast between the disarray in the Survivors’ camp – who are now missing their two primary leaders (Sayid and Jack) as well as their secondary leaders (Locke and Eko) – “the worst of times”, versus the Others’ camp - which I envision being run like a well-oiled machine – “the best of times”. Everything we’ve seen so far shows the Others to be calculating, precise, and working in tandem. I expect their camp to be no different.

But, if one were to compare the Survivor and Other camps to Paris and London from the Dickens novel, which is which? Initially, you would logically say that the Survivors represent chaotic revolutionary era Paris; while the Others represent stable, established London. However, there’s also a very real chance that my crazy notion of Rebel Dharmites (which I’ve been pitching ever since we saw the Blast Door last year) might prove to be true – and the opposite is actually true.

One of the major themes of A Tale of Two Cities is that of oppression, a ruling class keeping everyone else down. While you could argue that this could be representative of the Others menacing the Survivors, I think it’s more likely to hint at Dharma keeping both the Survivors and Rebel Dharmites down. The Others camp, if currently inhabited by both Dharmites and Rebel Dharmites, might be about to have a Revolution of its own… and Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are going to be right in the middle of it.

Speaking of everyone’s favorite love triangle, how about the parallels between the characters from A Tale of Two Cities to these three?

Charles Darnay is the hero of the novel, full of honorable traits like honor, courage, and respect. Sounds a lot like Jack, doesn’t it? Sawyer is just like Sydney Carton, who was a lazy alcoholic who seemingly cared for no one but himself. Then we have Kate, who doesn’t quite fit into the mold of Lucie Manette, but come on – she’s a girl – that’s close enough. Are we to infer that this means Kate is going to choose Jack? Does this mean that Sawyer’s about to die? I mean, we do see Kate seemingly kissing Sawyer and then crying in one preview…

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Let’s not get crazy. Although I would applaud the ballsiness of the writers to kill off Sawyer in the season premiere, no way that is happening. I think it is likely that we see Sawyer make some sort of “sacrifice” to help Kate, gaining some redemption a la Carton without going all the way of giving up his life for her.

The final major theme of the novel is fate. The funny thing is that in re-watching the Season Two Finale, I realized what a huge theme this has become to the show as a whole. Therefore, there’s much more about fate below – but keep in mind it’s also a big theme of A Tale of Two Cities.

So the only question that remains is how this episode title ties in with the flashbacks of the episode? It’s a Jack-centric episode, so if the flashbacks deal with his breakup with Sarah, we could easily get some more character parallels between Jack, Sarah, and Sarah’s Gentleman Lover and Darnay, Carton, and Lucie – but in this case, I think Jack would be more of a Carton than a Darnay. Does Jack make some sacrifice for Sarah, but end up ultimately losing her anyways?

Maybe we’re stretching here. I think there are enough “on-Island” deeper meanings to the episode title that none are needed in the flashbacks – but I would be very impressed with the writers if there were some in both.

Before we move on, one last quick note I found in my research of A Tale of Two Cities that makes it even more Lost relevant. Check out this line:

“every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other”

That’s Lost in a nutshell, isn’t it? Description: Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are held in unique circumstances by the mysterious "Others". Meanwhile, back on the beach, a struggle for leadership and direction begins as Hurley makes his way back home with bad news. Breakdown: From what we’ve seen in the previews, the Others implemented a “divide and conquer” strategy with Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. What are the “unique circumstances” referenced?

Jack appears to be held in some underground / underwater jail. The previews show him opening a door and having water pour in. Could this be the long rumored “underwater hatch” that Internet people have been chatting about for a year now?

Sawyer is being held in an oversized cage, which appears to have been built to contain some sort of large monkey (Joop, Lost Experience People?). There are oversized picture buttons to control food release and “corrective” electric zaps to prevent misbehavior.

Kate, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be confined to a particular cell or area. In fact, she’s wearing new clothes and being led around by Tom in some previews. It strikes me as very “King Kong”, putting her in a pretty new dress to lead her to be the “sacrifice” to some Island monster.

So what’s going on? Although I’ve had over a hundred days to figure out why the Others took Jack, Kate, and Sawyer specifically, I’ve still got no great reason. As I’ve said before, they’re not the “leaders” of the Survivors (which would include Sayid), they’re not the strongest (which would include Eko), they’re not the smartest (again, Sayid). Anything that the three of them have seen (such as “secrets” of the Island) were always in the presence of other Survivors as well (like Locke), so that can’t be the reason either.

Really the only argument you could make of what separates Jack, Kate, and Sawyer from the other Survivors is that they’re the most attractive – and while the prospect of the Others kidnapping them to help populate the Island would provide some steamy jungle love scenes, it’s completely ridiculous.

So, it’s time to look at this from another angle.

Jack, Kate, and Sawyer weren’t kidnapped because of some unifying factor – they were kidnapped for individual traits of each of them. Much like Walt being kidnapped, but not Aaron – even though both were “children”, there must be specific reasons why each of them were taken – and it was just easier to get all three of them in one fell swoop rather than individually.

(Unfortunately, it’s impossible to figure out what these traits are. They could be anything from blood type to survival skills to being knowledgeable about specific subjects.)

Meanwhile, a struggle for leadership and direction begins at the beach. Seriously, remember how many critical players are currently missing from the Survivors. Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, Eko, Desmond, Sayid, Sun, and Jin are all currently away. From our “core cast”, that leaves one of the following left to take charge:

Claire, Charlie, Hurley, Rose, Bernard

None of those really stand out as having any sort of leadership qualities. So who is going to lead our Survivors in this time of need (at least until Locke, Eko, and Desmond return from the Hatch)?

Someone random from the background.

I remember before Season Two started thinking how great it was that there were always random extras in the background of scenes. The writers very smartly rarely identified these people with specific names, or had them appear in multiple scenes. We were always aware that they were there, but never enough to pick any out or associate faces with names. They were just background. The nice thing is that this makes it super easy to suddenly have one of these background characters step forward and become a “main character” (a la Dr. Artz). It provides the writers with a “bullpen” of characters to fall back on without having to explain who they are or how they got there (a la the Tailers). They’ve always been there. We just haven’t noticed them until now.

So what’s going to really happen in this episode? That was a pretty thin episode description compared to some of the paragraph long previews we grew accustomed to last season. My best guess is that we’re due for a surprise of Hatch-like proportions dealing with the Others that will turn the episode on its head. Remember the Season Two premiere that started showing Desmond’s typical day as all of America asked itself “isn’t Lost supposed to be on now? Are we on the right channel?” I think we’re due for something similar in the Season Three premiere. Aside from the opening shot of a single eye opening (which started both Seasons One and Two), I have no idea what to expect – but I’m anxious to find out.

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Lost Reset.

If you’re anything like me, you can’t remember anything that happened four days ago, let alone four months ago. Therefore, to help bring you up to speed on what is going on in the world of Lost, here’s your Lost Reset – of where we left the various storylines on the Island, and where we’re headed in Season Three…

Others. Ever since we saw and analyzed the Blast Door in “Lockdown”, I’ve been a big fan of the theory of “Rebel Dharmites” – that is, individuals originally associated with Dharma / Hanso who rebelled against it either after finding out the truth behind the organization, or being experiment test subjects who have escaped. During Season Two there was plenty of evidence to support this theory, but also some pieces that didn’t seem to quite fit (most notably Ethan being pure evil, while the rest of the Others have been rather benevolent).

Well, I think it’s finally the moment of truth. While I don’t think we’re going to get a full disclosure of who the Others truly are and what their purpose is, I think it will become clear pretty quick if they are indeed Rebel Dharmites or not.

An Other World. Speaking of the Others, one of the big questions of the off-season has been “Where do the Others live?” I did a lot of searching on the Internet to see if I could find a map of what areas of the Island had been explored versus what areas remained a mystery, thinking these could be the potential areas of their camp – but there really aren’t any great ones out there.

Instead, I went back to the Blast Door Map, which I think is really the only accurate map of the Island that we can trust. A lot of the other ones have been pulled together by viewers (quite astutely) piecing together things we have seen in various episodes, which opens the door for a lot of variables. So back to our map…

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We’ve seen the Swan, Arrow, Staff, and Pearl Hatches. For the most part, any travel on the Island has been around the perimeter of the Island. Therefore, the most logical place for the Others to be living – a place that hasn’t been much explored - is at the ? from the Blast Door Map.

(This is all based on my theory that Locke and Eko actually did not find the ? on the map last season like they thought they did -

The only evidence contradicting this site for the camp is the instruction we saw in the Pearl Orientation video referencing taking the Ferry to go to and from the base camp. If this is the case, the Others camp must be some sort of off-Island location – a smaller off-shore Island? An aircraft carrier? An underwater Atlantis, tethered to the Island by the wire that Sayid found when walking along the beach?

The Incident. When I was re-watching the Season Two finale, something struck me as odd about the way Kelvin described “the incident”. He referred to it as “a leak”. I was also thinking about the repercussion of Desmond blowing up the Hatch.

Stop and think about this for a second – when the Swan Hatch was originally created, there was no need for the 108 Button pushing. Therefore, the magnetic charges clearly were being released naturally over time without causing any issue. Then there was “the incident”. Ever since then, the 108 Button became necessary. How could Desmond blowing up the Hatch return the magnetic release to their original “safe” state? How could destroying the Hatch “seal up” the leak? If it could, why wouldn’t Dharma have done it a long time ago? I’m thinking the “leak” was in no way tied to the magnetic charge. It was tied to secrecy.

During the Lost Experience, we learned that when Hanso picked the Island for its experiments, he kept the location secret, revealing it only to a few close personnel. What if someone “leaked” the location of the Island to the wrong person? In order to protect the experiments going on there, they would need a way to keep the Island hidden. Say hello to the 108 Numbers.

Dharma Scientists must have found a way to harness the “unique magnetic properties” of the Island to generate a “stealth mode” for the Island, keeping it hidden. However, in order to keep the magnetic force at the proper level, and not allow it to grow out of control, a release was required every 108 minutes. They told the Swan Hatch inhabitants that they were saving the world – but they were really just protecting Dharma. Desmond turning the fail safe simply destroyed whatever Dharma equipment was used to allow the magnetism to build up. It’s now back to the original, natural levels.

The show’s creators have said that Desmond blowing up the Swan Hatch would have huge repercussions for the rest of the series. I’m thinking that Desmond “blowing up” the Hatch opened up the door for the outside world to see the Island using radar / electronic methods / whatever those crazy Portuguese guys were using in the Season Two Finale… and if they can see it, they can find it.

I think we’re going to have some new visitors to the Island in the future. Remember HGI telling Michael that if he left, he wouldn’t be able to find the Island again? Well I don’t think that is true any longer. I think he could easily find the Island again if he wanted to. And if he can, so can Penny Widmore.

Fate. The other really big thing that struck me in rewatching the Season Two finale is the concept of fate, and how important it is to the entire series. I’m reminded of Eko telling Locke “do not confuse coincidence with fate”. Last season, we learned that Flight 815 crashing was not some pre-meditated act by Dharma or Hanso. It was directly related to Desmond deciding, one day, to follow Kelvin out of the Hatch. The Survivors, while having torturous pasts and interconnected lives, are not part of some greater plan to bring them to the Island. This is really a huge fundamental theme of Lost.

One might call all of these interconnected events a coincidence. But it’s not. The fact that there were so many variables involved in each character’s life that led them to the Island shows that it was their destiny to end up on the Island.

The great thing about fate is that it gives purpose to the characters being there. They might not know why they are on the Island, but they are there for a reason. It isn’t all just random, but it also isn’t some huge conspiracy. It’s the happy middle, where your religion of choice can come into play to give your life purpose and meaning. This is what Eko was trying to get across to Locke - that Locke didn’t realize until his tearful apology at the end of Season Two. Locke was looking for some concrete reason from someone about why he was brought to the Island – but there wasn’t any, which caused him to lose faith in everything he was doing on the Island. Eko understood the importance of fate.

Fate brought each of our Survivors to the Island, and as the series goes on, we’re going to find out why.

Previously. Finally, here is your Cliff Notes version of where we left each member of the Survivors at the conclusion of Season Two, and where we should pick up with their stories in Season Three this week:

  • Walt – on a boat with Michael, crazy experiments behind him, headed for freedom. What did the Others really do to him? Will we ever find out?
  • Michael – on a boat with Walt, having killed two people to get his son back, headed for a lifetime of guilt. Will he return to the Island and be a hero?
  • Vincent – who knows? During the Season Two finale, Michael and Walt drove off, sans Vincent. However, in the “making of” feature on the Season Two DVDs, they show Michael, Walt, AND VINCENT in the boat. The big question becomes – who is going to take care of Vincent with Michael and Walt gone and Shannon dead?
  • Claire – on the beach with Charlie, smooching, happily injecting baby Aaron with 4815162342 medicine. In serious need of a storyline other than “will she or won’t she date Charlie?”
  • Sun – on a boat with Jin, puking her guts out. Whose baby is she carrying?
  • Jin – on a boat with pukey Sun. Will he return to angry Jin if he finds out Sun’s baby isn’t his?
  • Charlie – acting a bit odd after the Swan Hatch Blast. Seriously needs a new storyline than “will he or won’t he continue using drugs?”
  • Jack – bound and gagged at the Pala Ferry dock by the Others. Will he finally get some sweet loving from Kate? Why did the Others choose him?
  • Kate – bound and gagged at the Pala Ferry dock by the Others. Will she pick the bad boy or the stable doctor? Why did the Others choose her?
  • Sawyer – bound and gagged at the Pala Ferry dock by the Others. Will he continue to get his ass kicked by every female on the show? Why did the Others choose him?
  • Sayid – back on the boat after being puzzled by the Others’ fake campground. Will he lead the Survivors upon the return to camp?
  • Hurley – making his way back to the Survivors camp, passing along word that no one else should ever go to Pala Ferry. Will he follow these orders or try and organize a rescue group? Will he ever find new batteries for his CD player?
  • Locke – crying like a baby in the Hatch, finding out he was wrong about the 108 Numbers (but not really). Will badass Locke finally return, being cryptic and playing every other character for his own benefit?
  • Eko – shaking off the aftermath of the explosion in the Hatch, his purpose of entering the 108 Numbers now gone. Will Eko go back to church building? Or back to Others killing?
  • Desmond – manning up and turning the fail safe switch in the Hatch, ending the 108 Numbers. Will he lend his knowledge about the Island to the Survivors? Does he even have any additional knowledge?
  • HGI – telling Michael “we won’t hurt your friends, we’re the good guys”, but sounding really scary creepy when saying it. What is his real name? Is he the leader of the Others? Who are the Others?

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So there you have it. Everything you need to know in order to watch Lost this Wednesday. I guess technically you could watch it this week even if you didn’t read all my random ramblings, but where’s the fun in that?

Also – here’s the bad news. I’m in the middle of a crazy stretch of three weeks when I’m not going to be home at all due to work and vacation. That means I won’t be able to put up any sort of day after review / analysis of the Season Premiere. My next post won’t be until next Monday / Tuesday – like in the olden days when I only sent out one Email a week. But after that things should be back to normal.

Happy viewing! Click on the Google Ads above if you like puppies!


Anonymous said...

Hej Brian.
Nice rehashing. Have been waiting for this Post, visiting your site every day as always :)

One thing: Sayid ain't no more in the Fake Camp of the Others. When the Fail Safe gets activated by Des, you can see him with Jin and Sun on the boat on their way back...if i'm not mistaken. (I'm not, just checked :p)

Got no more to say, you already did that for me :-)

Keep up the good work. Have a nice vacation. Greetings, wurm (ger)

Brian said...

Good catch. It's been fixed. This is why I shouldn't write off memory. I'm just not smart enough.

Also - I think this is my lamest post ever. Unlike most of my posts, I really have no idea what is about to happen on the show!

Anonymous said...

Cant wait for the season to start again, was waiting for this post...This season should be amazing.

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for this post so (so...) long time. Actually, I spent my summer with searching and searching Lost stuff.. I found nothing but Brian. (- I knew he was going to write! I said to a friend of mine)

Thanks and good luck.

Anonymous said...

4 days left. I never forgot October the Fifth. Good night London.

Anonymous said...


I'm looking forward to reading your blog this season. You rock, my friend... I don't know how you do it.

Anonymous said...

no prob. don't worry about being smart, dude... ;D

and i think that it's a good thing not having an idea about what's going to happen next. when i love one thing on lost, it's its surprises :) can't wait until thursday...

Anonymous said...

Bravo...with this post, my world is already beginning to right itself. Let's hold on tight for a great season!

Anonymous said...

looks like your back in the game... thanks for the lengthy post, was great reading, but now my eyes hurt.

Unknown said...

My one and only thought, Jack is not all "good and stable" like we have thought all this time.


I really can not wait, like every other lost watcher.

By the way, Tale of Two Cities could mean Lost Island and the Real World...Penny now looking. Sacrifice could come from our beloved Desmond...again.

Just a thought.
Till Wednesday and then until Brian is back. Enjoy your vacation/work. We will be patiently waiting!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the recap show...its vitally important that they chose to show the scene where Said and Hurley hear the "old-time" music on the radio.

heliopath said...

108 numbers for stealth theory makes sense brian, but why would not entering them activate a highly dangerous magnetic overcharge thing that would bring planes crashing to the island? surely this wasnt constantly happening before dharma added the 108 technology..?

Anonymous said...

good work, brian!

there's only one thing jumping me in your part considering the FATE in lost. you seem to be sure, that we learned that the 815 crash was really not planned.
we all know that this wasn't coincidence. now that we know, claires psychic was paid for putting her on the plane.
what about the strange behaviour of kevin, when he's saying "Goodbye" to Desmond and having a pretty obvious cut in his suit?

In my opinion: Yeah, it was a "pre-meditated act by Dharma or Hanso" realized by Inman.

However, we'll see.


Anonymous said...

good work, brian!

there's only one thing jumping me in your part considering the FATE in lost. you seem to be sure, that we learned that the 815 crash was really not planned.
we all know that this wasn't coincidence. now that we know, claires psychic was paid for putting her on the plane.
what about the strange behaviour of kevin, when he's saying "Goodbye" to Desmond and having a pretty obvious cut in his suit?

In my opinion: Yeah, it was a "pre-meditated act by Dharma or Hanso" realized by Inman.

However, we'll see.


Anonymous said...

yeah. i like that theory of flop's. we'll see about that in season 3 is my very guess.

another thing in prep for s3, Brian: your theory is that the ? on the blast door map doesn't mark the pearl hatch but some other place yet to discover. go to break down that nice thoery because i just heard on the lost season 2 dvd's audio commentary watching "the 23rd psalm" D. Lindelof saying, that the pearl hatch, which is located underneath the drug plane, IS the very center of the blast door map, meaning the questionmark!

and i really think that you can take that as validation. (!)

just wanted you to know that...
cya, me, wurm again

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you posted. I really enjoy your work. Please keep it up!

Anonymous said...

AHHHH!! I cant take the suspense!!2 days and i'm about to blow!!! Cant wait til october 4th!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what you posted, especially about the "?" not being the Pearl Hatch.

The only thing I think you are mistaken on: Fake Henry tells Michael that he cannot find the island AFTER the white lite / loud noise / magnetic explosion from Desmond turning the failsafe key.

So assuming Fake Henry knows all about the repurcusions of that key being turned, it could not be a way for the island to be completely unmasked if Fake Henry is confidence that Michael will never lead anyone back there.

Rather, I think the magnetic blast going off is what would make the island detectable by satellite, or whatever method the Portugese artic fellas were using to monitor the location of Desmond's boat.

This is why I still wish the final scene of of the Season 2 finale had been a flashback to the magnetic blast that crashed the plane being detectable on a satellite. It would not have broken the formula of current events being those on the island, and it would give the audience the impression that SOMEBODY has been looking for Desmond in the 65 days since the 09/22/04 oceanic crash.

I'll be interested to see where they take the off-the-island scenes, because it is a serious change in what makes the show unique.

Anonymous said...

ugh never mind my idiocy I misread your final statements. we basically think the exact same thing on that issue.

To make up for a wasted post: do you think there is any signifigance to the fact that a metal door that could have landed anywhere on the island fell right in front of Claire - holding Aaron - with the word "QUARANTINE" on it? We had seen that door since "Man of Science, Man of Faith" but I do not believe Claire ever had.

Anonymous said...

did anyone see the lost premiere vid on you tube, i was pretty excited by the end... do any of you listen to

Anonymous said...

This on from Michael Ausiello

I've Seen the Lost Premiere!

Creepy new buttons! Grilled cheese sandwiches! A dude named Ben! What does it all mean?! I know — and so will you in less than 48 hours!

I just finished watching the most anticipated 43 minutes of the TV season (aka Wednesday's Lost premiere) and I'm virtually speechless. From the fraktastic opening sequence to the chilling final moments, the four-star episode (penned by Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams) had me teetering on the edge of my swivel chair the entire time. It easily ranks as one of the best Lost eps — possibly the best — since the pilot. An amazing feat since it only features four series regulars!

Send me all your questions at and I'll do my best to answer them (without pissing off ABC) in Wednesday's Ask Ausiello! OMG!

WDoG Winston P said...

Great writeup. Cannot wait for the Season Premire. It would be insane if they "86'd" Sawyer. We'll See. I'll be checking first thing Next Monday/Tuesday for the season premire write up.

Anonymous said...

If Lindelof is not blowing a black smoke monster up everyone's butts, he says in the the first season 03 video podcast that there is more than one "others" faction. Rebels or not, it looks like they're not all on the same page.

Unknown said...

and Ben is.....

AKA Henry Gale! WOW!

Unknown said...

who the heck is Juliette, or Nicky, or Paulo? any thoughts?
guess we find out in just hours to go!!!

Unknown said...

one other do people who have NO obvious connection to the losties KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT THEM?????????

Anonymous said...

Firstly, was the pre-island connection between Jack and Desmond ever acknowldged between them?

Second, the idea that Kelvin has a premeditated plan to lure Desmond out of the hatch is implausable. Clearly, the plane crash was not premeditated by Dharma. The fact that the names of the passengers on flight 815 were known by The Others perhaps thru communication w/Dharma AFTER it was known that the plan crashed.

Lastly, it remains curious why HGI tried to manipulate the Lostees into NOT entering the numbers into the computer. What might be his motive?

Anonymous said...

Uh, hello, how many survivors are usually from a plane crash? We had more than 40 on LOST, I wouldnt say all this happened by accident completely.

Anonymous said...

Just some thoughts after reading your superb post, and watching Live Together, Die Alone today again.

- Libby may have went insane with the death of her husband, and the disappearance of Desmond/boat during his race. Thus showing a connection to Hurley.

- Is there even the slightest chance that Michael turns and heads for the beach? With the boat, and the route of escape known he could go back to the camp.

- Will Hurley tell Locke what they found (notebooks in cannisters?

- Will the others want Sun's child or Aaron now that Walt is gone?

- Will Locke and Rose become ill again now that the key's been turned?

- Finally, was the computer/failsafe a forcefield, shield thing that covered the island from the outside world? Now that it is over will the island become visible to the ouside world again?

RFTR said...

In case you're wondering, the book group in the beginning of tonight's episode was reading Carrie, by Stephen King.

There's my contribution to the analysis.

heliopath said...

holy fuck
and hurray, hydra exists!

Ben is a horrible name, we should continue to call him the mysterious and powerful HGI.

loved the mind games

Anonymous said...

Juliet blew me away. I can just see her saying "It's the question that drives us. You know the question, Jack, just as I did..."

Anonymous said...

amazing. but not without questions (duh!). Firstly, Juliette is unhappy...why? Ben shut her out of the door to presumably die when the room filled with water. What is the significance of this? Why is Jack the only one being studied? It seems that Sawyer and now Kate are basically locked up and just being observed for base instintive stuff. Why did Ben say to Juliette "nice job" or something? What did she accomplish? It would seem, she gained Jack's trust to some level. (Does anyone think Jack's dad was pile driving Sarah in the backstory)?

Unknown said...

Okay so i have so much to say I think I will just do it in my own blog later tonight BUT, I did want to say this...I do not think the plane crash was intentional, but they sure seemed prepared for it as HGI (I refuse to call him Ben)dishes out the protocal to get the info form BOTH camps. What a well oiled machine they became, even with Book Club getting interupted like that!
Gonna watch it once more before I post, to be sure I get it right!

Unknown said...

oh I did have this thought while watching last night unrelated to the OBVIOUS...

Why would the others (if they ARE scientists) want Jack, Sawyer and Kate when the test subjects of choice (assuming they really have info on everyone like they do on Jack) as a scientist would be ROSE, LOCKE, CLAIRE.
I guess I am just choosing MEDICAL reasons, huh? Just a though I further ramblings will post on my own blog later.

Rebecca said...

I love you....ha,ha this today and it brought some light to last nights episode.

You're ahead of your time...(lol), can't wait for your next post.

Anonymous said...

yeah, if you watch the Others expressionless faces as the plane split in two, it is interesting to know what they were thinking. Ben (aka HGI...whom is a terrific actor) is immediate to dispatch his guys w/o missing a beat. I wonder how Ben expects Ethan/Goodwyn to get the flight mannifesto, etc however which evidently they did soon after the crash, right?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Juliet was in on it, But Ben/Fake Henry knew that if he blocked it off, that the botton would pump the water out of the hatch. This would help to gain some trust in her by Jack. Is it possible the whole scene was a setup by Ben? (it's nice to put a name to him... I think it's hilarious that Kristin slipped in her Chat.. typing Ben instead of Henry.. then making a correction when later posted online. She obviously was privilege of more info than she let on.)

Anonymous said...

WOW! As always with more answers comes more questions. Let the crazy theory race begin.

A lot to digest, first off the island seems way larger than they let on in the first two seaons.

I don't think Kate & Sawyer are necessarily test subjects now but rather they are going to be assigned to the work detail.

With the marks on Kates arm I suspect the others have been shooting her up with the serium. And that quite possibly she is going to succumb to the virus and quite possibly die or at least be suffering for a while. I think this is plausible because Ben (the mastermind formally known as Henry Gail Imposter), did indeed offer Kate some comfort before her "weeks to come".

Wow Jack has issues eh?
Why have they segregated him as they have in the Hydra and not the zoo with James and Kate. Are they trying to tear him down and then rebuild him so that he can be integrated into their society? Cause let's face it's not like doctor's are falling from the sky everyday.

My vote on whether the plane crash was the result the others' intention or not. I have to say no. The others were just doing their day to day stuff and seemed quite surprised when the earthquake happened and watched as the plane come down. Ben was simply responding to the situation appropriately by getting his guys out there. He wanted lists right? If they had planned for the plane to crash wouldn't they have:
a) been waiting on alert ready to go and/or already be in the fascinity of the crash. ie, Plane crash T-minus 1 hour...
b) not needed the lists in the first place if they had prior knowledge or intent.

As for their extensive knowledge of Jacks life? Well this is a sci-fi show right so it could be the result of a lot of things. Psychic investigation, talking to ghosts, off island support.
But either way I don't think the others had intended the plane to crash or had anything to do with it at all. But they are going to deal with it, after all, it is their island.

Hurry Back Brian!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to disagree with Ausiello's assertion that it was one of the best episodes. The opening sequence was clever but the rest of the episode didn't live up to the way season 2 began.

To answer a question somebody else asked: Yes, Jack and Desmond realize they met each other before. At first only Jack realizes it with Desmond asking "Do I know you?"

When Jack chases Desmond out of the hatch, Desmond realizes who Jack is and have a brief conversation about Jack "fixing" Sarah. That these two knew each other has never been mentioned to the other survivors, just as it was never mentioned that Jack knows his father ran into Sawyer at some point in a bar. There are obviously things that nobody could find out about unless Ben & company tell them (ie Ana being the one that escorted Jack's father to Australia) but of the known connections between people, they don't seem to get discussed much among the crash survivors.

I'm really interested to see where they go with the next five episodes before the long winter break. More than anything regarding some of the mysteries of the show, all I really want is some clarification as to how much "Ben" is aware of what is going on around the island and why Danielle seemingly has been there 16 years but cannot find any stations (which we have now seen five of) or the VILLAGE OF PEOPLE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ISLAND.

The reason I bring up the question about what Ben knows: in the preview, he seems to be just learning of the fact that Sayid & friends have a boat, and wants to know how they got it.

Shouldn't he know about how Desmond got there? Wasn't Kelvin a member of Dharma that was tricking Desmond into staying there? And now that we know that something happens when the timer hits zero, if it is so important, why was the task left to a guy who arrived there by accident and nearly went ahead with killing himself?

Maybe we find out that despite how clean cut the others are they aren't as well coordinated as it would seem. Goodwin: impaled. Ethan: shot to death. Ben: arrow in shoulder... even if he wanted to get caught, I don't think that was part of the plan. And now they are surprised about a boat that has been sitting there for three years. The only explanation I will buy for plot threads like this is that they leave the island for months at a time and don't actively observe it until something that they feel is important is happening.

Anonymous said...

it may be very plausible that Ben closed the hatch on Juliette while the room began to quickly flood as part of a plan. Apparently, the objective is for Juliette to gain Jack's trust and this would help achieve that. Backing up a bit, it also appears evident that Juliette and Ben had something going on between them. In the opening scene, clues (Juliette's sadness, excluding Ben from the book club and selecting a "low-brow" book like Carrie that "Ben would never have selected", etc) are shown to indicate that these two once may have had a personal relationship that ended.

SinkingDeeper said...

Great input everyone!

Anonymous said...

This guy "Ben" rocks! What a great actor that guy is. Geez...!


Unknown said...

just to add....
anonymous said
"In the opening scene, clues (Juliette's sadness, excluding Ben from the book club and selecting a "low-brow" book like Carrie that "Ben would never have selected", etc) are shown to indicate that these two once may have had a personal relationship that ended."
The answer is MARRIED.
In the book club one says the hubby and that is when she goes off about it being a "low brow" book HE never would have chosen.

I nnever got a chance to rewatch the episode! Life is busier this time of year with parties and kids so I guess I will do it now......
By the way, I am loving the DISCUSSION here! AWESOME INPUT FROM ALL...thanks Brian for letting us have a place to hash it out!

Unknown said... error, the word he uses is HOST not hubby

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, Brian - been reading these for as long as I can remember and I'm a huge fan ;)

I just thought I'd point out that I noticed during 'A Tale of Two Cities' - more so during the Sawyer/Cage scenes - that there was A LOT of nature to be heard, chirping, birds etc..

Anyway, I always thought that previously [with the 815 survivors] that the jungle had been rather sparse of life (crazy birds and polar bears aside). I know it's nothing huge, but I thought it was odd...

Oh and what an opening scene *claps*

Re: Ethan Rom; so this is his 'real' name - as opposed to the 'anagram' - Other Man - Makes you wonder if it IS all just coicidences

Re: Jacks file; Part of me thinks that she was 'winging' it when she said she knew about him. Perhaps this is information Ethan gathered [luggage?] and she used it to give the impression she knew more than she was letting on

Re: Kates dress; Wow :P

That's all I got for now; look foward to your return Brian!

Anonymous said...

in desperate hopes for puting my own thoughts down, I have put my ramblings in my own blog with a few photos to show. You may enjoy!
Can't wait to hear from ya Brian!!!

Anonymous said...

one other small tidbit....serving Jack grilled cheese sandwich (pure comfort food) and upon him refusing to eat it, she appears to have taken a bite (implying it is safe and not poisoned). I love the endless attention to detail on this show!

Anonymous said...

So, just an aside... about 38 seconds into the episode, Juliette pulls a Petula Clark CD out of a Talking Heads (Speaking in Tongues)CD case ? Someone needs to organize their CD collection...

Credit to my buddy SCE for noticing that.

Anonymous said...

Great comments here, I'm really looking forward to Brian's post.

Re: Mike's suggestion that the Others might be leaving the island... I was very curious about the fact that they have CDs, much more modern than Desmond's vinyl collection, combined with the "file" on Jack. Either the Others' have a great online connection with Google and free shipping, or somehow they must be getting supplies from off-island. Are they getting a different kind of supply-drop? Or are they sometimes heading back to the mainland?

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else a little underwhelmed? I find myself hating the "losties" more and more with each episode. They are just being written as more weak, and more stupid, with each new development.

I mean, it's barely even enjoyable to watch at this point. Does anyone else think that Lost jumped the shark with this premiere?

Anonymous said...

Henry Gale + Ben = Benry?

Anonymous said...

what do you folks think it means that the music listened to (by Desmond early on and now Juliette) is decades old? Furthermore, why was the jacket for the album from Talking Heads (I didn't confirm this....has anyone else?)

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian
Only because you love details:

"those crazy Portuguese guys were using in the Season Two Finale";

They are brazilians, not portuguese, thats why Santoro is in the cast for 3rd season, he is a brazilian ;-). I am only writting this because you love to know details in this serie.

Congratz for the blog, very nice

ricb said...

Thanks to RFTR for identifying the book club book as Carrie, by Stephen King.

Of course for me this story about an out of control psychokinetic teen ager links back to all the speculation about Walt... and maybe why the Others were happy to get rid of him?