Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Two Quick Notes

  1. Due to the overwhelming demand (and someone finally telling me how to do it), I've set up a RSS Feed (between you and me, no idea what this even is). It's apparently located here:
  2. The Lost Experience is finally getting good and juicy, and I know I am sorely due for a Bible-length analysis of everything that's going on and where I think it's going. I promise it will be up as soon as my life slows down enough that I can sit down and wrap my head around it... which should be sometime in the next two weeks.

Sorry for being the worst blogger ever, again.


Anonymous said...

Blogger also supplies a ready-made atom xml/rss feed at the above address, Brian!

My Best,

Anonymous said...

Yeah, C beat me too it. It's good you've set up a Feed Burner (you'll get fun stats) but you've always had RSS through Blogger.

Bo said...

Um, idea what's going on, but apparently their right cuz I've got one of those thingies too:


Bo said...

Side Note: I apologize for the incorrect usage of the word "their" in my last comment...I know it should have been "there"...i mean "they're"...I mean "them's guys"...I mean...whatever, sorry, I don't talk good american.

Anonymous said...

I use Firefox with Wizz RSS 2.1.4 extension. Once you have it installed you click "Feed Search" and any RSS or atom feed will be found.

heliopath said...

hey i think blogger always had ur thing available as an rss feed. i got it a while ago by clicking the funky orange button on the right of the address bar. but atleast now u officially have one. its more for us so we can check if uve updated without actually going to the site. pretty neat.

hey i posted a comment on the alias blog regarding alias stuff, just wondering if u read it. maybe u never go back on old posts but u should ;)

Unknown said...

WAY TO GO BRIAN...stepping up in the world. :)
I am just so glad to hear you are looking into TLE...I am enjoying this phase a little more than the past two stages. I look forward to your analysis!

I will be gone for a while in Dallas for work/fun and I will be right on here first when I get back!

Take care and slow down...Lost will be on soon and you NEED time for that!

Brian said...

Heliopath - actually I don't usually go back any farther than the posts on the first page, since I assume all of you are the same way.

I don't think anyone has ever commented on a post any older than that. Good job!

Anonymous said...


FYI, DMB is live tonight in convert via AOL

I think they are going to keep replaying the concert this weekend.


Anonymous said...

I saw the Apollo commercial on TV over the weekend. It was creepy. Reminds me of Willy Wonka, which also scares me beyond reason.

Brian said...

I've yet to see an Apollo candybar commercial - but it will probably scare me, yes.

When / where did you see it?

Anonymous said...

Where did you find it? Interesting read » » »