Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Selling Out

Check out the "advertising" above this post. Creepy, huh?

Well, at the urging of friends, girlfriends, co-workers, and strangers from halfway around the world, I'm finally selling out and putting up "Google Ads" on the ol' Blog.

Part of me feels very dirty for doing this. I mean, I'm an artist. I don't care about things like money - I'm in the blogging business for the love of the written word (that, and Internet Groupies). However, I've been told that money can be exchanged for goods and services, which I like. We'll give it a go for now. If it annoys you, let me know. If it annoys me, I'll let you know by getting rid of it.

If I become independently wealthy from it, I promise to buy each and every one of you an Apollo Bar. Remember Apollo Bars? The mysterious candy well-stocked in the Hatch? Well, Lost once again blurs the line between fantasy and reality: and .

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(Unfortunately, the closest U.S. Distribution is about two hours away from me... does this feel like Willy Wonka to anyone else? I want a Golden Ticket!)

PS - I'll continue to update The Lost Experience... So Far post below as more pieces of the movie are released. So check back early and often.


RevScottDeMangeMD said... now rank up there with the likes of Rob Thomas, Phish (after Farmhouse), and DMB (after Everyday). Man, when did it stop being about the music for you?

Also, where did you find out about that Apollo candy?

Anonymous said...

profit is not a dirty word...its america man

enjoy your windfall...maybe

heliopath said...

im going to get the ones in london wahoo!!

SinkingDeeper said...

girlfriends....with an "s"...meaning plural? You are already independently wealthy! ;)

Looking forward to your posts!

amanda said...

"I've got a Golden Ticket, I've got a Golden Ticket..."

good luck with the ads, may they bring you wealth and prosperity.

PHG said...

I have no need whatsoever for a "prayer ringtone," but I will click on the link to earn you a fraction of a cent. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

No problem, Brian. In fact, I will click on the ads every once in a while - just for you! Keep up with those updates.

Brian said...

It's funny - they claim that the ads will be "geared towards the theme / subject matter of your website".

Prayer ringtones? Are they just picking up the Buddy Jesus picture in the corner?

You'll be happy to know I'm currently sitting at $1.36... but I feel like a million bucks!

Brian said...

Hey - the Ads finally became Lost related! Fun!