Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"Maternity Leave" Discussion Points

Ten points to ponder...

  1. Who is the "he" that Zeke and Ethan were referring to during their little conversation? Clearly some sort of boss. Does that make "he" Tom Degroot? Alfred Hanso? Someone else?
  2. What's up with the costumes? It seems as though the Others are trying to make everything think they are living in these wilderness conditions as derelicts, when in reality they seem to all be very educated, clean cut, and have a very organized society on the Island... hello scientists!
  3. So Ethan and Zeke are on the same side... I'll assume Goodwin is also on the same side... so there's just one group of "Others" on the Island!
  4. Henry Gale seems innocent now, doesn't he?
  5. Ethan was working on a list similar to Goodwin's, but didn't get a chance to finish yet. Does that mean they never got a chance to take "the good ones" from the Fuselage camp?
  6. When / why did the Others abandon the Medical Facility? It was completely cleared out as if a bomb had gone off in there - except for the costumes... which Zeke was wearing just days ago.
  7. Where is Claire getting all this new eye makeup? She looks really good - but come on...
  8. How long until Claire realizes that there is 4815162342 medicine inside the Swan Hatch? Have they not investigated what this stuff does yet? Jack, you're a doctor - get on it!
  9. What's the symbolism in Eko cutting off his beard? Why confess to this guy, when there are probably 20 - 30 other people on the beach that you don't know either... unless he gets the feeling Henry is an Other, and since he killed Others, he needs to apologize to Others?
  10. No new episodes for two weeks. Thankfully, March Madness is right around the corner.

Comment away!


Anonymous said...

That was a close one. I am in the western time zone and I almost read this bitch before Lost started. Finally, a show that gave us stuff and also has a good teaser for the following episodes.

Jenn said...

1. I still think Henry Gale is evil.
2. Why didn't the OTHERS come back to get Claire after she escaped? Does this have to do with Ethan telling her she has to give her baby willingly?
3. CFL - I liked how they portrayed her. She is a good guy after all. Amazing though that her daughter has been there all the time on the island and they have NEVER met. Especially with Zeke showing up all over the place, and Ethan.
4. Eko - he had two little ponytails coming from his beard, right? Representing the two sins that he had not been able to confess to anyone until last night. He KNOWS Gale is an other. When he was finished confessing, he still stared at him with mistrust and suspicion.

all in all, a VERY suspenseful and FUN episode to watch!! lots of info to process.

Brian said...

As I said last night, "Henry Gale is stirring the pot", causing conflict...

But who is to say if this makes him an Other, or just a scared guy who's trying to get out of jail?

Rebecca said...

Another EXCELLENT episode!!!! I agree Henry is EVIL...he is going to try to cause a civil war. I am still wondering, did the baby survive the sickness because of the injections it got invitro??? or...was it just diaper rash..???lol

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

1.) I think the “he” that they are talking about is Hanso. I doubt Tom Degroot has any involvement in all of this.
2.) I think the costumes might make it out to look like there are a ton of “others” when in reality, there might only be 10 or so. If the survivors see a different “other” everytime, then they will think there are a lot of them.
3.) Are Ethan and Zeke on the same side? Or are they leaders of TWO groups have joined forces for some reason. That crossed my mind right away.
4.) No f-ing way that Henry Gale is innocent.
5.) Part of me saw a sensitive side to Ethan. Obviously he was a bad guy, but I also thought that he sort of had some compassion to Claire and what they were about to do. Then again, he is a good actor because he fooled the survivors for that long.
6.) They had to have purposely left the costumes there. I guarantee there are several of these lairs throughout the island.
7.) Seriously…Brian, I know you read Bill Simmons, the Sports Guy. In his words, “When are they going to do a tampon episode? They had to have run out of tampons by now. Imagine how bitchy those girls are going to be.”
8.) This is the thing that upsets me the most. They are just nonchalantly hanging out in the hatch. Tear that shit apart! Look for clues, hidden messages, ANYTHING! Jesus!
9.) I am not familiar with the Bible, but I guarantee there is something in there about cutting a piece of one’s hair as a symbol of something. Hopefully it’s not Samson-esque b/c I want to see Eko kick some major ass.
10.) March madness baby! Friday, March 17, 2006 may possibly go down as the greatest day in the history of my young life. UConn winning it all. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Anonymous said...

Hey I stumbled across this site, after I got back from a Business trip, I tivo'd LOST and just got done watching, I am familiar with Cathlocism Symbols, and cutting the beard is one of them. It's almost an Insult, for more details visit this site.

It explains things expertly.

I also came across Dr. Sharon Alva, Which I noticed and probably stated before its just Alvar Hanso has a clever anagram.

It seems that the producers are adding most of these clues as Red Heirings, such as the Perfected Balloon Plan that Henry Gale is implementing, Notice how they had the Theatrical Make Up, meaning there familiar with the arts, meaning deception is a must. Everything is going occording to plan, Henry is supposed to look innocent, and eventually split the Tribe. Remember only 4 people know, not even Kate or Sawyer... things will get bad.

At any rate, Lost leaves us each Week speechless but with tons to say ;) Irony. I love it


Anonymous said...

In response to #8 about injections in the Swan hatch:

Desmond DID take ALL of the vials and the injector with him, so the medical cabinet is empty. They just didn't show him packing every single one. This was confirmed by Javi on the fuselage.

Also, Tom DeGroot and Alfred Hanso are actually name Gerald DeGroot and Alvar Hanso.

Anonymous said...

Well, so far, they have found an energy center (swan), a medical center (last episode, maternity leave), and another one that was completely demolished and unusable (I dont remember the logo).
The video said there were 4 bases (right?). If the plan was to organize some sort of new life experiment, then they could have a medical center, an energy center, and 2 unknown others, maybe goverment and military. If thats true, then the broken one should be the goverment (again, maybe), and the military one is still missing...
Oh, and I hate Henry Gale.

stinkowoman said...

1. The other hatch was the arrow hatch.
2. Did enyone else not think it was weird that the medical facility not only looked ransacked but older? They would have only deserted it a few weeks ago, and the place was falling apart! I think either it was destroyed by another group of others (the forest walkers) or we may have a time shift thing like what we saw with the Nigerian plane quick decay.
3. Henry Gale is the fru-it of the de-vil.

Anonymous said...

why does not someone smack claire across the face.

Anonymous said...

I think that when Ekov cuts of his two beards it simbolisese that he has cut off the guilt of killing the two others...

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