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Insane "Lockdown" Analysis

(Okay... here goes. It's rushed, it's probably somewhat incoherent, but in my mind, I've got it all figured out. So if this doesn't make sense, just let me know. Here we go...)

Official Review: I hyped it up too much.

Was it a good episode? Yes. Better than many recent ones we’ve got – and we got the most interesting thing to over-analyze yet on this show!

Was it a great episode? Not quite.

As fantastic as the last ten minutes were, the rest of the episode was pretty slow. The whole “poker” part seemed like filler and took us away from much more interesting storylines going on. Then at the end they threw so much at us that it was almost overwhelming. If I was writing, I would have spaced them out and filled them out. Give me the arguments between Sayid and Ana-Lucia about digging up the body. Show Charlie protesting and getting freaked out. Give me a scene showing Henry climbing through the duct, seeming to know exactly where he’s going. You can still keep his motives secret (more on that later), but in my mind, this deserved more of the camera’s attention this week.

But I digress. There’s so much to say. (Anyone seen the bridge?) Where to begin? Let’s start with appetizers, then we’ll move to the main course:

1. Locke was selling a house to Nadia. No, not Sidney Bristow’s sister (but the Alias commercial during Lost was pretty good last night)

Remember her? Here she is this week:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Here she is in Iraqi prison:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Sayid loved her in Iraqi prison, then ratted out his friends in hopes of reuniting with him. It makes it especially poignant when Locke mentioned “It’s a good house for you and your husband” and she replied “I don’t have a husband”. Sad. That should have been Sayid’s house!

Chalk this up to another “connection” all the Survivors seem to have made with each other in their past lives. Is there something more to this? At this point, I am leaning towards “yes”. I’m all for them just showing “we’re all connected to each other in everyday life but we don’t realize it”, but it’s getting pretty absurd at this point.

Someday I’ll have to make a diagram outlining them all. But not today. There’s more urgent analysis to be done…

2. Henry Gale is an Other!

That’s right – and it wasn’t this Minnesota ID that convinced me:

Image hosting by Photobucket

It was the way that Henry started freaking out early in the episode when the warning voice-over started talking. Here’s a guy who’s been in an (alleged) strange and mysterious “Hatch” full of strange people he’s never met before. Obviously, he’s going to hear a lot of different things, from the music Locke was blaring (Geronimo Jackson again?) to voices of the new Survivors who paid him a visit over the past few days. None of this gave him any concern.

Yet he suddenly hears some sort of announcement and he goes crazy? Not buying it. He knew exactly what was going on and was concerned (or perhaps curious?) about it. So what was going on?

3. The Warning.

If you listen closely, the voice in the speaker is saying something along the lines of “Lockdown… please proceed to… 29… 28… 27…” counting down to zero. But why?

The most logical cause and effect analysis ties this to the Supply Drop (more on that later). But it doesn’t quite add up.

You could easily surmise that the lockdown occurs to keep the people in the Hatch from either meeting or interfering with the Supply Drop. If you view the people in the Hatch as experiment test subjects, and part of the experiment is isolation – you can’t very well have them seeing other people involved with a Supply Drop. Likewise, if the test subjects were desperate enough, the Supply Drop people would be likely targets for an attack.

But here’s the thing – the Supply Drop seemingly was dropped from the sky via plane / helicopter / hot air balloon. Therefore, there’s no danger of the test subjects interfering with it, seeing another human being, or attacking. I suppose there could be a danger of the Supply Drop falling on the test subjects, so the Lockdown could be a way of protecting them… but:

Remember those “Quarantine” signs all over the inside of the Hatch? Clearly the people inside, who are injecting themselves with 4815162342 medicine are afraid of going outside – can you really see them doing it to gather these supplies?

So what caused the Lockdown? Seeing as how nothing special seemed to be going on inside the Hatch, at the Beach, or in the Jungle at the time, you have to think this is a scheduled event. Heck, they even tell whoever is in the Hatch that it’s about to happen, giving them ample time to get wherever they need to be. But why?

If you look at what got isolated during the Lockdown, it was the living area – not the area with the computer and not the area with the blocked off super-magnet. This eliminates any theories that the Lockdown is used to keep the “unique magnetic properties” of the Hatch from effecting the supply plane-helicopter-balloon, or any theories about “protecting the mission of entering the numbers on the computer from being affected by outsiders”.

Here’s my full theory: The Lockdown is used to re-supply the Hatch. New food. New equipment (when necessary – like the washer and dryer!). Perhaps even perform any maintenance, cart away waste, and get out of there.

Before the Lockdown occurs, the voiceover tells the test subject to make their way to their “stations” (i.e.- the computer) so that they can continue to work while the rest of their living area is sealed off. Then, behind closed doors, the Dharma employees collects the goods from the Supply Drop, delivers them to the Hatch, then leaves. The Blast Doors reopen, and all the test subjects know is that now they have enough food to continue their job for another 6-8 months (more on this later).

Is it a coincidence that Henry Gale was wandering around our Survivors camp (and the Hatch) two days earlier? No, he was waiting for the Supply Drop. His job was to replenish the Hatch. Is it a coincidence that Henry Gale started freaking out when the Warning went off? No, he knew exactly what it meant, and that it was time to do his job. Notice how the first thing he said when he woke up after being knocked out was “How long was I out?” Time is of the essence!

Oh, and there’s the potential “Henry Gale was sent to spy on the Others” scenario, which I think also comes into play.

4. Remember 5 Things:

So I’ve had some requests for what I think the “five revelations, each more shocking than the one before” were for this episode, as the ABC promo department famously promised. This is my best guess, in order:

1. Sayid, Ana-Lucia and Charlie finding the balloon and grave.

2. The Lockdown in the Hatch, (and perhaps Locke getting pinned underneath).

3. The revealing of the black light Diagram on the Blast Door.

4. The discovery of the Supply Drop in the Jungle.

5. The revelation that Henry Gale has been lying all along.

Again – the creators of Lost are on record of saying “Don’t trust the previews” and “We hate ABC for their misleading previews” (not those exact words – come on, they know who butters their bread – yes, I just used that expression – I think it’s hilarious).

Okay, time for the main course.

5. Fun with Maps!

Black lights – they’re not just for haunted houses and skating rinks anymore. They now reveal insane images on Blast Doors inside secret Hatches on mysterious Islands!

Here’s the original image we were presented with:

Image hosting by Photobucket

So many questions. We’ll do this logically:

Who? Who made this? Or should I say “whom”? (Seriously, I’m asking, I always get this particular idiosyncrasy of the English language confused). My guess? It wasn’t written by Hatch inhabitants like Desmond or Kelvin (Hatchers), but by Dharmites (my new name for members of Dharma). Think I belong in a mental institution with Hurley and that bald guy from the preview? Let me explain…

Back in the day, when Dharma started out, there was a master plan for everything that was going on on the Island – reasons for the experiments, goals they hoped to accomplish, the meaning behind it all. But this information was only fully known by a select few key people (such as Hanso and the Degroots).

They simply would give tasks and commands to other Dharmites (believers) who blindly followed and completed their mission (wow – this keeps sounding more and more like Scientology – what if Lost turned out to be an elaborate metaphor criticizing the “religion” of Tom Cruise and John Travolta?)

Then there are two options:

  1. Over time, Degroot and Hanso died (perhaps in “the incident”?) without passing along the original aims of their mission to Others, leaving the remaining Dharmites to try and figure out what the point of it all is. All they knew is that their menial tasks (such as restocking the Swan Hatch) needed to continue to ensure the mission succeeded (which had been preached to them as being the most important thing). The map shows how much they’ve figured out so far (outlining the Hatches they are aware of).
  2. Frustrated by this lack of knowledge, some Dharmites became disenfranchised, and began trying to figure out what was going on in hopes of getting out of the Dharma Cult or to understand the meaning behind it all. The map shows the extent of the knowledge of what they know.

Why does it have to be the Dharmites?

  1. It’s on the Blast Doors. Assuming the protocol is when they are down, the Hatchers should be at the computer on the other side of them, they couldn’t have written it. If my Blast Door theory is correct, the only people who are ever on the other side are Dharmites restocking the Hatch.
  2. It shows knowledge of the other Hatches, located all over the Island. The map itself even notes “estimated travel time incompatible with 108. Do not attempt to survey.” If this was the case, how would a Hatcher ever have gotten to the Arrow Hatch on the other side of the Island to document it, when they can’t even get half way there without the 108 Timer going off? Especially when they’re afraid of going outside anyways due to the Quarantine?
  3. There are references to “Known Final Resting Place of Magnus Hanso”, “Stated Goal Accelerated De-Territorial of Ursus Maritimus”, and “Geological Composition Likely to Cause Magnetic Interference with Weather Project” which wouldn’t be known to just random people on the Island like Desmond who are simply test subjects. The writing demonstrates a greater knowledge of all the projects going on, but not quite 100%.

It also is clear that more than one Dharmite has written on this. There are phrases like “I think we’re on the same wavelength” that seem to indicate more than one person was working on it, but not at the same time.

Could there be “shifts” among the Dharmites in tending to the Supply Drop? If so, those Dharmites who are “rebels” simply developed a secret code (flip on the black light) that no “by the book” Dharmites would ever discover. Each time they are down there, they add any new information they have learned, and can communicate without their superiors finding out.

Based on what we’ve seen from Alex in “Maternity Leave", there are definitely some Others that dissent from the “master plan”. I would put money that she has drawn part of this map (note the similarities between this and the other drawing on the wall of the Hatch, looking to be done by a child). Like-thinking Dharmites clearly contributed over the years.

What? There is a ton of information on the Blast Door. The most obvious being the location of the six Hatches:

Starting at 11:00, working counter clockwise:

The Staff” = Hatch 1 of 6
The Flame” = Hatch 2 of 6
The Swan” = Hatch 3 of 6
C4” = Hatch 4 of 6
C3” = Hatch 5 of 6
The Arrow” = Hatch 6 of 6

There is also a mysterious “?” at the heart of it all. What is this? The mysterious magnetic core of the Island? If they Island is mechanical, as some have speculated, it would probably be “the control center” – possibly the key to getting off the Island. (The rumors of the May 10th episode of Lost being titled “?” excite like no other, if it means the possibility of our Survivors attempting to find a way to this creamy middle!)

As for the words, here they are (starting from the top left corner and working counter-clockwise around the picture), along with meaning / guesses:

  • Following AH / MGD Incident – “AH” probably stands for Alfred Hanso” – what was the “incident” he was involved in? The abbreviation is MGD! Miller Genuine Draft? Did Hanso become an alcoholic? Not enough clues here…
  • But Could Be #6 – A seeming early piece of the puzzle, when still trying to find all Six Hatches…
  • Confirmed Site of Cadeceus Medical Station (The Staff) – which eventually is updated with this comment, when confirmed.
  • Sursum corda – “Lift up your hearts” in Latin. The one “upbeat” latin phrase on the whole map, perhaps written in jest, or perhaps written from one Rebel to another, to try and keep their spirits high during the hellish life that is being a Dharmite.
  • AEG Exit – AEG is the symbol for some airport in Albuquerque, but no clue on this one.
  • Montendo – not an English word. No idea.
  • Cerberus Station believed to have been abandoned due to AH / MDG incident of 1985 or Possible Catastrophic Malfunction of Cerberus System – another reference to the Alfred Hanso incident, apparently occurring in 1985. In Greek mythology, Cerberus was a vicious beast that guarded the entrance to Hades and kept the living from entering the world of the dead. According to Apollodorus, Cerberus was a strange mixture of creatures: he had three heads of wild dogs, a dragon or serpent for a tail, and heads of snakes all over his back. Another piece of evidence for the “They’re all in purgatory!” theorists? Or just a code name for some other security device… like the SMOKE MONSTER!
  • Estimated Travel Time incompatible with 108. Do not attempt to survey. – the one piece of evidence that doesn’t seem to fit with my theory of the Dharmites being the authors of the drawings. Why would they care about the timer going off in travel between the Swan and the Staff?
  • Malum consilium quod mutari non potest – “It's a bad plan that can't be changed” in Latin. Clearly whatever the aims of Dharma were, whoever is writing this disagreed with them, but felt it was too late to do anything about it. So all they can do is keep on with it, although they disagree with it / feel it will bring about their downfall.
  • Alleged Location of #4 – The Flame but unlikely due to Cerberus activity – more supporting evidence that Cerberus is the Smoke Monster. It seems to be “guarding” the location of the Flame, preventing confirmation of the site.
  • Alleged Location of aborted #7 Large Number of Underground Springs / Heavy Water Table – the rumored “Underwater Hatch” that some have mentioned in interviews. But it’s “aborted”. I take this to mean the writers originally had an idea to do this, then abandoned it – and this is just a hilarious reference to it tucked away on the wall.
  • Cogito ergo doleo – “I think therefore I am depressed “ in Latin – strong evidence that this was created by Rebels – if they could just blindly go along with the Dharma plans, they would be mindlessly, blissfully happy. But since they think and question the actions, they are depressed at the realization of them.
  • Activity Unsuitable for DIHG – DIHG is used many times around the map and seems to reference the Dharmites. I’ll guess something like “Dharma Initiative Hanso Group”?
  • CV I Highly unlikely – it seems at one point all the Hatches were referred to as CV I – IV. This could be taken as the Roman Numeral (106), but I think it’s more likely to be another abbreviation. If we stick with the Latin kick, it would stand for Curriculum Vitae – which lists someone’s history, achievements, and skills. You could stretch this meaning to be the “purpose” of each Hatch…
  • No safe location for Dharmatel Servers / Hub / Cabling or Infrastructure – “Dharmatel” seems to be the telecommunications arm of Dharma, responsible for wiring and computer nerdery, but there seems to be no good place to put a hub in this area of the Island.
  • Possible recreational area for D.I.H.G. survey teams – straightforward, a potential “safe zone” on the Island where DIHGs can relax?
  • Low priority zone for exploration - Possible site for above ground – it seems that they are much more concerned with things underground than aboveground, thus little interest in this area.
  • Relevance to Valenzetti-related research activity – Valenzetti must be someone’s name, because it doesn’t exist anywhere else on the Internet.
  • Multiple Escape conduits blocked after incident – refers to the Swan. After the “Incident”, they clearly put the clamp down on this Hatch – probably referring to burying the true “hatch” exit that Locke found last season.
  • I AM HERE – the reference point to the entire map, perhaps used to familiarize any new people with the layout?
  • Ut sit magna, tamen certe lenta ira deorum est – “The wrath of the gods may be great, but it certainly is slow” in Latin – incredibly depressing, almost hinting at a torturous existence on the Island… waiting for Cerberus to come and take them away (again the Purgatory thing seems to fit right in!)
  • The Swan: (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) – some sort of numbers, I don’t think we’ve seen them on the Island before?
  • Home of H. G. Delegation inspection of 12.07.81 – whatever the “HG” in “DIHG” stands for, here it is again. This inspection took place before “the incident” in 1985.
  • System wide failure of Dharmatel Intranet 4.08.00, 8.15.01, 01.06.06 – the Dharmatel system seems to keep crashing. I wonder if these “system crashes” are what cause things to get pulled to the Island… such as Desmond’s boat, the hot air balloon, or Flight 815 – January of 2006 would seem to fit in with the timelines, wouldn’t it?
  • Complete Shutdown in Effect – something bad eventually happened (“the incident”?) that caused them to shut down operations.
  • P.R.D. Every 6-8 Months – “Periodic Ration Drop” every 6-8 months. Another clue that the Supply Drop wasn’t triggered by any action, but is a scheduled action put in place long ago, and one that will continue in the future regardless of what is happening on the Island.
  • Fatalities: 5 – Are these Dharmite fatalities? Test subject fatalities?
  • No Connection to E.E.P. Network – EEP is clearly an abbreviation, but for what? Einstein Equivalence Principle” is a good guess – the theory that everything is accelerating towards the Earth’s core – since all the Hatches are seeming trying to get to the “core”.
  • Possible CV II – Inactive Since Accident – A Hatch shut down after an “accident” – is this the same as the “incident”? Not likely, otherwise they would have called it the “incident” as they do everywhere else on this map. Another accident. I think the experiments started falling apart with time, and as they did, more issues arose.
  • Primary Nexus of Cerberus Related Activity – the central location of the Smoke Monster? Probably the “Dark Territory” CFL referred to, where you do not want to be!
  • Known Final Resting Place of Magnus Hanso / Black Rock – ancient Hanso relative who was a pirate? Or some sort of nickname for Alfred?
  • Sightings coincide with emergency shutdown of intranet services of heightened security – what are these “sightings” they refer to? Sightings of other people on the Island, like our Survivors? Or “sightings” like seeing things on the Island (like Jack, Hurley, and Kate)?
  • Activity minimal during lockdown and restocking procedures – ties the Lockdown to the “Restocking”, per my theory above.
  • Rev – 4.2.02 possible location of Zoological research facility – Zoological research for sharks and polars bears and black horses, oh my?
  • Stated Goal accelerated de-territorial of ursus maritimus through gene therapy and extreme climate change – clearly they were doing some experiment on the polar bear (ursus maritimus) on the Island, allowing it to survive in the extreme heat of the Island through some sort of DNA splicing – so does this mean it wasn’t brought about by Walt’s “powers”?
  • Z4, Y8, Z15 – three dimension number coordinates.
  • Subterranean conduit – underground pipe
  • CVIII – Third Hatch (Swan)?
  • Hic sunt dracones – “Here be dragons” in Latin - English mapmakers formerly placed the phrase "here be dragons" at the edges of their known world – except this only appears on one map in the world. Could it simply be referring to the “dragon” that is the Smoke Monster? Or does it truly stand for the edge of the known Island (the fringe of the “Dark Territory”?)
  • The Pearl? – sounds like a good name for the water Hatch, doesn’t it?
  • CV IV? – The fourth Hatch – the Pearl?
  • High Potential for R.V.S. – Recreational vehicles? No idea on this abbreviation
  • Interference might also prevent location from use as listening station cryptography research or analysis – is this the same interference Sayid found when trying to use his transponder? Wasn’t that just caused by the radio tower (which, PS – they should try and find – HELLO?!), or does the “unique magnetic property” of the Island make it impossible to try and use some sort of “sonar mapping technique”
  • Geological composition likely to cause magnetic interference with weather project – “weather project” could be related to the freak rain storms that seem to come and go on the Island.
  • Why so many Dharmatel Relays in such an untenable location? – If Dharmatel is the telecomm company of Dharma, relays could be used to signal warnings when certain conditions are met. But why so many here? There must be something important, as this seems to indicate a sort of security system…
  • Mountainous terrain most likely used by D.I.H.G. for meteorological research due to… - no idea about this
  • Suspected shutdown date: 10.28.84 – a suspected shutdown date prior to the incident – odd… were they "forecasting" the eventual "incident"???
  • Or other route of travel?– it seems as though they were looking for alternative ways to get around the Island, rather than on foot, perhaps to avoid the Smoke Monster? Or avoid being seen by the “By the Book” Dharmites?
  • With light industrial equipment – seems to be related to one of the Dharma Experiments...
  • Credo nos in fluctu eodem esse – “I think we're on the same wavelength” in Latin – another sign that these Rebels don’t get the opportunity to communicate with one another directly, but only through the writing – a sign that they seem to be in agreement with what they’ve captured thus far.
  • Designation uncertain? Purpose unknown? Relation to D.I.H.G. unknown – it seems as though our Rebels don’t know what’s at the center of it all (the “main purpose” of everything), but they know it’s there.
  • Nil actum reputa si quid superest agendum – “Don't consider that anything has been done if anything is left to be done” in Latin – the main theme of it all – basically “keep trying to get to the center, no matter how many times you fail”. I think this is the reason there are so many hatches. Each reperesents a failed attempt. Likewise, Mus uni non fidit antro (“A mouse does not rely on just one hole”) seems to repeat this theme.

(Phew. I’m exhausted. Sorry for the scattered thoughts. Here comes my half-assed race to the finish...)

When? It looks as though this has been going on for a while, at least 20 years. I think the discovery of the different Hatches was probably a slow process, along with the other random bits of information strewn about the borders of the drawing.

Where? Is this Island truly the “edge of the world”, or perhaps Purgatory? Too hard to say at this point. If anything, I think these are red herrings, and the show will continue to be based in reality and science.

Why? As I said before, it looks like these Rebel Dharmites are using the secret Blast Door drawing as a method of sharing ideas and knowledge about the Island and the purpose of the Dharma experiments. I envision the By The Book Dharmites as being the type of people who would quickly squash any type of rebellious movement or thinking that differs from that of their leader. It needed to be secret. Perhaps they are planning some master coup, or just trying to find a way off the Island? Either way, they’re doing something that is going against the Dharma Status Quo.

How? I don’t know – I guess Dharma has black light chalk lying around somewhere, and the Rebels stole it? Stealing chalk – talk about rebels!

Okay. I’m exhausted. Hopefully these scattered ramblings help you digest the information from the diagram below. I’ll try and put together a “Cliff’s Notes” version in the next post of the main themes once I’ve had time to digest them all.

Disagree? Feel free to argue via the Comments section. Or you can shower me with praise. Whatever you feel is appropriate :)

A picture so big it ruins all my Blog's formatting - but totally worth it!

Image Hosted by

PS - here are the mega-heady translations of the Latin...

  • Nil actum reputa si quid superest agendum = Don't consider that anything has been done if anything is left to be done
  • Aegrescit medendo = The disease worsens with the treatment. The remedy is worse than the disease
  • Sursum corda = Lift up your hearts
  • Malum consilium quod mutari non potest = It's a bad plan that can't be changed
  • Cogito ergo doleo = I think therefore I am depressed
  • Credo nos in fluctu eodem esse = I think we're on the same wavelength
  • Ut sit magna, tamen certe lenta ira deorum est = The wrath of the gods may be great, but it certainly is slow
  • Liberate te ex inferis = Save yourself from hell
  • Hic sunt dracones = Here be dragons
  • Mus uni non fidit antro = A mouse does not rely on just one hole


Anonymous said...


Mitch Dunn said...

BR, I know you're probably on this...but can you help me with what the five revelations were. I only counted three things that I would consider to be revelations...

Anonymous said...

Here be Dragons??

Could that explain what got the pilot?

Brian said...

Well, I'm no marketer for ABC, but I would say these were the "five revelations":

1. The Blast Doors Coming Down on Locke.
2. Sayid, Charlie, Ana-Lucia finding the Balloon / Grave.
3. The Black Light Crazy Image on the Blast Doors.
4. The discovery of dropped supplies in the Jungle.
5. Henry Gale's story being exposed.

Mitch Dunn said...

My three were:

1) "Henry Gale" was lying all along.
2) The supply drop proves definitively that there are Dharma "initiatives" still active on the island.
3) Locke never married Karen.

I guess finding the balloon is a separate revelation, but the black light image and the blast doors don't feel like they truly fall into that category...

Anonymous said...

Hic Sunt Dracones:
It is said to be that old maps of mariners, when reaching the end of the known world, had the sentence 'hic sunt dracones' written on it. Though, this is really just a myth because there is only one that has this sentence on it: The Lenox globe from early 16th century.
What that means for lost? I have not the slightest idea but i will keep guessing :)

Anonymous said...

and another one: RVS is the abbr. in medical terms for reported visual sensation. Yet, the map says R:V.S. that wouldn't quite go with this theory.

Anonymous said...

Since the image implies that the island is in the shape of the dharma symbol, I would assume that the entire island is manmade.

Also, ursus maritimus is a polar bear. Did they experiment on animals in order to find a way to adapt to apocalypse-type conditions or a life underground without sunlight?

What intrigues me is that the image looks like it wasn't done by someone involved in the original development (Desmond raced around the globe, was he 'caught' as well?), and it looks like all chambers lead to an unexplored center, which hints at an AWESOME season finale.

Jace Lacob said...

Thanks for putting up the truly awe-inspiring screencap and translations. Very impressive. Entertainment Weekly has some interesting thoughts on some deductions as well.


Brian said...

Word on the street is that the May 10th episode of Lost is titled "?".

Could it be a journey to the center of the Island, marked with the "?" in the picture?!

Anonymous said...

for "No connection to _____ E.E.P. Network," could the missing word be "islandwide?"

Anonymous said...

Last night during a scene with Locke's would-be fiance Helen, I recognized an ancient and familiar inflection while she spoke. So I looked on imdb and confirmed it...Helen is Peg Bundy!

Anonymous said...

you had to look that up? tough.

Anonymous said...

she's also the voice of Leela in "Futurama."

Elle Darcy said...

Wow! I really like your site. You offer some good analysis for us Losties!

Anonymous said...

It is not implied that the island is Dharma shaped. It is only showing a general rough placement of the subterrenian structures. It has nothing to do with the surface outline of the island.

Anonymous said...

Cerberus, possibly the monster???
from Encyclopedia Mythica:
Cerberus - In Greek mythology, the three-headed watchdog who guards the entrance to the lower world, the Hades. It is a child of the giant Typhon and Echidna, a monstrous creature herself, being half woman and half snake.
Originally, the dog was portrayed having fifty or hundred heads but was later pictured with only three heads (and sometimes with the tail of a serpent). Cerberus permitted new spirits to enter the realm of dead, but allowed none of them to leave. Only a few ever managed to sneak past the creature, among which Orpheus, who lulled it to sleep by playing his lyre, and Heracles, who brought it to the land of the living for a while (being the last of his Twelve Labors).

In Roman mythology, the Trojan prince Aeneas and Psyche were able to pacify it with honey cake. (See also: Garm.)

Anonymous said...

I cheated, but I found this on another website. I didn't realize that the house Locke was checking out belonged to Nadia. And Locke's dad is definately the original Sawyer.

Anonymous said...

Check out the logo on the truck:

Anonymous said...

"The countdown over the loudspeaker was initiated by the approaching food supply drop, Locke just didn't know that it meant standby your stations and prepare for lockdown. The doors were dropped to sheild the electro magnetic pulse generated by the Swan station from causing the supply ship to flight 815 did and any other craft that passes over the island. Once the supplies were dropped, the blast doors opened back up."

-A comment on an Entertainment Weekly article.

Anonymous said...

I have concluded that AH means Alvar Hanso and PRD near the bottom means Projected Ration Drop (every six to eight months)

Anonymous said...

It makes sense that the initals D.I in 'D.I.H.G' mean Dharmatel Intranet. Since these initials are written in the centre of the map aswell as many other places, this may mean that the Dharmatel Intranet is(or will become) a focal point of the show

Brian said...

Nothing against Entertainment Weekly, but they also think there is some bodyless "spirit" named Aaron that is running everything on the Island, who is melding everyone's memories into a collective conscience.

I'll take their "theories" and "explanations" with a grain of salt.

Jenn said...

Wow, this is amazing. I really need DVR. I'm a Latin teacher, so I double checked the translations - they are good. I definitely agree that the person writing all this down is NOT someone who is running the experiments and who is a leader on the Dharma team. The bits written in Latin are thoughts and feelings, not simple facts. Definitely something someone felt the need to write but didn't want them to be read by another. I'm most intrigued by the "I think we are on the same wave" comment. Who is WE???? Are people communicating via this strange illuminated map? The writer is definitely trying to figure out what's going on there. Keeping track of clues, etc. The Cerberus references are so interesting. When the writer says 'Cerberus' activity - its as if the places he marks are inescapable places, thus the dog that controlled passage through the Underworld. Also refers to the nature of the island. The UNDERworld. I love it. The show definitely has develped into two "experiences" - that of simple watching, and that of the DVR and screen shot and the teeny details.

Anonymous said...

I agree with doesn't appear to be drawn by people in control of the experiment. The part that says 'estimated travel time incompatible with 108. do not attempt to survey." apparently it would take too long to explore to come back and enter the code after 108 minutes. perhaps it was drawn by desmond and other previous inhabitants of the hatch...

Brian said...

Finally! Took me a while, but I finally got this whole thing figured out (I think). I'll try and get it all up this weekend!

stinkowoman said...

The Pearl? What is the pearl near the dragons? Yummy, Brian! Where did you find this!?!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait. Hope your post is up soon.

Anonymous said...

By the way, that was Sayid's woman that got her home inspected by Locke.

melodrama said...

Ok, so I'm trying to view the LOSTpedia website, when all of a sudden I noticed that many of the pages have this message really big:






And then a bunch of pictures of some nerdy, "unattractive" guy. Um, ok either too much time on your hands, or jealous of the LOST cast??? LOL

melodrama said...

Are you joking about that being Sayid's woman, or serious? I didnt catch that...

Anonymous said...

The anticipation for your Lockdown analysis is just killing me. I can't wait! I know it would take a long time to make a full analysis of Lockdown. It was heavy. I absolutely love your blog, dude. I check it for updates about twice a day. Keep up the excellent work.

Anonymous said...

Malum consilium quod mutari non potest – “It's a bad plan that can't be changed” in Latin.

As a student of Latin, I would like to clarify this translation a bit. You seem to have interpreted it as one sentence, that the speaker is saying, "this is a bad plan, and it's too late to change it."

But I take it to be a sort of epigram.

"An example of a bad plan, is a plan that cannot be changed."

In other words, good plans are flexible.

Though "quod" can sometimes be translated as "because," so you could go with, "It's a bad plan because it can't be changed," which keeps with the same theme of the it being a wise saying.

Anonymous said...

Great Theories. Although i wouldn't call it 'all figured out'.

If your guess on what the purpose of the shutdown was is correct then most likely the artist formerly known as Henry Gale wasn't in the computer room when Locke searched for him because he had to get the doors back up and leave Locke no time to find the map.

Most likely he knew of the map. It is not likely that the doors are only shut for such a short period of time. It wouldn't be possible to write much or even draw on it. Henry knew what would happen if Locke stayed in the position underneath the door too long. That's why he was frightend when he had passed out. It wasn't the timer but the automation that would switch the lights to make the map visible.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Well done. I linked you up. Also found a cleaner map recreated.

Brian said...

Xdest - you're absolutely right. I forgot to get to that point. Henry Gale did not enter in the Numbers - or, if he did, he did something else at the same time.

All you need to know is that he has told nothing but lies since captured, and he told Locke "I did exactly what you said - I entered the numbers in the computer".

Brian said...

ben - you are much smarter than me.

However - even with your definition of "It's a bad plan BECAUSE it can't be changed", it still rings of desperation from someone frustrated with the status quo, doesn't it? They just have to keep doing it, even if they aren't getting the results they desire...

Anonymous said...

dude, loved your analysis as always. though it is tom cruise and not hanks who is part of the big scientology scam ;D
another question: did we ever question what it was that made the black light flick up? was it somehow connected to the timer ending? i'm really confused about this, hopefully there'll be some answers soon :/

Brian said...

Wurm (by the way, I'm assuming this is Big Wurm, right?) -

Good catch on the typo. This is what happens when you type nonstop for three hours without ever going back to look at your work.

As for the blacklight, part of me thinks it's tied to the timing of how long the Blast Doors have been down (which is why Henry was so concerned about how long he'd been out when he fell), but then it would mean that every Dharmite who restocked the Hatch would be able to see it - and I think it's more of a secret club for the Rebels.

Maybe Henry accidentally flipped it on temporarily during his "reset" of the Blast Doors without realizing it?

Anonymous said...

great stuff! Re Henry, he either already knew the #s or knew they didn't matter. Locke repeated the sequence several times BEFORE Henry went out, then never repeated them when he came back to. He surely would not remember them had he just learned them.

Anonymous said...

I love your theory. It makes more sense than most of the other things I've read. Thanks for your hard work! I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Javi> truffula - well, i can't tell you who drew the map because it will be revealed later... but it was soneone who had to push the button everfy 108 minutes, so his explorations of the island were limited and a lot of what he put in the map is conjecture....
Javi> ...he was clearly trying to figure out where the other hatches were and had not been told...
Javi> by the way, i am THRILLED by how much attention the map has gotten!
Javi> by the end of this season you will know exactly who drew the map, why and what happened to him - i guarandamnteeit!

darn. Thats the end of that theory at least some parts of it.

Brian said...

I don't buy it - unless a Dharma person was pushing the button.

Anonymous said...

Hi, new reader here, loving your stuff!!

"Rev – 4.2.02 possible location of Zoological research facility "

I'm a pastor's kid, so my first thought was this is a passage from the bible, Revelations chapter 4 verse 2 perhaps the second word is a password of sorts?

Rev 4:2 "At once I was in the Spirit, and there before me was a throne in heaven with someone sitting on it."

Ok.. maybe a bit of a stretch, there...

Thanks for all your thoughts!

Anonymous said...


One thing I was wondering: Awhile back Brian said that this would be the coolest show ever if the survivors defeated the "others" only to find out the "others" were the good guys all along. This could possibly mean that the island purposely brought the survivors to the island to destroy the "others" rebels who survived the incident that claimed the dharmites, thereby giving complete control of the island back to the island itself.

Anonymous said...

"big wurm"? what or who is that? "wurm" has always been my nickname - it's german for "worm"... :)

why the map was drawn and by whom really seems to be quite a secret - beneath it's content... well, as it seems we will be cleared up 'bout that soon/any time in the future. keep up the theories :)

Anonymous said...

This blog is absolutely amazing! I was wondering if maybe the Dharma Intranet was actually some kind of "psychic internet." I know this is really out there. Maybe this was one of their experiments..developing people's psychic abilities so they could communicate through their thoughts? But then their experimental subjects became uncontrollable/too powerful? Just a thought...

Brian said...

A Psychic Intranet? GREAT thought!

That might be why Walt is so important? Perhas he can serve as a "boost" to the network's power?

I still think this show needs to build up an Others vs. Survivors battle, and the Survivors win... only to find out that they ruined any chance of getting off the Island - and the Others were trying to better mankind all along.

It would be awesome. Why won't they give the creative reins of the show over to me? I promise it would be good!

Brian said...

Wurm, my apologies. I assumed you were someone I knew from college.

It's strange to have all these strangers post. I assume I know you all!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was the best analysis yet. I hate to admit that I read that even before seeing the episode, but I'm so excited about it.

I think that MGD will be particularly important.

I did a google search for "what is MGD" and got this website.

There are 2 that stick out to me quite clearly in this case. Magnetogasdynamics . . . I'm not exactly sure what this means, but I do know that magnetoelectrics is creating electricity out of magnetic means. Perhaps Cereberus is controlled magnetically. And the rebel Dharmites figured this out. Maybe they figured out how to get around it. Maybe Locke has a lead plate in him that Cereberus can't deal with. Just a thought.

The other one was "Military Geographic Documentation." We don't exactly know where Dharma came from do we? Could the Dharma initiative be military in nature? Perhaps they were experimenting with Cereberus when something went really wrong. Cereberus would make an awesome weapon.

Those are my thought. What do you think.

As always, I LOVE THIS BLOG!

Anonymous said...

Wow, impressive. I have a questions, though. I didn't get hooked on Lost until this season and only saw bits and pieces of last season. I've heard a few places that Locke's dad was the original Sawyer?!? What's up with that? Did Locke's dad know Sawyer since their both con artists somehow? I can't imagine them somehow being the same person.

I question the whole supply drop as well. I can't believe no one saw that happen. Or maybe they were all either locked in the hatch or too engrossed in a poker game to take notice. I was annoyed with the whole poker game as well. It did seem like a stupid time filler and I didn't find it particularly interesting. I did notice they were using Dharma brand cards. That Dharma stuff is ridiculous...they must manufacture their own everything. I think we'll even catch a glipse of Dharma brand invisible black light chalk, too.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, I made an embarassing typo...

Did Locke's dad know Sawyer since their both con artists somehow?

"their" should have been they're...I had to correct that since I'm a teacher!

Anonymous said...

Since you made reference to making a lost character connection map, I thought I'd post this to get you started. I don't know how current it is, but it's interesting...

Anonymous said...

R.V.S. Remote Viewing Site ?

stinkowoman said...

You said... "Following AH / MGD Incident – “AH” probably stands for Alfred Hanso” – what was the “incident” he was involved in? The abbreviation is MGD!"

Actually, it is MDG on the map, so I think Alvar Hanso and M. DeGroot incident was either a parting of ways or the death of them.

MAD PROPS, Brian! The analysis is incredible! I forgot about the quarantine issue...

Rachel said...

Why would they write only certain phrases in Latin and the rest in English? Are these parts of the map more secretive? Is whoever is writing the map afraid that someone else would see it and wanted to make those phrases more secure? Or are they just trying to show off their Latin skills to be cool? I don't get it.
Also, there is a three-headed dog named Fluffy that can be lulled to sleep with a harp in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I think he's referred to as a "security system" just like the smoke monster is in Lost.

Anonymous said...

Too many comments to see if this has already been mentioned, but I believe the AH/MDG thing refers to Alvar (since when is it Alfred?) Hanso/ Morris DeGroot. Perhaps Hanso came to visit DeGroot on the island for some reason, to check up maybe, and DeGroot expressed his anger towards Hanso for some reason. This would lead to a split in the Dharmites; those loyal to Hanso and those loyal to DeGroot (sounds a bit like Jack and Locke...HMM...) I believe it says on their that Cerberus was supposed to be shut down or something after the altercation, so it isn't a stretch to think that the problem was caused over the ethics of Cerberus (assuming it's some crazy WMD that preys upon one's mind).

Anonymous said...

Er...I wish one could edit comments...oh well.

Anonymous said...

This is crazy good work. You've got it all put together quite nice. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

excellent work man, right or wrong it was an excellent lost fix for now, thanks


too lazy to register

Anonymous said...

did you notice the safety deposit box was number 1516
numbers repeat!

Anonymous said...


Flow of electrically conducting fluids in the presence of applied electromagnetic field.

Sounds like the smoke monster :)

Anonymous said...

A couple of things here...
To that Fluffy reference. I forgot about that, which is pretty sad because the only books I have read in the past 5 years are Harry Potter or books for class. One time Cerberus was bested because he was lulled to sleep with the playing of a lyre, so I think at least Fluffy and Cerberus are connected. Maybe they can get past Cerberus "the security system" (if he is) by playing something?
2. That is the most random thing if wurm isn't big wurm. I know this is the internet and all, but what are the odds of that?
3. Is Julie B the one and only "jizz pillows?" If you aren't, don't be offended by the name. If you are, don't be offened by the name.
There is my rambling for the day. Time to start drinking for the start of the baseball season tonight. Go Tribe!!!

Anonymous said...

sorry if this has been asked six dozen times before: has anyone noticed how often characters have used "I was a good person" or some variant this season?

Goodwin: "Nathan was not a good person, that's why he wasn't on the list."

Ethan: "We're good people Claire. We're a good family."

Charlie: "I was a good person."

Sawyer: "What kind of person do you think I am?"

Sayid: "Before the Americans came to my country, I was a good person."

And Henry next week, courtesy of CTV 's overly revealing previews: "You have no idea what he'll do. I'm not a bad person."

I really don't want to believe EW's crazy theory about Aaron being the reincarnate of somebody who was down in the hatch, but it seems like the others want to raise him in one of the DI's key initiatives: utopian social engineering.

The rest of the projects (electromagnetism, zoology, etc) have pretty much been seen to some degree so far, but nobody knows what was done with the people who were kidnapped from the tail section survivors camp. Eko was on the list, and confessed to Henry that was wrong and is back on a righteous path. I think this is going to be where they go with Season 3, since (hopefully) they wrap up the hatch plot this season and move on to what else is happening on the island.

Anonymous said...


Ya.......I'm pretty sure that the symbol on "the staff" looks like a hospital symbol.....I bet that that is their medical station....doesn't that remind you of Clair....there was Dharma symbols in that's probably the same place...... are always saying that everybody is somehow conected to the island or people on the island.....the REAL Henry Gale was that black man....the black ;ady that does the laundry looks really similar to the REAL Henry you think they are somehow related...brothers and sisters maybe.....notice he is from you remember where she was from.....LOOK INTO THIS!!!!! I THINK I MIGHT HAVE SOMETHING HERE!!!!! Thank you

Brian said...

I wouldn't be surprised to see the true Henry Gale have a conection to someone on the Island. After all, Desmond had a connection to Jack (and Sarah?!).

Perhaps this will come into play during the Bernard / Rose flashback coming up in a few weeks?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I guess that is true, Brian.

P.S. I love your blog

Brian said...

There is no way that Mr. Eko wrote that letter. Not only would he never write in that informal fashion, but he actually was admitted to see Fake Henry - while the writer mentions he was denied by Locke.

Life Lesson: Never trust the ABC Promo department. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Very nice post. I like what you're thinkin. (especially that henry was a supplier..that was a complete knockout!)

Now, onto the second reason i'm here. I did some analysis of my own and posted it in the lost_tv livejournal community. I saw sevearl equations on the hatch and did some research into it. If you're interested please check it out at Lost_tv

I'd love to hear your thoughts. It may add some new background/proof into what you're thinking. Thanks!

Honorest said...

Not only does this theory make perfect sense, adding on to what you have stated about the Supply Drop. think about the present commercial. Remember they found crates, it makes perfect sense that every 6-8 months, they make this drop, and the fake Henry Gale was not there to pick it up. It makes you wonder though, if there were others with him...

Anonymous said...

what do you think about the possibility that the "others" became "others" due to being exposed to some electromagnetic force that resulted from not pressing the button after the 108minutes????

Brian said...

Keep it work appropriate, one eye...

Anonymous said...


Very interesting..

Consider this..

Maybe your theory of Rebel Dharmites is correct. With a twist. (Sorry if this was your intention all alongand I missed it.)

And perhaps The Swan was a place of penance for them when they were dissenting? Having to enter the code and push the button every 108 minutes would be a horrible job. Perhaps this was the way the rebels started communicating to their disenter fellow exiles (to The Swan)?

Anonymous said...

Sorry.. realized that previous comment didn't make much sense.

Consider this:

A Dharmite does something that The Powers That Be (TPTB) doesn't care for, something Very Bad™. Something that interferes with the Project, or the security of the project, or their menial little job they have been pegged to do.

Their punishment?

Get Thee To A Hatchery! Off to the Swan with you! Push the button every 108 minutes. Maybe, just maybe, if you've been a good boy/girl, we'll let you come back to the Fold.

But I'm a rebellious Dharmite. And I want to know what the hell is going on. Here is what I've learned. But where can I write it? A place that sure to be seen by the "right" people (fellow naughty boys and girls)?

This plugs some of the holes in your theory that you were worried about, such as Dharmites not being "stuck" in the hatch to enter the code.

But it raises a new one for me.. how would one ensure that a fellow rebel would be in the living area during a lockdown? And what are the chances of being there when the button needed to be pushed as well?

Anonymous said...

ALL stolen from Wikipedia. (Regarding "The Staff.")

The picture at the northwest of the map is of the "caduceus." The actual medical symbol is the "Rod of Asclepius."

A caduceus (kerykeion in Greek) is a staff with two snakes wrapped around it. It was an ancient astrological symbol of commerce and is associated with the Greek god Hermes, the messenger for the gods, conductor of the dead and protector of merchants and thieves. It was originally a herald's staff, sometimes with wings, with two white ribbons attached.

The Rod of Asclepius is an ancient Greek symbol associated with astrology and healing the sick with medicine. It consists of a serpent entwined around a staff. Asclepius was the god of healing in ancient Greek mythology. He was instructed in medicine by the centaur Chiron also connected to the constellation Ophiuchus.

So, if they did choose the Caduceus for the medical place, they might have gotten the wrong one:

"In the seventh century, the caduceus came to be associated with a precursor of medicine, based on the Hermetic astrological principles of using the planets and stars to heal the sick. The caduceus is used interchangeably with the Rod of Asclepius, although this is incorrect—the Rod of Asclepius is the true medical symbol whereas the caduceus represents commerce."

Anyway, yeah, so that's that. :)


Anonymous said...

The numbering you give for the hatches doesn't match what's given in the notes in the Ultraviolet map.

The notes state "ALLEGED LOCATION OF #4 - THE FLAME", and The Swan is given in the film as #3. This means that The Staff is #5, The crossed out hatch is #6, and The Arrow is #7 (abandoned due to water problems?).

#2 would be the hatch just counter-clockwise of The Swan ("The Pearl"?), and #1 is the unlabeled hatch one farther counter-clockwise.

Brian said...

Sorry - the numbering I was doing was more for descriptive purposes on the drawing - so they might have been the incorrect "Numbers" of each Hatch.

Anonymous said...

Such a good blog and intelligent comments to boot! Kudos to all!

I think Brian does a great job laying out the Rebels v. Orthodox Dharmites. It's very compelling and fits the facts as we have them now.

For me, the big question is the supply drop: how the heck did that get there? You can't do a supply drop with any accuracy from the upper altitudes (e.g. 40,000 ft. which a commerical plane flies and nobody on the ground hears the roar of the engines). A helicopter/low flying plane would have been heard by all. If the island is a secluded as we think it is, a helicopter would not have enough fuel... so we're talking about a huge low flying aircraft to give a dead-eye supply drop: right near The Swan. Seems unlikely.

Surprise, surprise... we don't know the whole story!


Anonymous said...

I have a few issues with the whole Henry Gale deal. First, the "others" are mega smart and clever. I can't believe they would make a huge mistake with "Henry's" cover story. I would think they would realize that the losties would not take his story at face value and WOULD dig up the grave. It's almost like Henry was set up. So many things would have made his story more plausable. Such as saying he was traveling with a friend named Henry Gale and then HE died and he burried him. Then just use another name. Why take on the identity of the person in the grave. The only thing I can think of is maybe the others have turned on him and set him off giving him a cover story and wanted him to get caught. I'm certain he has some connection to the others, but I don't believe he's as deeply involved as the others. Maybe he was good and now he isn't and they needed a way to get rid of him. If he was a true "other", I don't think he would have had so many huge mistakes in his story.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nobody has discussed the meaning of the numerical/mathematical stuff written on the wall. The three square root equations written under 'The Flame' (root 16 = 4, root 64 = 8, root 225 = 15) constitute the first three numbers in the well known sequence. These same three numbers are used to identify a co-ordinate in three dimensional space (x4, y8, z15) under 'C4?'. The other equations near 'C3?' are some sort of magnetics equations based on Maxwell's Equations. H stands for auxilary magnetic field and B for magnetic field (I don't know anymore than that). Maybe someone can offer further intuition.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of numbers, 4+8+15+16+23+42=108, is it possible that the computer is running a simple addition program and using the result to set the timer? If they punched in other numbers, do you think it might set the timer to a different value?

Anonymous said...

Flashinfected posted about the equations above. Postings on the blog which he links to say the H and B vector formulae refer to magnetic equations but a lot of stuff in them doesn't make any sense (ie the subscript 'v' under Pi).

stinkowoman said...

88, now 89 comments. You go, boy!

Anonymous said...

For the mysterious ? on the center of the picture look about "cyclotron" and other particules accelerator ...

Sorry for my english , i'm french


Anonymous said...

and... about the dharmatel relays have a look about the HAARP project ...

For EEP I had the same idea ...

About the Cerberus i really think it's the Dark smoke too!!! ---> coming from the hatch FLAME for the ELECTROMAGNETIC VIOLETTE FLAME ;)

...the Arrow Hatch ,for the METEOROLOGICAL WIND ARROW ...

... the Staff Hatch, for the MEDICINAL CADEUS STAFF ... etc ... ;)

The magnus HANSO and the black rock for the magnétite an éléctromagnetic rock!!

...arg , it's not easy to write in english, but i have many many information and explication to give you ...

Best regards


Anonymous said...

RVS = Respiratory Virus Infection

EPP = Employee Personal Protection (safety equipment/gear)

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh I am SO happy that I've stumbled on to this site. My people! I've found you!!

Anonymous said...

If it is true that the daharmites were supposed to come in and fill/clean/maintin the hatch why did't anyone come in and see Locke?

Anonymous said...

If it is true that the daharmites were supposed to come in and fill/clean/maintin the hatch why did't anyone come in and see Locke?

Anonymous said...

If it is true that the daharmites were supposed to come in and fill/clean/maintin the hatch why did't anyone come in and see Locke?

Anonymous said...

Great site. Question for ya'll (sorry if it's been asked already)

What hatch did the tail survivors find?

Was the swan where Claire was taken?


Brian said...

Why didn't any Dharmite come in to restock the Hatch? Because it was Henry Gale's job, of course.

LVS - great thoughts on how each Hatch could be related to one of the fundamental Dharma Experiments. But which one would the swan be?

(PS - I can't believe we're going to hit 100 comments to this post. Unreal...)

Brian said...

Anonymous - the Hatch that our Survivors are in is the "Swan Hatch". Claire was taken to the "Staff Hatch".

PS - would it be crazy to ask some of the anonymous people to start using some name (even if it's fake) so that I can identify who I'm replying to?

John P. said...

Here's an idea:
Each of the hatches seem to have some sort of purpose, corresponding to their names. The Staff is obviously a medical center, we've seen that. So what are the Flame, the Swan, and the Arrow for? The Arrow could possibly some sort of weaponry system, or a transportation system.

One thing that struck me when thinking about it was this: the cloud of smoke has to be controlled from somewhere right? And where does smoke come from?
...A flame!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Desmond say something like "Lift Your Heart Up" to Jack when they first met? I have a vague memory of something like that. I can't check though as i don't have the episodes available to me now.

I'm having doubts about your theories on Henry Gale. I doubt this mans job is to bring the food delivered outside, in to the hatch.

"Is it a coincidence that Henry Gale was wandering around our Survivors camp (and the Hatch) two days earlier?"

First of all, he was caught up in a net, hanging from a tree, then brought to the hatch. Danielle showed Sayid his location.

"H.G: How long was i gone?"

Yeah, okay, this could make it sound like he is concerned about the drop and that he needs to do his assigned job. BUT. He now knows that the people who are SUPPOSED to live in the hatch, and recieve the goods, no longer are around. Instead, it's full of people who shouldn't really be there. He have heard their stories and obviously they are not people from Dharma, "test subjects" or whatever. So why would he still care about these goods, and ESPECIALLY with LOCKE lying in the damn room he's supposed to bring the goods in to. Also, that room was locked in, how was he supposed to get in there with the goods and out?

Anonymous said...

Brian said...
LVS - great thoughts on how each Hatch could be related to one of the fundamental Dharma Experiments. But which one would the swan be?

I still think it's punishment for your rebel Dharmites.

Boss man: Press the button every 108 minutes, or you're in trouble. You have 500+ days to think about what you did. During that time, you will have to push the button over 277 times.

Anonymous said...

Nice work B, I find it hard to add anything new, especially with all the reply posts.

So many referrals to "the Incident" ...
I'm curious to hear what some you think!

Anonymous said...

**The Numbers & 3Dimensional Space.**
Further to comments made above regarding the numbers being used to define points in 3Dimensional space. I observed something which may be no more than an interesting coincidence. Here it is: If you have a set of 6 numbers from which you can define points in 3D space, the number of possible combinations is 216 (6 to the power of 3). 216 = 108*2 = (4+8+15+16+23+42)*2. ??

Anonymous said...

"Stated Goal accelerated de-territorial of ursus maritimus through gene therapy and extreme climate change" ------

Wouldn't bullets be easier...

Anonymous said...

if that is an airport maybe it could be in exit to that airport!!!!

im so good

Anonymous said...

I work in QC in a biotech facility. When I first saw the Rev 4.2.02, it is exactly the way that some GMP (pharm or biotech)facilities denote the revision of documents contained within a quality system. This would make sense for Dharma employees to note different revisions of the map.

Anonymous said...

right, cudnt be arsed readin all the comment so if someones already asked this im sorry

If the black light thing is for secret communication or whatever, why did it come on automatically, surely that means that any 'dharmite' who does the restockin would see it