Monday, March 29, 2010

Lost - "The Package"

This might be the shortest Blog of all-time thanks to the good folks at Time Warner Cable.

Conveniently, my internet has been periodically dropping for 6-8 hours at a time for the past few days. It's honestly a Christmas Miracle that I was able to get my "Ab Aeterno" Analysis up during one of the "up times" over the weekend. So now that my Internet is finally back up (for who knows how long), I'm finally able to grab the press release for "The Package" and start thinking about it.

Here we go, quick and dirty...

Episode Title: “The Package”

Brian’s Deeper Meaning Guess: As is the tradition this season, the "package" will refer to two things - the "package" that Jin has to deliver in the Flash Sideways (which will either be the watch he had in his bag, the money, or both), and the "package" that Charles Widmore has brought back to the Island in the locked room of his submarine… and I'm betting that "package" is Desmond. Both storylines will involve delivering this package to an awaiting party - which makes me fear what is about to happen to Desmond on the Island, why Widmore brought him there, and who might be wanting him. We know that "The Island" isn't done with him - but does that mean Richard, SmokeLocke, or some other entity on the Island?

Guest Stars: Alan Dale as Charles Widmore, Kevin Durand as Keamy, Anthony Azizi as Omar, Andrew Divoff as Mikhail Bakunin, Sheila Kelley as Zoe, Fred Koehler as Seamus, Chad Donella as desk clerk, Natalie Garcia Fryman as Ms. Kendall, and Larry Joshua as Burditt.

Guest Star Breakdown: We're going to see the other side of the Sayid Flash Sideways, so it's logical to include Keamy, Omar, and the rest of the guest stars from his episode. We've also got Charles Widmore which means we'll see a little more of his storyline. The only new guest star that jumps out is good ol' Patchy - "Mikhail Bakunin" (now you see why we call him Patchy?)… but I'm guessing he shows up in a non-critical Flash Sideways manner in the episode, since the last time we saw him he was blowing himself up outside The Looking Glass.

Episode Description: Sun and Jin desperately continue their search for one another, and Locke confronts his enemy.

Episode Breakdown: When we last saw Sun, she was sitting around the campfire on the beach with Jack, Ilana, Ben, Alpert, and Frank. When we last saw Jin, he was following SmokeLocke into the Jungle, after Sawyer had promised him that he wouldn't leave the Island without Sun. It seems to me that an interaction between Sun and Jin would likely coincide with a meeting of Team Jacob and Team SmokeLocke, but it feels a little too soon for that big confrontation, doesn't it? With Jin still nursing an injured ankle, I have a hard time believing he would go trekking off into the Jungle to find Sun - so I'm going to guess that it's Sun that leaves to find Jin… probably as a result of being tricked / convinced by SmokeLocke. Sun and Jin represent one of the few chances any of our characters have for a truly happy ending, so I would be surprised if anything tragic happened to prevent that from coming true - but this is Lost we're talking about, and based on my latest theory (see below), I'm gearing up for the most depressing finale of all time.

The Sun and Jin reunion is all well and good - but it's the second half of the episode preview that has me excited for this week. Locke (SmokeLocke) confronts his enemy! This means we'll get confirmation about who his enemy actually is! Is it Charles Widmore? Ilana? Desmond? This is a fairly big reveal, since it may help us understand which side Team Widmore is on in this "battle for the Island" and if SmokeLocke truly has anyone to fear or if there is anyone who can stop him, seeing as how he's been pretty invincible thus far this season.

That's it - I'm posting it before the Internet drops again. Here's hoping it's back for Instant Reactions tomorrow night or I might be posting them from my Blackberry. Hello terrible formatting and misspelled words galore.

Tuesday Night Viewing Schedule:

7:00 pm (ESPN2) - Dayton Flyers vs. Ole Miss
9:00 pm (ABC) - Lost

Happy Losting!


Chris said...

Do we think we'll see Rose and Bernard again? They're just sort of chillin' in the jungle while this war is about to erupt around them.

Sba said...

Can't wait...I want to see Desmond! Hoping for a fast paced episode both on Island and in sideways land.

Brendan said...

Why are people so interested in Rose and Bernard? I'll never quite understand that. I think they got a nice little wrap-up/send-off in "The Incident." With all that remains to be resolved in Lost, is it really so important that Rose and Bernard pop up again?

Anyway, I'm most curious to find out who SmokeLocke's "enemy" is. If I had to guess I'd say Widmore. SmokeLocke did send Sawyer on a recon mission to scope Widmore's team, and he seems remarkably unconcerned with the remaining 815'ers at the beach. Plus Widmore's got those monster-repellent pylons, so he knows what's up.

jack said...

Let's be reminded of Sun's association with Whidmore last season. I wonder how this will manifest on-Island?

Steve said...

if the island sinks.. What happens to rose, bernard and vincent? Unless that is answered in flash sideways where somehow dead people are no longer dead.

Dusan said...

Maybe we'll find out that Jin and Sun are the package. The "Kwon Package", so they together are candidates.

noemailformeadows said...

I think we can definitely cross Ilana's name off the list of important people after hearing last week at the roasting marshmallows party that she has no clue what's going on at this point... Richard/Jack/Hugo are the "leaders" of that group at this point. Ilana is just the enforcer of the beach team.

I really hope Desmond is somehow the enemy that Locke is facing and not Whidmore. Just to throw a 12-6 curveball into the whole storyline.

Rebecca said...

Yay! I was wondering if you were going to post, glad you could sneak in some time. I'm hoping we see the Sun/Jin reunion already but am looking forward to seeing exactly who smokey's true enemy is and hopefully see Desmond!

Uff said...

As my theories are almost always wrong, what if the "Enemy" is Desmond? Maybe Widmore knew this and kidnapped him to try to exchange it with SmokeLocke for his power or something..Widmore wanted his daughter to stay away from Desmond knowing who he was from the get go.

Stephen said...

Are Widmore and Locke enemies? Widmore was on the island for about 20 years, right? If they were enemies, why didn't the smoke man take care of him then? As far as I remember, the Others didn't have the smoke monster detectors set up on the island; that was done by the Dharma folks. So how did Widmore stay alive for so long if he and smokey were enemies?
The only problem though is, why does he have the smoke detectors set up now? Maybe they are not smokey detectors, but some other technology?

Hobbes said...

What if the “sideways” is to also illustrate why Jacob allows, who he does, to come to the island? If I’m not completely off my rocker (which I never quite put past me and I urge you to do the same), it’s brilliant what D&C have done. Because when you remove the Island from the reality of the main story, there is no need to influence the lives of the characters in order to bring them to the Island. So with no need to poke and prod their lives, what do we see in the sideways?

Essentially (and I am hoping “most” essentially) we see them being good. There have been many comments on the “Good” motif of the sideways flashes from “Happy Ending” to “Deal with the Devil – Happy Tricky Twist.” Mostly a basic sense of how good things are without the Island.

The sense I got of Jacob is that to him “Good” is just … good. I prefer to think of “good” as the Light, in contrast to Smokey’s Darkness but for now good is just good. In the way that AJ is Evil Incarnate, Jacob is Good Incarnate and I’ll take his call that he knows what good is. So if Jacob brings you to the island it is because you are good or rather your scales tip to the good. More importantly Jacob is the one who believes. You don’t believe in Jacob, he believes in you. That’s why they are on the island because he believes you can prove AJ, Evil Almighty, wrong. Wrong by being intrinsically good. Jacob knows the Darkness will try to take its hold on you, to corrupt you. But Jacob also knows that when it comes to Good vs Evil and taking action towards either, that there is still a choice, the “variable” that is you. Then possibly that’s it, to what Jacob said “… because I shouldn’t have to tell them what to do” (referring to his talk with Alpert on the beach). In the eyes of Jacob even though you are corruptible, you have a choice since you all ready know what good is and “your past life doesn’t matter here”.


Brian on what AJ said to Richard you quoted:
“He had his body and humanity taken by “the devil” (Jacob).”

I’m seriously behind on reading on the responses so I don’t know if anyone else brought it up (sorry). AJ’s statement made me think that possibly for Jacob to trap Smokey on the island Jacob was required to “steal” or posses Smokey’s vessel or candidate. And part of Smokey’s loophole was to steal Jacob’s vessel; John Locke. Assuming that the candidates are vessels for the good and bad entities (Sam & Dean Winchester for Michael vs Lucifer style).

I don’t know just a thought, I could be taking that too literal. Of course Jacob could have made it just seem like Locke was his vessel/candidate (the whole miracle John can walk now routine so he’s special) in order to fool AJ.

falcon said...

I still love the show and look forward to every episode. However, the more I see this season, the more I think we are headed for a conclusion that may give some very basic answers (or at least vectors/hints) on the over-arching Island mythology -- BUT for those fans (including me) who would be thrilled to see every loose end wrapped up or explained (where is Rose, who are Adam and Eve, etc. etc. etc.), I think that we should be prepared for the possibility (probability?) that such a gift-wrapped ending is not going to happen. So I may sit out thinking too hard about it all for a while and just enjoy the rest of the ride.

Sean said...

Falcon, I hate to disappoint you, but the show creators have basically come out and said as much. They have said that anyone who expects for Lost to answer every question that it has ever raised will leave the show disappointed, because that is not going to happen. Sorry mate.

Juanita's Journal said...

What is this season about? What is this all about? The show is in the middle of its last season and I still cannot grasp the story. Are Cuse and Lindehof writing through their collective noses or what?

Why are people so interested in Rose and Bernard?

Because I like them and would like to know what the hell happened to them?

Gerbs said...

I didn't like this episode for most of the reasons posted.

Yet I, just like Jack, dug Sun's Tomatoes....

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