Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Rushed "Meet Kevin Johnson" Analysis!

Don’t worry – I’m alive and well… perhaps “well” isn’t the best word, since I’m totally swamped with life events and absolutely exhausted, but I don’t have anything physically wrong with me (I think).

At any rate, I foolishly assumed that since I wasn’t getting married until April 19th, I’d have plenty of time to write up a full analysis of “Meet Kevin Johnson”, which aired four weeks earlier – but apparently weddings require a lot of time-consuming preparation and new houses require a lot of work. Who knew?

At any rate, sadly it’s not looking likely to get a Brian-style analysis up for this guy – plus since it aired like a month ago, who would even want it?

Instead, I present to you my thoughts on “Meet Kevin Johnson” as quick as possible!

It’s a bit peculiar that Michael’s Mother is upset at Michael for “not explaining where he’s been for the past two months… even though she should have known about the whole plane crash deal since he would have been on the manifest – or is she referring to the fact that he hasn’t explained how he survived and THEN where he had been for two months? Weird.

It is important to note that Tom hands Michael the gun that eventually won’t go off when he attempts suicide. Perhaps the Island really won’t let you die until it is ready for you to die… or perhaps the Others make it seem like you can’t die by planting fake guns / explosions (on the ship) with the potential victim. Or, you could argue that it’s simply “fate”, and sheer coincidence that the gun didn’t go off – and that the car crash distracted Jack from killing himself last season.

There are hints that more than a few of the members of the crew on the Kahana (formerly “the ship”) have ulterior motives on the trip (Michael included) – but Frank still seems to be a pretty good dude… maybe the only ally our Survivors will have out of all of them.

I don’t think Sayid has any master plan in exposing Michael and turning him in to the Captain – he’s just fired up, angry, and wanting to do harm to Michael for what he did to Ana-Lucia and Libby… you could say he’s “following his heart” – could this be the tragic mistake that Ben referenced in Sayid’s flashforward earlier this season?

I think Karl and CFL are dead. I know that we were promised a CFL flashback at some point – but who’s to say that her story can’t be told through some other character (like an Other’s) flashback? In my mind, Karl is a character who had served his purpose – connecting the Others / Alex to our Survivors – but clearly the writers had nothing else to do with him besides holding hands with Alex.

Likewise, it seems that the writers never figured out where to go with CFL after her reunion with Alex (which you could argue was the big “storyline resolution” for her character). She’s been in the background, having few lines of dialogue and little to do in an otherwise action-packed season. Plus, the more I think about it, the more troublesome of a character she is to explain. Remember all her wacky claims during the first season about never actually seeing an Other, but only hearing whispers? Doesn’t that just get more outrageous by the day? Outside of the fact that she’s crazy (thus, the name), she also becomes a character who’s story and actions become harder to defend by the episode – so maybe killing her off was a way to make us forget about some of the logical issues that surround her.

Who killed them? Obviously it was the Freightors (setup this episode with their target practice, and last episode by Frank and the helicopter being gone). Did Ben know that the ambush was coming? Most definitely – and maybe he even sent along Karl and CFL knowing there was a good chance that they would die. But this sets up some pretty awesome storylines right out of the break – with Freightors about to attack our Survivors, and having Alex as a hostage!

Okay – that’s all I got. I’m still waiting for my wedding presents to start rolling in from you guys, but haven’t received any yet. What’s up with that? Don’t worry, I won’t be offended if you just want to send cash or money via PayPal.

I’m putting FOB Jason in charge of the Blog while I’m gone, so the next post you see will be his episode preview for “The Shape of Things to Come”, which airs on April 24th.

Here’s hoping we get American ABC in Mexico and I can trick my wife into watching Lost as a romantic honeymoon evening!

Happy Losting!



Eric said...

Good luck over the coming weeks!

I assumed that Michael's mother was upset that (a) Michael had obviously done something to make Walt very upset, and (b) he wouldn't explain where he was for the two months he was gone and how he survived.

I hope you are wrong about CFL, although it would be nice if the writers could involve her a bit more.

Jason said...

Hi friends I hope I can live up to your expectations during the time our fearless leader is away! Have a Happy Wedding Brian and I'll try not to burn the place down. :)

smacky said...

I think it was some of the Others that killed Karl and (may have killed) CFL. Why? Ben gave them a map to follow, and they were ambushed. Why would Ben take the chance the Freightors would hit Alex? Seems unlikely. Plus, how would he know the Freightors would be there, when they could be any place on the island?

We'll see soon, I guess.

susa said...

I hope you´re wrong about CFL, too!!! I think she has to have more time with her daughter, telling her some "baby stories", e.g. how it was to lose her to Ben, and simply get to know each other more. I want a happy ending for both!!!

Anyway, you and KB have a wonderful time over the next weeks, a huge party and great honeymoon!

Jason, looking forward to you posting, you will do your best, I know it :-)!

SmellyKelly said...

Thanks, Brian. Please apologize to the future wife for the demands we place on you!

Happy Wedding and Honeymoon! I know that Jason has big shoes to fill but will do just fine.

On to the epi: I'm wondering what sort of condition Walt is in. Michael's mom is pissed at Michael, but she could obviously try to get the story from Walt as well. He's clearly not giving it so it makes me wonder if he's developed mutism after the trauma of the island.

Regarding Karl and CFL: Don't know CFL's prognosis, but Karl is a goner for sure. I, too, think that Ben sent them into an ambush. He probably knew that the folks at the temple would have snipers set up to guard the path. He probably instructed them to kill anyone but him or Alex who tried to enter. Thus he was able to get CFL and Karl to escort Alex to safety and then conveniently be disposed of after Alex was delivered to the others at the temple.

Just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Happy Wedding and Honeymoon!
FYI - we were in Cancun, Mexico last spring and were delighted to find LOST on our TV in english! You just have to be aware of what time it airs. It came on two hours earlier than we were used to! Hope you get to watch, but I find it really hard without my Tivo.

Hope said...

Brian-I bet your fiancee knew how much time the house and wedding would take:).

Anonymous said...

Firstly, I hope you received and are enjoying the sterling candellabra we sent to you. Don't worry about the cost....small price to pay for the joy you bring us with your blog.

Secondly, as for your analysis, hard to think why Ben would place Alex in harms way (as someone else indicated above). What would his objective be?

Anonymous said...

Brian....thanks for returning to the land of the Lost. I just wanted to point out that when Michael's gun wouldn't fire it was the second time that happened. The first is when Jack tried to kill Locke. Locke claims that the gun was not loaded but perhaps the Island didn't want Locke dead. What do you think? Keep up the good work,,,,Larry

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Hope it's a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

Brian - as usual your analysis is spot on!! Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES, YES to all of your points.
There is definitely a time difference going on but I can't get my head around it.
I'm sure it's freighters who popped CFL & Karl off. Ben is just not that cruel + he said "your mother will look after you" in a rather sincere way.
Congrats on your forthcoming nuptials.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't recall anyone telling Alex that CFL was her mother.

Hope said...

I think it was Sayid that told her, when he was tied to the swingset.

Kawaii said...

The gun that Michael had wasn't jammed before he "bought" it. If you remember when Tom met Micheal in the alley Micheal tried to shoot Tom and the true is that the gun fired for real.

Kawaii said...

I will repost the question I made in the "Meet Kevin Johnson" Instant Reactions. And I apologize for that but since I didn't got any reply about it :)

"There's a question that might have been already answered in the past but I guess I didn't catch it. Do you guys remember that episode in season 2 named "Lockdown" or maybe it was at the start of "Dave" episode, I don't remember well. Anyway, one of those episodes after the steel doors from the hatch opened again we saw a plane (Don't really remember if we saw it, but at least we heard it) dropping food supplies branded as Dharma. Wouldn't that imply that Dharma is still active? ( If this has been already discussed I apologize)"

Agrippa said...

Disagree -

I believe it was the other Others who capped Karl. Rousseau, I believe, is injured and will be assisted by the Island's healing properties. Then, I hope, she will go all Sarah Connor on some mofos and wreck some shit. The other Others will lead Alex to the Temple, where we will be caught up on the last few weeks of life for the Others. Hopefully, this will culminate with the return of Richard Alpert.

I agree with the earlier commentator that Michael's mother was concerned and angry about Walt and his reaction to the events on the Island. However, I hope and pray that the Creators have bigger plans for Walt. If Michael was in fact in the coffin in LA, then perhaps Jack approaches taller-older Walt (or vice-versa) to assist in returning to the Island. Walt is, as we know, "special" and perhaps can guide Jack (and other O6ers) back.

Finally, I believe that the individuals on the Freightor are each living on their own moral code and will have to face the Island and its power in their own way. They are neither totally good, nor totally evil, as we previously learned about the Others: Ethan was a kidnapper, but also a caring surgeon. Juliet is a manipulative soldier, but also a fertility doctor with a family. The only character who is a cartoon-version of a "bad guy" thus far is Widmore, and perhaps we will come to learn more that calls this into doubt. Thus, Faraday, Miles and Charlotte are neither good, nor evil, but merely individuals who will be faced with the same issues on the Island as our beloved survivors.

RutkowskiLives said...

Enjoy the honeymoon, good sir.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your wedding.

I hope by being a newlywed it's not going to detract from your blogging.

Collin said...


This write-up was weak, buddy!

Jason said...

For my first write up and in an attempt to help Brian out this week since he's been so swamped I posted my own additional analysis on the forums. Consider it a kind of test run on me taking over for a week :)

Kamama94 said...

Congrats, Brian, hope you get to see the epi on the 24th, and welcome, Jason.
Am not sure Lost is quite finished with CFL, though I agree that Ben's behind it and not the freighties - would love to learn why CFL never "saw" the Others but only heard whispers.
As for the Michael, Mom, Walt thing, I've given up trying to figure it out. Am I content to wait and see? No way Do I have a choice? No way!
Someone said something earlier about not recalling Alex had been told CFL was her mother - I thought Ben himself told her but may have this confused with another scene with Ben, CFL & Alex. . .

webuffy said...

Have a totally wonderful wedding and honeymoon!!

Anonymous said...

there's some things i just don't understand. (bear with me here) Tom says that people don't die until the island wants them to die. okay, fine and dandy. But is Tom speaking literally or figuratively? He speaks as if the island has an advance thought process, and I think that's what we've been led to believe. So, what? Does the island not like babies? Why do all those pregnant women die, then? Were they serving a greater purpose in the grand scheme of things? for example, to get juliet to the island?

Also...the island can control life and death, so it's pretty darn powerful. Why are all these people so concerned with Widmore getting his grubby paws on the island, then? Don't you think it could protect itself? AKA smoke monster (which, where is that now? does it hibernate or something? I the dharma wall kept the smoke monster out of the compound, but since they deactivated the wall, NO smoke monster. I would like to see some island vengeance on the jerk who was shooting things off the side of the ship. I think the island would love to have a heart to heart with him.

Kamama94 said...

hrmcealde, thanks - you put into words some of my own "problems" with plot/writing/production. A few mistakes are forgiveable but all these "holes?" II don't mind cliffhangers - if they're eventually resolved - but I do mind literary inconsistencies which aren't or can't be addressed. I loved the show during Seasons 1 & 2, even enjoyed first part of 4. But lately there are just too many "disconnects" and "mistakes." Wasa that or was that not an earpiece in Alex's hair/ear? Where is Smokey? If, as some have suggested, the Island grants immortality to some but the price is no babies & moms can survive, then when are the writers going to explain this? And if that's not the case, as hrm points out, why can the Island take some lives and save others but not protect itself? And, yes, just where IS that smoke monster they made so much of in Season 1? It's one thing to say just enough to pique the viewer's interest without giving TMI, it's another to make promises (re good writing, internal consistency, etc.) that aren't kept. Technically, Aaron was a passenger on the plane because he was inside his mother's womb. But, c'mon, guys, what a stretch! And the whole Charlie (suicide? sacrifice?) left me unconvinced. The grenade didn't really do any damage. Why didn't Desmond let Charlie out? Why did Charlie have to go in there in the first place, why didn't they just takae an ax and chop the cable in two on the beach? Why do we see Jack running out of the jungle TOWARDS the wreckage in the Pilot? Why did Lindelof and Cuse (or whoever) make a big deal about the bracelets in the episode then say this didn't mean anything? How did Paulo and Nikki advance the storyline? And where does Miles get his teeth strengthened so he can bite down on a grenade? I'm sorry to sound so critical but writer's strike or no writer's strike, Lost galloped onto the screen in Seasons 1 & 2 but now it's limping and gasping. They're about to "lose" me. Just MHO and I invite comments, including respectful disagreement.

Jason said...

Well so many questions. From what I understand Jack was thrown from the plane as it crashed just as Bernard was. Bernard ended up stuck in a tree in the jungle Jack fell to the ground.

They probably couldn't cut the cable on the beach because they had to be sure there wasn't a back up generator or something that would indeed keep the station running.

Desmond couldn't let Charlie out because Charlie locked the door from the inside and the door opened inwards which after it was full of water even if it had been unlocked couldn't have been opened due to the water pressure.

Aaron certainly is a strech as one of the Oceanic 6 but I guess technically he counts even if I think it was a cop out.

Alex's ear piece was probably not meant to be seen. I Imagine that a young actress such as herself might need a little off scene guidance.

The Bracelet was meant to make Sayid remember the whole Scene with naomi and connect it to the island. Nothing more, nothing less. It got so much hype from the veiwers not the writers.

Nikki and Paolo were meant to be more but ended up just showing us that what we have seen or think we know may or may not be true. The other faceless masses would have been looking around the island this whole time and keeping secrets too. I'm sure that we'd have seen more of these background people if the general public had not been so outraged about them being introduced even though it made sense that they would exist and that the extra characters might be helpful to the group as a whole.

There are many questions that they have only alluded to but I have faith they will get answered in time. Just look at all the things we know now that we didn't last season or the season before. That's part of the beauty of LOST it's not meant to be a one hour short story that entices you to watch it and then forget it. It's meant to draw you and show you something you could only imagine. I love it.

VictorC said...

Like Jason said, you have to give it time. We all have a lot of questions, and the theories we come up with and read only add even more.
So let's just be patient and watch as they're answered.

Kamama94 said...

Thanks, Jaason and Victor. You made some really good points, Jason. Guess am just crabby from Lost Withdrawal! 'Cause I love it, too. :0)

Rebecca said...

Wow, didn't think this one was ever going to come. ;) I hope the next few weeks of preparing and finalizing things goes smoothly for you. Have a fabulous wedding & congratulations! How could LOST not be a romantic way to spend an hour of your honeymoon? The show brought you together (if I remember correctly) & you proposed on your LOST blog - I think it's completely fitting! Enjoy your adventures while we get LOST!

Anonymous said...

Kamama- take some solice in this.
Rest of Season 4:

1) We will learn how the O6 leave the island
2) What happens to those who stay behind
3) Why Sayid is working for Ben
4) Who is in the coffin
5) New "Game Changer" at end of this Season
6) Episode 9 is a Ben Flash Forward
7) Smokey will appear and we will learn a "new dimension" of it
8) A "major" and "mysterious" story line for Claire will begin, that setup the next few episodes and "years"!!
9) Episode 10 is a Jack flash forward
10) Only one flashback - Previous spoilers here reveal a potential Locke FB in episode 11
11) We will see ALL 3 levels of the Orchid and learn about the time traveling (warping) abilities
12) Penny, Richard and Abaddon all appear
13) Daniel Faraday and Miles will have to wait until next season for more of their story
14) Hurley will encounter Smokey
15) Finale Kiss will "complicate" the triangle
16) Sawyer will be involved in "frantic" gun battle

Kamama94 said...

Many thanks, Anonymous! Where did you find all that? Wow!
Rumor has it that there indeed will be a Locke-centric episode w/FBs, supposedly filmed with vintate 50s cars and Alpert will be there. Don't know for sure.
Am most excited to learn more about Smokey.
Sure hope they don't kill off Sawyer,though.
Thanks again, I feel much better now! :0)

Nothing_Better said...

Unanswered question?

the main thing i have a problem with is, didn't Desmond say Charlie had to die in order for Aaron AND Claire to leave the island and be safe.

Evidence has shown that Desmonds visions were accurate, so how does that explain Kate raising Aaron in he FF. Surely Claire must have left the island with Aaron as Desmond claimed.

So - does that make Claire one of the oceanic 6? or was Desmond lying to Charlie? hmmm

sorry if this has been discussed already, but i haven't seen it mentioned and i feel it is a fairly major plot issue. What do you all think?

Anonymous said...

Karl Pilkington has a head like a F*****g Orange!

Kamama94 said...

Who's Karl Pilkington?

Nothing Better, maybe Charlie didn't lnow Claire was destined to remain on the Island (or die) when he sacrificed his life.

What really intrigues me about Kate winding up with Aaron is what the psychic said - Aaron is not to be raised by "another." Or did the psychic actually say "An Other?"

Guess we'll find out next episode. (I hope!)

Andrew said...

we're getting an extra hour of lost this season. http://www.tvsquad.com/2008/04/12/its-official-lost-and-greys-finales-get-an-extra-hour/

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think you're wrong about karl and cfl, before ben sent them away u could see his reaction towords how karl was holding alex's hand and most likly he feels they are taking away what belongs to him

Anonymous said...

The preview for the next new episode shoy the freightors holding Alex hostage, so that seems to answer that question.

Also, at some point, Michael's mother will see the report about the discovery of 815 with no survivors. Is it possible that she doesn't know that Michael and Walt were on that flight? That seems nearly impossible to me. The fact that Michael connected with someone who knew him pre-crash creates a lot of holes in the storyline.

Kamama94 said...

Anonymous, went to Maldives blog - didn't quite understand. Is that the person who plays Sayid? If so, and he's on vacation, does this mean he's lost and GONE?

Sawyer's Optician said...

kamama, it looks like the maldives entry is spam. No mention of Naveen Andrews AKA Sayid.

Kamama94 said...

Thnx, Sawyer's Optician. Was more confused than ever by that,, LOL

hayley said...


CR said...

Anonomous Spoiler Leaver - That is SO not Brian's way, tisk tisk! Not EVERYONE wants the extra info, and go to lengths to avoid it, Brian included.

Anonymous said...

hey Brian....what's up? you around? just a few days left for LOST.

Anonymous said...

Only 2 days before the new episode!!!!!

Jason said...

The Preview will be posted tonight. I appreciate everyone's patience but this is hard work. I have great respect for Brian.


Anonymous said...

to Jason: we r counting on you brother. you have big shoes to fill....don't let us down dude.