Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lost: Missing Pieces - "King of the Castle"

It looks like Christmas came a little early this year, in the form of a sweet Lost: Missing Pieces this week. Merry Christmas to all of us!


Taking place during the timeline of "The Man From Tallahassee", this episode features a few bits of Losty goodness packed into two mintues of video. The two main points?

1. Ben comments that he "won't prevent Jack from getting home", but that he can't vouch for the Island doing the same. Although Jack laughs him off, questioning how the Island could "sink the sub", it turns out to be horrible irony since that's exactly what happens.

If you think about it, John Locke (a member of Team Island - remember that theory from months ago) is basically acting as the body for the desires of the Island / Jacob / Whatever The Heck is Going On. Locke blowing up the sub is the equivalent of the Island blowing up the sub - so Ben was absolutely right.

However, I don't think it was so much that the Island wanted Jack to stay - as much as it didn't want Jack's departure to lead to others finding the Island... but we all know that didn't work out so well either. Perhaps the Island would have been better off letting Jack escape on the sub - it may have at least bought a little more time before Jack and his inevitable search party returned, as opposed to Jack swiping Naomi's walkie-talkie and calling the calvary.

2. Ben hints that even if Jack does leave, he may regret it - wanting to return to the Island someday, but not being able to. Again with the irony, this is precisly what we saw during the flashforward of "Through the Looking Glass". How did Ben know that this could potentially happen? Did he truly realize the paradise of the Island, or had others made this same mistake in the past?

Either way, it seems to lend some weight to the theory that Ben was the person in the coffin during the Season Three finale. Ben represented someone who understood the power of the Island, and warned Jack about leaving. Jack, living what looks to be a miserable post-Island existence would have totally regreted his decision to leave the Island, proving Ben right... and Ben's death just might spurn Jack to drastically and suddenly reach out to Kate about going back.

Good stuff.

(Also, allegedly Ben cheats at the game of chess with his last move. I'm no Deep Blue, but I'll take Lostpedia's word for it. Just goes to show that Ben appears to be a man of his word, but is really someone that would cheat in order to win. Juliet was right, he is a liar!)

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Joey D. said...

King of The Castle was VERY good....BUT, "The Deal" is even better!!! The Deal is this week's new mobisode.

Brian said...

joey d. - it's like you're in the future... or must have a fancy Verizon phone.

I review the Mobisodes once they appear on ABC.com, which I understand is a little later than they actually are available through Verizon.

But now I'm pretty excited for next Monday!

Joey D. said...

I don't have Verizon....LoL...I have little ol' AT&T, but there is a website (DarkUFO) that has a low quality version of next week's mobisode. It's somebody using a videorecorder or something to film off of a Verizon phone.

I wouldn't have even mentioned it, but I was very excited about it. You said something about KOFC being good, and I just wanted to relay that these things are getting better and better as they go along.

I will say one thing about the newest installment.......Michael plus Juliet plus a teepee equals totally friggin' cool!!!!!!!!!

dru said...

Yeah brian, just like joey said, DarkUFO post them on his/their website.


The last one is still in poor quality, because it's a camcorder recording.

dru said...

Oh well, apparently the links don't show up all.

You have them here:

Along with some promos.

Anonymous said...

uh, are we forgetting about the fact that Ben was indeed (indirectly) involved with the blowing up of the sub? Remember that he intentionally manipulated Locke into blowing it up, making him think that it was his own idea?
So, Ben is not a man of his word. He did indeed play a part in stopping Jack from getting off of the island.

Brian said...

Call me crazy, but I don't really trust going to a website that starts with SPOILERSlost.blogspot! Who knows what you will stumble upon there? Sounds too dangerous to me.

On the other hand, LostTRAILERS.blogspot looks pretty safe. I'll still wait for the official clip to go up on ABC.com so that it's easier to see and hear - but I agree, next week's looks pretty solid as well.

dru said...

brian, lol, yeah you're right, I don't know if there are any, I literally only looked at the video window just to avoid that. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hah, Ben cheating doesn't seem like that big a deal to me. It's a valid move, he just does it on the wrong side. He should have "castled" with the castle on the King's side, not the Queen's side. I'm sure it's just a poor mistake on the production side, not a choice. Somewhat surprising though... as anyone who actually plays chess should have noted it immediately...

tonysee200x said...

>>Hah, Ben cheating doesn't seem like that big a deal to me>>

I don't know anything about Chess, but here is what Lostpedia says about the move (similar, but not exactly the same as what you say)

"Ben's move is illegal, since castling is only permitted if both the king and rook have not yet moved from their starting locations on the board. Ben's king is on the dark square where the queen starts the game, so castling is no longer a valid move."

Steve said...
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Steve said...

No.. he doesn't cheat.. the board was setup wrong! Queen is on her own color, but both Jack and Ben have the king on their own color.

This is a VERY common mistake to those who don't play chess a lot.
And if you don't play chess a lot, you could play an entire game and not notice it.

Anonymous said...

About "The Deal" mobisode - it is set in a familiar place (hint: it's about "three minutes" long), but not a teepee...

It's a yurt!

Although, I actually liked "King Of The Castle" a little better. To me, it was dovetailed perfectly with season 3, whereas "The Deal" felt a little unnecessary. But maybe they'll reference it in season 4? Who knows.

Anonymous said...

sorry if you've been asked this before, but is there any chance that lost is backed up due to the writer strike? I don't think i could wait more that 9 months, seeing as its been hell already...

Brian said...

There are 8 episodes of Lost Season 4 currently completed - and ABC is planning on airing them come February, strike or not.

The Lost creators have said that this is a terrible idea, and would prefer to wait until all 16 episodes could be aired in a row.

If the strike isn't resolved within the next month or so, it looks like we'll get an 8 episode Season 4, then a 24 episode Season 5 - unless they somehow change the story arcs due to the strike.

Joey D. said...

Jorge Garcia is a VERY, VERY cool dude. He is not really doing that much acting when he plays Hurley. This is evidenced on his blog entitled "Dispatches From The Island". I suggest to anyone that enjoys Jorge's personality to read his blog.

Here is the link:


I very much enjoy reading his blog. It's not really Lost related at all. He does NOT give any Lost spoilers, and actually he doesn't really even mention Lost very often.

Like I said, it's very enjoyable reading that I think you all will also enjoy.

Heather's Brain said...

Okay, on the chess issue...As a CHESS CLUB teacher (oh the geek in me comes out!) I can tell you that I immediately thought that castle was wrong, so I investigated it by watching again. I was all set to get on here and inform everyone...then someone beat me to it!

The kings are on the wrong space. That was why I knew something was wrong with his CASTLE move. I said out loud, hey he did that wrong! Then went back and watched it. I have a still phot of the placement just before the castle, anyone want it?
Contrary to what someone else said...the QUEEN'S SIDE move is legit. You CAN castle on either side as long as no pieces are in the way and neither piece castleing has yet moved. ALSO...this move can NOT be made as a DEFENSIVE move. You can only move, as he did, when you are NOT in check.

Heather's Brain said...

oh also, the newest mobisode is posted on the ABC.com site. WOW!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks brian!