Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Lost - Moment 6

Wow - two good "Lost Moments" in a row! Maybe this spring season is going to be way more kickasserific than we thought!


  • Unlike some of the other "Lost Moments", this one is clearly from the first episode back after the break, still showing Jack in the Operating Room with Ben.
  • It doesn't look like Sawyer and Kate's escape is going to be as easy as some thought... and it doesn't look like they hijack the alleged submarine to get back to the mainland - at least not right away.
  • Juliet seems to be missing from the Operating Room. Could she be the one who knocks out Picket at the end to save Sawyer and Kate? Or could it be Alex? Either way, it looks like that'll be the key to Kate and Sawyer finding freedom, leaving Jack behind to hang out in a cage.

(Thanks to Dru for reminding me to update the Blog. You'll have to forgive me, as I'm still in a state of mourning after the Bengals debacle on Christmas Eve.)


Hobnail_Boot said...

So lemme try to piece this together here chronologically..

- Kate and Sawyer are let go because Jack has Ben's life in his hands.

- K/S realize that since they're on Alcatraz, they need a boat to get back to the main island.

- Shootout ensues between Sawyer and at least 3 Others.

- Someone helps K/S get away from the pursuing Others.

- ?????

- Jack is in a cage, being taunted by Cindy.

I see these as some major questions stemming from this:

- How do K/S get back to the main island? (Do they at all?)

- Does Hurley ever grow a set and tell everyone about K/J/S? If so, who goes after them and how?

- If Jack is left alone as the only survivor with the Others, how much of the story is devoted to him?

heather's brain said...

Here is my thoughts on this little moment...
when we last watched our friends...the others were about to KNOCK OFF SAWYER, now we see in this "moment" that instead of KILLING them, the others choose to shoot the walkie talkie. I believe this is very important. Does this mean they had no intention of killing Sawyer to begin with or what???

I am sure this is going to make up for all we went through the first part of the season...although I was never as disappointed with it as you were.

-robert said...

Its deffinatly michael comming back to save them ..... well ... he was never gone cause they cant leave ....

just think .... walt loved it their .... and mike loves walt .... and they wouldnt leave the dog ..... and i thik mike is going to help them escape ....i truly do ... cause mike did leave the show ... but not before filming a few episodes ... i heard

-robert said...

also ... ive been reading your blog forever ... i just have been to lazy to post .... and i have TONS of my own theories ..... i might post them if they ever seam relivent ... like my "michael coming back to save the day" theory

Anonymous said...

This was a great clip!

I won't reveal it here, to respect your policy, but I can tell you that the Entertainment Weekly cover story a month or so ago included a spoiler that *may* answer one of the questions you raise. I'm sure it's up online if anyone wants to go look it up themselves.

I'm so looking forward to February!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Bringing Walt back to "save the day" would be too heavy handed, IMO, and not consistent with the writting and arching style thus far demonstrated on the show.

Brian said...

stef - I read Entertainment Weekly, so I know exactly what you're talking about - but I don't think this scene is the one in question. I'm thinking the scene mentioned in Entertainment Weekly involves Ben.

-robert - While the writers have told us that Michael and Walt will return, I think they also said it would be a few seasons before they returned back to their story. My opinion? Michael and Walt show up when Penny and Co. up - somewhere near the SERIES finale.

-robert said...

im not saying walt will save the day .... but mike certainly can .... and i think he will ... cause he said in an interview he was in this season for a few episodes

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Walt never managed to get off the island in the first place. Did JJ claim Walt will return to the island or was it implied that they will do a follow-up on him...maybe elsewhere off island? He murdered two innocent people in cold blood - if he returns to the island, my bet is that he get killed off somehow probably in trying to redeem himself by saving the Lostees.

Anonymous said...

Interesting theory about Mike and Walt. Dunno.

In this clip it's hard to understand how Kate and Sawyer survive with so many wacko others chasing them with guns...maybe it is all a plan to let them go because the others want them to return to base camp and bring more of the gang back to Alcatraz with them.
I can't wait! - Webuffy