Monday, January 30, 2006

Libby is a Liar

Hurley: "Do I know you from somewhere?"

Libby: "I can't believe you don't remember stepping on my foot. I remember you because you were the last one on the flight, and you were all sweaty and you had your headphones on and crunch..."

Oh really Libby?

Exhibit A: Hurley getting on the airplane, sans headphones:

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Exhibit B: Hurley putting on his headphones, after sitting in his seat and fastening his seatbelt:

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(Granted, this could be nitpicking - I mean, she did get the sweaty and "last one on the plane" parts right - but there's something fishy with her. Although I'm working on a much larger manifesto on who I think the Big Bad on the Island really is... and it ain't Libby...)


Brian G said...

Something is definately going on with Libby, she was trying a little to hard trying to win favor with Hugo with the whole changing in front of him thing as well. Can't wait to hear your analysis on the bad guys!

bengalsfan said...

I think there is a solid connection between her being a clinical psychologist and the numbers. Hugo and Larry? were both in the psych ward because of them.

Plus, they are playing the "Numbers" flashback this week. If it wasn't important to the future why would they play something back from season 1 in the middle of season 2. I would look for clues or Libby in the background or something.

sara said...

Another point about how Libby is sketchy ... she claimed that Hurley stepped on her foot. How could he have stepped on her foot if she was in the Tail of the plane (she is, after all, a Tailie)? If he entered from the front of the plane and sat in the front, he never would have been near enough to her to step on her foot. She's sketchy! Or, perhaps she was a psychologist in the ward where Hurley was and didn't want to admit that connection to him yet?

Brian said...

You'll be happy to know I got started on the "Big Bad" manifesto last night, and it involved me going through each episode since season one. So it's not moving along very quickly. If I'm lucky, I think I can wrap it up this weekend.

If you didn't think I was crazy before, you definitely will after I post this one!

Ellen said...

I've been saying from the moment that we saw her that Libby was bad news. I used to think that she was one of the Others, but I don't think so anymore. But they certainly have made a point to acknowledge the fact that she's a psychologist.

(Like your blog! If you ever feel like talking "Lost"-- which obviously you do-- we do "Lost" Discussion Thursday over on my blog every Thursday.)

Anonymous said...

Well done mate! Sometimes it good to look at past blogs and see if you were prooved right - and it does defintely seem that there's something odd with Libby, having seen her in the mental clinic with Hurley!

Anonymous said...

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