Thursday, January 19, 2006

"The Hunting Party" Poll Question

So, during "The Hunting Party", Jack's wife Sarah mentions that she has been cheating on Jack. But with who? Here was my immediate thought:

Remember the picture that Jack looked at inside the Hatch when they first met Desmond?

Image hosted by

Is that Sarah?!

Per Currin's request, here is a picture of Sarah:

Image hosted by

Per McCullough-Desmond's request, here are Jack's reactions to the picture from "Orientation".


Image hosted by


Image hosted by

Let me know your thoughts.


bengalsfan said...

I think it is a good possibility, I say yes. Remember when we saw Desmond in Jack's flashback and we all thought he might begin showing up in a lot of flashbacks. It would make sense to tie that storyline together. When Jack saw Desmond he had a look of fright/disgust on his face. It would be a lot easier to look like that if Desmond was with his wife. We thought we were going to get a lot of answers in this season and it has brought out so many more questions:
-Desmond's role, how he got there, where he went.
-The others/the scientists. Are they the same or different.
-The sickness and how is it affecting people.
-The monster and the images in the smoke.

It almost seems that the deeper into the story you get the more questions and convaluted it becomes. I hope that the writers are able to tie it all together.

The answer, DOG = GOD

Brian said...

Current Tally:

Yes: 2
No: 3

Dutch said...

The actresses name is Julie Bowen and I have a confession to make. I have been obsessed with her forever. Even back when she was in Happy Gilmore and especially when she was on "Ed".

Sooner or later she is going to come to her senses and give me a call.

The answer to the question is no, that is not her in the picture.

Bo said...

Please, God, don't let her be a distant relative cuz if she is I may have to move to Louisville.

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