Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Living the Dream

(Deep Fried Chipotle Burritos... at last!)

The tale of the event, as told by Michael Currin..


Sometimes in the annals of man, moments surface which live on through the oral traditions told from generation to generation. Yesterday, one of these moments happened.

A great man (yikes, I just called Sully a great man) once thought of ways to make a Chipotle burrito even more unhealthy. The answer was simple, yet brilliant......deep fry the burrito. Yesterday, a $40 investment in a deep fryer, 72 ozs. of vegetable oil, and a couple carefully wrapped burritos brought this vision to life. My roommate Brian and I ate this monument to heart disease.

The verdict? Like most things, deep frying made the burrito taste even better! The tortilla was crispy, and the flavors of the ingredients on the inside blended together to please the pallet. It is Herr Rechtsteiner's contention that the heat melted the cheeses throughout the burrito, and released the flavors. I concur.

If anyone is in the Cincinnati and would like to try this, feel free to stop by the Delta House with your burrito, and you can make use of the deep fryer.

Attached are pictures of the deep fry.

1. The soft goodness we are all familiar with...

2. Into the murky depths of the bubbling oil...

3. Flip!

4. Behold... the dream of man since the dawn of Chipotle burritos!

5. "That's one small step for man..." (that's Currin pictured - not me...)

6. "... one giant leap for burrito kind."

So... will I do it again? Probably not. I think the same gooey insides can be achieved through microwaving, which will also add about two more years to my life... which is a plus!

The important thing is - I followed through on a dream. Now I know how Martin Luther King Jr. must have felt.


W Riley said...

Currin's bald?

Brian said...

Yep - he's like Bull from Night Court.

Big Al said...

I was relieved to hear that you will no longer deep fry the burrito again, becasue boy did I smell the effects of that all night long and for the next couple of days. Unfortunately, my apartment was downwind!

amanda said...

men truly after my own heart. awesome.

Anonymous said...

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