Wednesday, June 15, 2005

First Official Lost Season 2 Info!

(Warning - this stuff is considered "Spoilers" by some of those in the Internet community - but it's such good stuff that I figured it deserved telling!)

At the world's first official "Lost" convention in Burbank over the weekend, cast & crew members made an appearance and spoke a little about secrets to be revealed in the show's much anticipated second season and The LA Times has done an in-depth article on what was said.

Amongst the revelatory tidbits (MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD) - followed by analysis in Italics:

  • At the end of a Q&A session with several of the show's writers, one audience member shouted, "Don't kill Sawyer," referring to the island's hunky bad boy. Executive producer Damon Lindelof replied, "We won't. But he did get shot, which means his shirt will be off in a future episode." As female crowd members whooped, Lindelof added, "And he'll be wet" (due to Sawyer's fall into the ocean).

I'll be honest - I'm still skeptical about how in the world Sawyer is going to survive being 15 miles out from the island, in (what I assume to be) shark-infested waters - BLEEDING. But I'll see what they can do. Since he's one of my favorite characters on the show, I'm willing to suspend my belief a bit to get him back to the island alive.

  • "The plane did not crash by accident," Lindelof told the crowd. "It crashed for a very specific reason." But he dismissed speculation that someone aboard the plane caused the crash. "I will tell you today that is not the case."

Specific reason? Like some flying black thing hitting it (a la the thing that tore up the engine on the beach in the first episode - see animation below)? Or that the plane was intended to crash all along? I guess all the Walt made the plane crash theories are out the window.

  • Lindelof promises "Season 2 is gonna get weird" - though he and other writers promised the mysteries wouldn't drag on as long as "The X Files," which ran nine seasons. What's inside the mysterious hatch will be interesting, but not as interesting as the effect it has on the John Locke character.

I take this to mean that Locke does not find the salvation he was hoping for inside the Hatch... and that drives him to be crazy. Season 2 getting weird? Well, supposedly, Season 2 is about "exploring the island" and we already have a mystery Hatch, crashed Pirate Ship, two downed planes, and a wire running into the jungle - and they haven't explored the island yet. I expect to see lots of the crazy all over this place.

Writing that, it strikes me that this island might be more of a magnet for disasters (natural or intentional, I don't know) - but it's seemingly crashed a lot of planes and boats.

  • Finally, and not surprisingly, the rear section of the plane - and additional survivors - will be discovered during the second season.

So what does that mean to you and me? Well, most importantly - they confirmed I wasn't a crazy person for talking about the tail of the plane for the past six months! That's always nice.

Okay, that's all for now. If you want to post comments, feel free. If you want to re-read old Lost Emails, scroll down and enjoy! If you want to read about Deep Fried Chipotle Burritos, well, you can do that here too. It's like your one-stop-shop for anything you could possibly ever want. I'm the Target of websites.


Steve Poke said...


To say that I'm excited about lost-and-gone-forever would be a terrible understatement. I knew you had it in you to go global!


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what does the very top of your page say in super small print?

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Yeah - I'm not quite "Computer Nerdy" enough to change some of the stuff. There was a template created for the page that has stuff like the 897 number (which I plan on changing to 815 once I figure out how) and removing that super small text.

Stupid internet nerds!

amanda said...


Glad to see you up and running, this is so exciting! Mad props to me for showing you the world of the blog :) I put a link to your blog on mine, let the world domination begin.

stinkowoman said...

You DID see the season 2 promo off the Oceanic Air site, right? You didn't mention it... on the seating chart all you have to do is click on the seating numbers in order of Hurley's unlucky numbers and the promo turns up. SO very cool...

Bo said...

I love your blog...but I need something new...talking to you about your life is not good enough...I need to READ about it. Please give me a blog about your recent rollercoaster ride or your disappointment with "War of the Worlds."
Much Love,

Anonymous said...

Hi, im unknown because im only 13 and im using my dads computer. Anyway, can someone tell me if they are all already dead. My dad likes spoiling it for me and told me he read in the paper that they are all already dead.

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This is a really cool site. I would just like to suggest giving more info about the show. Rory

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Cool site man, but please give more info on the show.

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The unknown is me Rory Fegan. Ive decided to give my seceret identity. I deserve a big clap. Is anyone out there, HEEELLLOOO. Someone type back.