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"What They Died For" Instant Reactions!

Brian's Two Word Review: Finally, but...

A lot finally happened in this episode that we've been anxiously awaiting for most of the season (if not longer)... but the payoff didn't exactly live up to the hype in a lot of cases. Still, it's pretty clear that we are moving full steam ahead, and I'm pretty pumped for the Lost-a-palooza on Sunday night. I know a lot of people were complaining about the show for the past week, but I think it's shaping up to be a pretty fantastic finale - if nothing else, this episode gave us a hint of how the final episode is going to feel. Epic. Powerful. Final.

So what happened?

Across the Sea. We finally understand why the writers chose to show "Across the Sea" so late in the game - there was a lot in this episode that directly referenced that episode... although give the Lost fans a little credit - we probably would have remembered it even if it happened two months ago, after all, most of us still remember minute details of things that happened five years ago on the show. Still, it makes that episode a little more meaningful in the grand scheme of things, which should appease some of the people so unhappy with it.

Jacob. I also finally understand why they writers had to wait so long for Jacob to finally explain his plan to the Candidates in person - but it's been pretty obvious for the entire season that Jack was the only real Candidate, wasn't it? He was the one who was suddenly talking about "destiny" and "letting go" and "believing in the Island". That's what you call nailing the job interview right there. But having said that, couldn't Jacob have given this speech earlier in the season, and then have a few episodes of the Candidates reacting to this monumental decision in trying to figure out if they can trust him, if any of them want to do it, and what it would mean? Even if Jack would eventually make the right decision, wouldn't it have been nice to see him think about the consequences of his decisions (more than the two seconds between him asking "how long do I have to do this job?" and drinking the water)? Since so much of the season has seemed to be lacking an overall focus, it seems like this storyline could have been a good way to gain some traction.

Speaking of Jacob - was this the last we'll ever see of him? Apparently the only reason that we were seeing images of him on the Island was because Ilana gathered his ashes from the fire, keeping him from fully burning away... although when Ilana gathered those ashes, the fire was already out - so it's not like they were going to burn away anyways. It seems as though his brief two minute speech were the only instructions he was going to give Jack and Co - now it's on them to figure out what to do with them. But you can't blame him, at least he gave more instructions to them than he received from The Woman when she made him the new Protector of the Island.

Candidates. In regards to the Candidates themselves, we finally got an explanation for WHY Jacob brought all these people to the Island in the first place, and it's something we've noted for quite some time - the lives of all of these people were crappy before the Island. They needed the Island as much as it needed them... but this is pretty crappy for all the happy, good people on Oceanic 815 who died unnecessarily in the process, isn't it?

We also confirmed the reason that Kate was no longer a Candidate - once she "became a mother", she found her purpose, she had someone to care for, someone who needed her as much as she needed them. She no longer needed the Island. This also seems to establish that Jin was the Kwon Candidate, not Sun - since she also had a child. However, Sun and Jin are another great example of Jacob's flawed logic. Since they fell in love and had each other after arriving on the Island, shouldn't this have eliminated both from being Candidates long ago?

It's also pretty funny that as much as we fans of Lost have eliminated Kate from the running of being the new Protector of the Island, Jacob laughs at us and says "it's just a line of chalk on the wall - if you still want the job, it's yours!" Maybe we shouldn't have been obsessing over all the names this season. I think anyone left on the Island is now a possible Candidate... although those numbers are getting pretty thin.

Death. After two years, countless theories, and a ton of buildup, we FINALLY got the confrontation between Widmore and Benjamin Linus that we've all been waiting for... and it ended without any explanation of their history or "the rules" between the two of them. I have to admit, it was pretty sweet that Ben FINALLY got his revenge on Widmore for killing Alex - but the slaughter of both Zoe and Widmore just seemed like the writers didn't have any other use for them - and their purpose was pretty much just to bring Desmond to the Island.

Note: Widmore also claims that Jacob is the one who visited him and told him what to do. One, that would have been a pretty awesome scene to show earlier this season, rather than just hearing about it after the fact. Two, this adds some more blood on Jacob's hands - since he basically led Widmore to the slaughter of SmokeLocke.

In other shocking news - was that the quick and dirty death of Richard Alpert, the guy who couldn't kill himself if he tried earlier this season is suddenly swept away by Smokey and dies off camera? Logic would tell you that this is crazy talk, and he'll most certainly show up again - perhaps with Frank (come on Frank, I was hoping you were going to wash up on shore in the beginning of the episode!), and Miles (who conveniently ran off, setting the stage for him to play some huge role in the finale) - but if not, that was a super crappy way for him to go.

As for Zoe, it's interesting that SmokeLocke said "if she's not going to talk to me, she's useless" - maybe we're supposed to take the instructions of Dogen literally. If you let SmokeLocke talk to you, he has some power of manipulation over you, and you can't kill him. If you don't let him talk to you, you have the power over him to kill him. But if this is the case, what character is left that hasn't talked to him, who can kill him in the end? Or is it just a case of Zoe being a worthless character whose time was up (my vote)?

Benjamin Linus. So... did Ben just do a professional-wrestling-style bad guy turn, or is he manipulating SmokeLocke to eventually save the day? I'm really hoping for the later, since the past few seasons have really shown Ben growing into a sympathetic character on the show. I can forgive his murder of Charles Widmore (they had a pretty long-standing grudge, and payback's a bitch), but if Ben suddenly becomes SmokeLocke's right-hand man who tries to murder the Candidates, it would be pretty illogical... and where is Claire in all this? Left on Hydra Island, all alone, again? Man, no wonder she has abandonment issues.

The Island. As many predicted, Desmond is the "wild card", invincible to the electromagnetic properties on the Island, capable of pulling another "fail safe" maneuver to prevent SmokeLocke from leaving... but apparently SmokeLocke can also use this to destroy the Island? I'm not sure of the logic here, but it seems like he now has to kill the remaining Candidates AND stop Desmond before he can leave. I can't help but think that "destroying the Island" = "sinking the Island", which is exactly what we saw in the Flash Sideways. Does that mean that the Flash Sideways actually represent what happens if SmokeLocke wins, and the series could potentially end with a "choose your own adventure" ending where Reality #1 = our Survivors defeating SmokeLocke and Reality #2 = SmokeLocke winning? Then it's up to the viewer to determine which is really the "happy ending"? Seems kinda lame, but that's the direction I'm heading in right now.

Like I said in the beginning, things are finally moving - but I can't help but wonder how much more enjoyable this season might have been if some of these things had happened earlier to give the audience (and characters) a little more time to think about them, digest them, and theorize about them. As it is, we've got four days before the finale and we're just now getting an idea of where the action is heading. It would have been nice to have this momentum slowly building all season instead of going 0 to 60 in the last moments.

But I digress. This was a great episode of Lost, and there's plenty to discuss. I'm going to try and do a brief analysis (if possible) and a quick episode preview for "The End" (maybe) - but like I said, that's a lot to do in the next four days while I'm out of town.

I will say this - thank you very much for all the nice comments in the past few Blog posts. It's nice to know that people do appreciate the time and effort I put into the Blog, and I'm glad that I've been able to enhance your Lost experience over the years. Someone also suggested now is a good time to do a final "Lost... and Gone Forever Census" - which we've done a few times in the past with always shocking results. So if you want to take part, just post the city / state / country that you're reading from in the Comments Section. I'll tally up the votes after the finale.

For now, discuss!


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control said...

Brian, any significance to jacob knowing where Jack woke up after 815 crashed? If the little mobisodes are canon then little brother was there as well, in Christian's form.

Jacksonville, fl. US.

Becca said...


I think you're right about the end. That we've been wrong all along. LOST will live on. I kinda like that theory.

I'm also pulling for Ben.


Unknown said...

Edmonton, AB, Canada

I hope this isn't a plothole, but rather an intentional contradiction on the writers' part.

Smokelocke: Once I'm off the Island, it's all yours, Ben.

Smokelocke: I'm going to destroy the island.

I don't get it. Hopefully Ben realizes this, but to me it seems stupid for him to go against his word RIGHT in front of the guy who he made a deal with, who is supposedly still on his side to "kill people".

Disappointed in the Widmore storyline. No rules this time around. And it looks like Widmore's entire crew is dead. I agree that their inclusion seems pretty pointless other than supplying Desmond. I will be pissed if we don't find out what Widmore's plan was. (I don't consider using Desmond as a "failsafe" as a valid explanation).

One thing I did like is how Jacob leaves the survivors on their own for the finale. You really get the sense of abandonment and "What now?" that the characters will have to figure out. I was an Across the Sea hater, so I'm still skeptical of how this will all play out.

If it has anything to do with a "choose your reality" thing I will be majorly pissed. That would be so lame.

Vidya said...

For once I don't have any questions!

Longmont, CO, USA

Andrew Steger said...

Orlando, FL, USA

lostlettermen said...

New York, NY! Thanks for everything Brian!

Vidya said...

Maybe Locke will win and sink the Island, but in the flash sideways Desmond is gaining ground to revert this incident.

Unknown said...

Morristown, New Jersey, USA

Unknown said...

You rock. I have followed your blog since the first season. I have never commented but always enjoyed the awesomeness of this website. I look forward to the final analysis...it will be a bittersweet day. Keep it real amigo.


Charleston, SC USA

Amy said...

Brian, we've been refreshing your page ever since the episode ended. Thanks for all your hard work over the years.

We were disappointed with the scene with the candidates around the campfire with Jacob. After all this time they finally get to see him face to face and it just seemed so anti-climactic. TOTALLY agree with you about wishing these things took place earlier so we could see some reactions, etc.

My husband pointed out the correlation between SmokeLocke getting off the island and Locke getting out of the wheelchair in the sideways reality... not sure if I agree though.

McDonough, GA USA

Sam said...

Sorry if this posts twice.. I still don't think eternal island protector is a job anyone really wants, and Jack will realize this. Unless the others join him and all stay. Or, I think sinking the island can also defeat Smokey. I think water might actually be his kryptonite (like the aliens in that M Night movie).

Sink island with Smokey on it = castaways win

Sink island without Smokey on it = we all lose

ps - that is going to be one helluva concert.

Norwalk, CT

.stephenjoseph said...


i just started to read your blog this year. and i must say its been awesome. look forward to it every time you put a new one up.

eglin afb, fl

Unknown said...

Thanks Brian for all those great analysis ! Reading you is always fun !!

Montreal (Quebec) Canada

Anonymous said...

I think the alternate timeline has more purpose than just a choice between the two.

mobile, al, u.s.a

Unknown said...

without question, my LOST experience would not have been the same without this blog & the brilliant insight you present here. Thank you very much!!

Chicago, IL

Pedro dos Santos said...

Portugal, Europe.

Great job all these years, like many, I started reading your blog after the Blast Door episode.

Unknown said...

Justin desch
milwaukee wi

Anonymous said...

GREAT episode. We are going full force into the finale.

Brian, Ive been reading your blog for years. Thanks so much for all you have done. You've really left me with a place to turn after each episode.

Good luck to all. I hope THE END satisfies your needs.

Palmyra, PA

Megan said...

Reading your blog has made my (& that of many friends) LOST experience infinitely richer. Your name & ideas usually come up each week as if we actually know you. :) Thanks, Brian!

Orlando, FL

Matt R said...

edgewater, nj

Unknown said...

Nice Job on the blog

Charlotte, NC

Morz said...

Thanks for your dedication. You've definately made the ride more enoyable.


Michael said...

I've never liked the arc Jack's been on since it became clear. I like the rational, driven Jack who wants to get back to his flawed, but real life off the Island. I think a number of other characters other than the central character turning out to be the new protector might have been more satisfying. But you're right, it's been pretty clear for a while now. I don't really like the series arc in which the central character starts out grounded in the real world (that's what I liked about the show from the start - all the characters were so recognizable from the real world), and ends up sort of drifting into a nebulous eternal fantasy-existence on the Island, leaving his real-world life behind. I wanted redemption, or at least resolution of some sort, for these characters, Jack especially, in the REAL world, because I always identified with them as REAL people I related to. I don't relate to this Jack, nor indeed much of what has come to be at the center of this show this season (last week being the nadir of my alienation).

But the fact is, this is EXACTLY the direction TPTB have chosen to take it. I can deal with that. What I can't understand is why we weren't able to get to this point in this story by like the third or fourth episode of this season. To me, it seemed like the show went nowhere for the first two-thrids of this season. Now that it looks like Jack is finally stepping officially into this role it has been suggested he was headed toward all season, I am left mostly thinking to myself, why don't we have another season or so to watch this Jack-MIB battle-royale go down, rather than have to have it squeezed into just one, all-too-short, series-ending bonanza? I think the basic story that was told up to this point in this season could have been done in half the time or less, leaving a good half the season to get into the battle, which to my eyes seems like the point where the story really shifts into high gear. Instead, it's the end of the end and we've just gotten to that point. It's as if they were writing it for a typical season finale cliffhanger, with a whole other season to do the battle. And how much of LOST fandom would be 1000% behind that idea?!!!! And the tragic thing is that this story line all came about as a result of the producers feeling they needed to put a hard end-date on the series so they could time out the story well. Well, they messed that up good. If they'd just gone ahead and told the story they wanted to tell and let the end come when it came rather than get greedy and try to dictate the time frame to the network and themselves, they might have just told a natural story naturally and not got all tied up in knots trying to find a story to tell under pressure from a self-imposed, artificial timeline. It's very sad to me.

Desiree said...


Does Locke really have to kill the rest of the candidates now that Jack is Jacob's official succesor? It would seem to me that he only needs to kill Jack now.

New York, NY

Heather said...

Lawrence, KS, USA

Jesse said...

like many others have said-- my Lost experience wouldn't have been the same without the blog.
thanks for all your hard work and theorizing;c)

can't wait for sunday.. its gonna be epic.

a few things:
i too wish we could have seen the canidates mull over the pro's and cons of protecting the island. i mean we did all know it would probably be jack ( although i was kinda on team hurley too) but i didn't like the almost split decision.

also is anyone else just loving the flash sideways with desmond.. acting almost like jacob... i feel like he is visiting people just like jacob.. i have no idea really what it means.. but i just find it interesting.

also. i REALLY hope we see charlie, walt, rose and bernard, eko, boone, shannon even maybe nikki and paulo again...

i could keep going for hours but thats it


Anonymous said...

great blog! I've been reading this for years. I enjoy the analysis as much as I enjoy watching the show.

Best of luck.



Blu said...

Thanks Brian!!! Im sorry the fb group didnt quite work.. Nut we tried and the results are pretty awesome anyway

Zuk, Patagonia, Argentina

Christoph said...

St. Charles, Missouri, United States, Twin Peaks.

Unknown said...

Hey Brian!

Just wanted to thank you for the amazing work you have been doing for the past years.

Your theories were always interesting to read. Even when the writers didn't follow them. (Shame on them!!! :D Sometimes, yours were cooler.)

Anyway, no matter what will happen of Lost, your blog will remain as one of the best on the subject.

Coherent, well written and regular updates were your trademark.
Truly a pearl of the internet.

I think lost writers should mention you in a interview or send you some prize for all the hard work. (Do you ever think, that maybe, you've helped them develop a story? :D)

Anyway, Thanks.

From Lisbon, Portugal

Unknown said...

Heya, read you since your early posts.. season two i think and thought i'd finally post.

I think back than the internet lost-community was still establishing itself but your endurance paid off well over the years as the number in your readers show. i showed your blog to a lot of lost fans and i presume that is what a lot of people did, so hers a kudos for you and your great part to the lost-experience.

i'm also glad that you done a little 180' after last weeks short frustation, i tried to explain to any fan the same conclusion you made in your last analysis.

so hers to great years and literally a couple of hours if not days (lets sum up all the time i read your blog.. ~100 x 30minutes... huh.. how about that) you entertained me (and alot more) with your creative work.

ah yea.. the census
Kiel, Germany
thers also readers from lots of more cities here in germany that follow you (freiburg, potsdamm, bad bramstedt for example)

kudos once more


Kels :) said...

Chicago, IL

Unknown said...

Great job. I've enjoyed your blog since a friend recommended it.

I'm amazed at how attached to this show I am, and I am sure many others feel the same. This could be the best television since the 2006 World Series.

Columbia, Missouri

Chelita said...

I have been reading this blog for so many years and it has been awesome to have in order to make sense of Lost. I have even recommended it to many people when they have questions! I am AMAZED at how much time and effort you have put into it and I thank you for that because I think I would have been very lost (no pun intended) had I not had it!
Tempe AZ

Sawyer5665 said...

"It seems as though his brief two minute speech were the only instructions he was going to give Jack and Co - now it's on them to figure out what to do with them. But you can't blame him, at least he gave more instructions to them than he received from The Woman when she made him the new Protector of the Island."

Did you notice how Jack's eyes got big after he drank the water that Jacob "blessed"? I think that Jack inherited some knowledge...at least the stuff that he really needs to know when he drank the water.

Nashville, TN
I've been reading your blog since the great balloon conspiracy of season two. Thank you for your hard work and great insights!!

Hope said...

Colorado Springs, CO

Dan said...

Reading, PA, USA

Thanks for everything, Brian. I found the blog relatively late in the game - almost the end of season 4 - but I've visited every week since! Great work!

Brian said...

Thanks, Brian. Your blog has been a part of my weekly lost traditions since I discovered it three years ago.

Austin, Texas

Unknown said...

Warrensville, NC

Unknown said...


In 2 weeks, we're watching Lost from the beginning and starting all over again with fresh eyes, right?!!

In any case, thanks so much for all your blogging (I'm sure you can include this on a resume or your next work eval! Over a million page views, c'mon!). It made my Lost experience last longer than just the one episode weekly. Actually, with how frustrating some of the episodes have been, your blog was a lifesaver! It would be so great to keep it going (hint hint)!

No pressure, just sayin' : )

Fairfax, VA, U.S.

Unknown said...

I'm wondering if Desmond is able to enter the "heart of the island" without being negatively affected? Perhaps the light ties in to the EM somehow and by resisting it he is able to destroy it...unlike SmokeLocke?

Anyway, thank you Brian for this wonderful blog. I've really enjoyed it over the years!

Nashville, Tennessee USA

roundfour said...

been here since the infamous blast door map...

seriously, it wouldn't have been the same without you. reading 'brian' has become as much a part of it all as watching LOST itself. (btw, i've always hated the blog name - but whatever)


roundfour said...

dagnabit! forgot to declare...

allen, tx

Lesley said...

Paragould, Arkansas

Unknown said...

Can't wait until Sunday... I agree with what one reader posted - that is gonna be one hell of a concert!! =)

Phoenix, AZ

Dale Herring said...

The time and work is MOST DEFINITELY appreciated.

Pensacola, FL USA

Unknown said...

This was a particularly affecting instant reaction post. My constant refreshing of pages was not in vain.

I feel pretty much the same way you do about the show (I think) at this point - flashes of clarity and acceptance with a bit of disappointment, a view of something that is great but could be even better.

Anyway, I'm in the middle of South Dakota . . . and I'm in Portland, Oregon. Alternate realities, you see...

Janet said...

Davis, California, US.

Unknown said...

Thanks for enriching my LOST experience!
Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Renee' said...

Seattle, Wa

Erick Z said...


Fantastic blog. I think a great number of fans (myself included) as well as the producers owe you a thank you for your write-up of "Across the Sea." Once people stop trying to make LOST what they want it to be and just take in the story the writers are telling us, they will be able to enjoy it for what it is. We will never know what MiB's name is, but that's only a curiosity, not a necessity. The writers have given us the pertinent information related to the story of our survivors, and the rest is just for flavor.
I, too, think this season has had "islands" for episodes where we get all our action in bursts, but I am still faithful and trust the producers have reasons for everything-and like everyone, I am of course excited for the finale.

A couple quick thoughts:
"Deaths" that piss me off: assuming they are dead, Lapidus and Richard Alpert being killed off in almost Artz-ian fashion really irks me. So much for Lapidus having a greater purpose and Ricardus never dying (maybe since Jacob is dead?). Thought Widmore would be more significant as well-we missed a perfect opportunity to give "the rules" a little clarity.
I'm kind of surprised we haven't seen Eloise in Reality #1-she and Widmore seemed like such big role players up to this point.
I'm not a fan of Ben being the one Locke turns, because he is so smart and always used to "have a plan"... he doesn't seriously believe Locke, right? However, I understand that from a story-telling standpoint we needed Locke to convince someone so there would be suspense headed into the finale, so I'm not bent out of shape over it.

Here's my biggest head scratcher from "What They Died For:" What did Ben mean when he told Miles "that's before I realized it was the one summoning me," talking of course about the smoke monster? If anyone has ideas, I'm really curious what people think about this. Is it kind of like in "Revolver" where they said you want your opponent to think he's in control the entire time, think he's outsmarting you so he doesn't watch his back? Is Ben saying that Smokey let Ben think he was summoning him, that Ben had some semblance of control over the monster so that he wouldn't question what it was or the rules governing its existence? Did Smokey sit idly by and let Keamy's crew get all the way to the barracks knowing Ben would take action once the sh*t hit the fan, keeping his facade intact? I feel like I'm reaching here, so I'm curious what other people think.

Great episode, Great review!
Iowa City, IA

Di said...

Thanks for everything, Brian. Even your self-described "crappy" posts are always worth reading, and your full out efforts are often stellar. Your analyses have alway been well-reasoned and supported by evidence from the show. Even setting out the various possibilities as you often do has been helpful to me.

One reason the writers may have moved so slowly with Island action this season is that their focus was on setting up the alt timeline. I think that is going to have some huge payoff. Everyone is about to converge at this concert it seems. We'll see Jack's ex, and presumably Sawyer will meet Juliet. But what will be the upshot? And when will Locke reach epiphany?

I'm worried about Ben. Either he has a great scheme up his sleeve, or he's on his way to being "claimed." His actions of revenge may have just tipped the balance of his soul too far in the wrong direction. I hope he doesn't end up a new Smokey. And then the flip side--I LOVED it when he realized the very fetching Danielle was interested in him.

St. Louis, MO

timcourtois said...

Ann Arbor, MI, USA.

I, too, hope Ben is conning Flocke. Otherwise... it's too weird that he just all of a sudden decided he was on Flocke's side again this episode, after seeming to be against him ever since his "I'll have you" moment with Ilana...

Karen said...

Hamilton Ontario Canada

Gorilla Man said...

Brian - I only recently discovered your blog - this past season - and have enjoyed it immensely. When the show first began, I sampled a few message boards but inevitably found that they devolved into an obsession with minutiae that became somewhat tedious to follow. I am deeply impressed with your ability to coalesce sound working theories on how an episode figures into the Grand Scheme - in particular, your assessment of last weeks Jacob/MIB creation story brought clarity and a richer appreciation of what first appeared to be a somewhat lacking chapter. I thought the episode was alright but the illumination of the Mother's role in the tale has convinced me a subsequent viewing will elevate it in the overall ranking of this season's shows.
Bottom line - you've done a bang up job of postulatin' and ponderin' about one of my favourite shows. I look forward to rewatching previous seasons and looking back to your blog to see how spot on you were and appreciate moments and motivations that had slipped past me before.
See you in another life Brutha!
Victoria BC Canada

Jeffrey said...

Atlanta, Georgia

Dave said...

Vancouver, BC, Canada

I've been reading this blog since somewhere around the halfway point of season two, and it's been a big part of what's kept me interested in LOST throughout the years.

I have no show comments except to say I can't wait to see how it ends and look forward to reading whatever blog you come up with next.

Batchout said...

This was almost everything I could ask for in an episode. All heavy lifters acting their butts off. I missed Lapidus. I wish more of this season was poly-centric.

I've read this blog & comments loyally for years, and you are SO in-depth it usually leaves me speechless, pondering. Namaste.

David (@batchout)
Sugar Hill,
New York City

Stamp in Sam's Garage said...


Awesome blog. I've been following you for a long time, always amazed at the time you must have spent not only writing, but thinking about what TO write.

Like many others, I've turned to this blog repeatedly to help me remember what happened, understand it all, and relive it.

I'm going to miss LOST! I'm not sure there will ever be anything to take its place.

Once again thanks for all you did for us Losties!

San Diego, CA

Unknown said...

I'm so happy I discovered your blog a couple of seasons ago! I've enjoyed your intelligent analysis. Right after I get done watching the latest episode, I hurry up and read your instant reactions!

As far as tonight's episode,I too hope that that wasn't the end of Richard Alpert...a disappointing death scene.
I still want to know what the heck is the center of the island "light"?
Also, apparently the drink of initiation only needs "prayed over". It doesn't matter if it's wine or water...it's in the ceremony and prayer...then you're one of them.

Butte, Montana

Unknown said...

Thousand Oaks, Ca

this episode was so matter of fact. I almost feel like there is little to discuss. Looks like our action is down to Locke (claire & ben?) vs. Jack (hurley, sawyer, kate), with miles and desmond being the tools more then people. Also, looks like everyone important is getting woke up in the Sideways world.

The only speculation is the FS importance. Is it possible that this is the happy ending for the characters? Maybe the donkey wheel gets turned, sinking the island, which also throws them back in time in a new reality. It doesn't render the past 6 season moot, because they will regain their memories and relationships, except that they get a true new chance at life off the island. Jacob doesn't have quite the blood on his hands if everyone gets a happy-ever-after ending. This way the FS is not like the island didn't exist, it did, but in the wierd LOST "the past can be our present" world. It is our after the island existed, but in another world. (think Miles explanation to Hurley in Dharmaville).

I feel like i sound like every other ranter. It is some complex theory that will probably be explained much simpler, like "it's just chalk". I just don't see the significance of the FS yet. I guess we will know in 5 days.

oh, and i guess the reason everyone died is Jacob screwed up. at least that was the episodes description.

Thanks Brian. I only started reading your blog at the beginning of this season. Being a part of this and reading you has certainly put me over the edge in terms of addiction to LOST this year. Thanks... i think :-)

Unknown said...

Gosh, can't sleep after a Lost episode so I can read all of y'all's comments and Brian's latest post! What is Sunday night going to be like?! - AACK!

Tonight's blog entry should have been called "What Brian Blogged For" after reading all the thank yous! Getting a little more sad now that we're reaching the end...

Jana said...

Thanks so much!

Seattle, WA

Momlissa said...

Thanks for putting it all together, week after week!

Half Moon Bay, California.

JillyB said...

Brian we loooooove youuuuuuu.

I'm hoping Lapidas still shows up.

And I lol'd at CFL when made the funnee about having to kidnap Ben to dinner.

I also am hoping that Ben ends up on the good side of things.


Scottsdale, AZ

Unknown said...

Been reading your posts as soon as each new episode ended since "Lockdown". Many thanks!
Portland, OR

Anonymous said...

Anaheim, California

If Jacob knew how to kill MIB, I think he would have answered Jack directly, as opposed to saying "I hope so".

So I doubt Dogen's directions to Sayid are much help here. I think Dogen was just referring to MIB's persuasive powers.

I thought there was a possibility that Sawyer was going to consider the island protector job, strictly out of his sense of guilt for the deaths of Sayid, Jin and Sun.

lost in the desert said...

Gold Canyon, AZ USA

Dusan said...

Thanks for the great blog!

Belgrade, Serbia

Matt said...

Anchorage, AK USA (No I can't see Russia)

Hobnail_Boot said...

First half of this season seems kinda pointless now. Last 2 episodes have been amazing though.

Atlanta, GA

Unknown said...

Mount Prospect, IL, US

Thanks for everything you do!

Unknown said...

Pendleton, Oregon

Unknown said...

San Jose, CAtheta173

Andrew McMillen said...

Brisbane, Australia

jon. said...

Great episode! I love how it meshed so well with across the sea. Jacob's actions throughout the series make sense. The epic tone from last episode rang into this one.

Jack's hasty acceptance of the semi-eternal job of island guardian is not the last word I'd think. My hunch is that others will co-accept with him before it is all over.

The experience of watching these last couple of episodes is different, for me, for the simple reason that there's not as much reason to speculate. I'm just going with the flow of the story and enjoying every moment. In earlier seasons we had this thrilling feeling that we could unlock the mysteries of the show in advance. To figure it out, to decode the hints left by the writers. That's been awesome and this blog has helped magnify that greatly. But given that there's only a few days left I'm leaning back and will save my thoughts until after sunday.

So, I'm just saying that it's no shocker that the post-episode feeling is very different after these final episode compared to, say, a cliff hangery season finale from way back when.

A challenge for us in europe and elsewhere outside US/CAN: spending next monday to/from/at work without someone cruelly revealing the end of the show before we have time to get home and watch it.

jon. said...

Oh, the census: Sweden!

Clay said...

Clay, from Portland, Oregon

Been a regular reader since season 2. I've visited and abandoned lord knows how many lost blogs since then, but yours is the one that's stuck til "The End".

Thanks for the years of invaluable, entertaining insight, Brian. Cheers.

Unknown said...

Ben Linus has now killed Locke and Widmore and stands as an example of how differently you can develop based on what fate has in store for you. And how much pain one can endure before giving up.

The sideways world shows him as the nice guy he wants to be but in the "real reality" ;) he suffered so much that he lost all hope and is willing to do what Locke's bidding?

Münster, NRW, Germany

Khmer Rouge said...

Exciting episode, maybe a bit late in the game, but we're set up for a slam-bang finale. Still holding out hope that Ben's pulling one last long con.

It's always been Jack. That's been clear since Day 1. In that instance, at least, the writers have maintained a consistent story arc the whole time.

Sunday's gonna be epic!

Aarhus, Denmark.

paint said...

long Island, NY

Unknown said...

Name: Seddik DAOUD
Location: Algiers, Algeria
Hobbies: Reading Brian’s Blog (Lost... and Gone Forever)
Dear Brian,
I thank you for all the efforts that you have put in making this blog and I truly appreciate all the in-depth analysis and the theories that have kept us going for the last 6 years.
I stumbled across your blog early in season 2 after I started questioning and theorising (numbers, hatch, faith vs. science...Etc).
Brian just promise us that you keep up the good work.
Your Fan,

Joani said...

Love the blog. I'm a little sad Jack is now stuck on the island to protect it for so long (what a terrible job).

Jacksonville, FL

Unknown said...

Your blog has been a very interesting read for the last few years. Pity it's all over.

Dublin, Ireland.

Bloxx said...

Getty - reading in Zurich Switzerland ;-))

Matt Kulesza said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

@erick z: i think ben meant that before he thought it was jacob giving him orders from the cabin while it was actually MIB.
thanks brian for the great posts im surprised at how much you can put together so fast in the instant reactions and then how much more you add to that in the analysis!!
I guess im the first and maybe only one from Ankara, Turkey.
thanks for the time you put into this blog and sharing ur views.

falcon said...

The attack on (and possible death of) Richard didn't seem to flow well or make much sense, given the complex and continuous role he has played in the story. Disappointing.

Back when we first heard about Eloise's concert, I told Mrs. Falcon that everyone was going to end up there and it would be hugely important - it looks like that is going to pay off (unlike most of my other Lost "predictions"). Should be great fun.

Austin, Texas

ronnage said...

Ajira Flight 316 LA Nonstop to GUAM!!

Dededo, Guam

for real.

good job sir.

Kristen said...

thanks for the blog - it has made the Lost experience twice as good!

Burlington, NC, USA

Unknown said...

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Stef said...

I loved it!

Stef, Washington, DC

Unknown said...

I don't have the first clue how TV politics work, but given that Lost's first season had 25 episodes (and the writing/story telling was AWESOME)why didn't the writers argue for a few more episodes this final season, so the ending didn't have to be so rushed?!

Washington, DC

krigsb said...

Thank you Brian for all the amazing job you've put down during these years. I've been following your blog since season 2, I think it was around the time the blast door map surfaced. You've really enhanced my Lost experience. Going to miss your blog almost as much as the series itself.


Christine said...

Thanks Brian, loved your blog every single morning after the show for years! Not sure how it will end but i can't wait to find out!

Ridgewood, New Jersey

Janny said...

I only discovered you this year, but check you faithfully every week. Please keep all your posts up as an archive. It will be really fun to rewatch LOST from the beginning with your posts as companions this time. Thanks for all the work and great insights.

Albany, NY

Unknown said...

awesome work here by everyone, (especially Brian).

Birmingham, Alabama

Unknown said...

Reading every post - from Lithuania (Eastern Europe), capital Vilnius. Again, thanks for your blog!

Shelli said...

Brian, I've loved your commentary over the years. I will miss this!

Williamstown, NJ

Bronwyn said...

Cheers for all your time and effort in creating these blogs. I only wish that I had found out about them sooner! I look forward to reading your finale analysis.

Queensland, Australia

Anonymous said...

Brian - thanks for your insight throughout the years - always the place I'd head to first thing in the morning the day after an ep aired to see WDBT? (What Did Brian Think?) :-)

Something you didn't touch about in your analysis - what about the gathering of people by Desmond in Flash-Sideways world? Hurley seems to know exactly what's going on; asks Desmond "what about her?" referring to Ana-Lucia, and Des replies "No, she's not ready." What are they being gathered for?

Desmond is VERY obviously the one who's playing against Locke in Reality #2, and his letting Benjamin Linus "see" what's going on was key, I think. I think this alt-reality is not an if/or. I think this reality is the place to fix what's going on on-island, and Desmond is the one to do it.

To Jesse @ 10:55pm - we DO see Shannon again - interview in TVGuide Magazine said she'd be back for finale.

I *will* be pissed if that was Richard Alpert's end-game, to just get taken by SmokeLocke like that. Boo-hiss. But I think he'll be back, along with Lapidus. Claire still needs to get off-island to take care of the baby - I do think that Kate will stay and become part of the "new Others".

BTW - did anyone notice the "Grrrr" look that Sawyer gave Jack after Jack chose to be the new Jacob? Curious as to what that was. Perhaps that ties in with him becoming the new MIB.

And I still think Ben's up to something on-island. He didn't care about Widmore; but I do think he cares about the island and knows SmokeLocke won't leave it to him - especially since SmokeLocke told him he's going to destroy the island.

Thanks again, Brian!

Woburn, MA USA

Unknown said...

Hey Brian...
Count Mike and I, Maineville, Ohio (I don't know what I'm going to read on the internet anymore!!)

Daemus said...

Helsinki, Finland

Joe said...

I discovered this blog before the season as I anticipated some confusion ahead. Needless to say I made a good decision. Thanks for the insight!


Chicago, IL

Rachel said...

Does Jack now have the power to give everlasting life?

Rachel said...

Tampa, Fl

Anonymous said...

Portland, ME USA

Mrs Z said...

A lot of my comments have already been said, but a couple of things... I had a sense of unease when Hurley said "I'm just glad it's not me". Makes me think he's due to stick around on the island (or die, which would make me really, really sad). I think Ben will end up turning on Flocke because he does want the island, not to help anyone else. We'll see, though, I would love a little more redemption for good ol' Ben. I loved the scene when Sawyer blamed himself for killing their friends in the sub. Great acting there. I had one friend comment "can't wait to see Kate in that dress". Ha! Looking forward to/dreading the finale!

Ann Arbor, MI (reading from)
Royal Oak, MI (reside in)

tsolfan said...

I think Desmond is acting WAY too happy in Reality #2 for Lost not to have some kind of 'good' ending - just my optimistic hope!

Live together!

St. Paul, MN

Ben said...

Thanks for all your work, Brian

Cedar Rapids,
Iowa, USA

Gerbs said...

Hey Brian. I've been reading your blog since season 2, when you broke down the Dharma station map. It's been a great time getting your thoughts every week. I'll miss this just as much as the show! Cheers!

Chicago, IL

Unknown said...

Montgomery, Alabama, USA

Ian said...

Rockville, MD USA

Allison said...

Always enjoy reading your blog... you come up with some interesting stuff, dude!

Boston, MA

Anonymous said...

I think it's possible that Ben didn't really kill Widmore...which is why he had to do it before Smokelocke did after hearing what his plan was. something I think is possible so that he'll be around in the end. I'm also hoping that Ben is trying to fool Smokey.

I noticed Jack's eyes showing that maybe he understand more after he drank jacob's water.

Houston, TX

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, and I also think that at least one person will stay on the island with jack. Probably Kate and Sawyer since they have nothing waiting for them.

Steve said...

Smokelocke is evil: He is basically offering Bed the Island but if he sinks the island, what does that mean to Ben? Not much.
or is he offering Ben the chance at being smokey? Who can't die and has to spend eternity on a sunken island? I would think that if the island dies, so would smokelocke as I would think it's what's keeping him alive.

All in all, a great setup for the finale, but I also agree with Brian that the show could have been setup better.. but it is what it is, and honestly, I think taht all the loose ends in the show kind of limited the writers hand just a bit.

jack said...

Any LOST episode is a good LOST episode. That said, this was clearly rushed especially Whidmore story arc. Hard to imagine this will never be explained.

Englewood, NJ

Unknown said...

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Many thanks for your blog posts!

Steve said...

I also saw the 'cop out' of the smoke monster summoning explenation. Apparently, this was another idea that didn't come through(like Christian on the Freighter). It is of my opinion that Smokey changed to being this other 'enity' sometime between mid-late season 4 and the end of season 5. I do not believe that the entire show was about Jacob and his unnamed Twin brother.. it's what it evolved into.
I think there is plenty of evidence to suggest that this is no the ending they invisioned.. which was probably a vaugue idea of good vs evil and preserving the island which is has importance to all life.

Unknown said...

Thanks for a great blog. I've read every entry and most of the comments.

New Orleans, LA

James Brush said...

I've loved this blog for years and will miss it as well as missing LOST. Cheers, Brian. Fine work.

Austin, Texas.

mb_in_dc said...

Greetings from Washington, DC. I've been reading your blog since the hatch door was lit with the black light but have never left a comment before. I just wanted to thank you for your postings, I've enjoyed them very much.

Unknown said...

Cumberland, RI, US.

Steve said...

I want to take this chance to thank Brian for his Blog.

As others have said, you have done a wonderful job. You are the best analysis out there. PERIOD. You don't get carried away on crazy theories(other than the clone theories in season 2)... you are able to balance between what the story is and establish the task and goals of the writers of this show...
In short, you have a gift to weed through all the BS and narrow it down to what it really is. Therefore, you've been amazingly accurate and cerebral. You don't get caught on tangents and diversions like other blogs..., which is why you're the only Lost blog worth reading.

Thanks.. and thanks for letting me be a part of it by writing the preview for "The Brig" when you were in Europe back in season 3. It was an honor.

Adam said...

Brain, you're previews, reviews, and theories have gotten me through many a slow mornings. Looking forward to the Finale, whatever the outcome! Thanks

Columbia, IL USA

BradB66 said...

I've been searching my memory for a few minutes and I think that the Smoke Monster has never spoken to Miles directly, or even been in the same general vicinity.

Miles running into the jungle could be a way of preserving him so that he can stab Flocke before he gets a chance to speak.

Milwaukee, WI

Andrew C. Thompson said...

Is there a reader from Asia in this comment string? Not sure if I saw one or not, but if there is, I believe that would be every inhabited continent in the world - and that's just from the comments on this one post. With your Guam reader, you've even got someone replying from a small, obscure Pacific island. Seems fitting.

Kudos on building up such a diverse readership over the years. I only found your blog about a month ago, and I wept bitter tears at having missed out on it over the past few years. You've got great commentary, and you obviously put a lot of time into it.

Oh, and I'm writing from Bull City - Durham, North Carolina, USA.

Steve said...

Also, I wanted to shout out to Hobbes.. who commented in the previous blog post about his 'out there' ideas. Nonesense! All posts and ideas can lead to new and better ideas and theories! This is what made this show.. and our ideas helped guide Brian in his awesome analysis and previews.

When I see the name "Hobbes" I immediately think first of the "loaf of bread" desmond time travel theory. Even if it's in my own mind, you've acheived some minimal fame that has put you ahead of philosphers and stuffed toy tigers. I've always taken an extra moment to pay attention to your theories.

That goes for all of you! I didn't find this Blog until "lockdown" in season 2, and it's been a part of my life since then.

I may miss the Blog and the people who participate in it more than the show itself! Brian, that's a big complement.

Katie said...

St Louis, MO. USA.

Steve said...

Richmond, Va USA

Avid follower since Season 2, episode 17 "Lockdown" when I was googling the blast door map.. and was hooked.

Unknown said...

Columbus, OH, USA

Teri Mez said...

Huge fan!

Atlanta, GA, USA

Unknown said...

I work for Ajira.

Talofofo, GUAM!!!!!

smacky said...

Washington, DC

Unknown said...

Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

I watch the episode online after it airs in the US, but I have to wait until after my kids are in bed so it is 12 hours or so after it airs. I always let myself look at your blog and read ONLY your instant reaction phrase and then come back after I've seen the episode to see the whole post. So hard to read just that phrase and not peek!

A suggestion for a later blog post: how many people has each character killed? Would be an interesting tally.

Anonymous said...

What a ride...

Rochester, MN, USA

Anonymous said...

What a ride...

Rochester, MN, USA

Dave Harty said...

Two questions...what changed in the "rules" that Ben was now allowed to kill Widmore? Wasn't that forbidden before?

Also, both Flocke and Widmore claimed that they could kill Kate because she was not on the list, but Jacob said she was still a candidate if she wanted to be.

Maybe there are no rules!

East Norriton, PA USA

The Reign of Ellen said...

I found your blog season 2. I can truly say that my "Lost" experience would not have been nearly as fun without your blog. Thank you so much!

Fayetteville, AR

Anonymous said...

Your thoughtful predictions, commentary and analysis have made the LOST experience MUCH richer for me. Watching LOST isn't a complete experience for me until I've read your pre-show speculation and your after-show analysis. Great job and thank you!!

Brooklyn, NY, USA

CNote72 said...

Wolcott, CT USA

I definitely enjoyed "What They Died For" and thought it shed some very good light on "Across The Sea." Can't wait for the finale!

Tasha said...

Birmingham, AL USA

Kait said...

Durham, NC.

Unknown said...

Woodridge, IL, USA

Marec van Wareck said...

Mainz, Germany

Unknown said...

Trier, Germany

It's true that all of this could have happend a few episodes earlier. But maybe there was just not enough time left to tell it all in the end?

Malcolm said...

Charlotte NC, with frequent trips to somewhere between East Egg and West Egg, Long Island.

Been thinking through all the upheaval of desire for questions to be answered (and subsequent frustration if they aren't) and the alternate approach of watching without 'demands' that answers be given.

For me, I'm okay with however LOST wraps.

The finale -- sure to be pleasing to some, abhorrent to others -- won't diminish the pleasure I've had watching the show over the years.

Whether or not the creators became foxholed in their creation and are spinning about for "answers" as to why various questions -- insert your favorite here -- won't be answered is irrelevant.

The show has been entertaining -- a great way to pass the time, not unlike the island golf course or Hurley's four-wheeling adventures in a VW Bus.

And so it goes: off the air and into the realm of debate and discussion. But answers? Naw.

If I want answers, I turn to an owner's manual, a dictionary, a mechanic.

If I want to appreciate others' contemplations of the human condition, I read novels, poems, watch movies and good television.

There are no definitive answers in an adagio, a philosophical treatise, or the heart of another human being, even one you've lived with for 20+ years.

Quantum physics stands at the doorstep to a nano-universe of infinite questions. Religions provide elegant and important scaffolding for adherents to construct their lives around; however, empirical proof will always leave the building.

I've enjoyed LOST and just as importantly I've enjoyed turning to Brian's blog for the communal searching in which we engage. Sometimes I've just wanted to watch the taped show so I could get to Lost...and Gone Forever.

LOST? A nice way to spend the time. LOST...AND GONE FOREVER? A nice way to spend the time.

What more could I ask?

Thanks to Brian and the entire community here.

Matt Bingen said...

What if somehow, Ben becomes the new Island protector - A.K.A. Smoke Monster? Who better to protect the island the Ben. Have Jack be the brains and heart, and Ben be the enforcer. That is, if an enforcer would be needed at all, if the island is still standing after it all. The island needs balance, yin and yang and being Jack can't do it all, maybe Ben will kill Smock Lock by pulling him back into the heart of the island, thus becoming a new smoke monster himself. Who knows what will happen. I can't wait to see it all unfold.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

AJ said...

Andrea – Dallas, TX

Found your blog a little prior to the beginning of Season 6 during my search for a Lost “fix” and in anticipation of the upcoming season). I’ve been blown away by your analysis and agree with everyone else’s posts - you’ve truly enhanced my Lost experience and given me a greater appreciation for the show. I only have two complaints (which are completely self-serving): 1. I didn’t find your blog sooner (I’ve been a Lost fan since the Pilot), 2. I’ve found myself struggling with the dilemma of “do I read the episode preview or don’t I”. I wonder if the “surprise” element of each show would’ve been stronger if I’d remained in the dark. Let’s just say that the spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak. I couldn’t contain myself and read every episode preview in advance of Tuesday night’s showing :D

There has to be some great reward for you and your time, effort and sacrifice. I believe one of the rewards ties in with your take on the meaning of life . . . leave the world a better place than you found it. You’ve done more than your share of that with this blog. My Lost experience is definitely better after stumbling upon your blog than it was for the previous 5 seasons. You’re the man!

erikas said...

Thanks for this great blog over the years - will really miss it!

Somerville MA

JasonPeck said...

Oklahoma City, OK

Unknown said...

You made "the one and only LOST-Blog".
Thank You!

Mainz, Germany

Jack Elder said...

I have to say I really liked this episode. Maybe there will be a good finale after all. Remember how the Oceanic 6 all had to come back to the island together? Same principle with Desmond in the flash sideways. Brian mentioned before that the "Woman" could have been both the protector AND smokey, so I'm wondering if Jack can "put both halves back together as one", which would end the Smokey threat, and watch the rest fly off into the sunset on the jet(with Frank at the wheel, who is still alive). I admit I can't wait for Sunday now to see how it ends.

Sebring, FL, USA

Unknown said...

Great work on the recaps/previews Brian!

Could Miles be the one to kill FLocke because I don't think he's had a conversation with him, I liked your though about that.

So much for dead island people being "enlightened" in sideways. Ana Lucia has no clue, my only thought is that maybe she's "stuck" on island as part of the whispers.

in Mexico City for a year and a half, usually reside in Ferndale, MI (plus spent time in Dayton).

Brendan said...

Thank you for your blog. I've been watching and reading for about 5 years now (I caught up on the first season the summer before season 2.) I'm afraid all your effort will ultimately not be rewarded by the producers and writers, but your blog has certainly enhanced my enjoyment of the show.
Dallas, TX

franky said...

Didn't first season Locke have the same ideas Jack is having now about the island? And WTF is Faraday?

Ohh man, they better answer some questions on Sunday.


Shagwel and Sons, Unltd. said...

the press release for the finale doesn't list guest stars so is it safe to assume EVERYONE will be there? it makes sense at the concert and that'd be a sweet way to end it.

dammerson vaughan said...

Read Marc Oromaner's blog and book The Myth of Lost - some interesting notions of the purpose of the island. If we don't take literally the deaths there it is possible that people are really brought here to confront and resolve their issues. SmokeLocke didn't really want to destroy the world, he just couldn't let go of his issues (notice how Desmond said as much in the flash sideways?)

Anyway, great blog and thanks for all of the insights!

Staten Island, NY USA

LOSTinOK said...

You're awesome Brian!
Norman, OK, USA

Smaelb said...

Thanks for the great job Brian. I've been following you a long time now, you were the first Lost blog I read, and I'm still here, that must count for something!

Paris France !!

Jessica said...

This has been a great blog and I've so enjoyed reading it during the past few years. Thank you for putting so much effort into this to help enhance our understanding of the episode.

Chicago, IL. US

Smaelb said...

And putting yourself in Darlton's shoes was clearly the best angle you could take to analyse (and predict) Lost. And from the recent statements of Darlton team, it appears it may be the only valid one.

Sheebs said...

I think Its COOL to see where everyone is from. Glad I suggested it…. Brian, do you see the impact that you have that stretches literally across continents and around the world? AWESOME!


Ceremonial wine—I agree with others I thought it was the wine not the Latin prayer over it that mattered. Has anyone found a transcript of the prayer over the wine either time or exactly what Jacobs island Mother was saying in Latin in the last episode?

Ben and CFL-classic with ‘even if I have to kidnap you’ [I think they would freak if they knew they might get together in the alternate reality since thy were arch enemies in the reality.]

Wonder if Desmond HAS to get these people together by a certain time else in the other reality Flocke/MiB will take over and be free to roam or destroy the world in the 2nd alternate reality and that is how these two realities may bleed into each other. Not only do our survivors have to make a conscience decision in reality one but also in reality 2 to realize their greater purpose.

Felling like others-- bitter sweet ---BITTER that this show and Blog are coming to an end and looking forward to a SWEET ending finally. I think the writers will not disappoint. They definitely have given you the feel though of real and relatable personalities these characters have -even Jacob who’s personality seemed almost remorseful after all these thousand of years for the situation he caused by killing his brother.

Brian I too go here for answers opinions, recaps and clarifications of LOST that only you can provide like a human computer system/matrix. Thanks! Look forward to your final analysis and the ensuring debate over LOST.

p.s. Whatever happed to some of your original regular follower like 'Kevin C' and 'Boggs'----haven’t heard from you guys recently?


Ann Arbor MI

But Dayton OH (Flyers) native

Brian Hirschy said...

Far Western China

As soon as I can get LOST and watch it every week, your blog is the first thing I read.

Thanks for proving that blogs don't have to suck post 2006.

Another Brian

Anonymous said...

I also thought maybe Ben had switched teams at first, but now I think he's back in for one last big con. He was off his game for a while, but I think he has a little manipulation left in him. And if he's on the fence, then I think in the finale we'll find out what Miles heard from Alex's grave, and that will push Ben to get rid of FLocke, even if he has to die to do it.

Also, with Jacob's explanation that the Monster was a mistake, does that throw the whole smoky-as-island-burglar-alarm theory out? Brain, you made a good case last week that the Woman had this all planned out, but since the writers are going with some simpler answers (it's just a line of chalk), maybe this is a simple one, too.

Jacob and MiB are brothers. They fight. Jacob wants to hurt him in the most horrible way possible. He throws him into the light and gets a result he couldn't have ever predicted. Since then, Smokey's whole mission is to kill Jacob and leave.

I don't think the Woman could have planned it. There are way too many moving parts. I think that what happened, happened, and now a lot of people are paying the price.

Can't wait for your longer analysis, Brian. Thanks!

San Francisco, CA

Brian Hirschy said...

Can I just point out that now Smoke Locke has two goals:

1. Destroy The Island
2. Leave the Island

I guess they could be one and the same but it just seems like they are moving action in two different directions.

I mean, I guess he has to kill everyone before he can leave it, but... but... *brain explodes*

Unknown said...

By my count, the only people still alive are Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Claire, Desmond, Miles, Ben, (Richard and Frank?)

And the whereabouts of Claire, Miles and Desmond are unknown, right? How did desmond escape?

(also Rose, Bernard, and Vincent?)

Ryan - Córdoba, Argentina

Ashley Safer said...

Wish I had found your blog earlier...would've cleared up a lot of things for me early on!

Thanks for everything!

Irving, TX USA

Unknown said...

Hey Brian ... just wanted to say thanks for your always awesome analysis. Been following the blog since the 1st season.

Cincinnati, OH, US

Unknown said...

I've read your blog ever since the Lockdown episode in Season 2. Your insights have seriously been really enjoyable and made my Lost experience so much more interesting than it would have been without your blog. Thank you so much for the thousands of words written and the days/weeks/years spent thinking about and dissecting this show.

I haven't been able to read all of the comments that have been left so far so I am not sure if this has been addressed yet, but what was up with the cut on Jack's neck when he woke up at the beginning of the episode? Very much the same type of situation that Jack had on the airplane during the first episode this season, LA X. Is this a physical manifestation of the Island reality bleeding into the FS reality?

Dayton, Ohio

JillyB said...

Oh... and I love it when the start an episode with someone opening an eye.

Scottsdale, AZ USA

Mongo DeNizen said...

Going to miss this blog a lot.

Deer Lodge

Anonymous said...

Job well done, Brian! Thanks so much for all the time and thought you've put into the blog over the years. I hope you know how much it's been appreciated!

Nashville, TN, USA

Maggie said...

Been reading this blog for a while. I always look forward to your instant reactions and analysis!

Cambridge, MA

Unknown said...

Thanks for everything Brian, I look forward to your final analysis next week.

Boston, MA

Unknown said...

Thank you for enlightening me all these years with your wonderful blog. I dread the final analysis only because it'll be a sad sad day.

St. Louis, Missouri USA

Sarah said...

I have been a longtime reader and rare poster, but I just wanted you to know that I LOVE this blog, it is the ONLY Lost blog I've ever read. Thanks so much for all your hard work. I am looking forward to Sunday!!!

Sarah said...

Oh, Lexington, KY...sorry!!

Dyason said...

One of the best blogs ever. Followed it from the start. Am looking forward to the end, but can't see how they'll ever do the show justice. Here's hoping!

Leicester, UK

Jeremiah said...

Champaign/ IL/ USA

J/K said...

Thanks for the blog Brian. It's awesome!

Chicago, IL x 2 (my girlfriend reads and posts under this name too)

Uff said...

My guesses:

Juliet is Jacks' ex.
Sawyer gets a tip that the escaped convicts are at the concert.
Juliet sees Sawyer, both "wake up".
Jack sees Kate, both "wake up".
Reality#1, Jack dies. Someone has to take over. Ben or Sawyer.
Reality#2, Walt helps them combine realities.

Will miss this blog. All my crazy theories will have to go back to politics now. Like BP trying to collect all the lost oil to finance the cleanup.

Lynbrook (Long Island), NY

Unknown said...

Great blog! Thanks!

Philadelphia, PA

Michael Gospel said...
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Unknown said...

Nice Job Mr. Brian!

I always see the episodes and then come here to read your opinions and impressions. Thanks my friend!

I have something to say this time though... You didn't talk about Desmond in Reality #2! Things are getting SO interesting there! Man, the way that brother set up everything with Hurley, Kate and Sayid was just freaking awesome! It blew my mind!

Another thing to point out: Ben is a crazy bastard! xD


Alfredo Garboza
Maracay, Edo. Aragua

Mike said...

I've been keeping up with your blog for the past few years now! Thanks for all the fun comments!!!

Carmel, IN USA

Unknown said...

Awesome Blog over the years Brian. I've been a reader since season 2 and its made following the show even better.

Manitowoc, WI

Unknown said...

I have been reading your blog since the day of forwarded emails. My family talks about you like you are our friend, "Brian says this and Brian says that..." We will really miss the blog! Thank you for all of your time!

Independence, KY

Chad Peltier said...

Great stuff, as usual. Really wish I had discovered the blog sooner! I too wonder how Ben will "get the island" if Locke wants to destroy it... and why Ben would want the island in the first place? I didn't quite understand Ben's motivation there.

Desmond in reality 2 is absolutely brilliant, btw.

Atlanta (Cumming specifically), GA USA

Unknown said...

Toruń, Poland

Great post, as always.
I wonder what do you think about Jack having blood on his neck in the Flash Sideways? Is it still the reality bleeding?

H. Abendsen said...

Thanks so much for your hard work over the years.

Just a minor correlation between Jack and Jacob (besides name). Both are healers. Jacob has been shown to heal people throughout the show and Jack is himself a doctor.

Notre Dame, IN 46556

Unknown said...

Bangalore, India.

Thanks for everything Brian. It was always a pleasure to read your blog after each episode to get a pulse of what other fans might be thinking.

Good Luck ! Hoping for a great finale !!

Coffey said...

Thanks Brian! Your blog has truly made my LOST experience a great one.

Dayton, OH ... GO FLYERS!

Bridget said...

thanks Brian!
Brussels, Belgium

Katie said...

Jersey, Channel Islands, UK

Liza said...

Mahomet, IL

Tokyo Tai Tai said...


Unknown said...

Atascadero, California

Amy said...

Thanks Brian!

Boston, MA

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