Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chuck is Saved!

Good news - looks like "Lost... and Gone Forever" will remain a Lost Blog, and won't become a Chuck Mourning Blog or a Brian Loses Faith in Humanity Blog! Happy Day!

In the battle of "Chuck" vs. the Network Suits, the geeky hero has prevailed.

NBC has granted Josh Schwartz's well-liked action-comedy another shot next fall.

The network picked up 13 episodes of the series from Warner Bros., which, in an across-the-board trend this year, made some budget concessions to secure the show a third season.

Fans pushed NBC very hard for a pickup, launching a "Save Chuck" campaign that included buying sandwiches at series sponsor Subway.

"Chuck" joins "Southland" and "Parks and Recreation" among the "bubble" shows NBC has renewed for fall. Given that 10 p.m. will be off the table due to Jay Leno's talk show, the network has considerably fewer slots than usual to fill.

Confidence has been pretty high that" Chuck" would return. Once Fox found a way to make the much lesser-rated "Dollhouse" work for fall late last week, "Chuck's" returning to NBC seemed almost certain. It also probably hasn't hurt that star Zachary Levi has been a team player for the network, often appearing in PSA campaigns, marketing promotions and events.

Though much attention was given to the show's ratings, "Chuck" performed fairly steadily this season, dropping only slightly in the spring. It averaged 6.5 million viewers this season, ranking at No. 78 not far behind "30 Rock (6.7 million).

Oh yeah, what about Lost? Well, now that we have this good news in hand, I can begin work on my analysis of "The Incident". Give me a few days. It should be up by Wednesday. To all those who signed the Chuck Petition, this one's for you. For all those who ignored my pleas and didn't sign the petition, you can be a real jerk sometimes!



JJ Sobey said...

YAY Chuck! Score one for us geeks!!

Renee' said...

Great news!!!
(I always pictured that you look like Zachary Levi!)

Brian said...

Renee - that's funny, just a few weeks ago one of my co-workers told me that she thought I was Chuck as well, secretly going on missions and saving the world while using our job as a front.

I cannot confirm or deny this claim.

Bob said...

Any thoughts on the news of a Scrubs ninth season?

Brian said...

I would have been fine with Scrubs being renewed if it was titled "Scrubs: The New Class" and didn't feature any of the prominent cast from the original Scrubs.

As it is, with most of the cast coming back for at least a few episodes, I don't see any way that it won't ruin the perfection that was this season's finale.

In my mind, this season's finale will be always be the final episode of Scrubs. The new series is basically a new show to me.

Dave Harty said...

Looks like Chuck will be back next winter too, after the Olympics, on Monday nights

Roxanna said...

I'm the artist who did the cover for the book Jacob is reading in "THE INCIDENT" (Flannery O'Connor's "Everything That Rises Must Converge"). It got a a lot of response from LOST fans, who were able to grasp the symbolism (or at least inquired about it), which was really fab. No compensation from ABC, however , as is often the case with big corps.
However, being positive, I decided to commemorate the whole 'incident' (too convoluted to go into here!) with a sterling silver pendant based on my original image.

Only 10 were cast, but if there is enough demand, will do more. Would you please have a look and pass on to anyone you think might be interested ?
They are not available in stores, just through me.
Thanks very much !
Best wishes,