Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lost - "There's No Place Like Home, Part One" New Footage Analysis!

Say hello to the first (and probably only) pseudo-live Blogging of an episode!

Since I don't have to really pay full attention to "There's No Place Like Home, Part One" (having already seen it three times), I figured I could just drop some mini-analysis on the "new scenes". No idea how many there will be, but here's what we've got so far...

Oceanic Eight. Apparently, here are the other three "survivors" of the initial crash of Oceanic Flight 815!

1. Boone - who "suffered internal injuries"
2. Libby - who "didn't make it through the first week"
3. Charlie - who "drowned a few weeks before we were able to leave"

The question is - why these three? Well, Boone and Charlie make some sense. Their deaths were natural enough that they could be explained by the plane crash if the bodies were somehow ever discovered (Charlie's in particular could theoretically float to the surface someday, I suppose). Boone died of internal injuries from the Beechcraft Plane crash - close enough to the Oceanic 815 crash, right? Charlie drowned - also easily explained.

But what about Libby? She was shot - which wouldn't be explained by the crash of the plane. However, I'm thinking that Hurley pressured the others to include her so that he could give her a proper goodbye back in the real world at some type of burial. It's the only reason to include her rather than Ana-Lucia, Shannon, or Arzt.

Sayid. When questioned about returning to Iraq, Sayid responds with "there is nothing for me in Iraq"... which makes the Nadia scene right after a lot more powerful! He had given up hope on ever reuniting with her, but suddenly there she was. Is it any wonder the two are married mere months later?

Christian Shephard. This one confuses me. Ever since "White Rabbit" in Season One, he logical explanation for Christian Shephard's body not being in the coffin was simply that Oceanic wouldn't let him take it on the plane since Jack didn't fill out the right paperwork. Instead, they just sent the empty coffin so that he could at least have a funeral. This would mean his body was still somewhere in Australia all this time.

However, during the questioning about his father, Jack says "even though the body is... I'd like to put him to rest", which makes it sound like the body was somehow lost in the crash and not just retained in Australia?

Does this mean the Christian Ghost walking around the Island is actually some reincarnation of the original body?


Anonymous said...

Brian! You are the man! So dedicated.

Unknown said...

Oh it has been so long since I have commented here!

I am in the middle of the final epi and just about to cry that is all unfolding and will be A LONNNNG time until another epi.

I am loving this show!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

wouldn't jin have to be one of the oceanic 8 to explain how Sun ended up pregnant. She did get pregnant on the island.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or are the repeats with the extra info scrolling on the bottom hilarious? Example: Jin says to Sun "I promised you I would get you off this Island". Immediately after, the text on the bottom says "Jin promised Sun he would get her off the island".

What insight!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe those specific people (the three survivors who didn't make it) were chosen to memorialize them for their special contributions.
Boone was the first to die on the island, right? I mean, post crash. He died trying to send a radio broadcast to save everyone. And Charley was a huge hero for what he did and the sacrifice he made. Libby makes sense only in that Hurley loved her.
That's my guess anyway. The 6 just wanted to give recognition to those who died heroically.

Unknown said...

Well, it was clear when Jack first found the coffin that he expected his dad to be in it, and was surprised when it was empty. And there's no way in hell an airline would take a corpse out of a coffin (and do what with it?) and send the coffin empty, without telling Jack. That's just messed up. :P
Of course, Christian's been disappearing and reappearing, so I don't think his incarnation is his physical body. Unless he has magic powers now.

Anonymous said...

6 + 3 = 8?