Monday, December 03, 2007

Lost: Missing Pieces - "The Deal"

Whoa - back to back weeks with great Lost mobisodes! It almost makes up for the fact that it's been seven months without a new episode of Lost... almost...

So what was great? Well, this little mobisode actually chronologically marks Juliet's Lost debut! It's also the first time we've seen Michael since he was sailing off in the finale of Season Two with Walt.

Things to ponder:

1. Juliet repeats the comments we've heard from others about Walt being "special". We've seen hints of this "special-ness" over the years, but the more I think about it, the more I'm wondering - is Walt actually special? Or is it the Island that is special, and Walt is merely a member of Team Island, similar to John Locke? As we saw in the Season Three finale, the Island seemingly took on the form of Walt... and perhaps all the times "Walt appeared where he wasn't supposed to be" were simply similar manifestations of the Island. Heck, maybe the Island likes Walt, and therefore has been responsible for the seeming "granting" of his wishes while on the Island.

If you really wanted to get crazy, you could go so far to say that the Island inspired Ben to get caught by our Survivors as part of a master scheme to get Walt off the Island!

On the other hand, it seems as though Juliet actually buys in that Walt does have some innate special power, explaining her desire for Michael to take him away from the Island as soon as possible. However, since Juliet isn't really a true Island "believer" herself, this might make sense.

2. The other item we're reminded of in "The Deal" is Juliet's "deal" with Ben concerning her sister Rachel. Although the true details of the story could be debated (since Ben is a dirty liar and can't be trusted), allegedly he cured Rachel of her cancer in exchange for Juliet staying on the Island until she solves the mystery of the barren ladies (wasn't that a Sherlock Holmes story?).

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(Brian's take? Ben simply faked the medical documents claiming that Rachel had cancer. The easiest way to cure cancer is simply to pretend that they have it in the first place! Juliet was gullible for falling for it.)

3. Lastly, we have a bit of somber foreshadowing, as Juliet mentions to Michael that she would do anything to save her sister, and he should do the same for Walt. Hello killing of Ana-Lucia and Libby.

That's all for this week. Keep up the good work mobisoders (mobsters?).


Unknown said...

WOW I am first? well I have issues with this week's comments. You see I did not get that Walt was "everywhere" he should not have been. I felt that the apparations of him were simply the island using people's images to get the attention of the person the island is "talking" to at that moment. For example, it is Mr Eko's brother that HE saw. Not Walt. That would not have made much sense, now would it? Locke sees him because of thier relationship building. Locke knows Walt is special. Go back and revisit season 1 again.

Anyway, I am pretty sure that this mobisode is huge in all that we have seen so far. I am enjoying these!

Just my two cents!

Greg said...

Good commentary as always. I am still trying to wrap my head around the concept that Michael and Walt leaving the island was not a concession of the Others, but an intention.

The Others suddenly seem to me to be so much more in charge, seeing the whole board, and moving all the pieces as they see fit. It leaves me questioning just how much of the Season 3 finale may have been secretly intended.

Anonymous said...

another great mobisode! that's 2 in a row.

brian, as always, thanks for your hardwork. I look forward to it every week.

Anonymous said...

where can I watch those darn mobisodes!!!? ABC isnt working for me and youtube takes the videos off their site :(

Unknown said...

Interesting, but I think Walt might be special. Psychic abilities aren't really possible though, so maybe the island takes on Walt's form as necessary, like Heather suggested. If that is true, why have Walt show up to Shannon instead of Boone? They only thing they had in common was her taking care of the dog.

Stef said...

I'm also really enjoying these, but they're so short that it just leaves me hungry for so much more. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see how the strike affects the new season... will they just give us the abbreviated season they have filmed, or will they be like 24 and wait until the whole thing is ready? Ah, the suspense!

Anonymous said...

It was clearly established, in Walt's/Michael's flashbacks, how Walt was (is) special. This has nothing to do with the island...but everything to do with Walt.

So far as the quality of these 'Mobisodes', IMO, they are neat to watch however clearly lack the acting chops (in most every one so far) that is displayed in the show itself. Nonetheless, fun for us Lost fanatics to see and keep us plugged in!

Anonymous said...

i dont understand wat happened here. my art teacher just told me about this but i dont kno the story yet. i kno that like, 5 teens got in a car accident and died, right? i think thats all i kno. its really sad though.


Anonymous said...

hey Annon....what the heck you tak'n about?

Maureen said...

(Brian's take? Ben simply faked the medical documents claiming that Rachel had cancer. The easiest way to cure cancer is simply to pretend that they have it in the first place! Juliet was gullible for falling for it.)

Second easiest way to cure cancer is for the symptoms not to be caused by cancer. In NIP we saw Ethan coming down the hall that led to Rachel's apartment and Juliet then finding a sleeping (drugged?) Rachel. What was Ethan doing in the hall? Yes, he was there to fake us out so we thought we were on the island but there also had to be some other reason he was there. I think he put an implant into Rachel just like he put an implant into Claire. It gave Ben a bargaining chip should Juliet want to leave the island. I bet Ben has some "bargaining chip" on everyone he brought to the island.

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