Monday, November 12, 2007

Lost: Missing Pieces - "The Watch"

I didn't really know what to expect from these "mobisodes", and I guess I shouldn't have really had any high expectations for them since I knew they were only going to be a few minutes long and were originally designed to be viewed on cell phones - but after watching the first one, "The Watch", color me pretty underwhelmed:

In a nutshell, we learn that Christian Shepherd approves of Jack's marriage - something his father didn't do for him - and that the watch Jack wears actually has some significance. The fact that Jack is still wearing it today, on the Island, where time has no meaning, might prove that Jack still isn't over Sarah - a year after their divorce... or that he's wearing it out of dedication to his recently deceased father... or that it's a really nice watch and he likes to flash a little bling now and again.

And that's really the big question for us watching these mobisodes - should we even be trying to dig into some deeper meaning? Or to just take them at face value, as simple vignettes that help flesh out some character's pasts? To me, they feel like a "deleted scene" from an episode, similar to what you see on a lot of DVDs - the production value isn't as polished (didn't it seem like the camera work was a little jumpy?) and not viewing it doesn't detract at all from the final product, but for the ultra-obsessive (me), they're required viewing to know the characters inside and out.

Here's my hope - remember how we got those "Lost Moments" last year before Season Three started? And the first few were laughably lame, but then a few were pretty mind-blowing reveals? Maybe we'll be lucky enough to have the same thing happen here.

If not, at least it's good to see our old Lost friends again, if only for two minute intervals tossing rocks into the ocean.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brian, nice to have you back.

The Missing Pieces are in fact scenes already shoot in the past, and that were not included in the third season.

Seventoes said...

"And that's really the big question for us watching these mobisodes - should we even be trying to dig into some deeper meaning? "

I say dig dig dig! It will help my Lost Withdrawls! :D

Unknown said...

I want to dig for deeper meaning, but I think this mobisode pretty much speaks for itself.

Hopefully we'll get better ones later.

Stef said...

I like that it shows more to Christian and Jack's relationship - that they once did get along this well.

pete said...

I'm going to go way out on a limb and suggest that perhaps the most significant item from this short piece was at the end, when Christian asks Jack to try and be a better father than he was if he ever has children. I suspect Jack may have a kid we don't know about...yet.

Anonymous said...

I liked it--it was amazing to see Christian doing so well and to see such a touching moment between father and son--I guess there was a time when Christian was sober for awhile. He even apologized for being a bad father, and he told Jack he's doing something RIGHT, which I'm sure Jack was always wanting to hear. The irony is that the marriage will not last--perhaps not because Jack picked the wrong woman, but because Jack doesn't know how to be married. Let's hear it for Adult Children of Alcoholics!

Hector A P said...

Watch out, we're going to end up having a moment where Jack runs into one of those rocks he threw into the ocean, on the island.