Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Catch - 22" Instant Reactions!

"Catch-22" Instant Reactions!

James' One Word Review: Entertaining.

I came into this episode with really big expectations - so it would be unfair to say the episode itself was a letdown. I was just hoping for too much. Desmond's last two episodes have been among my favorite of the series. I dig everything - his character, his backstory, his freaky future-seeing powers, etc. While I liked the back-story here, it just didn't offer as much about the character as the past two have. Although, I loved the way he met Penny. It was perfect.

Overall, there were only two real gripes I had, and there were a lot more things I enjoyed, so I'll get those out of the way:

  • Not a whole lot happened to drive the main story forward. I guess I've gotten greedy with how much this season has offered, but I was really hoping to learn more about the parachutist this episode, or at least see something happen with Juliet other than her helping drive Kate into Sawyer's arms. Which brings me to...
  • The love rhombus. I've always enjoyed the love story - every good show or movie needs one - but this episode felt like too much. Is Kate really that pathetic that she's going to use Sawyer like that? And is Sawyer going soft on us? The Jack/Juliet chemistry is good, but I'm not sure where the writers are going with this. Isn't she leaving in a week?
The good:
  • A lot of humor. Sometimes the show veers a little too far into the dark territory (ha) but there was a lot to laugh at in this episode: Hurley's "I'm...just keeping Desmond company. Because...he's my friend." Sawyer's afternoon delight comment, and Jin's hilarious telling of a Korean ghost story.
  • Desmond. Even though this wasn't his best episode, I feel like there's so much more they can do with this character, as opposed to a Jack or Kate, who don't really seem to have much more backstory worth seeing. Plus, I love his accent.
  • The Beach. It was nice to see such a large part of the episode dedicated to the relatively content life our Survivors have on the beach. There's just something about the way they interact with each other and go about their lives that's very utopian. And this was a part of the show they'd really gotten away from in the beginning of this season, so it's nice to see it back.
  • Charlie getting Final Destination'ed. Awesome. I gotta give Desmond credit for not letting this happen, and potentially screwing up Penny's chance of survival/even being on the island. Did he change who was in that suit by saving Charlie? Who knows? Anyway, I'll have a lot more to say when I post my analysis, but I'll leave you all with this:

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Anonymous said...

I must disagree with you slightly. You said that not much happened to move the story forward. You failed to mention something huge that REALLY moved the storyline forward in a definite direction. What about the fact that there are people that are actively looking for Desmond which in turn means that everyone is being looked for just by being near Des. They aren't just looking for Des....THEY FOUND HIM!!! That is huge. NOw they have to find a way to get him back home.

Anonymous said...

Good idea in having a message board link to the proper thread at the end of each post.

Joe D.: We don't know whether she was able to communicate anything about the island before the helicopter broke up.

Renee' said...

Great job James, thanks!

There are now two photos on the island...!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick post James!

Well my concern is that if it wasn't Penny in the parachute (which in itself wasn't a big surprise) then was she still in the chopper when it crashed in the ocean? and now she's dead...negh! probably not. She is probably off island waiting for a phone call. Funny how satelite communications won't work but remote bio devices do (the device the Others implanted in Claire).

Also hopefully a picture will be posted of the photo (when Des was turning in his robes), on the desk of Desmond's monk boss. I only saw it briefly but it looked like Mrs.Hawking was in the picture with the head monk. This could be a larger clue into the ways our survivors are being manipulated in their pre-island lives. Or it could just be a picture of a monk and some old lady.

My vote is that the Des/Pen ordeal is far more endearing than the Jack/kate/Sawyer/Juliet "love rhombus". blehblehbleh

I really like Desmond's character overall and like the fact that he is still working to keep Charlie alive. So overall I thought it was a pretty great side plot story episode.

One more thing that I can't remember if it came up. But as to why Ben did get cancer when apparently that shouldn't be at all possible. Well in the way that when just before Boone died, Locke momentarily lost the use of his legs. I always figured this to be why Locke concluded that the island "demanded" Boone's sacrifice. So if we go by Locke's point of view and reasoning. What then is the island demanding from Ben (if "it" gave him the tumor).

Stef said...

I also really liked the "test" that Desmond had to pass: to let Charlie die or not let Charlie die. Tying it back to his time in the monastery and the Abraham-Isaac story was great.

Nice post!

Unknown said...

the woman in the picture on the monk's desk was mrs. hawking.

Anonymous said...

Joe d....true, but we already knew the Portugese guys were on the hunt and that their sonar/radar picked up something significant. The fact that they arrived at the island does little to advance the story but was meaningful. I found the episode overall as "forced" in many ways.

Anonymous said...

So, you don't think that the fact that Penny's team was looking for and actually FOUND the island as being significant?!!? It seems huge to me!


I realize that they are probably have no communication now, but they did find it. It's not as if they just stumbled across the island....they were looking for it. I clearly remember BEn saying that it would be impossible to find the island from the outside world......hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

I thought last night that there's a possibility that the Others actually WANT Kate and Sawyer together. If they keep having sex, there's the possibility that she could conceive!


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I think the link is going to the discussion from "One of Us", not "Catch-22".

Steve said...

Hobbes, I saw the picture as well, and with High Def and Tivo, there was no doubt. Tailsection had a bit on it just 10 minutes after the show was over.

Yes, it's Mrs. Hawkings. If she knows Brother Cameron, or whatever his name is, then perhaps this whole thing was not unlike what Desmond was doing this episode, guiding people to make their future visions a reality.

Think about it, he's getting married in a week and wakes up... in the street, being helped by a man who wants to take him to a monestary? And he meets Penny when he conveniently is fired as a monk, and is asked to help load Penny's vehicle with wine? You don't think she had something to do with him both going to the monestary and meeting Penny? Just as she had something to do with the breakup with Penny? For what? to go to the island to push the button. My question is: Who is she? Is she an agent of the Others? Dharma? Or someone else.

A potential reveal that I saw was that the helecopter crashed when it approached the island! Could there be something that happens that breaks apart air transportation? We know the others used a Sub, Desmond and CFL arrived by boat, and that Henry Gale(Balloon), Flight 815, and Noami all.. er.. crashed. Could it be that Des not hitting the button may have brought the plane to the island, but that it was the island itself that broke the plane up? It could also be argued that whatever protected the island was NOT disabled when the sky turned purple.

I'm a little perplexed that there was no better reason for Des and Company to be on the beach to see the helicopter than because Desmond chose these people for from his vision? I would think that 'seeing the future' would lead to an event that would happen anyway... something he would recognize, maybe Hurley suggesting a camping trip. But the way that it happened, he assembled the party based on who was in his vision, as if the Vision was always why the group was assembled, which would mean that his future seeing would be part of the time line. Otherwise, it counters his argument of wanting it to happen. In other words, it has to be the right people, the right time, and the right place. Having the right people and the right place doesn't mean it's the right time. By assembling the party, he's forcing this thing to happen and this hurts his vision as much as it would if he were to have told all the details of what would have happened, again, unless his vision was always the reason for assembling the group.

Not that I'm complaining! I really enjoyed this episode.
But it was a little bit of a disapointment, especially for a Desmond epsiode, and in contrast to the recent run of great epsiodes(Expose excluded). I think the reason is that it was predictable. From reading the episode description, we knew there was a parachutist we knew that it was NOT Penny(by the actress credited as parachutist), and from the portugeuse book of 'catch 22', we figured that this was all related to Penny, and we knew that Charlie is in future episode descriptions, so that he wouldn't due. I don't usually consider consider episode descriptions spoilers, but in this case, it kind of ruined all the 'surprises'.

As one person said in TV Guide, there are not mythological reveals, but you'll see why this episode has to happen. I agree with this. So I disagree that this did not advance the story or mythology, it DID! We know that Ms. Hawkings is involved at least somewhat in Desmonds path in life. We KNOW that penny is looking for them, and the other losties now know this as well, and we're about to find out quite a bit more in D.O.C. when they're able to get info from Noami! A good setup episode for D.O.C, where we should find out more about the crash, and finally find out answers about Penny's search efforts(and the two portuguese guys in the listening station)

Well, I've rambled enough...

Anonymous said...

So, I suppose Bernard and Rose are still around somewhere since Sawyer gave Bernie a brief mention. One more question answered! ;)

Anonymous said...

Not a bad episode, because I always like the spiritual ones. Am I right in remembering only Locke, Eko and Desmond as having premonitions? All three had visions of something that HAD to be done. Finding the hatch, the Beachcraft, pushing the button, getting direction to the flame and finally finding Noami.

Does anyone know how far an helicopter can go from A to B and still back to A? If I'm right it is not far. I think there is probably a ship not far out in the ocean where Penny is waiting for Noami's return.

I also ask myself why these people are Portugese? Will this be a communication problem? And then we have to presume Penny speaks Portugese and does she know if Desy does?

Oh yes, 4kids4me, I think you have a good point when you say the Others want Kate pregnant. That would explain there mindgames as to know who she liked best, and we know they consider our losties as labrats.

I also agree with Steve about Desmond's vision. He didn't want to change anything but he forced it all the same! That is odd.

James, with what you wrote so far, I'm looking forward to your deeper meaning, Can't wait. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Joe d....true and agreed. I guess one of the bigger questions raised from last night is where did the helicopter go? When will it return?

Anonymous said...

The helicopter crashed into the water...about 300 yards offshore. My question is what brought it down? Was it the island itself, or did someone knock it out of the sky?

Unknown said...

who the hell is naomi? am i missing something? have i seen her before?

Anonymous said...

Joe! Both my wife and I, even after watching carefully, didn't see the copter crash. Also, did they know ONLY from Desmond's 'vision' that someone or something bailed from the copter ON the island...not in the water? I must watch that entire scene again....seemed to be very unclear.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, Bernard has questionable tastes in music.
All a matter of opinion.. but "Best of Phil Collins?"

Who is Naomi? You have to read the episode description. I quote from Drudo's preview:

"Guest starring are Sonia Walger as Penny Widmore, Jack Maxwell as Derek, Joanna Bool as Ruth, Andrew Connolly as Brother Campbell, Andrew Trask as older monk and Marsha Thomason as Naomi the parachutist."

For D.O.C. we get:

Guest starring are Byron Chung as Mr. Paik, Andrew Divoff as Mikhail, Marsha Thomason as Naomi, John Shin as Mr. Kwon, Alexis Rhee as older woman, Esmond Chung as Paik's associate and Jean Chung as Paik's secretary.

But what catches my eye there isn't Noami! It's another 'friend', who may or may not be alive, perhaps another flashback connection.

Steve said...

Concerning the Copter, I'll repost because my post rambled.

From 6:50am:

"A potential reveal that I saw was that the helicopter crashed when it approached the island! Could there be something that happens that breaks apart air transportation? We know the others used a Sub, Desmond and CFL arrived by boat, and that Henry Gale(Balloon), Flight 815, and Noami all.. er.. crashed. Could it be that Des not hitting the button may have brought the plane to the island, but that it was the island itself that broke the plane up? It could also be argued that whatever protected the island was NOT disabled when the sky turned purple."

L said...

Did I miss an explanation as to why the beach folk aren't packing up and hiking back to Wisteria Lane over on the other side of the island? Aren't there still homes and supplies and all that in Otherville? Why are they just hanging out on the beach when they could be eating refridgerated chicken and playing the piano?

andi said...

Why would Jin leave his wife to go on an adventure, especially overnight? Sun wouldn't allow that.

Anonymous said...

Would someone please refresh my memory - how do we know Mrs. Hawking? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I just remembered - the lady from the jewelry store - Mrs. Hawkings. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Good catch GISELE. I was mentioning that same thing to the office this morning.

The way Naomi was dressed it looks like she was in a Blackhawk like military chopper. If that is true I believe the range is still only around 200-300 miles and has the capability of high alltitude flight. Hence the special oxygen helmet.

If that is correct then there is most likely a super large private yacht(got to love daddy's money) or a military type vessel that Penny or her crew is on relatively near by.

Lets hope they can track the signal beacon from her suit.

Jin's Korean ghost story scene was funny.


Steve said...

Concerning the Copter crash, you only saw a big SPLASH.... but you heard it sputter. Remember the comment "helecopters aren't supposed to sound like that.. are they?". I have Tivo so I kept rewinding to listing, you heard something break, sputter, and fall... then Splash. Then they saw the red beacon.

Anonymous said...

Brians thoughts on why the survivors don't move to otherville from his 'left behind' analysis:

"some have also questioned why the Survivors wouldn’t return to the Barracks and enjoy some of the comforts it would provide. For one, it’s not as pretty as the Beach. For two, if they’re serious about getting off the Island, staying on the Beach is a better option, as you’re more likely to see any random passing ships. For three, the Beach has been 100% Smokey-free since the start, whereas the Barracks seem to be surrounded by Smokey territory. While it would make sense to collect as many resources from the Barracks as possible to try and understand the Others, living there doesn’t make as much sense)." -Brian

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this has been posted before...I haven't read all the replies. Did anyone notice the picture on the Head Monk's desk when Desmond was giving back his clothes? It was of the head monk and the lady from the jewellry store/the Others' judge!


Eric Antoine Scuccimarra said...

I was disappointed by last night's episode but mostly because the expectations had been set so high with "startling information on Flight 815" supposed to be revealed.

I am home sick today and am watching all of the episodes in the spring season back to back. Here is my big theory so far...

After watching Not In Portland I am pretty convinced that the whole "kill Ben" thing was part of a long con perpetrated on Jack by the others. Juliet really does seem to want to go home so she may have actually wanted Ben dead but I am strongly leaning towards the whole thing being a set-up to get Juliet into the Lostaways camp.

My theory as to the Others / Dharma - we know that the others wiped out Dharma in a "purge." But the Others seem to be carrying on the Dharma work in trying to save the world and all. This part I am not really sure about but my guess is that the Others were a rebel sect of Dharma who eventually split off completely. I don't know whether the "collapse" of Dharma Lindelof and Cuse alluded to in one of the podcasts was caused by the purge or if the purge was a contributing factor that caused one of the two parties to get desperate and led to the purge, but I lean towards the latter.

Regarding Desmond - I think that Desmond did become "unstuck" in time (shades of Slaughterhouse 5) although I'm not sure how he gets flashes of the future. When he was reliving the past he had already lived the future and had been thrown back by the failsafe but for him to see the future he would have to have lived it already and what would throw him back to the present?

I do think that the island's electromagnetic anomaly causes air vehicles to crash. This was alluded to in One of Us - with the references to a "bumpy" ride to the island. Somehow there is something surrounding the island that prevents people from getting to it. Apparently people can get away pretty easily if they know what to do but getting back seems to be a bit tricky. I think that the Portugese detection of the anomaly in Season 2 gave Penny a pretty good idea as to the location of the island and she is on a boat in the Pacific trying to get to it. How the helicopter got through whatever it was I don't know but hopefully we will find that out soon.

Lastly, yes that was Mrs. Hawking in the picture on the monk's desk. So apparently she is involved pretty integrally in Desmond's life. If someone is leading a large part of their life making sure that Desmond does certain things that would mean that Desmond is a pretty important person with a pretty important job to do and I'm not sure that pushing the button with Kelvin qualifies.

That's pretty much all I've got right now...

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 4kids4me:

I think that was the jewelry dealer (Ms. Hawking) in the picture with Brother Campbell, but the general consensus is that Ms. Hawking is not the same woman as the Others' judge ...

Anonymous said...

Really? They're not the same woman? What's the deal with that? Why?


Anonymous said...

Really? They're not the same woman? What's the deal with that? Why?


Anonymous said...

Ms. Hawkings was shown in the photo on the Monk's desk. Very cleaver and can't wait to see how this all ties in. However, Ms. Hawkings and the 'sherif' in the Others camp are different actresess /different characters (as listed in the credits) - they only look slightly similar. In any event, it seems evidents that as both the Monk and Ms Hawkings said, there are bigger plans for Desmond in this world. What a great show!!

Anonymous said...

To add to the last poster, if you look at screen shots of the two next to one another you see that they really don't look that much alike, which makes sense given that they are played by different actresses!

Anonymous said...

lol, I totally thought they were the same person! That's so funny. Thanks for enlightening me!

And this is why *I'm* not doing Instant Reactions while Brian's away.


Anonymous said...

It is apparent, if you study the photo of Ms Hawkings on the Monk's desk, that they seem to be dear friends. What is this about? What are the writters trying to tip us about here? Is LOST going to prove to be rooted in Desmond's role to 'save the world'?

Steve said...

I want to point out that the helicopter came to the island right at the cable... which we now know leads to the underwater beacon that supposedly doesn't work.. and is probably about where the helicopter crashed, or just this side of it.

So apparently, if that beacon gets you to the island, they got a lock on it somewhere, possibly when the 'sky turned purple'. But my question is: If turning the failsafe destroyed the beacon, how did Penny and Company find the island?

Maybe the beacon IS working?

If Penny got the location based on the 'blip' and it's just based on Longitude/Lattitude, the beacon wouldn't have been needed in the first place.... Unless, it isn't.

Maybe when the 'sky turned purple' the magnetic 'dome'(or whatever) shrank and the beacon is now outside the shield. The others don't know it's functioning, but those outside of the island 'sphere' may know.

Anonymous said...

Why did the others have a beacon that's signal could be found to get to the island, dharma found the island in the first place without ever being there before, and could find the island to make food drops, the others could get all major TV networks, and Ben could be on the phone with someone in Miami videotaping Juliettes sister, yet Ben says the island cannot be found, the satellite phone doesn't work, the black boxes in the plane and helicopter aren't able to be found, and no one has ever heard Rosseous distress signal for 16 years or whatever (not one boat in all that time)

I am sure it will be explained but right now it seems like it is just lazy writing by the writers, conveniently saying that the survivors can never communicate with the outside world or vice versa, but the others/dharma had no problem with it...i just think it is an important part of the show that no one ever pays attention to

Anonymous said...

Hasn't anyone remembered that Dharma can drop food shipments from airplanes down to the island? In "Enter 77" the computer even lists the food drops as an option, so apparantly someone mastered at least flying over the island, which also means the island can be found.

Anonymous said...

An issue bugging me is how Jack claims to know nothing about the purpose of the Others. Why have the lostees accepted his claim to not be curious...especially while having befriended Juliette? Doesn't he know what the flight attendent was "watching" when Jack was in the cage? I realize there is a need by the writters to not give alot of reveals, and as big a LOST fan I may be, the impluasability here is starting to get in the way of good, overall story-telling. As much as I would not want to see the show end...I accepted, as the Producers indicated, this would be a 100 episode series and would come to a final conclusion next season...may be hard to drag it out much further without having alot of disenfranchised viewers.

Anonymous said...

"Hasn't anyone remembered that Dharma can drop food shipments from airplanes down to the island?"

No.. actually, the producers of the show, in a podcast a few weeks back, were quoted as saying that we only "assume" that the drops came from an airplane.. they just seem to appear. Had ANYONE on the island heard and airplane or a helicopter(other than last episode)?

How else could they be dropped? I think that's one of the mysteries of the show. I suppose they could have been droped from above the magnetic sphere of influence.. in theory, you may be able to fly over the island at the right altitude. MAYBE, there is a home in the top of the 'dome', so you could go OVER, but not through. You could also argue that they could sacrifice a helicopter or some sort of drone when they do drops, as we saw the parachutists made it to the island with a beacon after the crash.

The Pallet could be dropped from another point in time.

Or they could live in a 'snow globe', they're smaller than the outside world... maybe somoene can just drop miniature supplies with their fingers!

We'll just have to wait for the answer on this one.

Anonymous said...

"the others could get all major TV networks"

Sure.. via Satellite.. the losties can get radio signals on the beach.

"Ben could be on the phone with someone in Miami videotaping Juliettes sister"

True, but they obviously have, or had a way of communicating outside of the island, it may not be by traditional methods, or it may be transmitted to a different 'time' (even though he said it was live)

"the satellite phone doesn't work"
The battery was dead.

"no one has ever heard Rosseous distress signal for 16 years or whatever (not one boat in all that time)"

Yet, Hurleys friend at the mental institution heard the broadcast of the numbers. This is a good question, unless.. we're talking about 'time' again.

We know that something that was done with the hatch stopped their ability to communicate with the outside world. I think we'll get explanations for all of this.

Anonymous said...

In a follow up to the last message...

Signals can apparently get it, but not out. The signals on the radio that Sayid and Hurley heard could have come from any 'time'.

Anonymous said...

What if Mrs. Hawkings is Jacob?!

Anonymous said...

Jack does know what cindy and the rest were "watching" they came to see Juliet judged but that doesn't explain anything about the actual "laws" of otherville. I believe Jack just kept his mouth shut and his head down so as not to ruin his chance of escape. I also believe "The Others" probably didn't let him see much of the inner workings if any at all. So I don't think they are withholding info I believe he doesn't know.

Anonymous said...

Jack may have a deal with Ben separate from Juliet.

Anonymous said...

The mystery surrounding the logistics as to how food is dropped remains a huge curiosity indeed. plane was ever heard overhead and no drone or other flying device was ever spotted. What other possibilities exist as to how food arrives? Can it be somehow by boat/sub?

Anonymous said...

but is it plausible to believe that Jack kept his "mouth shut and head down" while in Othersville and while there, gained no insights to the myriad questions he might have?

Anonymous said...

Sure it's plausible. Imagine they keep you in a house that has gaurds around the clock and cameras in the rooms watching you. So you can't sneak out and explore. The only time you're outside is when you're checking on Ben's health or just hanging out still under gaurd. I doubt the logistics and politics of otherville were discussed out in the open where any low lvl other or prisoner could hear. Plus Jack certainly wasn't invited to their town hall meetings or whatever they have so it's very logical that he got very little info on their situation. He knows how many there are but so does Sayid, kate, and sawyer so why have jack talk about it. he knows they have multiple facilities but so does kate, sayid, sawyer and everyone else. and he knows they brand their people for crimes. The fact that Juliet got branded isn't anything to announce and it doesn't help any of them. So what else could he possibly have to share?

Anonymous said...

Oh anon plus the person he hung out with all the time was Tom and I doubt he spilled any beans. He seems to smart for that.

Anonymous said...

i guess you are right but i'm more referring to core, fundemental things that even Tom may know or have thoughts on. For example, who are you? where are you from? why are you here? what originally brought you here? how long have you been here for? who is Ben? what keeps you on the island...or do you want to remain on the island? what is your job here? how do you get food? what do you know about DHARMA? why did you kidnap the other passengers on our plane and what have they been doing here for past few months? etc, etc.

Think about it...even general and basic stuff any of the Lostees would be very curious to learn.

Jason said...

Those are good questions. I agree with both of you it would be great to get answers to the basic questions but I also don't think that they'd be very forthcoming with answers even if asked. I guess we'll see as things progress whether jack does know anything.

Danno said...

They may have found the island ... but they better figure out how to get there. Have we seen any evidence that an aircraft can flyover successfully?

The drug smugglers didn't make it in a twin-engined plane. Flight 518 didn't survive. Now a helicopter couldn't make it.

How about surface craft? Can you say "Black Rock" ? So far, we only think that Micheal and Walt have left by boat ... but did they make it anywhere?

It really hasn't been that long in "Lost" time since they departed. Who is to say that they don't wash back up on shore .. or simply run out of fuel and float back? Well, maybe just Micheal gets back.

Walt (Malcolm David Kelley) isn't that cute little kid anymore. His voice has to be changing. :) It has been more than a year since he filmed an episode in the show -- just how tall is he now? Even Steve Urkel couldn't stay short and geeky for "Family Ties". :) So unless we are presented with another time travel /aging paradox, I fear that Michael will be the only on coming back to feed Vincent. Sorry, I digressed.

Basically, until the "rescuers" figure out the only apparent way to arrive safely is by sub-surface means, we are safe for a few more seasons.

Steve said...

The only evidence we have of aircraft are the supply drops, but we don't know how they get there. They seem to appear. Perhaps there is a "hole" in the top that things can be dropped in from high altitude?

I don't recall seeing or hearing a plane though, not even a high flying one at 35000 feet. In this day and age, this would be hard not to see for 90 days, even in the south pacific.

Elliott and Family said...

" Isn't she leaving in a week?"

*ouch!*. I haven't seen the trailer for next week yet but that's kind of a spoiler. I winced when i read it ;)


Anonymous said...


actually the comment was made regarding her plan with Ben that is supposed to be over in a week. Not a spoiler unless you are not watching in the US

Steve said...

Ben told Juliet that he would 'see her in a week' at the end of "one of us".

That's not a spoiler, but I will say that it was very un-lost-like to reveal ahead of time that Juliet is up to no good. They usually keep up guessing!

Anonymous said...

are you guys over a the forum? I just wasted so much of my Sunday over there...but that is what it is for, right??? I sure do love the idea of getting to know some of you a bit more...LOST has brought so many so close...AWWWWW!

Anonymous said...

Okay, just because I am totally bored and NEED more LOST...I have a couple questions from this episode...

1) Did Kate ever do the dishes???

2) Would Flash REALLY beat Superman in a foot race?

3) Did Jin's story involve a couple in the woods and a man with a hook for a hand???

4) Who had a hammer AND NAILS on the plane?

5) Why does no one charge their satelite phone just before venturing out into the south pacific?

6) Was there another person in that chopper or was the girl reading while flying???