Saturday, December 09, 2006

Lost - Moment 4

Well, finally an interesting "Lost Moment"!

Two questions:

  1. What is Claire doing in the water? Trying to kill herself? Under some sort of spell? Sucked out to sea by wicked undertow?
  2. Are my dreams coming true, that the writers may finally kill off Claire? Probably not - but a guy can dream!


Anonymous said...

If she dies, will Charlie take care of Aaron? Somebody will have to raise the little booger.

Brian said...

That was always my hope - in my opinion, that would make Charlie's storyline much more interesting and get rid of Claire's, which I think is beyond saving at this point.

Anonymous said...

Does Claire even have a storyline? If she does I've forgotten what it is besides the baybay, but the baybay is really part of Charlie's storyline.

Anonymous said...

To kill yet ANOTHER "major" character? Geez, at this rate next season everybody from season 1 is going to be dead! However, I do not think they will kill Claire, if shes Jacks sister then I want him to find out while se is alive! :P

Anonymous said...

It would be great to revive the "Jack's sister" question - maybe that's the reason to give her an exciting moment in the first place? But you are all right - something has to be done because Claire has become forgettably boring, a sin on that island.

Anonymous said...

Aaron needs Claire but she indeed is largely there as the resident whiner - off with 'er 'ead!
- Webuffy