Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Lost - "Numbers" Revisited

Sadly, Lost is a repeat this week - but that doesn't mean we can't look for deeper meaning! In this case, "Why would they choose to repeat a season one episode instead of a season two episode?" I'm thinking it's because they want to remind us of something that happened in "Numbers" that is going to relate to something that is coming up in future episodes.

Here are some theories, based on things you'll see in "Numbers" tonight:

1. The Numbers. 4 8 15 16 23 42. They're all over this episode, reminding us that they are cursed and bring bad things to those who use them. Now we have literally every Survivor entering them into the computer in the Hatch in shifts. Will this bring about bad fortune to all of them?

However, we haven't really seen these numbers show up in quite some time in flashbacks on the show - even though there have been plenty of opportunities to do so. While repeating this episode might be an attempt to bring them back to the forefront, it also makes me think of the comment from the show's creators about "I don't think we'll ever be able to answer what the Numbers are or what they mean." Maybe the show is trying to move away from them...

2. Love. In this episode, Hurley's mother is criticizing him for not going out and finding a girl - and we now have Hurley pursuing a relationship with Libby. Coincidence?

3. Crazy. We see Hurley enter a mental institution - where doctors and patients there seem to know him - and talk to Leonard about the Numbers. Did Hurley used to be in a mental institution? Is that how he knows Libby? Was she also in the institution, or was she just a psychologist working there? This has to be how Hurley knows Libby! Be on the lookout for Libby in the background when Hurley is in the hospital!

4. Wire. In Hurley's search for CFL in "Numbers", he again follows the strange wire that leads from somewhere in the ocean to her camp. What is this wire? Seemingly, CFL was getting the power for her bunker from this wire - so it must be connected to some sort of generator / power source / establishment under the water. There's either some sort of downed ship / submarine out there, or perhaps a Hatch that is located underwater?

Given that all the images we've seen of Ghost Walt have had him dripping wet, and he was kidnapped out at sea, I think it could be likely that he's being held captive at whatever this establishment is.

5. Black Rock. CFL mentions that there is a radio tower near the Black Rock which was broadcasting the Numbers - a broadcast she changed once "The Sickness" got to the rest of her crew. When we saw the Black Rock in "Exodus", I didn't see any sign of a radio tower - but perhaps we'll pay a visit to this location in a future episode?

6. CFL. Finally, we have CFL. We haven't seen her this season, but you know she's going to be back before we know it. This episode neatly reminds us of her whole story. This is also the episode where we learn she has moved away from her oringinal bunker (and blew it up). I'm betting she's now living somewhere around that radio tower and the Black Rock. I'm also betting she shows up again as part of the "build an army" storyline!

So there you have it. That should be reason enough to tune in for a repeat. And after tonight, we have three weeks of new episodes!

Feb. 8 - "The Long Con" (Sawyer-centric)
Feb. 15 - "One of Them" (Sayid-centric)
Feb. 22 - "Maternity Leave" (Claire-centric)

Plus it's sweeps, so you know they'll be good!


Anonymous said...

i'm sick of repeats. especially for a person with out cable.

Brian said...

You have no one to blame but yourself. I lived without cable for the better part of the first 18 years of my life and now I write obsessively about TV shows. I think you see the correlation.

A life without cable dooms you to a life of TV oversaturation later in life.

bengalsfan said...

After rewatching the episode with Rex, Currin, and Tina we saw no indication of Libby in the episode. However, it is pretty clear that Hurley was a patient from the fact that he says he puts his family through a lot to the times he gets pissed when Charlie calls him a lune.

We also rewatched the end of the season finale and saw Hurley enter the plane and not step on anyone's foot. Libby is a bad guy, I can feel it.

Next episode is Sawyer based, and since he is a con, I think we are going to find out the Libby is in fact an "other".

The episode had to be played to bring the numbers back to the forefront. I think we will begin seeing them again soon.

If Walt is being kept underwater and guarded by the shark with the Dharma branding on it, why is Zeke on the mainland. After all Zeke captured him, and knows how special he is.

Brian said...

1. Next week's episode is called "The Long Con". If Libby was the traitor, that would be a pretty short con, since she's only been with our Survivors for a few days in Island time. My money's still on Locke! Wait until you read my manifesto, it'll convince you.

2. Hurley obviously used to be crazy... but why? He got out before he played the Numbers in the lottery, so it wasn't that. Curious.

3. I'm leaning towards Libby working with the crazies, not being a crazy - but she still seems Slim Shady - a red herring, perhaps?

4. Zeke could have taken his boat and left Walt in the Underwater Hatch, since he knew Walt couldn't escape from it. That's why Walt has the free time to IM with Michael!

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

I agree with Brian that Locke is the "con." For some crazy reason, I just have a feeling that Locke never needed a wheelchair. He was faking it for some reason that we may soon find out. Libby is obviously a "con" too because of that crazy ass conversation she had with Hurley. I can't see her being a spy though. Ana Lucia is one smart bitch, so I think she'd be all over that like stink on a monkey

Rachel said...

I'm not positive, but I think that in the season 2 premiere Hurley explained to Jack about the numbers, and said that he was a patient in a mental hospital. I don't think he said why. Can anyone confirm that?

stinkowoman said...

Yeah, Hurley said something about being a patient. I think it was somewhere near the comment he made about Jack's lack of bedside manner.

Have you guys checked out the Lost Network Podcasts on iTunes? Talk about obsession. They are addictive!

Like stink on a monkey. I have to work that into a conversation somehow.

sarah cool said...

Can I just say that I love how you call that chick CFL?

sarah cool said...

It also makes me laugh to see friends from WAY random parts of my life all posting comments here. Ahhhhh, blogging brings us together! Hi Lori! Hi Rachel!

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Anonymous said...

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