Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lost - "Collision"

(It's short but sweet for certain this week, loyal readers. Since most of my comments about last week's episode reside two posts below - and there's the sweet interview with the Executive Producers one post down - I don't really have too much to say at this point. Happy Thanksgiving. Be thankful for stuff.)

Episode Title: "Collision"

Brian's Deeper Meaning Guess: There are a few obvious "collisions" coming up this week.

After last week's "all flashback" episode, we're back up to speed, picking up the storyline right after Ana shot Shannon. Based on the rage in Sayid's eyes, and the previews for this week, Collision #1 is Sayid and Ana-Lucia.

But don't be fooled by these previews. There is absolutely no way that Ana is slicing and dicing a tied up Sayid, as we see in the clip. I would bet good money that she's cutting him free, after finally trusting that he won't hurt her. However, this should setup an interesting group dynamic from here on out. Similar to Jack vs. Sawyer, or the old Jin vs. Michael rivalry, it creates tension among our castaways and forces people to start picking sides.

The far greater collision is going to be Tailers vs. Originals. There is pretty much no way these two groups are going to be all lovey dovey initially. First there's the whole "Shannon was killed by the Tailers" thing. But more importantly, there's the whole "We've been picked off, stolen, and murdered by the Others" chip on the Tailers shoulders, while the Originals have been living a pretty cushiony lifestyle on a gorgeous beach with little terror (aside from a monster here or there). This should create some more tension between the two groups as jealous erupts and they start judging each other.

Lastly, this is an Ana-Lucia flashback episode. Based on everything we've seen about her so far (able to handle a gun, natural leader, knows CPR) I think she was a cop in her previous life. Look for some collision (a car accident or something - given the amount of car accidents we've seen on this show, I wouldn't be surprised!) that drastically changes her life... possibly sending her to Australia, and thus puts her on the plane.

TV Guide Description: "Violence erupts when Ana Lucia and her group discover the other castaways."

TV Guide Breakdown: Violence erupting? This seems to be taking it a bit far. Probably the Ana-Lucia / Sayid fighting? I really can't see Jack / Locke / Eko / Libby / Michael / Almost anyone else allowing anarchy to break out. I mean, these people all shared a similar experience. They've got to understand they're all in this together, and their best hope is to work together.

I just pray they talk to each other, share stories, and start figuring some stuff out!

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Tom said...

no comment on Bernard / Rose reuniting? Eventually there will be a compelling storyline between these 2 and maybe we'll get a taste of it this episode.

Brian said...

You're absolutely right. This is an episode airing the day before Thanksgiving, and thus, we will see a warm and happy reunion between Bernard and Rose - and perhaps a teary reunion of Sawyer and Kate.

I'll probably cry.

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

I was just about to say that Brian...I am sure you'll have your hankey ready. Real quick about "watching Mr. Eko's stick." In the flashback, I noticed him making marks on the club. Were these notches or some sort of design or what? Maybe it's something bad ass like "one notch for every head I crack" ala "Gangs of New York."