Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Day After Lost 2.4 Review!

In one sentence: The Happiest Episode of Lost - EVER.

This really worries me. I was brought up on the Joss Whedon method of storytelling - whenever something terrible is going to happen, you have something really happy happen right before it, which makes the terrible thing sting even more and hit with more resonance. Between this and the scary previews for next week (the guy impaled?! the teddy bear?!), I'm more afraid of next week's episode than any episode of Lost in recent memory.

I've heard some people complain that "nothing happened". Well, it might not have been as earth shattering as the first three episodes - but it was definitely a character building episode, and very enjoyable.

However, since it was rather light in content, here are five thoughts for the weekend, along with some pictures (which technically are worth 1000 words, making this my longest review ever):

1. There were 23 of them, say the Tailers. By the looks of the "Second Hatch" that they were in, there were about 7 left. The Savage Others have attacked them - hard.

2. That's right, it's definitely a "Second Hatch" that the Tailers are in - did you see the Dharma logo on the wall in the background? Totally different!

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3. I liked that they are now building the Jack / Kate relationship again, as well as developing the Sawyer / Ana one - when everyone reunites, here comes the "love rhombus" I was hoping for!

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4. Is anyone else worried that they're all eating the food with the Dharma logo on it? What if it's poisoned or part of some other Dharma project? Well, everyone is eating the Dharma food except for Rose...

5. Hurley's old boss (Randy) is the same as Locke's old boss (Randy). What does this mean?

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(...and just for Irmaliz)

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RevScottDeMangeMD said...


1.) Was it me or was I shocked that Rose's husband was white? I don't know if that is a bad thing, but I kind of felt guilty.

2.) I think you are right in saying that all of the Hanso's 7 (I think) bunkers are on the island. Or did someone else say that?

3.) I totally thought the exact same thing about them eating the food with the logo on it. Is this how the Tailer's died? Maybe they weren't killed off by the Others. Then again, Desmond seemed to be healthy, if not a little insane.

4.) If Hurley was so upset about the numbers, why did he put them in? Could he possibly have typed in different numbers???

5.) Lastly, I wonder how far away the Tailers are from the Survivors. If I were Michael, Jin, and Sawyer, I'd take the Tailers and go to the other side of the island.

Brian said...


I'm right with you on all your points:

1. I also assumed Bernard would be black, then felt bad when he turned out to be the teacher from "Head of the Class"...

2. I did think that all 6 Dharma Initiatives would be on the Island, and it's looking like that's the case. We've now seen three different logos (Hatch, Shark, Tailers). Halfway there!

3. I think the Tailers died at the hands of the Savage Others, but I could see the food making people go crazy or something.

4. I agree. It's even more absurd than Jack doing it last week!

5. I think the next few episodes will involve the Tailers making the trek to the Survivors side of the Island - it definitely seems to be safer than where they are now... but will this lead the Others to them as well?!

To be continued...

C said...

What an emotional moment when Rose's husband asked the guys about her.
That will be a heart wrenching reunion.

Brian said...

A few responses:

1. I did catch the picture of Walt on the milk carton - but only in the dream sequence, not in reality. Chalk it up to an Easter Egg the producers threw our way.

2. When Rose and Bernard meet up, I'll probably cry. When Jack and Kate hook up (if ever), I'll probably clap - I'm a girl.

3. I don't think there is a computer with button to press in any of the other Hatches - if they are experimenting on it in one, why do it in all of them?

4. I'm a little surprised at how blantantly obvious these "front doors" to the Hatches are - how did they not find them until now? I guess you wouldn't need dynamite to open the front door.

5. Irmz, I'll post the picture in a minute. I understand your English fine, but you should post in Spanish once in a while just for fun :)

6. I think Apollo candy bars are going to be important because they are the only piece of food that doesn't have Dharma on them... and I think that's a GOOD THING.

C said...

bengalsfan, Uh, are you sure you aren't reading too much into the DOG/GOD theory? It seems like a bit of a stretch.
But, I suppose anything's possible on the Island.

Jenn said...

I have studied Greek mythology some, and I can say the following about Apollo:
He was a god of order and logic - a contrast to Dionysus the god of wine.
He was also a god of prophesy and healing.
He also had connections with light and the sun (his twin sister is Diana the huntress, goddess of the moon), and he was also a musician. Finally, he was also known for his skill with the bow and arrow. His sanctuary at Delphi, Greece was decorated with sayings like "Know thyself" and "Nothing in Excess."

How does all of this link up to candy bars? You've got me. I'll leave that to you guys.