Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Instant Lost 2.2 Review!

It wasn't as good as the Season Premiere, but it was solid enough... and I am excited like no other for next week!

Ten quick discussion points:

  1. I loved that they showed the portions of last week's story that we didn't see last week intertwined with the Rafters story. It really helped whet my appetite for the Hatch action without diminishing the Rafters story.
  2. TV Guide didn't lie. Locke indeed climbed down the Hatch this week. I'm the moron.
  3. Desmond typed 4-8-15-16-23-42 as predicted (nice job, Will).
  4. The shark had the Dharma symbol on its tail! What does that mean?
  5. Desmond seems as clueless as to what's going on on the island as the rest of them.
  6. Ana-Lucia looks to be the only survivor from the tail of the plane... and she's a captive of the Others.
  7. God bless the camera angle of Kate in the air duct!
  8. The Others are freakin' scary.
  9. Maybe the computer doesn't control the Monster... it seemed to control the clock countdown... and what was up with that?!
  10. Maybe Desmond didn't recognize Jack after all.



Bo said...

Did you ever check to see which numbers it flipped through before it got to 108 on the "clock?" I mean when it was resetting, not when it was counting down.

Mitch Dunn said...

First of all, I was wondering how long it would take for somebody to mention the camera angle as Kate was crawling the ventilation duct. I assume you're already working on securing a screen shot?

Desmond definitely did not recognize Jack. While it's not unreasonable to think that he wouldn't recognize somebody he only met once, it seems odd given the length of their conversation in the stadium.

I didn't notice the Dharma logo on the shark's tail. Are you sure about that? If so, nice catch.

My biggest question is how long as Desmond been in the hatch? Is it possible that he was on the ship with the CFL? If so, that means that Jack and Desmond met 16 years ago? That doesn't seem possible, given that Jack couldn't be older than late 30's...any thoughts?

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

My biggest question is about the fear of being sick. I am so confused! Is the French woman a friend of Desmond's? I bet they were together and thought everyone died. And is it me or does anyone find it hard to believe that "the others" haven't run into "the survivors?"

sara said...

Brian, I can't tell you how much I enjoy your insights and comments every week. Not to mention all of the work you put into it - thanks for making the whole "Lost" experience so much better!

Anyway, I have studied eastern religions, and I can tell you a little more about what "dharma" means. I'll leave further interpretation on how it relates to "Lost" to you...

In Hinduism, dharma refers to your ethical duty in life. Your task in life is to fulfill your dharma, or to live up to the expectations that your gender, caste, job, stage in life, family obligations, etc. place upon you. If you fulfill your dharma, it will create good karma and therefore allow you to move on to a better position on the cycle of life (reincarnation).

Dharma is also a Buddhist term, but in this case it mainly refers to the teachings of the Buddha.

Not sure if this helps at all, but I thought I'd pass it along.

Ken said...

Brian, I'm pretty sure that Jack's vision of his dad and the vision of Walt were manifistations of an intelegent nano-swarm. This swarm lives in the jungle. When Lock was being pulled into the whole in the ground and Kate tossed the dynomite stick in, a disrupted swarm of nanites was seen as a black cloud swarming away. These nanites have evolved and have the ability to read minds. This concept was introduced by Robert Ludlum in his book The Promethious Deception.

Brian said...

Bo - I think they pretty much just flipped back to 108. No "stops" on any numbers of significance.

Steve - When I find that screen shot, I'll let you know. The fact that Desmond didn't seem to recognize Jack makes me think he's being played by some higher power the same way the rest of the "Survivors" are...

Demange - What if the portion of the island where the "Others" are is separated by the portion where the "Survivors" are by the Dark Forest, where the Monster would kill anyone who tried to cross? That would have kept them apart...

Sara, Ken - I think you are both much, much smarter than me, but thank you for the great information. This will play heavy into next week's post.

Eagle's Nest said...

Brian do you think the number are GPS coordinates: 4 8 15 16 23 42

Eagle's Nest said...

Here is link to GPS

stinkowoman said...

Yes, the Others are majorly creepy. The ABC site, when you click on the bar code and type in "theislandiswaiting" flashes up a script page that indicates that the others are freaking zombies! Now, I have good reason to believe that it's a fake page put out there to lead us astray, but it's still fun to find...

Brian said...

Eagle's Nest, you're stealing my thunder! I actually plan on posting about the location this evening with the big update.

The curious thing is, people ran these numbers through GPS systems last year (see older Emails) and depending on where you put the decimal point, or if you use degrees vs. decimals, it gives some very interesting results...

Brian said...

Stinkowoman - very weird - when you typed in "theislandiswaiting" last week, it gave you a page of the script where Jack was fighting his clone inside the Hatch... also not true.

I think it's just like the mapaguarmi script page from last season - the writers are laughing at Internet nerds (read: me) over-analyzing this stuff.

The funny thing is, they are helping us - because everything they post isn't true. Process of elimination!

Not mapaguarmis, not cloning, and not zombies. We're getting closer!

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