Wednesday, November 10, 2004


(Look at how embarassingly short this was! The good news is even when it was this crappy, people were complaining when it wasn't out early enough!)

Before I play MasterCard SecureCode for the next four hours, I figured I should get this Email out before people start complaining:

Tonight’s Episode Title: "Confidence Man"

Brian’s Deeper Meaning Guess: Per the previews, this episode looks to be centered around Sawyer (white trash guy). As the show seems to like throwing the twists at us, I would propose that the title is ironic. Since Sawyer is very confident on the island and seems to be running his own show, I bet that in his prior life Sawyer was not confident at all. Was he some sort of dorky guy? Did something happen in his past to "harden" him? That’s my bet.

I read an interesting article this week about how the characters stories get written. It turns out that the producers put each character on the show’s name in a hat, and then each writer had to pick out three characters and write their back stories.

The good news is that the writer who is doing tonight’s episode also did Locke’s episode "Walkabout" - which I think was the best so far!

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