Wednesday, August 20, 2008




Anonymous said...

total bummer. leroi was the man. dmb will live on, hopefully jeff coffin can stick around, he's an amazing talent.

rest in peace leroi and thanks for the tunes.

Chris Bobb said...

This just blew my mind! :( Leroi was an amazing musician, and the main reason DMB came into being. RIP Leroi, your talents shall be missed.

Renee said...

So sorry Brian.

Anonymous said...

really sucks about Leroi! young guy.....terrible shame.

on a lesser note, sucks btw that once again, LOST gets totally snubbed in the Emmy's. Glad to see them get nominations but hard to accept them not winning in any category.

rutkowskilives said...

Man, you've really been crushed for a long time over this. You doing OK?

Christine said...

I was just wondering the same thing! Hope you're ok!

Mike said...

Is Lost... and Gone Forever.... lost and gone FOREVER?!!??! :-(

Brian said...

Hi friends - don't worry, I'm still alive and well. I know that I'm long overdue for a Fall TV Post, but life is just crazy busy. Hopefully I can get something up soon, but rest assured that by the time Lost rolls back around, the Blog will be back in full swing.

Chris Bobb said...

If you're in mourning due to the Bengals I understand Brian. It's ok, the pain won't last forever :)

hayley said...


heliopath said...

brian have you been watching HEROES??

season 3 is getting insane.

i just bought complete season 4 of LOST last week in great britain HA take that america-always-getting-things-first-country.

jesus shuttlesworth said...




First 6 Episode Titles



Episode 5.01 - Because You Left
Episode 5.02 - The Lie
Episode 5.03 - Jughead
Episode 5.04 - The Little Prince
Episode 5.05 - This Place Is Death
Episode 5.06 - The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

(i fully realize these are not confirmed nor are they TRUE spoilers. but i like to give people the option of passing)