Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Lost: Missing Pieces - "Buried Secrets"


Another week, another mediocre mobisode. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing exciting about it either. Just two quick notes on this one:

  • There was always a bit of chemistry between Sun and Michael, but up until now the only explanation we had for it was Michael stumbling upon Sun topless. "Buried Secrets" shows that they also shared at least one other intimate moment, and maybe Jin had better reason for attacking Mikey in Season One other than the fact that he wore Sun's Father's watch.
  • Seriously, can they get Vincent on a leash? I know it's just a plot device to have characters run into each other in the jungle, but how many times has Michael gone after a runaway Vincent? I think Harold Perrineau's audition for the role of Michael must have consisted of yelling "Vincent!" or "Walt!" repeatedly, since those are about 50% of his lines on the show.

...and that's it. Nothing brain-busting this week. Luckily, we have much more exciting things to discuss...

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