Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lost: Missing Pieces - "Operation: Sleeper"

Another week, another somewhat solid Lost Mobisode, albeit not as revealing as the past two weeks. Juliet's back this week, with a heart to heart with Jack in their beach love shack:


"Operation: Sleeper" fills us in on how Juliet finally revealed her true intentions to Jack, which places it during "The Brig", Lost-timeline-wise. If you remember, during the end of the episode, Juliet asks Jack if they can reveal their plan to Kate, but Jack tells her "not yet".

The most intriguing part of the Mobisode for me is that Juliet mentions that Ben was responsible for blowing up the submarine. Jack immediately calls her out on the comment, saying that Ben was in a wheelchair, and Locke actually blew it up - to which Juliet replies "did he?"

Once again, there are hints that Locke is simply a puppet completing the wishes of the Island, and at least Juliet seems to think that Ben has some link to the Island - meaning in the end, Ben was indirectly responsible for Locke's actions.

It's pretty heady, and I'm not sure that I buy it, especially given Ben's lack of seeing Jacob during the confrontation at the old shack. But the fact that Juliet still believes it just helps to explain why Ben had (the key word here being HAD) such power over the Others. They saw him as having some sort of powerful connection with the Island - and with that connection came the ability to have things always work out in his favor.

It will be interesting to see how Ben reacts to the recent loss of power in the upcoming fourth season - he truly will be an outsider to all parties. Our Survivors hate him. The Others have lost respect for him. Yet, he might be the most knowledgable person on the Island - the one most able to help get our Survivors off the Island... and the one most able to "protect" the Island from outsiders.

He's the wild card and the key... and he's still creepy as hell!

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Anonymous said...

you should post the screen shots of the movie trailer. Very interesting.

Jennifer said...

These mobisodes have been great little appetizers for Season 4, but in such small doses that I'm starving for the season to begin. I love how they're filling in some of the little blanks from last season, with this one being the perfect example.

Thanks for continuing the commentary during the off-season. Gotta keep up your chops, after all -- we'll be expecting your standard serious episode analyses starting in February.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

he sure is creepy!

thanks brian, I truly appreciate your entries each week!

Joey D. said...

Just wait for the next one.....It's entitled Room 23...

~**~Carpe Diem~**~ said...

Check out the Videos here--- all the mobisodes-- high quality!