Thursday, November 17, 2005

"The Other 48 Days" Thoughts


In a word: choppy.

I understand that cramming 48 days worth of action into a forty-seven minute episode (extended from the typical 42!) is pretty difficult, but I think the episode felt rushed.. like a Cliff's Notes version of the story. Granted, this was needed - because as viewers, we're anxious to see what's going on RIGHT NOW, but it would have been nice to see a full ninety minute episode dedicated to telling the tale of the Tailers (I'm so clever).

However, it was very information heavy, particularly about the nature of the mysterious Others, and now we're al up to speed and ready for the storyline to move on!

Here are seven thoughts that will occupy my brain for the next week:

1. Mr. Eko. Okay, so he wasn't a Nigerian who has been on the Island for some time. But how did he know to kill the Others that came the first night? Did he simply defend himself? Or did he know they were evil? He "fasted" from talking for 40 days after killing them, as pennance, then took interest in the Bible found in the Arrow Hatch. Who is this guy?! I want an Eko flashback!!!

2. Good. When Goodwin (hilarious pun, Lost writers) said that he was only taking the "good" ones, does that refer to good as in "holy" or good as in "useful"? Aren't there any Original Survivors that are "good", and worth stealing? Or is the "Security System" simply protecting them from the "Others".

3. Groups. I still think there's multiple groups on this Island that are at odds with each other. Scientists (Pirates who stole Walt), Others (Savages who escaped experiments), and random other people brought there (CFL, Desmond). Goodwin feels like a Scientist to me. Ethan feels like an Other. I still think there's something weird about Nathan. Maybe he was an Other too and Goodwin killed him out of fear he would talk and blow his cover?

4. Yin and Yang. To play on the light / dark, good / evil, yin / yang theme of the show, think about these eerily similarities between the Tailers and Originals:

- Locke and Eko - both Men of Faith, one light, one dark, their names are similar when you spell one backwards
- Kate vs. Ana-Lucia - cop vs. criminal, light vs. dark
- Jack and Libby - both doctory, male and female
- Cindy and the Pilot - both told them about being off course, then both gone
- Bernard and Rose - obviously
- Goodwin and Ethan - Others

5. The Glass Eye . What Dharma Initiative do you think would involve a glass eye and Bible (Arrow)?
- Life Extension Project?
- Electromagnetic Research (Swan)
- Extraterrestial Intelligence?
- Mathematical Forecasting?
- Cryogenics Development?
- Juxtapositional Eugenics?
- Remote Viewing Training?

6. Death. Didn't it seem like Others die really easily? You just hit them on the head with a rock. But what about Ethan? He was pretty badass. Weird. (Credit: Will Riley)

7. Teddy Bear. Are the stolen kids really better off? We saw the Teddy Bear three weeks back, which means one of two things:

- When the Others steal the kids, they do something to them that makes them grow up very quickly. There still seems to be something up with time on this island - people aging very quickly (Adam and Eve in the Caves) or thinking time is passing too slowly (CFL).
- The Others are carrying the Teddy Bear as a freaky souvenier of their exploits.

Ready? Set? Discuss!

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Brian said...

On second viewing, a few other things caught my attention:

1. Nathan and Goodwin were always agreeing with each other on the beach - like they were working together. I really think they were both outsiders on the same team, but Nathan became too much of a liability so Goodwin took him out.

2. Eko tells the boy child "Don't worry, she'll be okay" right before Ana starts CPR. Was he just trying to comfort the child? Or did the religious Eko know she would survive? Minds eye, anyone?

Also - Alias is now going to be on after Lost again! The JJ Double Power Hour returns!